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    @HardAct I wouldn't even know where to begin in being able to process everything that you're going through at this very moment, so I'm not going to even bother trying. All I can say is that PLEASE take advantage of any counseling services that are being offered as your mental well-being is of utmost importance for both you and your family. That should be priority one above all things. Next, I'll be more than happy to provide financial assistance for immediate needs of food, clothing, and shelter as well as setting up some form of crowdfunding campaign as well. I have no experience with that type of endeavor, so anyone from the D1P community who knows about it please let me know. @HardAct - please PM me so we can discuss a way for me to get some immediate funds over to you.
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    It looks like some folks are confused. Lemme remedy this. jerst a hat
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    If guns are the only thing you care about there is no flipping you or changing your mind and maybe you should rethink your priorities.
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    You know what I am sick of? The media phrasing things in the most passive way possible. "Critics say Hitler may be going too far by caging the Jews, but he insists he is only fulfilling the mandate given to him by voters." "Mao has been accused by some of harassing those with opposing views." "Leader Joseph Stalin is praised by many within his own country, yet opponents now accuse him of acting in a controversial way by moving across the border into neighbouring Poland."
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    There is no way to read that video as him willfully pushing her. It very clearly started as him starting to point at Trump when she placed her arm in the path of his arm, and then turned into a straight reflex reaction from her grabbing in his direction/startlement from the contact happening due to the bad timing of his point and her reach.
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    We can err on the side of caution and not put him on the Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment, no? This is a fucking job interview, not a criminal trial.
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    Warren should be the front-runner if only based on her ability to articulate actual policy and not just spout feel-good babble (Mayo Pete).
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    Among all the other reasons why the good guy with a gun theory is insane, just think of how many times these stories have broken like this one where there's initial reports of multiple shooters that are later corrected to just one. In the heat of the moment nobody knows who the fuck is shooting at who and they definitely don't know why
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    People are super willing to overlook that Jeffrey Epstein is an anagram for teen spree jiffy. Where other people see coincidence I see evidence.
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    Awww, but @nublood thought you were actually on his side. Poor guy.
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    How dare they classify Coffee as "nonessential"
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    We are waiting for our wedding pictures probably another week. But we have plenty of Disney familymoon vacation pictures!
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE-V-M0bNeg Bye fake news media
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    Look in the mirror and say 'Franken' three times and Jason shows up with a reason.com article about finicky sexual harassment allegations.
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    I have zero issues with us paying out the freakin' nose to Developing World nations to offset the "economic costs" of their environmental conservation as well as granting them significant preferential access to our markets as an incentive.
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    “Something not made for my uses? Stupid garbage, only idiots would buy it!!1!!” - D1P, every time any product is announced.
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    "Personal convenience" Link I can personally attest to the financial constraints as a reason for abortion. It's why my wife had one a year or two ago, before I started my new job. She was at about 6 weeks. Between daycare, servicing all of our student loans, and paying down medical bills from her two hospital stays before giving birth, our first ER visit bill for my daughter when she was an infant, and then the debt incurred from having to deal with unpayed maternity leave, it was not financially possible to have another kid at my then current salary. Even having my wife stop working to take care of two kids would not have been possible without accepting nearly twenty more years of debt servicing on our student loans. So, uh, no thanks. These pro fetus assholes can take a long walk on a short pier. If they really cared about life, they'd make it so giving birth and taking time off for a newborn child aren't so financially burdensome, and that the woman has an actual choice to either return to work with daycare that isn't the amount of a mortgage itself, or can stay at home with the child without plunging their family into poverty (we were and are in a better position than most people, and we wouldn't have gone into poverty but another lifetime of debt shouldn't be the sentence for having a family)
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    Better than shrimp in my cocaine I think
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    The efforts of the pro-Israel lobbying groups and their Republican/Democratic/evangelical Christian allies have effectively controlled the narrative that ANY language used to decry their influence can be construed as falling into the "Protocols" stereotypes, no matter how innocuous. There is simply no way around it, no matter how hard one tries. Hell, if a Jewish individual makes the attempt, they're labeled as "self-hating".
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    The "Guess the State" nonsense is totally fine for something that's relatively light-hearted and innocuous. This definitely is NONE of those things so use it appropriately or lose it.
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    So Trump wanted to go to the House for the SOTU and Pelosi said no. So I guess this happened.
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    My heart bleeds for the overdone, plastic, aging model who married a serial philanderer for his money.
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    I didn't know the Thanos snap got Captain America's beard! So sad...
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    AW HELL FREAKIN' NAW!!! I got glasses because the very thought of putting in contact lenses made me physically ill.
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    After Fred Trump’s death, his empire’s most valuable asset was an I.O.U. from Donald Trump OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    I love that Chris Evans lives the Captain America moniker.
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    Thousands of murderers have been convicted on the basis of one eyewitness's testimony. Testimony IS EVIDENCE. It's why credibility instructions are given to every juror in America. This is SO stupid. Fucking armchair lawyers, man.
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