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    Looking for content in RedSoxFan posts is like digging the corn out of shit so you can eat it. I mean I guess you COULD.... but why would anyone bother?
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    The big news outlets gave Trump billions of dollars worth of prime air time to run his rallies in their entirety and basically not fact check any of his lies. He gave them ratings both by fans and hate watchers. They are collectively culpable for this happening.
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    They were gonna vote on weed, and then they got high. 🎵
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    Who knew that in 2019 Boyle would become one of the worst posters on d1p
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    Hmmm... there's a little known congresswoman who may agree with you!
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    Spoken like someone who has actually dug through a RedSoxFan post.
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    Corn in shit isn't actually the entire kernel, it's just the casing. It just looks like the whole kernel because it's full of shit.
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    That DC types shouldn't get too hung up on him, which is hilarious given who posted it.
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    Gimme that smaller, more portable version! I rarely, if ever use the dock. No need for that, but if a cheaper, smaller version comes out that I can easily slide into my jacket pocket or something? Shut up and take my money.
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    Yes please. Put out two new systems to sit next to the current one, give them vaguely different names, and really confuse every mom that comes into my store.
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    That person should be treated as a potential suspect of a future mass shooting. Fuck anyone trying to "be an asshole" by carrying around the manifesto of a mass murderer.
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    In the eyes of the Right, this sanctifies Trump. He is a persecuted Conservative soldier and now they will see this as a time to rally behind him and support him. This may have handed Trump the 2020 election.
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    He's a sack of sacks and each of those sacks has something nasty in it but they're all, like, different stuff.
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    If it's like the new 3ds with the bonus analog nub and two(?) exclusive games, I will ignore this. Maybe they'll even lock SNES games to it again. If it's a significant power upgrade I'll be interested, but I have my ps4 for that kind of stuff anyways. Hmm, I guess what I'm trying to say is it's tough to form an opinion without any details
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    Yet it worked fine for their handhelds. WiiU was a marketing problem (on top of being a piece of shit). These are not the same situations.
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    If only there'd been a good guy with a gun there to stop him.
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    No, I agree - Lost has its flaws for sure. But people hate on the show like its trash and I just can't see that. The Leftovers is all the best parts of Lost without the nonsense stuff, and so there are better shows than Lost out there. But trash? No, I don't think so.
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    Lost does succeed in this regard, and I understand why people love it because of that. However, I feel like the writers also made the mistake of thinking that they needed the universe to be unexpected/unexplainable. It felt like the writers were actively changing things up in reaction to viewers sorting through it. But if the audience's predictions about the Lost universe were right, that would have been perfectly fine since them having predicted it wouldn't have mattered. In what felt like seeking to make things unexpected or bizarre or unanswered just for the sake of it, I think it made Lost worse. Maybe that's not what happened with Lost, but it sure felt that way to me to its detriment. In contrast, I think The Leftovers did a better job of making for an odd world, without seeming like they were going out of their way to do so for its own sake.
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    https://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=4497&p=.htm Weekend: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/chart/?view=&yr=2019&wknd=12&p=.htm
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    but if the results were even remotely close to what the MSM had made it sound like, their credibility would've been upheld. As it stands, it was all bullshit for 2 years. It reinforces trump and discredits the MSM (and the MSM is definitely liberal-biased).
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    This is one of those topics that the general public cares much less than politically focused news would lead someone to conclude.
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    Save purple and gold, deconstruct everything else.
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    For me it's the opposite from previous titles in the From Software catalogue. Trying to parry in Dark Souls always felt cumbersome and slow, and different weapons/shields would have different timing so it never felt worth learning unless you were getting into PvP or into gimmick no-hit runs or something, at least for me. If I used a weapon/shield (I honestly can't remember if you could use weapons to parry) long enough, I could eventually figure out how to parry a fair amount of enemies with it, but the second I changed... In Sekiro, I hit the button, he parries, or rather, deflects. That's it. Super responsive. If you parry successfully, the there'll be an orange sort of explosion or clash energy or some shit and it'll make a louder sound. You shouldn't take vitality damage from most attacks on a real deflect (I think it just counts as a block if your timing is off?) and your stance will take greatly reduced damage. I've also found all the enemy tells vastly better than in any of the Souls games. Even with bosses, I'll generally know exactly when attacks are winding up, and when they're just about to land. There's a good rhythm and flow to it. If you have to, I recommend just sparring against some weaker enemies over and over until you get a feel for it. You NEED to be able to get good at deflecting. It's not a thing you're going to easily cheese around.
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    This. Also, a win in 2020 is a very shortsighted goal. Whether Trump loses in 2020 or not, he has completely and irrevocably changed the Republican party, and the Republican electorate. Trump has become a template for future Republican nominees to fill.
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    @Nokt @CastlevaniaNut18 @johnny @Chris- @SaysWho? Your books have been shipped - checked your PMs for materials/shipping costs and your USPS tracking numbers.
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    You're absolutely correct in that sentiment. They should be summarily executed instead.
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    @bladimir2k @Nokra @ManUtdRedDevils @XxEvil AshxX @mikechorney @skillzdadirecta @Rodimus @SFLUFAN DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS. Thanks again everyone, you guys were a huge part of our ratings push and we did it!
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    I disagree. I don't think the narrative worth of an event hinges on whether end results or resolutions are unexpected. It hinges on how well it serves as a vehicle for challenging the characters. Even with mysteries, I don't care if I accurately predicted it. In fact, a good mystery often leaves enough clues lying around that it makes sense when it's revealed; that if only you were paying attention you would have figured it out. Along these lines, I think the snap, even knowing before seeing IW that it would be undone, succeeds.
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    Not everyone is celiac bruh.
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    Nothing about the Epic store has interested me, and by forcing my patronage to their store, those games also become less interesting to me. What really bothers me about the Epic Store is that the allure was first made in that developers could use it to offer games cheaper for consumers, and instead developers decided to go exclusive and keep the entire profits for themselves. Yeah, it's their choice, but also enough to cause me to say I don't care about their games right now. And if I have to wait a year to play them, I probably won't care about their games ever.
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