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    https://kotaku.com/sources-bioware-plans-a-complete-overhaul-for-anthem-1839892415 Mass Effect:
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    Pretty sure most of us here know that. But at the same time, why shouldn't we show disgust for the man who's the face of it all? They're not mutually exclusive.
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    Different thing man... Finding someone innocent and pardoning them after they've been found guilty are ENTIRELY different.I'm not sure where you're going with this. What Trump did here was objectively worse than what you're talking about. There's a reason that military justice is harsher than civilian Justice and it's for cases like these three. Trump threw that ENTIRELY out the window with this decision so no... it's not "Business as usual" and shouldn't be taken that way. This sets a very bad precedent... not that our short sighted commander in chief gives a shit.
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    Maybe they were just doing an accurate portrayal of hyenas by making them assholes, though?
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    You mean Respawn. They probably went, "listen, Frostbite is best with Battlefield games. We're not not DICE, so just let us use an engine that's actually built for multiple genres".
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    I'm getting Starry installed on Wednesday. 200 Mbps symmetrical connection for $50 a month. Charter just increased me to $90 per month for my 200/20 plan. Really looking forward to canceling those fuckers.
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    What a clown. What a shit show. Every person who voted for this man should have to get the word FUCKWIT tattooed on their forehead.
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    Maybe all you alphas who only talk to women in person could use a dating site to maybe expand your circle and meet even more women unless of course you're swimming in so much pussy you couldn't possibly handle any more!
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    I completely understand schadenfreude at the expense of Trump. I just don’t understand spinning a multi day physical into anything other than him being a complete buffoon in every way.
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    LOVE Anthem - great news. Even better...LOOOOOVE Mass Effect
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    By *some* people, let's just assume we're talking about rich execs that thought this would be some cheap R&D spent over a few years.
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    You fat fuckers with shitty diets yet perfect cholesterol suck. Nothing I did helped, I had to go on a statin. At least it’s low dose and my levels are perfect now, though.
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    This is basically me, plus a few years and we were both in high school when we met.
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    Just finished the game. Easily one of the best and most memorable ending sequences in any game I've ever played. Absolutely loved it. If you are a Star Wars fan, you definitely should play this game.
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    Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Sales Exceed 6 Million Units Worldwide After Massive Launch Weekend
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    No way to know for sure until you type in your personal info
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    "Dear Counselor Troi, I waited at Denny's but you didn't meet me!"
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    Ugh that kid is such a piece of shit. I remember when he way mayor the kid just acting like an asshole in the background the whole time with no one saying anything.
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    I watch every single behind the scenes thing I can on Disneyland/world. Even if it’s repeating known info. The way those parks are put together and operate and utter fascinating.
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    That truck driving sim and Elite Dangerous, so not that many I guess lol. At least as far as courier sims go. If I'm being honest most open world games - including GTA, Zelda, Horizon, The Witcher, Fallout, Assassin's Creed, etc - all feel like "courier games" to me in the sense that the mission structure mostly has you meeting a character and they ask you to do a favor, you use transportation to go from point a to point be or maybe c and get it done and move on to the next one. Something I can actually agree with Biggie on is most open world games have a task assignment aspect to their gameplay, which can be appealing to many gamers for different reasons. It's definitely more of a focus in DS, but I felt like a courier in tons of games. I dunno, most of what I've played in general (which isn't much tbh, I tend to go through less than ten or so games a year) isn't as interesting as DS to me. More fun? Sure. Monkey Ball and Star Wars put me in a better mood than any game in recent memory but Death Stranding has me too because I can't remember the last time a sci-fi horror premise in any visual media since maybe Sunshine or Annihilation had me as fascinated from second one. A post apocalyptic world where there's some mysterious event that makes earth look like another planet, and some dimension called the beach makes every person who dies explode into a nuclear weapon because of the appearance of an unknown chemical element that makes rain speed up time and bring out interdimensional ghosts who grab you and make you fight large monsters made of fossil fuels unless you plug a baby into your suit which lets you see them? I NEED to know if any of this will make sense. Will it? Should it? No idea, but fuck all if it isn't interesting! I'm just a sucker for new visuals and stories, and I've never experienced anything like it. Are there any stories that are similar to it? Any movies with that visual style? Who knows if it will stick the landing, but it's been quite an experience so far.
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    I'm with you on not wishing his suffering for itself. But there is a difference between enjoying his death for itself and valuing his death for the outcome. There are much better idealized outcomes in which he doesn't need to physically suffer or die, but I think him dying from a health problem might be the best that has a chance of happening. It's at least up there. You might agree with that and are only opposing the former, but I thought I'd add that.
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    I'm not trying to change your mind, I'm just pointing out that some of your critiques get addressed by simply playing the game. I get if you don't find the game fun enough to keep going... lord knows I've given up on games that I'm not enjoying. Or I just skip games I have a good idea I wouldn't have fun with
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    I think it helps that Baby Yoda is a real puppet. CGI is really good now, but we can still subconsciously (if not consciously) tell it is not real most of the time.
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    Eh. Re-read. I mentioned it will be FTP. But that’s 2020. That’s not the case this year. You MUST pay the $130+ $10 monthly. Just for the luxury of buying a game for $60 that you can get for 1/4th of that currently
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    Yeah but if he doesn't have to show up then he's surely off doing other grifts too. This is the mob, the White House job is just the above-board thing to put on his resume.
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    For the life of me I couldn't see why Jupiter would have any relevance or significance to this story until this post and I remembered the character's name... so yes That's certainly... symbolic.
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    I didn't read a lot of reviews about it but from the impressions I read were: 1. It's weird 2. You mostly deliver packages 3. The story/dialogue tries to be deep but is actually shallow. Never heard anyone mention RDR2 in relation to it.
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    Wishing death on people is weird and besides that, President Pence would be so much fucking worse than Trump.
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    orange lightsaber, a skin for the robot, a skin for the ship, and a couple of other cosmetic overlays for the saber. If you didn't get your code you may have to contact them, that's what I had to do. Apparently BB screwed the pooch with this rollout as a ton of people who preodered digital copies haven't gotten codes yet the game itself. follow these instructions, not sure if you'll need to create a forum id or not.
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    I agree with this. I would much prefer they put out the whole catalog and put warnings where applicable. It is advantageous to be able to learn where we came from.
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    So outrageous that Trump did what America has always done in public!!!! We need to take care of this low hanging fruit to give the impression that we aren't interventionist savages!!
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    I’m not a fan of the smell of marijuana smoke. If you step back and really just smell it objectively without linking it to its effects, I think most would agree it is musky and kind of gross. With that said, vaping flowers and eating the stuff is always an option.
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    I do have to admit I thought Hell would freeze over before I ever saw that.
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    It’s obviously the trailer they’re using to lead into launch. This is a standard term. I don’t understand the objection.
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    This is the best show going. The only thing I'll be there on day 1 for as far as I know.
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    Do I have to see both the Ford and Ferrari standalone movies in order to appreciate this crossover?
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