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    The more the conventional Democratic political class and the overly-PC-minded convulse in fits of outrage about The Rogan endorsement, the more it plays to his biggest asset, which is his outsider status (retained despite having been a professional politician for a gazillion years). He should lean into it.
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    Let's just talk about how the the system the Astros used was more primitive than that of the 1900 Phillies. https://www.inquirer.com/phillies/phillies-baseball-steal-signs-houston-astros-20200124.html
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    I recently watched both available seasons and it is utterly brilliant. You should all be ashamed for not watching it. SHAME. That is all.
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    KOTOR is turn based in a sense (your characters have to wait a period after taking an action), but I am under the impression that “turn based” is just collectively understood to be a traditional you pick actions, they are carried out, the enemy goes, it comes back to you. Again, that sort of IS what happens in KOTOR, but it doesn’t seem right to assign that moniker to it.
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    And let's not let Congress off the hook for its own acquisesence to the rise of the "Imperial Presidency", especially in times when there was no grave crisis that might allow some leeway for enhanced Executive power.
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    Yeah yeah, but it's okay to rhyme. This is the part (59 minutes in): Lucas tells John Williams that he loves the chorus. "I think it's gonna work, you may not realize it, but it really goes into the third film very well. And I think it'll be an important thing to reprise. It definitely has the quality of the inevitable fate of doom with larger hands at work." So it plays in the first movie and then Yoda v Palpatine (which works considering the two people fighting). So Rey v Kylo I think would work quite well!
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    I'd be interested in a complete overhaul. As someone who missed these games when they were new, I've tried to get into KOTOR 1 several times and holy shit has it aged poorly. The gameplay is hot trash, the controls suck, the acting is terrible, the writing is hilariously on-the-nose (at least in the first half-hour, like when your bunkmate wakes up and tells you about yourself like he's reading your bio off the back of a book) and just... bleh. I wonder how other people who never played it and gave it a try recently think of the game. Because good god was it not impressive by any metric.
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    In hind site they could call it “Dual of the Skywalkers”.
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    The actual reality of an "Imperial Presidency" has existed for decades - it's just one whose name dare not be spoken. At least now the truth is undeniable. That horse long ago left the barn and it ain't coming back
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    They do have to go to court to prove the validity of a law if somebody raises a constitutional objection to the law. In this case they have to prove the validity of a subpoena when the validity of it was challenged. Whether this is a good system or not is a separate matter, and @Massdriver makes the compelling case that this particular strategy of the Trump administration stretches the bounds of the constitution to its breaking point. But it is the system. I try and give a little change of pace to the sometimes boring conversation here since there tends to be broad agreement on a lot of issues, and in fact I think all of us would like to see Trump gone. I also really enjoy issues of constitutional non-sense, more so than most things political. I mean...I read SCOTUS opinions for fun.
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    also thank you @sblfilms for providing many pages of content in this thread to follow to read while i’m pooping
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    It would, and Congress would always be the check if an executive decides to start acting like a king and ignore SCOTUS. There is no provision that allows the Supreme Court to remove a sitting president that is otherwise qualified to be there. But the question is much more important in cases where Congress is doing its duty investigating the head of the executive branch , since by impeding the investigation, the executive is blocking Congress's ability to exercise their express powers. Our Constitution as bad as it is gave a lot of express powers that imply oversight powers to Congress. There is no reason Congress should have to consult with the judicial branch to exercise their responsibilities anymore than SCOTUS should have to consult with Congress to issue a new ruling. What if the judicial branch made a corrupt ruling in favor of the executive and started rubber stamping everything the executive wanted? Sure, there are certain cases where the judicial branch may be needed, but these should only relate to very specific technicalities, not a president illegally abusing their power and then refusing to cooperate with a Congressional investigation. In general, our system has historically relied upon a degree of mutual respect and cooperation between the branches without testing the limits of our fragile founding document. What Trump is doing is normalizing and stretching our document to its limit and exposing how fragile it is. He is making it seem normal that the executive doesn't have to cooperate at all, and he makes it seem like going to the judicial branch is perfectly reasonable when it historically has not been. This is all recent and toxic to our government and is turning the executive branch into a much more powerful branch than the other two. Congress should immediately remove Trump from office to deter future presidents from doing the same thing.
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    Yeah, the new trilogy seems to take the titles so serious
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    Tulsi's honor is apparently worth a taxpayer funded trip to Damascus, Syria.
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    Barry is one of the best shows on TV period!
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    Here's what I find peculiar about these explanations: Disney had several billion dollar movies release this year. They had Lion King. They had Toy Story 4. They had Endgame. They had Aladdin. They had Captain Marvel. That had Frozen II. You couldn't give RoS a little extra time? Hurting for money that badly? At a minimum, that could have helped a ton with the pacing and editing.
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