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  1. I will never understand 30fps VR trailers. Like, cut scenes are one thing, but gameplay footage?
  2. I went from a 40" 4K monitor to a 55" LG C9 OLED. Not gonna lie, it took about a week to get used to the added height. It felt ridiculous that entire week, then it suddenly 'clicked' and has been just absolutely amazing since. I was kicking myself at first because I knew the 48" CX would be coming out this year, but I was desperate to upgrade. Now that I'm used to the 55" though, I have zero desire to go for anything smaller! As others stated, just take some basic steps to avoid screen burn-in. I'm one year deep so far with absolutely zero complaints. Well, my only complaint is t
  3. Would a 650W PSU realistically be sufficient? The 3080 and 3090 are absolute power hogs (the 3090's 'minimum' is 750W, but tests have shown system power draws spike well past that).
  4. Oh I know, but if stock is so constrained right now, Nvidia might be banking on people buying the 3090 out of desperation. It's cynical and I hope I'm wrong, but if Nvidia can only make lets say 10,000 cards right now--it's in their best interest to sell as many of those at double the price as possible. Scalping and low inventory are gonna drive the cost of the 3080 up to $1K+ anyway, so might as well sell them at an inflated price.
  5. Ugh, almost seems like that's kind of the point...if they're essentially the same chip, I'm sure Nvidia would prefer to sell the that's double the price.
  6. I'm kinda close to going that route, but I do enjoy the building process! Which vendor did you end up going with?
  7. Curious what the est ship date is (and what PC vendor)? Saw a prebuilt machine that included a 3080 but the delivery date was end of October...
  8. How are you all ordering your cards? Directly from the Nvidia store? Newegg? Amazon?
  9. How much of a bottleneck do we think a 4770K (stock) + 32GB RAM + 512GB M.2 NVMe would be to pair with a 3090 for 4K gaming? Currently on a 1080 Ti that does well at 1440p with high+ultra settings. Really struggles with 4K for the most part though. I've been on the fence about waiting for Zen 3 to build a new system, but a whole new build + 3090 might break the bank a bit harder than I'd like to at the moment. Then again, it is the apocalypse so... YOLO?
  10. Factoring in inflation, $600 in 2006 = $767 in 2020. $450-500 ain't too bad!
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