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    End of the day, literally any coordination at the federal level instead of turning it into a Hunger Games situation and then intentionally stealing the stuff they made the governors procure on their own gets you a less bad outcome.
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    We need a truth and reconciliation commission and criminal prosecutions at absolute minimum for this administration. Their deliberate actions have lead to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.
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    So how many prominent conservatives who have been calling all this a hoax have to die before the masses get the message that this is serious and should be treated seriously? I hope it's not infinite. It really feels like this scene, but it's fucking real for fucks sake.
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    Hi, have you seen Donald Trump before? He doesn’t know how ANYTHING works. He’s a silver spooned hobgoblin who was born at home plate and thought he hit a home run.
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    ITT sbl is clearly doing his "I'm bored so I'm going to kill time by spinning everyone around in pointless circles" routine.
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    There’s this really weird state identification and pride going on in this thread, which I will personally never understand because I live in Florida.
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    On chapter 2. The game world is stunning as well as the combat. I shouldn't have said the game is a bit unpolished. Not sure where I was going with that, lol. It's a technical marvel with a solid story and gameplay. I was being too hard on the game earlier. I'm on chapter 2 and really enjoying myself.
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    It’s unpolished? In what ways? And this “been there done that” nonsense this board is so in love with has got to end. When was the last truly original game you played? They all borrow from each other. Witcher 3 did basically nothing original and it’s arguably the best open world game of all time.
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    Seems we've been managing better at work. No one else I work with has gotten sick. Always make me sad when I hear a Code Blue called on the Covid unit, though, which seems to happen pretty regularly. In a bit more positive news, at least for me, I finally got my hazard pay. An extra $2k on my check and they're talking of extending it.
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    If Trump would have invoked the DPA to ramp up PPE production then there wouldn't have been a need to engage in mask rationing.
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    Your SIL and other healthcare workers like her are frustrating - not only is having a house party a careless act in and of itself but it'll have impacts on other people who don't work with covid patients. I'm sure anyone questioning the severity of the disease thought it can't be too bad if a nurse impacted by it isn't following guidelines. This virus lends itself well to conspiracy theories: the incubation period and severity/range of symptoms alone can make any conspiracy theory-curious person doubt the impacts of the disease. Then you add inconvenience to the me-first-instant-gratification culture in the US, and top everything off with an incompetent/evil administration that caused further distrust by having wildly different messages. For the majority who didn't fall into this category and are taking things seriously, the lack of necessary action due to pisspoor national testing/tracing infrastructure (ie, none) and federal support for those affected by any lockdowns to actually remain indoors has contributed to us spinning our wheels and making no progress. Without a doubt, HRC would have managed this better. 1. HRC may have sat on COVID similar to other countries but she wouldn't wait for it to spread in the community before taking action. 2. As mentioned earlier, she wouldn't have disbanded (nor discredited) the taskforce. 3. The Obama playbook would not go to waste (from what I recall - included in it were procuring PPE and equipment, as well as establishing testing and tracing necessities). 4. PPP, unemployment benefits, and sick leave support wouldn't be this wishful thought that Americans who qualify hopefully get it. 5. Let's assume there are no changes to lives lost to police brutality - HRC would not go benghazi on Portland and threaten other cities, further empowering the right wing talking point "if it's safe to protest and riot, it's safe to fully reopen the economy and fuck masks herp derp." An earlier response with an actual strategy would have saved a shit ton of lives. I have no doubts HRC would have carried out a strategy, leaning on the experts to guide the conversation rather than this bullshit "plan" we have now. Sidenote: There is a huge difference in federal response to Ebola when compared to COVID. The level of preparation we took for Ebola mirrored how the federal government guided the conversation. With COVID, we weren't moving nearly as quick, partially due to the false sense of security the Trump a administration was trying to portray. There are other factors to consider, but we definitely weren't alone with a slow start.
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    Make Harris AG, and tell her they’re all carrying weed.
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    A chicken in every pot and a jade egg in every cooch.
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    "The President says that for our own safety, the election should be postponed. Some of his critics disagree." - NYT Headline tomorrow.
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    Maybe I am actually high because I can't tell if you guys are fucking with me or not rn.
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    I’m not going to pretend that we did things great on the beginning, but it’s hardly a fair comparison. Yes terrible decisions were made, but they mostly seem terrible in retrospect. When you’re the first to have to tackle something, you’re a major hub for international travel, and you’re the most densely packed, you’re blind to be fucked. The difference with Florida and the rest is that they had us as a cautionary tale and they acted as if that could never happen to them. Despite watching us go through a slow motion disaster, they chose to take none of the necessary precautions. In my opinion, the mistakes of NY and NJ are tragic but understandable. The mistakes of current states is infuriating and much more preventable.
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    We're headed back north of 2k deaths a day soon 5 months afterwards and we're gonna act like NY/NJ are the fucked up ones? lol Whats happening now is negligence, what happened in the spring was plain ignorance.
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    idk i’m pretty sure amd can easily match dlss2.0 with their hardware on xbox series x let me just ask tomcat brb edit: heard back from tomcat and dlss is actually rounded down to dlss 1.0 so xsx can easily match it considering it is the fourth xbox which would round up to 5x the performance of dlss on pc
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    MLB is the USA of major sports leagues.
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    I mean we've been shooting muppets in this series for the last 20 years and people expect The Last of Us 2 all of sudden...
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    Americans, Go Home: Canadians Track U.S. Boaters Sneaking Across The Border When America sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing coronavirus. They’re bringing guns. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.
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    I honestly think it wouldn’t be as bad because Hillary wouldn’t have disbanded the pandemic response team. We’d be in a H1N1 scenario.
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    I can ignore monopolies this one time if I don't have to ever deal with Bixby again.
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    It says everything that the co-founder of "conservative student group" Talking Points USA was 80 years old.
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    im really high and read through the entire argument of two parties arguing completely separate things and got to this post and lold so hard
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    NATO should have disbanded after the death of the Soviet Union.
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    This argument is literally over whose elected officials deserve the slightly more or less painful deaths.
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    For their myriad failures during this debacle, practically all elected officials should be handed a handgun with one round loaded in the chamber and told to "do the hono(u)rable thing."
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    Why is it so few people are capable of understanding that something can be good overall, but not good in every situation? Unions and union protections would do wonders in many corners of America right now because we have a massive problem of workers having little or no protection and employers having all of the power. Is that true of EVERY profession? No. Can strong unions be used for bad purposes? Yes.
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    If the season ends tonight I am good.
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    In order for Phase to praise Witcher 3 it would have had to get 6 average review scores and Geralt would have to have been a sexy waifu.
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    People can make fun of the damn Brute all you want, but Halo Music is still some of the best in video games, and so far they don't seem to be letting that slip.
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    Unpolished is the ONE thing I wouldn't say about this game. I've had ONE bug in the amount of time I've been playing... that's it. I would argue this is one of the more polished games I've played in recent times. In addition to the beauty of the world, I can't say enough about how good the combat is. It has definitely got some of the best open world combat gameplay we've seen to date. Not to single out @best3444 but I've found that this particular "critique" is one of the laziest I've seen thrown around regarding games and movies. True "originality" is so rare and oftentimes overrated because some games and movies get "extra points" because they are perceived as being "original" when they aren't even that good or entertaining. Ghost of Tsushima doesn't reinvent the wheel... it doesn't have to. It does what it does VERY well though. Shit, The Last of Us 2 did absolutely nothing "Original" at all... It's still a masterpiece.
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    Just watched the whole thing finally. A God Walks Into Abar is one of the best hours of TV I’ve ever seen. I don’t have anything else to add that hasn’t been covered.
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