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    Shut the fuck up cunt.
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    But for real, my LG C9 crushes all of these!
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    I knew that Mortal Kombat II was cheap as all hell because the AI seemed to know what I was doing before I did, but pinpointing why/how it did what it did was pretty interesting to watch. 5:09 in the MK2 video made me LOL, as did the Kintaro stuff. Some of this I knew; some of it I just needed an explanation because I figured something was way off. Enjoy!
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    I decided to use this afternoon to paint some minis instead of watching the Jets game. ... checks score... Seems like the right call.
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    I’m thinking about per-ordering one just to play Pokémon on 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
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    So what you're saying is Trudeau has a future in American politics?
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    I'm gonna go ahead and predict this line had some staying power
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    There is an extended action sequence in the third movie towards the beginning that might be the best of the entire series. The movie is worth it for that alone. But I agree that it's the weakest of the three for other reasons.
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    https://www.politico.com/story/2019/09/15/moderate-democrats-pelosi-impeachment-1495832 Some of the same Dems that flipped the US House are the ones saying to knock off the impeachment talk. The Senate would not vote to remove. I agree it’s their duty to impeach, but we are in an age where truth no longer matters. No one here knows how an impeachment process would go down today. We do know that the house flipped in 2018 without an impeachment inquiry. The status quo would likely allow Dems to hold the house and probably take the presidency.
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    Fighting against an AI Guile was always a nightmare because of this shit.
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    Might cave and get this. Only played it a little back when it originally came out. Seems like the perfect toilet game lol.
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    Both @Rachel and @Triage are beautiful and wouldn’t need this 🤷‍♀️ Now @Jason could use some of this and for somebody to take a razor to his caveman body
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    The camera might be sunken in the case just a slight bit. One of my friends had his, I didn't take a super close look though.
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    Democratic centrists, not progressives. It's because Republican extremism isn't a threat to the economy in the eyes of Republican donors, on the other hand Democrat donors are just as interested in keeping progressive economic policy in check as they are with Republican social conservativism. "Socially liberal, economic conservative" is the democratic donor base.
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    Pete't plan is what a lot of countries use quite successfully. There are only a handful of countries that have completely socialized healthcare. Places like Japan, Germany, France, and Australia all use a mixed system as far as I understand it.
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    Thats okay I found somewhere to live
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    I kinda want to let you move in just so I can kick you out.
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    When you've watched as much Star Trek as I have, you get pretty good at identifying people even with a lot of shit on their face In this case, the eyes give it away. I don't think anyone would get it if all they saw was the lower half of his face, but the eyes are distinctive.
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    Yeah vaping helps people quit... THIS MORTAL COIL. I’ll see myself out.
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    Coming to yet another stupid ass bullshit streaming crap service you don't have, want or need... This current state of TV is a hot pile of flaming diapers. Fuck everything.
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    People who can't tell the difference between a mom and pop pizza store in New York and something from Domino's or Papa John's while blindfolded are the ones who turned to dust in Infinity War when balance was restored.
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    Good starter kit for anyone who is thinking of jumping into D&D. Comes with SRD rules, character sheets, dice, item cards, a DM screen, and some other stuff. Great for new players and new DMs. https://www.amazon.com/Dungeons-Dragons-Essentials-Kit-Boxed/dp/0786966831 If you're already into D&D, at 50% off it's still a good buy. $12.55 for a new official adventure module and a new art DM screen (plus more dice...can never have too many dice). Enjoy!
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    Cool. I ordered one. I've never played, but I'm interested.
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    I did not like the first Blade Runner movie very much. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the year it takes place in, not that 2049 having that tech is any more realistic. This was my first time watching either movie and I had nothing about either movie ever spoiled to me. The acting of all the characters in the first move felt off to me. Rachael was the only one that actually seemed human through the entire film. Deckard seemed to act odd at times, or at least I thought so. He almost always had this expression of fear or reluctance mixed with "omg I can't believe what is happening right now". For the replicants, for people that were supposed to be as smart and talented as the people that made them, they all seemed like fucking crazy people, outside of Rachael. It was hard to care about them at all, or their plight. Roy finally seemed a bit human at the very end, but that was about it. While I loved a lot of the practical visuals, the movie is disgustingly dated. Every monitor and screen is a CRT and there is even a giant Atari neon sign. It is really hard to take the movie seriously sometimes with how wrong they got the future. It just really sticks out. I tried my best to get past it, but the movie really like to show its age. The Face Time pay phone also got a laugh from me. I get that you can look at it as an alternate earth or whatever, but they still wouldn't be using 80s tech in 2019 like that. Just can't get past it. I am sure if I saw this movie years ago I wouldn't have this issue, like how I have no issue with Back to the Future, but I saw that movie before I was even in school so, yeah... I also don't like the question the movie proposes, "Is Deckard a replicant?" I feel the movie, or at least the version I saw, supports Deckard being a replicant more than being a human. But I really dislike that. Deckard being a human is what works best in my mind, and I much prefer him being a human after seeing 2049. If Deckard wasn't a human then I would have preferred them to show it in a more superhuman way, not the stupid unicorn dream shit. Or at least an actual memory, not a dream. Deckard physically shows no traits of being a replicant and I am basically latching on to that. Now, I really liked 2049. Like, really, really liked it. One of the best movies I have seen in a while that isn't just another Disney owned flick. K was just a great character. I thought he was handled perfectly. I usually hate when a movie makes a character do nothing but despair, but damn it was great. I mean, this man-made man has nothing going for him. His lover is a hologram and he isn't much more real than her. Then he finds out that he was actually born. Half human or all replicant, he isn't your average Joe replicant anymore. He wasn't made he was born. He is a fuckin real boy now. Things kinda start looking up in a weird way. Gets a name, kinda gets to fuck his waifu, and he goes to find his dad. And then he gets shat on the rest of the movie. His dad tried to kill him, his waifu dies, he finds out he isn't actually a real boy, the name his waifu gave him isn't even special, and then he fucking dies. I should hate all of that but I don't. His suffering is basically what makes me see him as a human. Idk, man, it was just great. Like, I can kinda relate so that is probably why I like the movie so much. Meh, it is easier to explain why I dislike something than why I like it. What I don't really get tho is what actually makes the replicants different from humans(I am ignoring how bizarre the "evil" replicants acted in the first movie). Like, they seem to just be lab made humans. Unlike Detroit: Become Human, the seem to be made of meat and shit. Never saw any robotic parts. Like, what is the actual difference between lab grown meat and a lab grown human? That meat is still meat, right? It is really hard to see the difference, seeing as they aren't mechanical. Especially when it comes to a creation like Rachael. She functions exactly like a human all the way down to even being able to have children. And this is why I much prefer the idea of Deckard being a human. If he isn't a human then that only means that replicants can give birth to replicants. There is still a clear dividing line between human and replicant. If he is human, then that line has been crossed. There is nothing really dividing the two as a species except for how they are born. Like, I can never view the characters in B-cum Human as actual people. To me they are just robots. It isn't like that with replicants. They just seem to be man-made humans. Well, man-made superhumans.
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    I'm partial to murder face myself, but it needs to be animated with the head snap.
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    lol like you give a shit, you wouldn't care if he hadn’t been involved with Clinton and a bunch of Harvard professors. You think anyone here buys your crocodile tears?
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    Do I have to see both the Ford and Ferrari standalone movies in order to appreciate this crossover?
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    you’ve got to be kidding me
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