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    Crazy considering you're apparently so tall that this somehow went over your head.
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    The problem is that Trumps slack jawed painfully idiotic followers only think racism is when you run around yelling the N-word and punching black people in the face. Anything less just doesn't register. They don't understand much. These people are fucking stupid. how fucking stupid? So fucking stupid that the elected Donald Trump to be the president. That's how fucking stupid. It never stops being terrifying that we live in a country with 63 million people dumb enough to be conned into voting for Donald Trump. Fuck everything. If you still support Trump you are either a rich person who doesn't care about anything but your personal enrichment, a total bigot or a complete fucking idiot. If you're having trouble figuring out which box you belong in, it's most likely the third thing.
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    Listen everyone. If we do the half your Senate time plus 9 rule, Warren is clearly the old guard. Let's vote for the guy who was in the Senate for 40 years. And speaking of 40 years, we can't trust people who have been saying and doing the same thing for that amount of time to continue to do so. Let's give the lady who can't decide what she thinks about gay people a chance. Additionally, Harris sucks because she prosecuted the parents of black children. We need to vote for the guy whose relationship with the black community is the most questionable of all. And, if we don't think a candidate can beat Trump, we need to vote third party and do our part to ensure a Trump victory because the mythological perfect candidate wasn't chosen. Because if we don't like poor treatment of black people and minorities, people that are too old to function, nor people that can't make up their mind about a subject, then we need Trump.
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    If you want a dockable Switch, buy the $300 Switch. If you want an undockable Switch, buy the $200 Switch. Why is this complicated?
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    Then the flaws of our system are ultimately exposed, as the Executive-directed DOJ does nothing, and Congress does nothing.
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    “Something not made for my uses? Stupid garbage, only idiots would buy it!!1!!” - D1P, every time any product is announced.
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    We've become exponentially desensitized to this stuff, but Trump's recent tweets are so fucking bad.
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    No. No, no, no, no, no. No. What you fail to understand is that perpetually casting unremarkable white men is not and in fact cannot possibly be pandering. I expected to be represented in all media at all times. However the casting of any minority (racial, sexual orientation, and so on) must inherently be pandering. I see me on screen and it is clearly made for everyone. I see a black woman cast in something and it must inherently be about wokeness, about pandering, about oh fuck I can’t go on anymore Jesus Christ. I can imagine that a 50 year old man can fuck any woman within seconds of engagement, kill anyone on the planet with generally modest effort, and that a giant with steel teeth can survive a building falling on his head. But you mean to tell me a BLACK WOMAN might have her name in cell B7 of an Excel file somewhere at MI6? THAT I CANNOT ABIDE.
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    I hate this man and wish he'd have a massive stroke every day. Just get him out of this world.
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    It is for many people, none of whom are wringing their hands over buying a second copy of the same video game system for their household though 😂
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    I think there are some people that have legitimately come around, in no small part because societal norms have changed. My dad is kind of like this. He was never against same sex unions, but was against them using the word marriage, due to its religious history. And he’s not religious himself. But for many years now he has been accepting and for gay marriage. He has almost forgot that he had any opposition at all. I think a lot of people are like this. They were only against it because it wasn’t the norm. Now it is and since they never really had a reason to be against it they just accept it. They won’t participate in a pride march, but they also see no reason in removing the right/privilege (however you wanna see it) from gays either. This is is why I am not as cynical or offended by companies like Apple or MS sell pins with their company logo colored by a rainbow during pride month. It helps normalize LGBTQ rights, to make it easier to accepting them as a society.
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    It was only a matter of time before Trump gave away their location so might as well beat him to it.
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    And this is why Mayo Pete's wish for the DoJ to investigate the recent police shooting in his goddamned town is a sick, twisted joke.
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    Dear worthless speaker, do your mother fucking job already. Enough is enough of this bullshit.
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    Also, third party candidates are typically worse than the main parties.
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    I’m not in favor but only cause I really wanted Idris 😔
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    What I find so pathetic about all this is they had weeks of notice before members of Congress and such started showing up. Knowing that they made it look as best they could. Like a retail store that approves OT and spends at least a full day to make the store look as close to Grand Opening as possible, when they get a heads up Corporate will be visiting. It still look like war crimes are being committed as their best fucking effort to look presentable.
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    OK, let's isolate this part then: "I said it was a bad product, which it is." You're already wrong.
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    I actually like how Garou is this sad loser to start with. Not 100% bad and fighting what he thinks is the good fight. He's getting what you'd typically see a hero character get in terms of story arc. It's actually a very OPM sort of thing to do, flipping a cliche on its head. I mean we already got a whole season focused on Saitama. The show runs a serious risk of being one-note if it doesn't take the camera off Saitama for a while, which has the added side effect of making his appearances more exciting.
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    Anyone who says America is the greatest country in the world is a goddamn moron, especially outside of military matters.
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    I'm boycotting in solidarity with striking Amazon warehouse workers.
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    I literally wouldn't even remember you as being the guy associated with the bullshit in that one thread if you didn't insist on whining about it basically every post.
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    The so-called "American Revolution" of 1776 was nothing but a bunch of wealthy white Protestant men getting upset at another group of wealthy white Protestant men because they were paying too much in taxes. Cry me a river! Heck, the end result wasn't even a complete upending of the political/social order - what the hell kind of revolution is that?!? Whereas in France in 1789, a REAL revolution took place that totally upended practically every aspect of French culture, society, and politics as the Ancien Régime of the Bourbon monarchy was cast into the dustbin of history, and a new era of TRULY Republican politics began. They even invented an awesome new calendar! Look at the totally badass things we got from that revolution. An awesome national anthem: Just look at these badass lyrics: It also gave us the single greatest invention in all of human history: And lastly, a fantastic military parade that is only outdone by the one the Russians throw on May 9 for WWII Victory Day I wish you all a "Bonne La Fête Nationale!"
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    Guess what. If you can’t afford a $300 Switch, then you also can’t afford a $200 Switch. I can’t remember who made that point I just remember it was dumb.
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    It isn't. They are grasping for something to be outraged about because somebody has to be outraged about everything
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    This is what happens when you need a big tent just to fend off partisan gerrymandered districts straight from the pits of hell. There can’t be party unity with such a wide spread of principles. Crazy to watch.
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    Not particularly. A "good person" would have ended our drone programs, not increased the operational tempo.
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    The joy of the Switch is that I can do both. Relax in front of my TV, and then take the Switch on the go, or play it in my bed.
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    It’s a great product for kids, you aren’t a kid, so you don’t like it. It doesn’t hurt my feelings, it just amuses me how ignorant people are of the wants and needs of others.
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    Just me after a run. Down 45 pounds since March, 220 to 175. F dad bod
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    Me and my youngest.
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    You view the group as monolithic. This is the lazy way to understand a group, and you’re not a lazy thinker!
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    1) I think coal miners are starting to see the writing on the wall, even with Trump production is down, and he/the Republican party doesn't care for them outside of campaign photo ops. We can't guarantee jobs at a mine, but we should be able to say "here are good jobs cleaning and repairing water systems/roads/solar install/wind install/etc and we WILL guarantee your health care for you and your family" which is basically what Trump told them, but has not followed through (and his DOJ wants to completely gut the current health care law that does benefit miners) 2) traditional campaign managers/consultants with their fees and everything is pure swamp people. Good riddance. The fact that it really is taking this long for politicians (did Bernie do this too?) To get rid of those with obvious conflicts of interest says a lot about our political system.
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    The Cleveland Browns have fans, so the answer to this is obviously yes.
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