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    I know we don’t always see eye to eye on issues, but damn, that was good.
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    If you get a virus, we will hire the best unpaid university inters we can find to spin up a new cloud instance of your training model.
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    I don't think you need to be a berniebro to think Clinton is a fucking moron for making those statements, even if you think much of what she said is true.
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    If a president can obstruct Congress without Congress impeaching, then Congress can't exercise their oversight roles. Isn't the case where Obama and Holder didn't give documents to Congress under subpoena still making its way through the courts? If if takes months to years to get courts to settle disputes, and that's the only way, then our system can't function. The executive and legislative branch are supposed to have an understanding that they comply with each other as co equal branches. The executive is behaving like it is above the legislative branch. The legislative branch is being shit on and the remedy isn't the courts. The constitution gives the legislative branch its own authority to take action. Given the quantity of subpoenas that Trump has ignored, I think this beyond qualifies for removal.
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    These are confirmed as legit. Jesus Christ, this movie looks so much better than TROS. I know movies don't live up to the art...but just the basic ideas are more interesting (ESPECIALLY Finn becoming a leader of regular people against the FO who enslaved him). There are a few more in the link that I didn't include. @SFLUFAN this artwork is now the official sequel to TLJ, and the ending to the saga.
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    should have been her answer the first time
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    Equating what you did to how the media covered it is disingenuous. They all mention accusations of a sexual assault - not a one mainstream media member called him a “probable rapist,” minutes or hours after the event. You are the one changing your narrative. Most people in this thread are open to the topic being discussed and mentioned in pieces in the media. The issue people had was how you did it. You continue to shy it off as silly, but yes, tact matters to many of us. If you want to continue to dig in and pretend to not see that how you phrased it upset people on the boards, that’s your prerogative. But I take issue with you acting like people don’t want it mentioned at all.
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    Well a while back I thought you were just a good person who was down on her luck and needed a lift. So I threw you money a few times for some food but in time I learned you were literally just a lazy person who was either unwilling or unable to support themselves and live as a self sufficient adult. So I got fucked real good in the ass but it wasn’t pleasurable at all.
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    The people have spoken in one, clear, united voice!
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    Somehow the greatest tragedy on this page is that spelling of the word check.
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    Raycevick is also another good one. His very first video was on how Call of Duty lost its identity And one of his most recent ones is a look back at Call of Duty 4 and what made that game so great Also his retrospective on the Mass Effect trilogy is superb. Definitely worth a watch.
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    Due to budget cuts the only available unit we can download you into will be an old garbage barge....
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    Consoles used to be where you had to go to play 70%+ of major releases. Today it’s less than 10% of them. So I’d actually say the PC’s reversed course at this point. Like the consoles now, the biggest draw of its library used to be exclusive games like Starcraft, Unreal, Counter-Strike, etc. Now it’s become the catch all platform with the broadest library. What is ironically implied with ”console exclusive” now says everything about how much the PC market has boomed.
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    In the immediate aftermath of death, I consider there to be a moral difference between recounting the totality for good and ill of the life of someone who is a "nobody" except to their family and friends, and the life of someone who is wealthy, powerful, and influential.
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    To be fair for Dave Filoni he had Clone Wars, which was before Disney, Rebels, and now a producer credit in Mandalorian. I’d say he’s batting pretty good. Again, I’m not in the “remove her as Lucas Arts President” camp. But in over 20 movies across more than 10 years Marvel has had as many or fewer director issues/replacements as Star Wars in 5 films. Marvel isn’t flawless, but they are running a better average. lol
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    Yes they were because they had to be. The Country as a whole was just smarter, less distracted by bullshit and more engaged. You only had, what four or five channels back then? You HAD to be engaged in a way that just isn't the same anymore.
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    Sakura just won Evo Japan 🇯🇵 @NeoJoe
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    Considering that Darth Revan has been "canonized" in The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary, it would seem that Disney would be moving towards bringing more of The Old Republic into the fold.
