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    They will still find a way to miss the playoffs.
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    Scratch Darksiders III off the list! Also, fuck that game lol.
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    "AI is taking over for humanity soon" I say as I take my hands off the steering wheel with my Tesla autopilot on and it immediately steers me into a semi-truck
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    I finished Act 2. Fucking shit, this game is great. I feel like it's way better than it got rated and is one of the best games of this gen. It's fucking criminal that RDR2 is one of the mostly high rated games of all time while this gem slides into the middle 8s.
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    Seriously if everyone would all just wear masks, it'd be done with. After the flareup a few months ago, Korea is down to 3 local cases today.
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    Masks have been mandatory on public transport here for a few months. Though even before it was mandatory probably 99% of people were wearing them anyways.
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    It's a good read, thanks for the link. None of that says density isn't a factor, though, even though I really know you want it to. It just says that crowding is a more important factor than density.
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    I’m five bosses in and enjoying the game after the latest patch. Obviously not.souls quality, but there is plenty to love in its attempt.
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    It absolutely would work and it would be fantastic.
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    Thread breaks down the risks of skipping Phase III trials pretty well, and I’m sure someone linked to the 60 Minutes swine flu vaccine bit, too.
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    I still have a reservation for Final Fantasy Versus XIII at GameStop. I’m sure at this point it’s been cancelled, but as far as I’m aware I was never informed or given my $5 back. So I still consider it pre-ordered.
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    I only have one old pre-order for Metroid 4 switch atm. I only do it when it looks to be a low print run game or I'm getting a good deal. Like my metroid preorder is $20 off because it was tied to e3 preorders.
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    I don’t, but my buddy probably beats everyone. He finally decided to get his refund from EB Games about 2 years ago for his preorder for Starcraft Ghost
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    The originally idea for the Hyperloop in 2012 was that you were going to be hurled through a tube at supersonic speeds and you'd be able to reach cities hundreds of miles away in less than a hour. So far what's he's built (partially) is a subway tunnel in Las Vegas where regular Teslas go through individually on rails. Just keep that in mind any time he just spouts off on something out like this.
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    2 minutes from starting the deorbit sequence. What I will say is that I HATE how branded everything is. "Bob and Doug will use the Draco thrusters to spin Dragon." We should nationalize Spacex.
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    Talk to me when they develop those pills from Limitless without the awful side effects.
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    Little would Trump know that if you are taking blood and it is very red that is a problem because you take blood from veins not arteries and the blood should be darker because it is less oxygenated. Also as the parent of children that are/were tough to get blood/IV (had to request the neonatal team to get lines in for our Livi and now for Noriegh which use a ultrasound to see the veins) the top of the hand is a good place if your normal arm veins are not the best.
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    He's just didn't want to steal the thunder of another stupid thing Trump said. First it was delaying the election and then it was banning TikTok. Unfortunately, waiting for a week when Trump isn't saying something stupid means he won't actually announce his running mate until November.
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    Atilis Gym owners break into their own business to let in customers, again violating N.J.‘s coronavirus orders These f’n assclowns. If you’re not familiar with this: in May, the two owners of this gym decided to open, violating state orders and had a huge publicity run leading up to it. Police came on opening day which had all the MAGA-chuds out in the parking lot, told them they are violating state orders, asked them to close, the owners said “no”, police said “okay” and left (again, huge crowd of “support protestors” (?)), cops came back 3-hours later after the crowd left and gave them citations. Next day, they opened again, police came and gave each owner $1k fines. Same thing the next day, and they started warning and/or fining customers. This went on for awhile, at one point the gym was padlocked. The gym owners filed a lawsuit claiming that Murphy doesn’t have the right to close businesses. The week before last, the court ruled in favor of Murphy/NJ and ordered the gym closed... so, the dipshit owners tried to open anyway, except now they were violating a court order so they were arrested and held in contempt of court with cops barricading the parking lot this past Monday. In the meantime it looks like police or someone from NJ barricaded the building with wooden planks to stop entry... so, this morning, the owners decided to kick down the barricades to open up. I’m sure this will go well for them.
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    I cannot help but wonder if this, the culmination of the series, ends on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square, is a condemnation on Communism as a whole (the cynic in me wants to believe it as such.) However, the words spoken about lies coming around to essentially bite us in our collective asses and the lies spoken about this travesty, the tragic event that continues to claim lives today either with our fellow man or by beast, weighs more heavily now that I am actually cognizant of the cost. This is only further emboldened by the cost that those under current Communist rule continue to suffer. Whether blind allegiance, ignorance, lack of education, or the blindfold of so-called "Capitalism" in the current state of China ... makes me ponder the "reality" the rest of us hold toward our own collective governments. I understand "what is good for the country over what is good for the man" however there are certain truths that override all of that, and it is there in which WE as a whole need to look out for humanity and not stand idly by but for our allegiances towards a piece of pretty fabric in spite of ourselves. One thing is for certain, this series brought with it much contemplation, reflection, and a renewed sense of recognition in how things are vs. how things should be. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes for what art, in any form, should and must always strive to do, no matter the form that it arrives in. I'm so very grateful for that.
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    I am utterly convinced that the response to this event could have only been accomplished in a state of the type of the Soviet Union. I have severe doubts that a "Western liberal democracy" would've been able to cut it.
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    Shit hole country *clap clap clapclapclap*
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