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    And I'm sick of the trope that Trump's campaign actually wasn't built on racism and xenophobia. It trafficked in it. It used the words from those groups. It spoke to those people. The voters responded based on those ideas. Because they held those ideas. Trump used all of this to his benefit, saw it had benefit, and kept doing it. Is he a white supremacist? Probably not. Does he benefit from people who are and people who dance around the edges without realizing what they're doing? Yes, absolutely. If you fuck goats as a joke, you're still a goat fucker.
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    This is a stupid point. The left was never going to support the Republican nominee regardless of who it was.
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    I’m pretty sure dodger just looks at any topic and is thinking what is the dumbest fucking thing i could say, and he says that. And man he nails it every time.
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    He's not the Riddler, jerkface.
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    I don't know if I agree with that. What we've seen is various people able to use magic with lots of different attributions. Berric and Melisandre use magic that they credit to the Lord of Light. The faceless men use magic they credit to the many faced god. Bran uses magic that is pretty attributable to the old gods (in so far as the weirwood trees represent a connection to the old gods), and I think the same could be said for the Children of the Forest and therefore the Night King and his army. The old lady that cursed Dany used magic she credited to the great shepherd. Qyburn and Dany both use magic, though neither is really attributed as far as I can remember. So we've seen a lot of people unequivocally use magic, and they've all credited various sources. The lord of light stuff is maybe more obvious because its usage happens when people are directly praying to it, but I don't think that makes it any more real than the great shepherd. Personally, I'm fine with that ambiguity. This is a world where magic exists, and various beliefs have popped up justifying that magic. Letting the "true source" of that magic seem relatively unknowable makes sense.
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    "WOW" "Bobby B's Son" has me in fucking tears
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    No, we need to know who the Knights of Ren are, and where did Snoke come from?!?
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    Seems like a waste of resources to update an engine no one wants to use.
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    Nah, Drogon saw first hand that she cray cray.
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    Did we really have to have an argument about what "never Trump" means? It seems pretty fucking obvious it's a term that can't apply to people who were never going to vote for ANY Republican presidential candidate. smfh
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    1. Show nip or butthole. 2. Keep job 3. $$$
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    Doesnt there have to be a GOOD slipknot song to rate one as the worse?
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    I actually have a good explanation for this one. There's about a 5 minute difference between threads, and I went to create a topic about 5 minutes before that and spent around 10 getting the right tweets together so it would be thorough.
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    I'm offended by the rat/aardvark inter-species relationship angle.
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    Sherman should have burned more of the south.
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    After finding out that all the stuff they that the Night's Watch was created to guard against that was long thought to be the stuff of legend and and myth was actually REAL and the Night's Watch actually serves a purpose, I would think that not only it still exists but would be reinvigorated with support from the remaining six + one Kingdoms. It would literally be like disbanding the fire department after a huge fire and saying "well that's that... they served THEIR purpose!" Not only would I think the Night's Watch would still exist, but every one would be working double time to fix that huge hole in the Wall.
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    Making Bronn the Master of Coin when he doesn't even understand the concept of debt, nice to see sound fiscal policy is alive and well in Westeros.
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    It’s like this is where I grew up and you’re all my abusive parents
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    You're seriously the only one who still gives a shit about this.
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    You all are going to be so disappointed when Dany faces no repercussions for her actions. Then it'll be revealed that she was misunderstood and that she wanted the actual Iron Throne and not the responsibility that came with it. The Dothraki will load the mangled up throne on horseback and they'll all sail back to Meereen where the Throne will make for an excellent reading chair in Dany's sunroom.
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    I've deciding to stop caring, basically. It's a show. I'll move on quickly. I want to see how it ends, but if it doesn't end how I want it to, then I'm okay. These last couple seasons have had some great moments, but it's clearly been rushed, but it is what it is. No sense in getting worked up over it.
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    Let’s buy her a good game instead
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    Just rounded your current total out to and even 4,000! Best of luck with all this mess Mr!
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    I'm no doctor but I believe that's called cancer.
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    I’m sure being cast off the gravy train because D&D wanna go play with A Star War has nothing to do with their collective disappointment
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    Why are we talking about nevertrumpers in a thread about white supremacist terrorism? The only real nevertrumpers out there are the old neocons because most of them were anti-communist warhawk Jews. The reason they're never trump is, drumroll please, the virulent anti-Semitic racism of the conservative trump movement! Otherwise they'd just be Republicans. It's the white supremacy that makes for the difference.
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    They may agree with one another on that, but #NeverTrump meant, "If Trump wins the nomination, we're going to not vote Republican for the first time in years/ever. I will vote Republican, but #NeverTrump." They wanted to stop him from getting the nomination despite getting a plurality of the vote. And it wasn't just neocons; Mormons disliked Trump, with Trump getting the lowest share of the vote in Utah for a Republican since 1964 IIRC. That's honestly what it means, and I don't know where people are getting the idea that anyone on the left is part of that movement considering Democrats were pretty easily never voting Republican for decades. That last sentence is pretty much Jose's point.
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    Never Trump was born out of conservatives who would "never" vote for Trump. It has nothing to do with the left.
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    I have to ask it again, what show have some of you guys been watching? The show has spent her entire character arc dealing with the fact that (1) her claim to the throne is flimsy-to-nonexistent, (2) that she is for all intents and purposes leading a foreign invasion, and (3) that she is engaging in mental gymnastics ('break the wheel', LOL) to justify her actions. What happened in the last episode is all of those concepts colliding and leading to the most plainly logical conclusion: that she is complete shit and will stop at nothing to rule.
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    The only reason people want to call it 'unearned' is because it forces them to reconcile with the awful shit Dany has done that was previously seen as 'cool'. In hindsight her past actions look entirely different, and most Dany fans don't want to admit they cheered on when she fed innocent people to her dragon and proudly burned people alive.
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    I largely agree with you; if someone is upset that it went this way at all, that seems really silly. But I do think there is valid criticism against the "writing" or maybe we should say "story telling?" in that they so rushed this season that people didn't really understand why she did what she did in that moment. Better story telling would have made her internal workings a bit more clear so that it felt more like an inevitable tragedy than "really? now?" Maybe they needed to spend more time showing us the toll everything was taking on her than they did. I'm not sure. I'm not a writer but it definitely felt too abbreviated to have the impact and recognition it ought to have had.
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    Bring out the guillotine and then we’re talkin!
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