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    So i've been sitting with this post for a couple of days and I've been trying to collect and organize my thoughts so that I could best respond. I appreciate the thought put into this post @Emperor Diocletian II and I didn't want to just respond with a clever quip or snarky comment. You asked the question that with all of the trials and tribulations and systemic inequities that black people face "how could someone NOT become nihilistic?" the term you are using to describe the apathy that you see in people that would commit the types of acts like David Dorn's murder. I can answer... with a TREMENDOUS amount of effort and a strong familial and communal support system. Black people are not inherently traumatized, pathological or prone to acts of violence for any reason, nurture or nature. Racists would have you believe that black people commit more crime because we are just inherently violent... savages that the white man brought from an untamed land and "civilized" as best he could and that it's in black people's best interest that the status quo be maintained for their own good. They also believe that if it wasn't for "outside agitators" I.E. other whites or even worse, JEWS, that black people would be happily content to stay in their place and everyone would be happy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have white liberals who can often fall into the trap of saying black people may be more violent, but it's because of the circumstances that they have been subjected to. If they are pathological, it's because they have been put into situations that are beyond their control so any criminal behavior that they may exhibit can be explained and excused by circumstance. What both of these viewpoints do is rob black people of any intricacy and agency in their actions and fates. Nurture and nature play a part in the development of any human being and black people definitely are often born and raised in more difficult situations than white people but that does not absolve us of knowing right from wrong. Black people cannot and have never been able to afford being nihilists. There's no way we would have endured slavery, or Jim Crow, or the Civil Rights movement or just getting through the day if we succumbed to nihilism on a wide scale. We wouldn't be out there protesting in the streets (largely peacefully) if we were a bunch of collective cynics and nihilists. Don't get me wrong, it's tempting to succumb to a nihilistic viewpoint growing up black in America especially if you're on the lower end of the economic scale. But this is nothing new for black people in America and culturally we have come up with ways to cope and endure... our music, our dances and artistic endeavors, our religious practices, our activist and militant groups, our families, hell even our Gangs... they are all coping mechanisms and support systems for blacks in America and we lean on them because we know that if we did not do that, WE WOULD NOT SURVIVE. We HAVE to keep fighting and pushing for a better tomorrow as trite as that sounds, not just for our own survival but for the survival of the generation that is coming behind us. Earlier in this thread, I posted this video I wonder how many people here watched this video and understood what was happening and the raw emotion and vulnerability that is rarely seen in public from black men. The oldest dude was frustrated and literally says "I'm ready to die" but he's not coming from a place of hopelessness. He's ready to take a stand and potentially risk his life because from his perspective, we've exhausted all other avenues and change, if it's going to come, will require the being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. What you see here in this video is anger, frustration and sadness but what you do NOT see is hopelessness or nihilism.'"You're going to be doing the same thing I'm doing 10 years from now... come up with a better way" That's not hopelessness or despair. That's preparation. That's passing the baton. That's an acknowledgement that the fight will continue but the fight is WORTH FIGHTING. So what does any of this have to do with the post I'm responding to? Well it's basically me saying that yes, all of the conditions that black people live or unfair and are there to keep us in check and to subjugate us, all of this is true. But having said that, it does NOT rob of us of personal responsibility and decency. Who ever pulled the trigger and killed David Dorn may have been a product of their environment, or they may have been a crackbaby... who knows? What is known is that THEY are responsible for that murder and that unless there was some cognitive impairment that they suffer from, they KNEW it was wrong. They person filming the video knew it was not only wrong but that it was ridiculous. That this elder in the community would lose his life for a fuckin' TV and he kept saying it over and over. This man wasn't killed by looters desperate for food to feed their families. He was killed by someone looking to steal a TV assuming that that is what happened because I wouldn't be surprised by anything in today's day and age. Nihilism isn't rampant in the black community because if it was, things would be a LOT different. We haven't given up, we're enduring... It's a struggle and it ain't easy, but we ARE doing it. We can decry the inequities of American society regarding black people and other minorities without absolving them of clear wrong doing... the two are not mutually exclusive, opposing thoughts to have and one does not invalidate the other. It's not an either or proposition. Black people want safe and lawful communities too. We want to able to call the police that WE pay for and not feel like suspects ourselves . Despite what folks on the Right believe, Black people don't want preferential treatment, just equitable treatment. We want to be seen as fully formed human beings... James Baldwin can say it better than I can and he said it over 50 years ago I pasted the video at the relevant point I was trying to highlight but I hope you guys find the time to watch it in it's entirety at some point. I let it play while I was playing a game the other day.So those are my thoughts and I hope I was able to articulate them clearly. It's hard to have these conversations through a screen and I look forward to meeting some of you guys in person at some point especially you @Emperor Diocletian II and throwing back a beer or two (or whatever it is you fascists drink ) It's long over due... and be on the lookout for a new Twitter follower soon. My presence on other forms of social media will be increasing soon. Thanks again for providing this forum and thanks for engaging in this conversation.
