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    I mean, saying there is a treasure trove on Biden, when your guy is Trump is pretty rich. If the dirt on Biden is like stepping in a dog turd... the dirt on Trump is like a violent diarrhea volcano destroying an entire continent. Didn't seem to matter much because most republicans are apparently hypocritical idiot shitlords who don't give a fuck about any of the morality shit they've been bitching about for decades. INTO THE DIARRHEA VOLCANO WITH EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.
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    Are you going to take a minute and just sit right there and tell us how you became the prince of a town called Bel Air?
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    Just wondering cause @BasemntDweller2 keeps doing it and wanted to get some opinions on if you think it’s okay?
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    Looks great, regardless of the politics going on in the background. About 17 years ago it took cutting edge technology to do less realistic hair than this in Monsters Inc with offline rendering. It's cool to see strong indicators like this showing how far we've come.
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    I’ll have to read that So literally a female @BasemntDweller2 Thanks Best you pos
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    She was legitimately a piece of shit though. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/27/world/asia/mother-teresa-critic.html
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    Now imagine that but you move Knack around with a handcrank while on the shitter!
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    https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/police-report-cocaine-pipe-found-in-hunter-bidens-rental-car-in-2016?_amp=true Biden should go all in on legalizing hard drugs
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    This is a job no one should want. The PM that started this Brexit should be locked up.
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    The only thing interesting about Salvation was the human terminator. The rest was awful, and how dare you hold McG in such high regard!
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    Happy that there's at least less crunch now for those VFX guys.
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    I've put about 8 hours into the game so far and it's DEFINITELY an FPS version of Avalanche's Mad Max.
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    Nah, you didn't. You continued to antagonize me after you knew, continued acting like a cunt, then came back a little while later with a half assed apology blaming it on you being wasted at the time. I can read the messages for myself, lol. It's okay, though. I know what you are so I don't have to be disappointed anymore.
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    All drama set aside, I can only speak about my interactions. Always been kind to me and my situation making me laugh when I need to. So, for my point of view, yes.
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    YES. Some things feel really rushed in that film. The ending confrontation feels rushed. Simba's carefree lifestyle feels rushed. I think the pacing is good until it exits the Pride Lands. All that build-up for Scar's ascent to king and then he just sits around for 30 minutes while the Pride Lands lose all their water for some reason.
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    I'm no Assange fan. I think what he did is not journalism and he has gone far beyond being a journalist and his actions deserve consequence. But these charges are ridiculous. They are plainly applicable to journalism outlets like WaPo or the NYT. These charges, if they are allowed to progress, and if he's convicted of any of them, will set a horrendous precedent in our justice system that will allow the government to go after the press and reporters and journalists for receiving, holding, and printing vital secret government documents. Obama fucked up. Not by refusing to charge Assange--but by going after OTHER people that were actual journalists in much of these same ways.
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    ‘The President Can Suck My Big Fat Dick,’ Says Rex Tillerson In Veiled Attack On Trump
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    I'd much rather we have the industry self-regulate... if the industry were how it was in the 90s. Back then they figured out that they needed to make the ESRB to avoid government intervention. Now the ESRB is actively defending unlimited access to what is essentially a slot machine (literally designed to look and feel like one) to kids and adults with no oversight whatsoever. At some point someone's gonna say hey guys, what the fuck are you doing?
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    Shamelessly promote things that people will mindlessly buy.
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    So he doesn't play games, his kids don't play games and talks to parents who are too dumb to keep track of what their kids are playing so that means get rid of loot boxes!
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    I've seen you act okay, but you're often antagonistic and downright malicious. I don't know that I'd call you a bad person, but you're certainly not someone I care to interact with much anymore.
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    The point isn’t just that it’s a SSD, but that Sony’s developed some propriety way to make the hardware communicate with SSDs more efficiently.
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    I absolutely love this album, especially Tattoo!
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    Same. I saw it in theaters and enjoyed it. In fact the only one I really didn't like was Salvation. My comment was mainly for all the haters who don't like T3.
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    I'm actually genuinely interested. Seems weird and stripped back enough that devs can focus on making fun experiences. The visuals based on the gifs seem like a real screen and not some Tiger Electronics shit. Seems a little pricey I guess, but it also comes with 12 games made specifically for it, and I like the concept of getting a new game each week. The crank isn't for charging, it's an alternate control input, which seems like it could be fun. I'm big on little additions like that so long as they're not the focus of the system, which it sounds like it's not.
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    Bluepoint is currently making something which they say is a remake more ambitious than they've ever done. Many of Sony's studios spent this gen creating new IPs besides Naughty Dog, and I assume they'll be doing a new IP next gen. The new IPs from the other studios are mostly going to be franchises, so I fully expect them to get sequels considering their success (Horizon 2, GOW2, Days Gone 2, and if Tsushima is successful, a second of those). There's also Manchester Studio which I believe is a sole VR studio. I don't know what they're working on and wonder if it's for the PS5. There's also the studio they're building currently which I'm assuming is working on something for the PS5. On Reset, I know I've see links in Sony first party threads related to Guerrilla hiring people for some multiplayer thing, and when I read it, it sounded as if it was a second game they were working on past Horizon 2. Many teams under Sony have been expanding, so I do wonder if they're trying to work on two projects with their increased size. I don't even know if Japan Studio is working on a new Knack unless Cerny is doing that alongside the PS5 as he did with the PS4. They make a lot of new and different kind of games overall. Team Asobi recently did Astro Bot and I'd LOVE another one. Team Siren did Gravity Rush 2 in 2017 and I'm assuming is working on a new game, though I have no idea if it'll be a late PS4 game a la Rain/Puppeteer or a new PS5 game.
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    We should take bets on what the first movie series will Legacy Sequel existing Legacy Sequels. My money is on Alien. Someday someone will make a movie and say 'yeah ignore Prometheus'.
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    Skynet's creators are fashioning Terminators in their own image.
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    Bring back SEGA channel and then you'll have my attention.
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    Sometimes I do work from home. Gig I'm on now, I'm doing primarily from home... I go into the office once a week to work with the client. Been doing a lot of E-sports work in the last year.
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    I am really enjoying this bourbon -- really good value. Of course, I'm drinking a little bit too much of it tonight.
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