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    Asking a Puerto Rican if they are an American citizen is up there with demanding government stays out of Medicare.
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    A Venn diagram of people who slob Elon Musk's knob, hated The Last Jedi, and are Rick & Morty fans:
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    I suggest you get less cute with the board names. and return them back to the previous names.
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    Fun fact: The South crying about how Sherman warred too mean at them is the first documented case of triggered snowflakes in American history. True story.
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    As always, it's worth pointing out that basically all chain pizza is fine, and y'all need to temper the hyperbole when talking about food that is served in a cardboard box.
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    The officer has resigned. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/officer-resigns-amid-probe-over-lack-response-man-harassing-woman-n890781
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    I don't keep track of his fans but his auto-detractors are pretty annoying too.
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    If he can't serve and protect in even the most non threatening situations he isn't fit to be in law enforcement.
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    Can we not have a thread that should be celebrating real life heroics be purely about freaking Elon Musk? Love him or hate him, he was a sideshow to this whole ordeal. I still can't get over that trip time of 8-10 hours. I can't wait to read a really deep dive on how the whole thing went down. I really want to know how much time was in/under water, deco stops, off gassing, etc. I'm in the middle of planning a diving vacation and I'm going to be thinking about these guys the whole time.
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    I'm sorry you're such an unintelligent and shitty person. It makes for a terrible combination.
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    he picked the guy who said a sitting president cant be indicted?
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    They're all cut from the same white cloth
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