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    Verified that our drive in is the highest grossing theater currently operating in the US
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    Employee health called me this afternoon to tell me my test was negative. I figured it probably was, but it's nice to have confirmation.
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    Just got our PPP loan approval this afternoon, barely before they ran out of funds! That’s a weight off my mind!
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    Some good news, I think: Spouse's test results were posted on the online Sask Health Authority portal, and she is negative. Can't say enough positive things about the process though: Wed - cough, headache Sun - chest tightness, fever, loss of taste Mon afternoon - called 811 Healthline, left msg, they called back in 1 hr. Approved her for test (and me). Ordered to quarantine for 14 days. Can only leave for test. Mon evening - get call from SHA, test is Tue AM Tue morning - drive to testing site. Large digital signs set up to guide. Multiple security stations. Cars park far apart. Nurse gives mask through window, takes her into building. Only 1 person in building at a time. Nurses in full face masks and gowns. Make people wash hands before and after. A deep swab in each nostril to back of sinus cavity, and one to throat. Escorted back to car. Tue evening - test result posted online. I think they won't officially call her to clear her until the national lab in Winnipeg double-checked the sample. I don't know if I will be tested. I told them I would waive the test if someone else could use it more since I am not in a risk group, but the 811 nurse said there is no shortage of tests. So far my province had tested over 1.5% of the population (police also just fined someone $2,800 for breaking quarantine, who was COVID-19+). So I'm assuming we have a bad flu. Will still be quarantining to be safe.
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    @Jason you owe him everything
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    Another of the "Greatest Generation" passed into memory last night as my father -- who turned 98 on January 28 -- went to his well-earned eternal rest. Requiescas in pace mi pater carissime.
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    We haven't had one of these in a while, but you know the drill by now Post once in this thread during the Thanksgiving weekend and you'll be eligible to be randomly selected for a game drawing during the 4-day weekend.
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    i don’t give a shit anymore. Gun ownership is a fucking plague. I grew up with hunters, I know many responsible gun owners, etc. I don’t care. We can’t handle the societal responsibility.
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    Last night was the Garth Books virtual concert. The kids in my concession stand have been writing “Black Lives Matter” on the boxes we put food orders in. I actually only found out last night when I had them put together an order for me. I knew the hate mail was coming Karen is done being terrorized
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    My test came back negative. Still have a cough, fever is gone. Apparently not Covid related.
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    Thought you guys would appreciate this one:
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    Our drive In represented 20% of Onward’s box office Friday. What a weird thing to see. I’m damn near single handedly propping up the industry, guys.
