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    Verified that our drive in is the highest grossing theater currently operating in the US
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    I understand he still has expenses. With 32 units, his risk pool is pretty diversified, and as far as I know, Houston is a big, growing area. But let's do a thought experiment. How much money would you have to expect to make per month/year to take on the risk of owning a 32 unit apartment complex? You sure as shit wouldn't do it for a grand or two a month right? What if it was your only source of income? You would need to make more money than the few grand a month a regular day job pays right? This guy probably makes more per year than all but a handful of people on this board. Even with his expenses he should be at income level where he is able to put away some money every month. Forget the Coronavirus, wtf was this guy going to do if the building caught on fire? Sure he probably has insurance, but that check doesn't come the second you file a claim. Or any other kind of emergency. Remember, the 32 people renting from him no doubt have it harder financially than this guy, shouldn't he almost have an obligation to have some kind of emergency funds in case shit happens? This guy to me tests the basics of capitalism. When business is great and he's clearing 20 grand a month and leasing new BMW's under his LLC he gets to say hey I'm the business owner I assumed all the risk I get to enjoy the benefits of my profits. But the second that risk actually hits his front door, he's crying about it.
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    Cruise lines headquarter outside of US for tax reasons may not be eligible for stimulus/aid You hate to see it.
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    So a little before I got laid off and unemployed due to Covid-19 my good friend and I had an idea. He started to build his own knife, from top to bottom he did it by hand every step of the way. So I see the beginning stages and start to ponder like damn the is a great idea, should have done this years ago. We're already getting orders for knives and we're barely getting off the ground right now due to the quarantine. So our idea is to make knives and record every step of the way to the finished product, each order gets a custom video from start to finish. Each knife is a custom design unless they want one of our designs. So I figured I would throw it out here on my internet family so to say, he'll I've know most of you for over a decade now. I'm asking for some likes and subscriptions to my YouTube page, we hope to make some income off of YouTube as well. In these trying times this is all I've got right now so it can't hurt to try. This is my YouTube channel, any help would be appreciated. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKKTRrqm4WajchzEr-5D5Sw Thanks to anyone that wants to give me a like and follow. Hell I'll even throw a shout out to day one patch on my first video. And if you eventually decide to order a knife through us just let me know your YouTube account name and you'll get 15% off.
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    Berenson is the author of a series of airport bookstore spy thrillers that feature a recurring CIA agent named "John Wells" and practically all of them have titles that begin with "The...". He also wrote the modern equivalent of "Reefer Madness" I had the misfortune of reading one of this spy novels several years ago, so I decided to let him know my opinion:
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    A little laugh during these dark times
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    Now that Bernie has been defeated, Ana has gone back into hibernation until a good candidate rises up against the DNC establishment once more.
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    God, Jesus fuck, I can't even listen to this fucking monster talk about any fucking thing for more than 10 seconds without wanting to go on a fucking murder spree. How can ANYONE fucking take anything he says seriously? How can a serious adult person listen to this man talk and not have all of their internal bullshit meters max out instantly? Can people not recognize what a fucking shuckster sounds like? Do they not know the difference between what a knowledgeable person and a person who is full of shit sounds like? How can anyone take anything this man says ever about anything seriously? How is that possible? How far up your own ass would one have to be to consider him a serious source of information about any god damned fucking thing at all? How do you reach adulthood without the ability to instantly recognize that someone who talks like Donald Trump has no idea what they are talking about? It fucking boggles my mind. I seriously can't wrap my head around how fucking dumb, ignorant or willfully evil you would have to be to accept this fucking dude as your leader. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?
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    Go fuck yourself with a rusty poker, Lindsey.
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    We're suspending Article I, Section 10, savagely dunking on ex post facto so we can safely and in accordance with local regulations, purge @SlipperySlope's account.
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    Ha Haha Hahaha Hahahahhahahah hahahahahaha hahahaha
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    why has the travesty of replacing the not been fixed yet! WE WILL HAVE OUR JUSTICE!!
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    do you really need to ask this at this point?
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    Every day I become more and more serious about emigrating to Canada.
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    This is just saber-rattling bullshit to try to distract from what an utter failure he is, along with the Maduro charges from earlier.
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    Matt Gaetz is such a loathsome pile of refuse.
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    Giving the money to everyone, with no means testing, is the right thing to do. It's also appropriate to have those who make more and are employed to pay it back at tax time.
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    That was in response to her getting concerned on the Senate floor about Democrats objecting to bad things in an inferior Republican bill.
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    There is no human being on this planet more utterly useless than an opinion columnist.
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    my wife heard this from the other room and wasn’t entirely sure if it was fake or not...and I can’t blame her, it’s about right.
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    Maybe he should have 3-6 months of expenses saved up and stop going out to Starbucks and ordering avocado toast.
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