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    I thoroughly agree! Hence, my position to declare healthcare as a "public good" and to nationalize the entire economic sector.
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    I honestly keep forgetting I saw this a couple of weeks ago. Cats made way more of an impact on me than this nothing of a movie.
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    On the plus side the boards will be able to survive without the extra stress of E3!
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    @johnnyis right that Glasgow from Wild Rose should have won. And more of you guys need to see the film! Beyond that, I will simply remind everyone that the Oscars are just an industry trade show awards banquet and have no relation to the quality of films
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    I've realized that the best combination for me is a gaming PC and Nintendo for the exclusives. 😍
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    Not what I'm saying at all... I'm just saying who TRUMP sees as the bigger threat and I'm sure there are reasons behind that.
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    Maybe Bloomberg or steyer could do some actual good and pay these debts instead of blowing money on their vanity campaigns
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    Poor The Onion, they still try to parody the news, but so often now they are just stating facts with their headlines.
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    I’d also suggest getting game pass for PC, it’s like a buck for two months or something to start and you can try out a handful of PC games with very little risk / cost.
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    A concrete example that Sony used when they first started talking about the PS5 is that Spider-Man's top speed in the PS4 game was limited by the speed they could stream the game world from the disc at. However, as the article that @AbsolutSurgen linked points out, it's unlikely that even something like that couldn't be solved by motivated devs. If you really wanted Spider-man's top speed to be higher, you could do it, you'd probably just have to make a non-SSD console really turn down the details when you're moving over a certain speed. So my actual answer is that it's unlikely to be true that a game designed around an SSD couldn't be ported to a console without one, it's simply a matter of how much effort it would take.
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    This was not exactly the Warren campaign's "finest hour". Still not as terrible as the Native American ancestry DNA test though!
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    Consoles used to be where you had to go to play 70%+ of major releases. Today it’s less than 10% of them. So I’d actually say the PC’s reversed course at this point. Like the consoles now, the biggest draw of its library used to be exclusive games like Starcraft, Unreal, Counter-Strike, etc. Now it’s become the catch all platform with the broadest library. What is ironically implied with ”console exclusive” now says everything about how much the PC market has boomed.
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    Intentionally doe. They successfully performed an in-flight abort test of their manned Dragon capsule. Assuming all of the criteria was successfully met, NASA will officially certify the Dragon 2 to carry astronauts to the ISS a few months from now. It will have been 9 years since the US had the ability to launch humans - the Space Shuttle was retired in 2011.
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    New year, new list so let's get this thing started! Just as always, it's not necessary for the game to actually be released in 2020 to be discussed in this thread! Now that I've gotten my physical fitness level/health back to where I want them to be, I fully intend for 2020 to be a more...uhhhhh..."productive" year for gaming completion than 2019. First up, I'm gonna finish Quantum Break!
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    I like reading them, then binging the movies immediately after.
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    Let's be honest with ourselves though; Treverrow's script (which we haven't read, just heard about bits of it) only sounds better because of one simple thing; the movie doesn't exist. By never actually have been made, we can never fully judge it, and it's left to our imaginations as to what it could have been like, and because most of us were disappointed by Rise of Skywalker, this movie in our heads is going to seem better.
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    That's a lot of Call of Duty over 20 years.
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    This is hands-down THE most 90's movie ever outside of...maybe Empire Records. It's so fucking edgy, the bad guy rides a skateboard and is like 45. Speaking of Horror in my last post, I can't believe I forgot one of my absolute favorites: Between the soundtrack, the colors, the disjointed set pieces of surreal violence, it actually feels like a weird, witchy nightmare. The remake was a ridiculous train wreck.
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    I guess I don’t understand Windows updates being intrusive and interfering with normal usage. I use my PC every single day and shut it down at the end of the night. If there’s an update, it does does it when I tell it to shut down for the night and it’s good to go when I boot it up the next day. I’ve never gone to boot up a game and been like “damn, gotta wait for this update.” PS4 updates seem to be frequent, but that could also be because I rarely use the system these days, so every time I turn it on, it’s been a few months or longer and it needs a damn update.
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    This really bums me. One of their best shows. But I agree with those opinions regarding The Last Kingdom.
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    To be fair last time it was PC IS DOOOOOMEDDDDDD , every couple of years we alternate.
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    I don't personally like it. I'm fine with cross generational games, it happens all the time. I don't like a mandate from Microsoft that all 1st party games need to be cross generation for a certain time frame. If one of their 1st parties wanted to do something that a base Xbox One couldn't handle, I hope they didn't make them scale the game back in order to accommodate it. I would guess this is far more about Game Pass though. 1st Party games coming out Day 1 is the biggest selling point of Game Pass, and wanting to make sure that stays a primary driver of people keeping subs during this Cross Generational period is probably big. If some of the bigger 1st party titles were only Series X, people might let Game Pass lapse until they got a next gen console.