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    Sister just saw a joke on reddit that is pretty awesome why won’t republicans help impeach Trump? they believe in carrying a baby to full term
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    Boy. Where to start? I left Mormonism for a lot of reasons, but their financial practices were in the three main reasons that made me go "Fuck this shit." I'll start small and work my way up to the story in the OP. Pardon the rambling but I'm just typing and linking. This probably won't flow that well. The church teaches as a commandment that you must pay 10% of your income to the church to build the kingdom of God on Earth. It also commands that you fast once a month and donate the money you would have used for food to the church as a fast offering. I did this from the time I started working part time as a teenager through my mid 20s when I had graduated and was working full time. $20 from a $200 check when you're 16 living at home with no expenses didn't seem like that big of a deal back then. Because it wasn't, tbh. At 19 I decided I would tithe 10% of my life and went and did a Mormon mission for two years. In addition to handing over every facet of my life and mind to the church I also had to pay them $400 per month for the privilege. My family helped me out in that regard. I taught people the Law of Tithing as part of the conversion process. I went to Chile. It's a pretty developed nation. The most developed nation in South America. But there is still rampant poverty. It wasn't uncommon for me to be teaching people that had dirt floors and tin roofs. One of the things I was teaching these people was that if they paid 10% of their earnings to the church that God would bless them. And if they didn't do so then they were robbing God. I firmly believed that back then. I got home and started going to college. I got married a little over a year later. The church really emphasizes this and makes you feel like shit if you're not married by your early 20s. Also, I wanted to fuck. I started working 3/4 time while going to school. This was the first time it was actually hard for me to pay tithing. I was taking out student loans (which I'm still paying off) to pay for school and some of our living expenses. So why was I paying 10% of every check to my church? I could really use some of those blessings that I hear so much about... I'm sure they'll come in time. Pretty much every member of the Mormon church has a "calling", which is an assignment given to you by your local bishop (pastor/priest) to help out the ward (congregation). During my school years the calling given to me was to be the ward financial clerk. This meant that I counted the donations/tithes given to the bishop for the week and deposited them in the bank. I also wrote reimbursement checks and checks that the bishop authorized to help a struggling family with an expense or similar things (these are what fast offerings are supposed to be used for). This is when my foundation got its first crack. I lived in the poorer part of Provo, Utah during this time. My wife and I attended a Spanish-speaking ward (she's a native Spanish speaker). On average I'd say our donations every week were in the $2,000 range. On fasting Sundays it would be closer to $2,500. So our congregation was pulling in around $9,000 per month. On the donation slips that you put with the money you donate, there are several line items. In big, bold, black text at the top is the first line item: Tithing. Below that is more bold, black text: Fast offerings. Followed by several other line items that aren't bolded: Humanitarian aid, Temple construction (more on this later), Book of Mormon printing, etc. I started wondering why there were different line items if I'm putting all of the money in the same bag and depositing it to an account owned by the church headquarters. Every penny donated goes to the LDS headquarters in Salt Lake City and is redistributed from there. You have zero insight as to what happens with it. I asked our bishop about that. He pointed to the fine text at the bottom of the donation slip which basically says "You can tell us how you'd prefer we spend your money but go ahead and fuck right off. We'll do what we want with it." I graduated school. Simultaneously I was laid off. I got another job lined up pretty quickly, but I wasn't going to start for a month. Which means I wasn't getting paid for at least 6 weeks. Okay, now I could really use some of those blessings because all the money in our savings account isn't going to cover 6 weeks' expenses. I went to the bishop. I told him my situation and that I was going to need $200 to cover our rent. Could the ward help me out from the fast offering funds (which I personally had definitely put well over $200 into over the course of my time in the ward up to that point)? The bishop said he was sorry about my situation and he'd love to help out. But he had some questions first. "Did you ask your parents for help? What about extended family? Do you have money in savings or investments that can be used? Etc." My family lives out of state. I'm asking for $200 because my savings aren't covering everything. I'm graduating college. I have no investments to speak of. "Are you paying your tithing?" Yeah. That's at least partly why I'm in this situation. "Good. The Lord will bless us if we pay our tithing." So, basically, you weren't going to help me out if I wasn't current on my tithing payments? So all the other people that come in here asking for help go through this? Not only are they in a humiliating situation, but you shake them down? Are you fucking serious? He authorized me to cut a check for $200. But since I was the financial clerk I couldn't cut a check for myself and we had to have somebody else in the ward do it in the system. That wasn't humiliating either. More cracks in the foundation. I had donated thousands of dollars up to this point. I had given two years of my life to the church and $10,000 in addition to do so. I had worked for the ward for free counting money every week and depositing it for four years. I was the only clerk in the stake (a group of wards that is the next organizational level up) that had never had even a penny missing in my quarterly audits. But I was being given a spiritual anal cavity search to basically borrow $200 in a time of need? From money that is supposed to be allocated for this purpose? This combined with everything else that I was questioning and having problems with in the church? Man, fuck this shit. The church has ways of coercing you to pay tithing too. They maintain two main types of buildings for worship purposes: chapels and temples. A chapel is where Sunday services are held. Temples are where you go when you have proven yourself faithful enough to receive what is called an endowment. The endowment gives you the signs and passwords that you need to give angels and sentinels guarding heaven to be let in. So, if you want to be exalted and live with God you need to go to the temple. The temple is also where you get married when you are a Mormon. Your marriage lasts for "time and all eternity." To be able to attend the temple to do an endowment or to go to your family member's wedding or to get married yourself, you need what is called a "Temple Recommend". You get this by having an interview with the bishop and stake president. They ask you questions about your worthiness. Basically: "Do you keep the commandments? Do you pay your tithing?" You answer in the affirmative and they give you the recommend. It expires after two years and you do the process again. So, if you don't pay your tithing you don't get the club card. If you don't get the club card you don't get the keys and passwords. If you don't get the keys and passwords you don't get to be exalted with God. Also, if you don't have the club card you don't get to go to weddings (which are frequent in mormonism). You don't get to go on family temple trips. You don't get to do those kinds of things with your friends either. So everybody starts asking and assuming things about your worthiness. The culture is very effective at keeping you paying your tithing to the church. Oh, and these temples typically cost tens of millions of dollars to build. They recently built one in Haiti. I'm sure that's what they need right now instead of you know... houses and food. Leaders give talks in the semi-annual general conferences. Tithing is inevitably touched on in the 10 or so hours that these things last over the weekend. A recent talk by a leader at one of these said "If paying tithing means that you can’t pay for water or electricity, pay tithing. If paying tithing means that you can’t pay your rent, pay tithing. Even if paying tithing means that you don’t have enough money to feed your family, pay tithing. The Lord will not abandon you." Evil, pernicious shit like that every six months from the top leadership. Then you hear about it frequently the rest of the year too from your local leadership. The mormon prophet recently said in a speech in Kenya, "We preach tithing to the poor people of the world because the poor people of the world have had cycles of poverty, generation after generation," he said. "That same poverty continues from one generation to another, until people pay their tithing." The GDP of Kenya is $75 billion. You're asking poor people to send money to a U.S. based church that has more money than the entire country they live in? How is that going to break their cycle of poverty? And it's not like you're building hospitals and digging wells in Africa either. You fuck. The mormon church claims to have a lay leadership. That means they don't get paid. Not a penny. For the local leadership at the ward and stake level that is definitely true. And leadership at all levels likes to boast of this as a sign it's the "true church" and will pull out some bible verse to prove this to you. Whatever. But once you get past the stake leadership level? You're gettin' paid. Handsomely. There's the Quorum of the Seventy, the Twelve Apostles, and the First Presidency (the prophet and his two counselors). If you are in any one of those you get paid a six figure salary that was last known to be around $120,000 per year. Does that sound like a whole lot? Eh, no. But the men (and they are always men) that are called into these positions are usually independently wealthy and approaching retirement before receiving the job. Usually. Plus, the church takes care of every meaningful expense when you're in one of those positions: Housing, travel, automobile, food, medical, tuition for your kids, etc. So that $120,000 is basically fun money that you can use for whatever you want. When I found that out after being told my entire life that people in the church don't make money and they were virtuous because of it? I was a little peeved. Like, it's fine that the church takes care of your expenses when you're working for them. That makes sense. But $120,000 to invest how you want or play with every year? That is a shit ton of money. Recently, Dallin Oaks--a counselor in the First Presidency--boasted that the church, on average, has donated $40 million per year to charitable causes over the past 30 years. That sounds awesome! Until you do the basic fucking napkin math. There are 16,000,000 members on the church's rolls. $40,000,000 divided by 16,000,000 = ... So you gave $2.50 to a charitable cause out of the several thousand dollars I gave you this year? I'd like to see your books please. Oh, I can't. They're closed and you're not legally obligated to share anything. So you don't. I'm sure everything is on the up and up and I'd be totally fine with how you're spending my money. When I was in Chile I'd usually get a newspaper with my letters from home that the church would include. They have their own mini newspaper called "Church News" (in addition to the giant Deseret News that they own). One article one time was announcing that the church was building a mall in downtown Salt Lake City to revitalize the area. I thought that was weird. The article had quotes from leaders saying that no tithing funds were being used to build that mall, but the money was coming from other tax-paying for-profit ventures that the church owned. I never had a problem with those since they paid taxes and were very open about their for-profit-ness. And they seemed pretty humble. But I did wonder how a small bookstore chain and a small local broadcasting company was going to cover all that without financing as they claimed. But whatever. Not a big deal to me at the time. Later, as I was going through my faith transition and really digging into all this shit I saw many