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    @Chairslinger @Anathema- @Jason @GeneticBlueprint @Keyser_Soze @legend Fuck, I'm blanking out on who else was in the thread. I know our fallen markot and apoc were but it makes no sense to tag them.
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    My wife and I welcomed our first last month. Sounds like I need to get busy on a second.
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    I know you're getting swamped with notifications, but I appreciate you talking about it and being open. So here's what I think: Most undocumented immigrants, first, are called undocumented by people who sympathize with them because most of them aren't sneaking into the country. They're here legally first. He makes the wall the centerpiece of his platform, but it's another political maneuver that creates a (bad) solution that doesn't actually solve a problem. We have barriers and checkpoints in place, and the original deal that Trump last-minute rejected put forward plenty of money for increased border security. Border security is fine; it's a basic thing that we need. A wall isn't a solution, nor has he really explained how it's a solution and why it's worth the money he's asking for, and the onus is on him to do so. That's putting aside the fact that shutting down the government because you can't get your idea passed through Congress is a bad way to operate government. Funding the government has been a basic thing forever, but now government shutdowns happen regularly. Furthermore, he's anti-immigration, straight-up. Asylum-seeking is legal; he wants to make it hard/impossible for that to happen. Anti-immigrant groups continue to get larger, and I encounter more Republicans who straight up want to lower immigration or close the borders and look down on people from other countries who want to move here. One even cited freaking climate change (that's a new one from a Republican, for sure) as to why we shouldn't let people into the country. The sentiment against people who "aren't us" continues to get stronger, and it's crazy considering many who say this describe themselves as pro-life or "All Lives Matter" (except for these people).
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    Trump appoints Vince Russo as chief of border wall to ensure nobody gets over @SaysWho? @Chairslinger @Hurdyb1 @Firewithin
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    Gary Johnson must have been awful because he lost to both.
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    The Bezos divorce is no longer the biggest split this week
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    I can only assume that some of the gays are expert ball handlers
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    Only a racist would page a pedophile.
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    Hopefully however many it takes for you to not buy the game so I don't have to read your tantrums in the fuckin RE2 OP thread guy
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    So then when Bungie screws up again all the blame will go to them instead of Activision.
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    I cannot imagine the size of the cash payout Bungie had to make.
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    What does 'liberal' mean? What positions should a liberal take? Have liberals taken the same position for the pats 40 years? Are we suggesting liberals and conservatives have consistently had the same positions for the past 260 years in the US? The Blue Dog 'moderate' Democrats all support the ACA now, but it was "moderate" to oppose it in 2009/2010 when it was being debated and passed. In fact, the ACA was attacked as being socialist; now Republicans are falling over one an another to promise that, if they repeal the ACA, they're basically not going to change anything the law does since it's popular. I was far-left for opposing the Iraq War in 2003; now I just have common sense. I was far-left for supporting gay marriage; now you're an extremist for opposing it. "Moderates" used to support civil unions; now most of them are backers of gay marriage being legal. It was considered extremely liberal and out of the mainstream to let gays in the military a few decades ago and Republicans were confidently warning people about the "homosexual agenda." Don't Ask Don't Tell was the "moderate" compromise. Then Don't Ask Don't Tell was supported by Republicans and a full repeal was supported by Democrats, with moderates fully supporting gays serving openly. Ronald Reagan fought against Social Security in the 1960s. Then he raised taxes to preserve it in the 1980s. There's a good chance Medicare-For-All will eventually be seen as a normal position for both parties to take; what is considered far left and moderate always changes, and there's not really room for debate on that since we have tangible, quantifiable evidence. Humorously, many positions considered to be "too liberal" eventually become the mainstay sensible positions that moderates take later and pump their chests out for supporting years after the fact.
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    Expert: Latest Manafort Revelations Could Put Kellyanne Conway in Mueller’s Sights
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    But they are, at this point in time, symbolically acceding to the wall. That's how it will be seen, and that's important. I disagreed with the deal they offered in 2017 as well. But under a Republican controlled Congress I was willing to accept it, but with Democrats in charge of the House now? No way.
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    But! The wall is TOTALLY different than a fence, but the wall is also a metaphor for whatever you want it to be. The real wall is in our hearts.
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