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    Agreed and Floe reminds me a lot of his Koyaanisqatsi stuff. Also related somewhat (to soundtracks not Philip Glass) another somewhat unnerving horror soundtrack thing, always enjoyed the work Coil put in for the Hellraiser soundtrack though it was never used.
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    I absolutely love Philip Glass and Floe is one of my favorite pieces of music. Helen's Theme on this soundtrack is fantastic. Edit: You should really check out this particular version of Floe if you enjoy his music, the last minute and a half or so is incredible with her vocals.
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    I was listening to a bunch of Phillip Glass a few months ago (wow elitist snob alert!) and turned on the Candyman soundtrack (which he composed / performed) to unwind. Boy, that is some unnerving shit!
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    The NCAA's rules make protect sense as long as you remember they're there to maintain their control over college sports and make colleges and universities lots of money.
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    Titans $30,000 QUESTIONS 1) Titans TD 2) Packers TD 3)AFC 4) 4 5) Green Bay
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    She won’t get the nomination, but I’ll write her in come November.
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    TROS is easily the most anime/CW/young adult film (in a bad way) of the whole trilogy, and it became quite apparent quite quickly while watching it in a theater.
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    I find this to be one of the best series for analyzing some of our most beloved movies, and what makes them so good and why. This one is focusing on what made Star Wars so good, and such a cultural phenomenon, and I learned some new things along the way. To be clear this is solely about the 1977 movie, not the franchise as a whole, aside from some small tangents here and there, and for those two of you that haven't seen The Rise of Skywalker yet, don't worry there is no spoilers, or even discussion of it here (in fact there's not even any trailer footage shown).
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    Well, it's one of those movies you kinda forget right after you watch it. My younger one really wanted to see it, he really liked the commercials and trailers for some reason. So we all went as a family. (My wife also didn't like it, kids both did) I remember it being pretty boring... it's one of those movies that just doesn't quite come together..... and doesn't quite stick the landing. It thinks it's being way more clever and original than it is, but nothing happens that is really breaking any new ground. I also remember feeling like it suffered through some story problems. The story felt like it was a bit of a frankensteins monster of some conflicting ideas or themes. It felt like it was rewritten like 10 times and suffered because of it. I wish I could be more specific, but it really was pretty forgettable. I'm a big fan of most Laika stuff, but this one fell flat for me. But I'm probably being excessivly harsh... it's cute and fluffy and harmless.
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    How did i not know this? I love wombats!
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    This isn’t an interesting movie. It’s Taxi Driver with less hookers and more clown makeup. This Joker would have gotten a wedgie from LEGO Batman.
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    Joker is fucking trash. The fact that got so many nominations and there wasn’t one nomination for Rocketman in Best Picture or Best Actor or even COSTUME DESIGN is a huge pile of horse shit.
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    For myself, the dancing in particular felt empty because there was never anything that I could ascribe to it. Like his laughing it was alternatively forced or involuntary, an affectation unrelated to what was going on around him. It didn't seem to be a reflection of his interior self, because we don't really get enough to ascribe his actions to motivations half the time. He's purposefully inscrutable, which makes for a great foil, but a less compelling protagonist. That one moment in particular is a pretty good example. He's already proven an unreliable narrator (or perhaps the direction has proven to be?), so while it seems like his plan was to kill himself on screen, when he murders Murray, it's hard to say if it was reactionary or premeditated. Certainly his subway killings went quickly from one to the other. It's an ambiguity that I understand why some might feel is compelling, but to me it felt like an obfuscation to avoid judgement.
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    I finally got a job in IT! I just got hired for an L1 service support position. Just had my first week there and I have been enjoying it. A refreshing environment than what I am used to. Everyone is super friendly. Even when I went to my interviews I noticed people just making conversations in the elevator even when on different floors and departments. I'm really glad that I chose to make the career change sooner than always holding it off because I didn't feel ready to go back to school. I definitely recommend anyone that wants to find a better place to work to make that effort.
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    I wonder how much more productive I would be if I didn't have the compulsive need to post throughout the day. Let's just hypothesise that each post takes maybe 20 seconds and across D1P and IGN, I'll have made about 80,000 of them...
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    Based on the evidence we have: - Trump did not provide the weapons that were used - Trump did not provide the training or have "observers" on the ground with the weapons team - Trump did not put anti-aircraft missiles near a civilian airport, and not have sufficient procedures in place to ensure a commercial aircraft was not targeted If there is any indication that US military aircraft were acting in a way that put civilian aircraft in danger (using them as shields, etc.), then there would be clear responsibility. Based on everything we know to date, the shooting down of this aircraft was not a natural consequence of anything that Trump did. Trump has responsibility for a lot of things, this is not one of them.
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