articles pointing to estimated guesses that the mall cost $1.5 - 2 billion to build. And I remember the first time I visited that mall. It is a very swanky indoor/outdoor hybrid mall with a retractable roof and an indoor river flowing through it. It's full of stores I couldn't (and still can't) afford to shop in. And even when I was still believing I was just awestruck at the lavish luxury. And my mind immediately raced back to every single person with a dirt floor and a tin roof that I ever told to pay money to the church. I cried myself to sleep that night. During this digging, I found out that the church and its holdings own 2% of the landmass in Florida and large chunks of Nebraska and Texas as well. They own skyscrapers in some of the biggest cities in the world and continue to make similar purchases. In May of 2018, a guy named Ryan McKnight who runs a website called "Mormon Leaks" started poking around and found that the Mormon church held at least $32 billion in stocks. This is just what they were required to report to the SEC. Short version: He found this out by looking at domain names of some LLC companies and who actually owned the domain (the LDS church), combined with a church employee directory. The guys who were reported as managers of these funds on these SEC forms were also in the church directory. He placed a call to at least one and asked for him by name and if he worked for one of the LLC companies. The guy confirmed he did. He called this guy at the number listed in the church directory. He placed a call later and asked for the same guy and if he worked for the LDS church. The guy hung up the phone. This sparked a huge conversation in the "Bloggernacle" (what the Mormon and post-Mormon community calls the blogosphere, chat rooms, social media, and podcasts). It was a bombshell. And even then, people were saying "This is just what they are required to report. It's probably just the tip of the ice berg." And what do you know? It was. Many informed guesses had put the church's annual tithing income in the $7 billion range. That looks to be correct from what this whistleblower says. And of that, $6 billion goes into operating expenses (the church owns thousands of buildings, properties, and a handful of businesses) while the other $1 billion is given to Ensign Peak Advisors. It sounds like Ensign Peak is over all of the smaller investment LLCs. Ensign Peak is a 501c3. I read this article yesterday and all the rage and guilt that I had let go of over the last few years immediately came flooding back. This whistleblower knows of $120 billion he helped oversee. That's just what he oversaw! All of the church's assets have to be in the $200 billion range. At least. $40,000,000 when compared to $200 billion or even "just" $120 billion is... like. Fuck. I am choking on my own rage here just typing this. You need all that money for the Second Coming? To what? Fund an army? I'm sure stocks are going to mean a lot when the sky is burning and people are killing each other for food in your doomsday fantasy. You can fuck right off. And the only times you used this money was to bail out your shitty insurance company and to pay the mall debt? This money was built on my tithing. Fuck. You. Great book. Remember the gold mine mentioned in that book? The one that is totally real but the gold won't come until the second coming or whatever? My grandma owns shares in that. EPA is not a for profit company. They are also a 501c3. If his claim that it has not made any charitable distributions in its entire existence is true, then that's quite a bit more than something he "doesn't like." But, even removing the question of legality it is a hugely shitty thing to amass that amount of money, hoard it, and not use it for charity while demanding that the poorest people on the planet give you 10% of their money or they don't get to be with God.
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    I like how they keep saying this is to protect Biden. Fuck Biden. If this shit takes him down too, I consider it a bonus.
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    My parents' test results came back. They both tested negative for Covid.
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    I never want to hear another peep from anyone about how the second amendment is there to check abuses of power from the state after these protests. If you’re willing to get in a cop’s face about Red Lobster being closed but you’re not out there now when the cops are shooting back, what’s the fucking point? Especially after footage where the police are willing to work with Proud Boys and shit like that, it’s clear that its main function is enabling white supremacy and facilitating mass shootings. Abolish that shit.
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    I think we solved the mystery to this photo. The dog knows what they do with the cobs.
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    https://apnews.com/bd766ac42089fffaf45e2920e1cd33ed Had an interview with the AP. OMG he wrote the part where I caught myself about to say “catch the bug”
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    My mental health had certainly taken a hit this past week. Yesterday the emotions of it all finally caught up to me and I laid on my bed catatonic for almost the whole afternoon. In the autistic community we call that autistic burnout. The good news is that as of yesterday I’ve been sober from weed for a whole month and alcohol for over five months. This has been a trying time for recovering addicts, including myself, but I’m thankful that I’m still going strong.
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    Future revelation: Trump calls Indian Prime Minister to ask if they can look into Warren's claims of native heritage.
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    We do not have physical address records to alert the authorities, all we have is an email address. Simply put, we are unequipped to deal with a situation such as this one. As a result I am locking the thread and directing everyone to communicate either with me or @SaysWho? who is our sole designated direct point of contact. Please DO NOT engage in direct contact. Edit: We've established contact with him. The Jacksonville PD have been notified.
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