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    I think the only real way to interpret these rants against mail-in voting are as attempts to lay the groundwork for doing exactly that if he loses.
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    "Break"?!? These companies are overwhelmingly dominated by caucasian techno-libertarians who more than likely share a HELLUVA LOT of the ideology of the Republican Party. They'll sooner kowtow to whatever inane "Social Media Fair Use Doctrine" they come up with than "break".
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    I was on a break having a bagel in Central Park before and they're brazen little jerks there. Two of them actually climbed up my pant leg so quickly, I didn't even know what was going on and before I knew it they knocked the bagel out of my hand and onto the bench. To add insult to injury, seeing how I jumped up in total surprise, I forfeited even the bench to them so basically I stood there now watching two squirrels eat my bagel on my bench. It's a shame they're so insanely cute...
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    The opposition candidate should announce what amounts to a "shadow cabinet" which then acts essentially like one during the campaign by issuing "alternative" policies to the official government policy.
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    If by out of reach, you mean leading. Not exactly a comfortable lead and not better than how Hillary fared close to election day, but out of reach, he is not.
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    I once refused to give a piece of bread from a sandwich I was eating to a squirrel, so the jerk went up a tree and started to drop acorns on me.
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    Last week I walked by a dead one on the side of the road and then walked by a "it's going to be ok" rainbow sign. Not for that squirrel it isn't.
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    WFH, same pay, got the children stimulus (surprised since no SS#), do not qualify for other. I know it’s been tough for a lot of people, but this has been fantastic; I’m in better shape, get to watch the kids hit all types of milestones, marriage is better than it’s been in a while, people at work are more productive, it’s been a blessing. Going to be tough to go back to anything that looks similar to before the Stay Home order.
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    Just stopped by the remind everyone that Man of Steel is awesome
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    I will say that the one thing Justice League got right was it's portrayal of Cavil's Superman. Confident, funny and fundamentally good. I chalk all of that up to Joss Wheadon's rewrites to be honest.
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    I do in person service support but for govvies who have been WFH so I've been rotating in every few weeks to do the on-site support and doing remote support otherwise. Full paycheck, got the stimulus, grandma gave me some of hers too. I try to be thankful every day for how fortunate my work situation has been.
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    I’d be interested to see Cavill as Superman in a non-Snyder Man of Steel 2
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    omg they'll have to cgi out his totally real white hair
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    It's going to be toothless and be all fluff but I kind of want to see him egged on to do harder so these companies will finally break and stop putting up with his bullshit in the first place.
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    I don't know how this wasn't posted yet. I'm almost dreading what he's going to do...
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    That's where the Nashville epicenters are--apartment complexes where poorer people live. They are likely mostly essential workers.
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    Registered nurse in a large hospital. No pay increase. Husband has been working from home since well before t he pandemic. We qualified for the $2400 and received it. Considering I've been exposed to this and had multiple coworkers get it, seems like some friggin' hazard pay would be needed here.
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    I alternate between working from home and going into the Studio... this week was my onsite week and I went in Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I'm off Wednesday and Thursday and will work from home Friday. Next week it will be my work from home week. I was lucky/unlucky depending on how you look at it. I came back East to help out during the Hollidays and ended up staying longer with the studio. I had JUST gotten back from LA in late Februrary/Early March when the pandemic hit. If I was in LA when this hit, I'd be out of work like everybody else back there. Since I was here in NJ/NY I'm in the epicenter of the pandemic, but I've been working the whole time making decent money during a VERY tough economic time. I've been as safe as I can be driving in and out of New York when I do go in. As some of you guys know I'm an editor so I've been working for the "Fake News, Mainstream Media" this whole time I am fortunate that I'm able to crash in my parent's house while keeping my place in LA. No idea when I'm going back to Cali though... it's still dead out there work-wise. I'll probably go back for a couple of days in a few weeks to get some stuff, but I'll more than likely be spending the Summer here in ground zero.
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    I think he means close in that both bounty hunters and smugglers live in the same grey area, morally, ethically, and legally, in the Star Wars universe.
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    Make sure you don't read these stats wrong. These are not the favorite movies of men and women. These are the movies that have the highest disparity of ranking between men and women. So this does not mean that women's favorite movies are harry potter. The highest any off the Harry Potter movies ranked for women was 88.
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    I can't wait for the Democrats to be the lucky recipients of a major landslide down-ballot and take control of the Senate...and then do absolutely fuck all with the power. "Now is not the time for radical reform, it's a time to come together as a country."
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    If the polls still look like that in October, perhaps just MAYBE there is a sliver of hope for this society.
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    I can all but guarantee that I could count on both hands the number of people who well and truly give a damn that The Imbecile has been fact-checked. Honestly, the modern media's seeming obsession with "fact-checking" is a complete exercise in futility and a waste of time and resources that would be better served by being put towards actual reporting and investigation.
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    Grocery store distribution center. Stayed employed. Got an extra $2 an hour for maybe a month and a half (although they called it a “hero bonus”, not hazard pay). Also had more overtime than I’m used to, and I got the $1,200 stimulus. I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed the last few months, but it has helped my bank account. I’ve been able to clear out the last of my debt and start actually using my savings account, which feels nice.
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    be nice if Nintendo had actually included some real multiplayer ala mini games and such.
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    They could make Solo 2 about him and Chewie trying to get Chewie home in time for a special holiday to see his family.
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    Wow, sorry about your grandfather. Thats awful.
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    Fuck, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the police
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    And some motherfuckin' Showa Godzilla!
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    My job is/was deemed essential. I worked in Health care facilities,nursing homes, and jails. No pay raise was offered, in fact they were going try to do an hourly pay rate deduction at one point, on hours already worked. Someone from another office interrupted the conference call to remind them that is in fact against the law and an argument broke out. My direct manager even sent them a direct link and they still didnt believe it.
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