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    Based on these photos, I'm going to assume that the desire to commit domestic terrorism results from the inability to grow proper facial hair?
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    It isn’t about whether comparatively the Dems do well with black voters, of course they will. The issue is whether or not a candidate draws out the black voters in the first place. Look at how Obama turned out the black vote.
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    Chuck Schumer stays up every night, feverishly working on that exact angle! BELIEVE!
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    That all sounds like pretty damning news for Trump. So...how are Pelosi and the Dems going to fuck this up? You know they will find a way, dont lie.
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    Its why i dont switch sides... if i ever hit puberty and can grow beyond Joe Dirt levels of facial hair...watch out
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    "Oh yeah? Well my average donation is twenty six dollars."
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    The best part is watching tough guys get low-key salty about this even though it has no affect on them whatsoever and they shouldn't give a single shit about it.
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    I've seen several people proposing a theory around social media lately and I was curious to know what everyone's thoughts were on it. If this has been discussed and disproven already, my apologies, I am a Press Pool n00b. :P The tldr version is: Trump has such a boner for the border wall because the steel slats that he wants to use for the wall are manufactured by Evraz, a Russian steel company with locations in the US. The company is owned by Russian billionaire and friend to Putin and Trump, Roman Abramovich. So Trump's obsession with the wall seems to be very much about lining his own pockets and those of his friends. Does this make any sense to you all? Is this simply part of the corruption that everyone talks about with this administration, and it's only news to me? :P
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    Jesus Christ she bit his fucking head off. I wasn't sure how to take her at first but she's 100% the example democrats need to follow in responding to disingenuous ignorant right wing bullshit. For now, I think I'm in love.
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    They are just innocent misguided kids wearing MAGA hats. They will no doubt grow up to be tolerant and productive members of society.
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    Aaron Donald is unreal, and probably the best player in the NFL. But the Patriots OL coach is just so damn good. They always have a solid unit, regardless of players.
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    Yes, they work very well. They result in much less irritation (I have very sensitive skin), and are also cost-effective; the upfront cost (razor, brush, soap) is a bit higher, but it quickly pays for itself (I have the same soap puck that I purchased 5 years ago, and you can get hundreds of blades for $15-20). You can also make it a more pleasant experience by investing in pre-shave oils, different post-shave balms, etc. If you are intrigued, the Wicked_Edge subreddit is a good place to start.
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    I mean, racial and ethnic minorities have endured a lot of shit, but at least if you were a black kid, you had the support of your family. LGBT kids are disowned by their family in a lot of cases. They often have no support.
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    I hope the Black Panther sequel at least has better fight scenes
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    I thought it was a nice commercial. Not sure why beta men get so offended though. People who take issue with it I suppose are the people they are targeting in the video
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    Played fine to me but I played it on the X1X... I know other folks played it on the console too. Not sure what wasn't so hot about it.
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    indeed. they bought a license to print money and then forgot to plug in the printer