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    There are three guarantees in life: 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Boyle getting salty when white people are subjected to prejudice
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    That you have a Christmas card list is exactly what he's talking about.
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    Eh, busy. Two kids now, always working or super tired. BUT ELECTIONS ARE COMING UP.
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    I love that a Blockbuster Video is the signal that this takes place several years in the past.
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    Okay, calls made. I called three Rubio offices and left a message, including his DC office, and also called Nelson's DC office asking that he be very vocal about delaying Kavanaugh's vote. I suggest you do the same. Congresspeople can get spooked by this (the calls are not ignored and disregarded; they want to know who's calling and from where to get an idea of how big a deal an issue is), and it feels fucking GOOD to do.
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    Dry, few shingles gone and a tree down on the guest house but it didn't breach. Just ran the generator for 8 hours and it only used 4% of the 500 gallon tank so we're good for a few days but we heard the gas company trucks are out topping off tanks. On the drive home there was a massive convoy of utility trucks driving from Indiana driving into region. Current estimate is Friday. The yard is destroyed, about 40 trees down, house got surrounded by a foot of surge that brought in a ton of debris all the way up the driveway. Massive erosion on the beach and behind the bulkhead. Our rocks are scattered all over the place, my immediate neighbor completely lost their bulkhead (rip $50k). Our pool fence is completely gone. Worst areas are New Bern, Newport, and further south Wilmington. Local Base Commanders have been freed to just act so Camp Lejune and Cherry Point are sending out Marines and sheltering people. My area has had over 300 water rescues. Wilmington is the worst I think, every road in is cut off, and they've had over 500 rescues. Supplies are only able to get in by air. . Things are coming back faster than I thought though, a few gas stations are open and grocery stores are letting people in a few at a time.
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    A few more thoughts. The combat “pacing” overall is really solid. I felt like I was unlocking enough stuff that had a meaningful impact on fighting for most of the game. Handling mobs before and after the bomb webs (or whatever they’re called) feels different, being able to toss people around after they’re webbed makes a big change in combat, etc. There are probably a couple trashy or less impactful abilities in the mix which is kind of inevitable given the sheer number of suits, gadgets, upgrades, etc., but that’s a problem of riches and not a bad one to have. One of the things that the game does best other than traversal is setting the right tone at the right moments. This is hard for Spidey especially since he’s a wise cracking guy partially just to keep himself sane, but they handled that really well. Honestly the only thing that I thought that they could have done better in this regard is the ending, since the events that happen didn’t really have enough time to land, but that’s a really small complaint for something that does an otherwise great job throughout the whole affair. For a game and brand that have so many familiar characters, they do really well building the tension to the final confrontation and establishing everyone’s motivations along the way. Pete and Otto specifically shine, but Li, MJ, Miles, and Norman get their licks in, too, and it’s a treat to see. Honestly this is a really good example of a game that’s better than the sum of its parts, almost all of which are still really good individually. There are a couple derps (combat objectives tell me to do X for the tokens, but they really mean Y which is thematically similar to X), and there’s almost nothing NEW in the game at all, it’s all really standard open world stuff. But it’s just presented in such a compelling package that it’s hard to care all that much, I’m too busy dive bombing off buildings to care.
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    If the rape allegation is what derails the dude who DEFINITELY perjured himself before the senate, I’ll go with it regardless of the merits of the claim. Somebody willing to lie under oath can’t be a SCOTUS justice.
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    Maybe I'm just a sucker, but it's working for me. I'm in.
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    Well I don't play online on my Switch. I think the price is reasonable since the online structure is a joke. Here is what will get me to jump in. Nintendo doesn't know online but they know hardware. The NES joycons that you can only get if you have a Nintendo Online account is what is going to get me.
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    When, not if, this guy gets on the bench, I move that when anyone on the CEB makes some statement to the effect that sexual assault accusations "ruin your life" they be perma'ed.
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