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    There's a good chance Trump spends more time sitting on his ass than FDR did.
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    Can a mod please change the title of this thread to “RedSoxFan9’s Twitter Feed” for accuracy?
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    Yo fuck X-Men / Avengers crossovers and fuck this merger.
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    Steady now. Life can always suck, but its also beautiful. Look at your children and see the evidence of that balance.
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    From a moral perspective, hunting is an infinitely more moral way to obtain meat than factory farming, which constitutes the majority of the meat we consume. And this is both from the perspective of animal suffering and environmental impact.
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    Like enjoying the hard liquor mixed in it
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    Obama: I can't believe I'm no longer in office and he still complains about me. Hillary: I can't believe I lost to him and not running again and he still complains about me. McCain's Ghost: Hold my beer.
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    Consolidating an overwhelming majority of media into one giant behemoth is surely worth having a few, slightly better movies!
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    Eh...I wouldn't really hold this against her. I know a number of women with very high voices who feel that people think they sound too childish and aren't taken seriously. I don't see this any differently than someone with, say, a southern accent taking voice lessons to speak with a more midwest accent for similar reasons.
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    Packing the courts with pro gun conservatives being the only good thing about this presidency is the most myopically one dimensional thinking I've seen in some time on this board.
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    Trump is literally everything that Republicans accused Obama of being.
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    I will add one thing. The Boeing 737 Max is an interesting example of over-engineering. The 737 is a great airframe and that has resulted in it being the most popular airliner in the world. However due to the popularity customers have been wanting bigger and more efficient versions of the 737. This is because a lot of the parts they already have on hand will work with the new version and airlines will be able to phase out their older 737s at their leisure while not needing to replace or add significantly to their parts inventories. Being able to buy what is essentially the same aircraft and getting modern benefits make it a very cost effective proposition. Pilots need minimal training for the new versions. Maintenance already knows the aircraft and has a similar parts inventory. Customers know and understand the aircraft. Cost is reduced by changing a design rather than making a new design. Boeing already has 737 plants so they will require minimal change thus reducing the cost of the aircraft. I could keep going but you all get the point. Where the over-engineering comes into play is when you realize what Boeing has had to do in order to make these customer demands work. They are literally taking a 1964 design and stretching it far beyond the original design. The Max 8 and 9 for instance required a larger engine size for better fuel efficiency. The 737 design was unable to use the larger engines (plane isn't tall enough) but Boeing made it happen by moving the location of the engines. This changes the aerodynamics of the aircraft quite a bit. As a result they created the MCAS system to help compensate for the changes and make the aircraft fly "normally" when hand flying. It has been mentioned many times that had the auto-pilot been on the Lion Air crash would not have happened. When automation fails pilots tend to revert to a lessor state of automation. It is not normal nor is it in our muscle memory to engage the AP when a form of automation has malfunctioned. Honestly the 737 needs to be scrapped and Boeing needs to create a new aircraft that fits the desired mission rather than forcing an old dog to do new tricks.
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    I don't know if you know what trim is so I will explain just in case. Think of a car that wants to always pull to the left. That happens with the control surfaces on all aircraft. Sometimes a plane wants to always roll right, flies crooked, or wants to pitch up or down. For a pilot this causes us to have to hold control pressure to maintain the aircraft on the desired course. This can be caused for a number of reasons. In the case of pitch trim this will constantly need adjusted during the flight as fuel burns and the center of gravity changes. Pitch trim is also needed for configuration changes such as when extending or retracting the flaps. Trim itself is basically a small change to the control surface that allows you to fix the problem for the flight. For example in the aircraft I fly if it always wants to roll left I can hit the aileron trim switch to the right. The result is an electronic motor that runs and biases the aileron cabling to the right to correct for the left roll tendency. A trim runaway is when the trim does not stop at the desired spot and continues till it reaches its limit. This can cause a dangerous situation as it is possible to trim an aircraft to a point where the flight crew may not be able to overpower the extreme trim setting. It essentially is the equivalence of forcing the yoke full ward or aft when at the limit. The jets I have flown have an aural warning to warn us of a runaway situation. Some aircraft have auto-disconnects and others require pilot action to fix. In the case of one of the aircraft I currently fly we have a button on the yoke that disconnects our pitch trim and circuit breakers that have a plastic collar so they are easy to pull in case the button does not work. We test these systems every day.
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    Yeah I know it's bad for me, so are a lot of things. But sorry, nothing beats an ice cold Coke with a burger and fries. Take your kombucha and shove it.
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    The fact that the mere thought of ‘Blackman’ and ‘gun’ in the same proximity results police raining down hell fire on innocent black men everyday illustrates that the 2nd amendment isn’t meant for black people.
