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  1. Factoring in inflation, $600 in 2006 = $767 in 2020. $450-500 ain't too bad!
  2. I could go either way on the first person. I thoroughly enjoyed both REVII and RE2 Remake and their use of first and third person, respectively. Ultimately, it'll come down to how well it's executed.
  3. That's fair, though from my research, brightness and contrast (particularly red on white) are really big factors. I hide my desktop icons, auto-hide my taskbar, and have a ~700 image library cycle through my desktop for my wallpaper background. If I'm leaving my room for more than five min, I also shut the display off.
  4. Eh, I've done the research and honestly I'm not that concerned for my use case scenario. For one thing I like to keep my room somewhat dimly lit, so I'm really not pushing peak brightness or anything. Also the C9 has some great features for preventing burn in, such as a 'pixel shift' mode that subtly shifts the pixels over in a different direction so they're not constantly displaying the same color. That combined with some great power saving and brightness adjusting features have quelled my fears.
  5. Got the 55" C9 a few weeks ago for $1500 at the local Microcenter. Completely thrilled with the display, but it is a tad too big to use comfortably at my desk. Controller games are fine cuz I can back up as much as I need to, but for kb/m games and general purpose computing it is just barely too big for comfort. The image quality is worth it though and is a massive upgrade over my 40" 4K non-hdr VA-panel korean monitor it's replacing. Rumor has it LG is releasing a 48" variant next year (all but confirmed for Euro and Asian markets; US somewhat unclear). I think I may swap to that for the desk and put this fellow in the living room if the price is right.
  6. How well does 1440 scale on the C9? Does text read well? Also, does HDR work at 120Hz?
  7. I highly recommend the Brutal Doom 64 mod for PC, assuming it's compatible with this release.
  8. Have been getting the itch as well, but might wait for Black Friday if any deals pop up.
  9. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/01/hobbyists-resurrect-kojimas-lost-game-p-t-as-a-free-pc-download/ Can be downloaded here Never got a chance to play the original. Looking forward to trying it out.
  10. Absolutely loved the first. It wasn't perfect, but I found it utterly enthralling.
  11. *AMD GPU also required. Still pretty neat!
  12. Can't forget the good ol' "Ultra" cards as well (yeah yeah, not an abbreviation, but still).
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