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    It's kind of funny that the clip is being used against him when he's supporting Jesse Jackson for being on the side of poor people. Bernie gets MLK's message. I don't think many Democrats do past, "Be nice to black people." MLK's positions match his far more than any other Democrat and definitely any Republican.
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    Consoles used to be where you had to go to play 70%+ of major releases. Today it’s less than 10% of them. So I’d actually say the PC’s reversed course at this point. Like the consoles now, the biggest draw of its library used to be exclusive games like Starcraft, Unreal, Counter-Strike, etc. Now it’s become the catch all platform with the broadest library. What is ironically implied with ”console exclusive” now says everything about how much the PC market has boomed.
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    @Greatoneshere https://decider.com/2020/01/17/hank-azaria-done-apu-the-simpsons/
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    Let's be honest with ourselves though; Treverrow's script (which we haven't read, just heard about bits of it) only sounds better because of one simple thing; the movie doesn't exist. By never actually have been made, we can never fully judge it, and it's left to our imaginations as to what it could have been like, and because most of us were disappointed by Rise of Skywalker, this movie in our heads is going to seem better.
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    That sucks. Love, Death, and Robots is also fantastic. Fincher is one of the few select directors whose films I will go see regardless of what the film is. More from Fincher is always a good thing. And with Netflix, so long as The Last Kingdom continues, so does my Netflix subscription.
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    TB gives you a free code after a few weeks and got lucky a couple of times.
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