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    There definitely isn't anything like playing that blind for the first time but I really enjoy going through it again and exhausting all dialog options and realizing how much is actually being explained and so on that I thought wasn't. It's just that I've been conditioned by subsequent From games to actually pay attention to this type of shit and at the time other games never asked that of me so I found this way more obscure than it even is. Either way, the game is a fucking joy and just as great as when it came out. I'm also about 3/4 through replaying Sekiro and it's wild to see how much they've managed to polish their own formula without losing much of its rawness. I still think going insta-fast-travel in subsequent games was a huge misstep and replaying Dark Souls reminds me why.
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    New year, new list so let's get this thing started! Just as always, it's not necessary for the game to actually be released in 2020 to be discussed in this thread! Now that I've gotten my physical fitness level/health back to where I want them to be, I fully intend for 2020 to be a more...uhhhhh..."productive" year for gaming completion than 2019. First up, I'm gonna finish Quantum Break!
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    This is different stuff than what was leaked before and seems more inline with what Trevorrow's outline was. The art is awesome, but that doesn't mean he would have executed it well at all, I agree. We'll never see this movie so
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    I'm not super fond of the fruit ones, but I love the sausage and jalapeno varieties
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    I like what a lot of people have already mentioned. I didn't see anyone say Ozarks S3 yet. That comes out in March. I'm pretty sketchy on Dune. I love the book. I like the first 3 books actually. But it hasn't translated well to tv/movies so far. If they get it right it could be really good. Also looking forward to LOTR stuff on Amazon. Is that this year?
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    My knee-jerk reaction is to be outraged. But, if the schools meet standards that any other school would have to meet to get public funding then I can't get too upset.
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    CEO is excited for the opportunity to sell out and gain a ton of cash. Shocker. Why don't they ask the employees what they think?
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    I think the degree of pessimism here is unjustified relative to what's factual. It's not just that I want people to be more optimistic just for health reasons. I think some here have a distorted view of reality that is far darker than what's actually happening. I'm fairly cynical myself, but some here are taking it so bad that they are amplifying the bad beyond what's there. These times are fairly good by historical standards, and while the American voting public is disappointing me with Trump, there is time to turn things around. I don't think Trumpism is going away. It's something we will be dealing with for decades. But that doesn't mean the game is up. Eventually things will align against them. In the meantime, I think the people have made progress looking at issues like climate change, healthcare, criminal justice, and many other issues with a more progressive tilt and it will result in changes on the state and local level even if we regress on the Federal. It will eventually happen on the Federal level too. Looking at Texas, I see some things happening here ahead of schedule. 2018 really showed that this state has changed and Trump's grip is starting to wither. Take a look at the money flowing into state rep races here and in other states. Democrats are learning from their stupidity of ignoring state power. When Democrats take over the Federal government again, I suspect it will be from a more organic base of support from the local level on up. If Democrats start turning on each other and creating purity tests, I think that's the bigger threat to their future than the GOP.
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    I'm too bitter over the Eagles to participate. I'll be back next year though . . .
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    Hillary calling someone else a career politician it top lol
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    I can see a Brady reshash but what is there to rehash about Rodgers? He's only been to one super bowl.
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    Well, that’s one guaranteed character death. I’m also rewatching the Hobbit movies... the extended versions... and loving every minute.
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    https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-E10K-Headphone-Amplifier-Titanium/dp/B074P7C9JR https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-Headphone-Amplifier-Computer-Balanced/dp/B07KR3RF4H/ref=pd_sbs_23_6/144-7463330-1598960?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07KR3RF4H&pd_rd_r=f4844866-febf-4323-8c90-4aff396c81b5&pd_rd_w=gRLMp&pd_rd_wg=E85dt&pf_rd_p=52b7592c-2dc9-4ac6-84d4-4bda6360045e&pf_rd_r=Z56J3Y2XJC99HMAMQYCM&refRID=Z56J3Y2XJC99HMAMQYCM&th=1
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