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    From my experience (about to hit world tier 2), these are the best overall (non-exotic or named) weapons to use in the game: Assault Rifle Police M4 Replica - Everything about this weapon is above average. Easily the best AR in the game (right now) and what is even better is that you can craft it! ACR - It's an Assault Rifle that gives you all the great features of that class while outputting damage with accuracy that rivals the Rifle class. Remember, there is also a Rifle variant of this same weapon. Throw that one away, it's garbage. You want the Assault Rifle variant. Runner Up - Use the CTAR21. Rifle SIG 716 CQB - Literally no reason to use any other rifle in this class aside from the Urban MDR. The SIG 716 CQB just about edges it out, however. Runner Up - Use the Urban MDR Marksman Rifle M700 - Throw everything else away, scrap it for parts, sell it. Nothing compares to this Marksman Rifle. Pair this bad boy with a 3 piece Airaldi Brand Set and it becomes a one shot cannon before adding talents, making this an absolutely monstrous weapon once you spec for it. Light Machine Gun Military M249B or M60 - Seriously, don't use any other belt-fed LMG. Runner Up - Use the Military L85. It's probably the best magazine fed LMG right now. Submachine Gun Police UMP 45 - While it has a low fire rate, it has above average stats for the SMG class and is probably the best overall SMG if you want something that can be as effective as an Assault Rifle at range. P90 - Pretty much as good as the Police UMP 45, but with a much higher rate of fire. Pair this up with the Berserk talent to absolutely chew through armor. Runner Up - Use the Tommy Gun. If you get the M1928, throw that shit out. It's basically a bastardized Tommy Gun not worth anything. Shotguns Lullaby/Sweet Dreams - I know I said I wasn't going to add an exotic weapon to this list, let alone a pre-order one. But..... the pre-order exotic shotgun is actually pretty damn good, however it's usefulness dies out fairly quickly until you get to end game and find the requisite parts to craft a new one at your current level, which confusingly enough, is reaching at least World Tier 1 and obtaining a gear score of at least 250. Runner Up - Use the ACS-12. You can put a ridiculous amount of ammo down range, so it'll quickly chew through enemy armor. Pistols Note: Do not sleep on pistols. They're really good in this game, especially if you plant to run a Shield build. X-45 Tactical Replica - This pistol covers all the basics. Good damage, rate of fire and a healthy magazine size. It also has the fastest base reload speed of any pistol in the game. D50 - The only reason I placed the Deagle above the Police 686 Magnum is the potential to have a 9 round magazine using the reload trick (reload when you have ammo in the chamber to give yourself an extra bullet). The Police 686 Magnum does similar damage to the D50 and has a faster reload speed, but having more ammo in a magazine trumps reload speed if the reload speeds are similar. Runner Up - Police 686 Magnum - If you cannot find a D50 to save your life, do not sleep on this weapon. A literal hand cannon. BTW, use whatever you want. If you want to run a meme build with the WW2 outfit, the M1928 and M1A, by all means do so. These are just my opinions as to what constitute the strongest overall weapons in the game from a stat perspective. You combine these weapons with particular skills and talents and they just become absolutely disgusting.
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    But that's not a real gun owner. You know, the kind that is inhumanly perfect and never makes a single mistake or error or slip of mind. Real gun owners have never shot or killed anyone.
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    "it's just city folk being shot" *Looks nervously at Montana and Alaska firearm suicide rates
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    sbl is right. I just finished reading it. It was kind of a slog, but yeah. So, normally when an illegal immigrant is picked up by ICE they are allowed to request release pending their deportation hearing. They can post bond, argue they aren't a flight risk, etc. However when an illegal immigrant who has been arrested for certain criminal offenses is picked up by ICE, they aren't allowed to make that request; they're held in mandatory detention until their hearing. Now, the law says that this mandatory detention happens “when the alien is released” from jail on their criminal charge and ICE picks them up. The people in this case were trying to argue that since they weren't picked up immediately upon their release (they weren't just transferred into ICE custody) that the mandatory detention clause shouldn't happen. Basically they're trying to say that the fact that they were arrested on criminal charges shouldn't matter and they should be allowed to request release because they were able to evade ICE for some period of time after they got out of jail. So the mandatory detention clause isn't new, and this ruling doesn't make the detention indefinite (Jennings vs Rodriguez did that last year). This ruling merely affirms that the time between a person being released from jail on criminal charges and them being picked up by ICE doesn't have any bearing on whether or not they can be held until their deportation hearing.
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    As a frequent PS4 user, many here may be surprised to know that I dismissed the fuck out of Sony at first. My brother and I would see a Playstation commercial and roll our eyes. We were way more impressed with the Saturn, basically because we liked the Genesis, not because the library was more impressive. We only had, like, 5 or 6 games on the Saturn, anyway.
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    I got the summons once, but my grouping wasn't called in. Fun fact: a major pet peeve of mine is when people complain about and/or try to get out of jury duty.
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    This thread has definitely been good in determining who on this board is a sociopath.
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