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    The respawning enemies are to preserve the difficulty, and create skill checks almost. You cant cheese the system by clearing an area, going back and getting all health over and over as needed to keep progressing. It's a large part of what makes Dark Souls what it is. You have to get good enough to progress past areas with their current layout. I really like the system.
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    So in your example, we're swinging blades at each other, I flick my blade off then flick it back on to bypass my opponents blade to catch him off guard. So what is his blade doing? It's CUTTING ME IN HALF. At best we've cut each other, at worse, I didn't flick my blade back on quick enough to catch my enemy before he gets to me and I've just been bisected. I mean anything is possible but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me and is definitely not some narrative breaking oversight
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    Clearly a reference to this. Totally...
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    Biden wants to study marijuana now after he has had decades to push for studying it more in the past. He allowed it to stay schedule 1 with severe regulatory hurdles that deterred many researchers from even trying to jump through them, while maintaining a single low quality supply restriction on it for research. What a joke. We know enough. It's harmful, but it's not bad enough to prohibit for adults.
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    You should check this out @SFLUFAN
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    He will be announcing a new conspiracy theory that will have absolutely no relationship to any truth or facts, but MAGA-chuds will slurp up.
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    Guys are thinking way to hard about the deeper meanings of the Lion King.
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    lol you really took all this shit personally didn’t you. Sad.
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    That's how disinterested the software is in any of these candidates.
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    Does chaturbate count? Too scared to link up with hookers in real life and not good enough at adulting to care about long term relationships yet, and what's the point of gawking at porn or leaks when you can have some interaction with a real person? Plus those chats are always filled with enough hopeless fuckboys that its easy to stand out among them and avoid paying if you're capable of establishing some context and being sexy with words until you both cum.
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    Well fuck me for honestly answering the question that was posed in the original topic. Didn't realize it was gonna offend folks Carry on.
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    Nah, it's just a very video game mechanic of "yo enemies will respawn," with no explanation.
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    Communication is like 90% non-verbal so I personally don't equate texting and chatting through a screen with talking to someone in person. Again, no knock against folks for using dating sites but it's not the same thing.
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    Got another year of forcing Nana's cranberry sauce down your throat and telling her how great it always comes out this year do you?
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    They’re called MAGA hats and most of them have them already. We know they’re a Fuckwit with them on
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    What a clown. What a shit show. Every person who voted for this man should have to get the word FUCKWIT tattooed on their forehead.
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    They really expect people to watch a video to see what their sale is?
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    Let me just lay it out: And now: I can see why heyyou follows him; he debates very similar.
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    And how many courier/ delivery games have you played in order to make this statement?
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    Sounds like the Venator crash site. By the troll that’s on the long platform (not the troll in the arena) there is a hill towards where you probably started (slid down from). You can go in there and it will take you to an elevator that goes back towards your ship.
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    Of course it helps if you know an off speed pitch is coming, I don’t care if it’s the fattest hanging breaking ball ever.
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    You know, I wonder if now that xif is gone, I can change my name to Joe.
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    My pre-order from Target.com was shipped out on the 10th and still hasn't arrived =/ By the time I get to play this, the sequel will probably have already come out...
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    So what exactly did he "do" as a royal in the first place? Besides underage girls that is.
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