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    The problem is that Trumps slack jawed painfully idiotic followers only think racism is when you run around yelling the N-word and punching black people in the face. Anything less just doesn't register. They don't understand much. These people are fucking stupid. how fucking stupid? So fucking stupid that the elected Donald Trump to be the president. That's how fucking stupid. It never stops being terrifying that we live in a country with 63 million people dumb enough to be conned into voting for Donald Trump. Fuck everything. If you still support Trump you are either a rich person who doesn't care about anything but your personal enrichment, a total bigot or a complete fucking idiot. If you're having trouble figuring out which box you belong in, it's most likely the third thing.
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    We've become exponentially desensitized to this stuff, but Trump's recent tweets are so fucking bad.
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    It was only a matter of time before Trump gave away their location so might as well beat him to it.
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    And this is why Mayo Pete's wish for the DoJ to investigate the recent police shooting in his goddamned town is a sick, twisted joke.
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    Dear worthless speaker, do your mother fucking job already. Enough is enough of this bullshit.
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    Impeachment proceedings isn’t just about whether the have the votes in the Senate. It’s the live hearings and investigations the House can hold. It’s more shady and illegal shit coming to light right in the open for all the American people to see. And then with all the evidence against him, it’s Republicans that have to stand behind a vote not to impeach. To go on record that they’re ok with a President as criminally corrupt as Trump not facing any consequences. Before the open hearings into Watergate there wasn’t the votes or public opinion to impeach Nixon. The public hearings tipped everything away from Nixon. All he could done as run away. Pelosi doesn’t even want to try. I can’t tell if Republicans have something on her, or she’s just lazy.
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    At this point, Trump could wear a Gestapo uniform and a Klan hood while goose-stepping and Republicans would say he’s cosplaying Man in the High Castle or Apt Pupil.
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    There are a lot of people that just don’t comprehend what a vile thing it is to tell an American citizen to go back to their country. It’s enraging, and you all know that I’m not a fan of the targets of that garbage.
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    Everything the Democrat party does is bad. See? It's easy.
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    Good on you for supporting Best Buy, the folks who ran Circuit City out of business 👍
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    What a disgusting period of time we are living through. It enrages me that nearly everyone in his party won't call him out because they're more concerned about keeping their seats than they are at calling out Trump for what he is, a racist.
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    It’s posts like these that confirm my conclusion that Twitter is basically the comments section on YouTube videos, minus the videos, turned into a stand-alone app. You can just feel your iq dropping with each tweet you read. I really don’t get it...
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    I want to point out that @rc0101 also lives in Montana!
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    No. No, no, no, no, no. No. What you fail to understand is that perpetually casting unremarkable white men is not and in fact cannot possibly be pandering. I expected to be represented in all media at all times. However the casting of any minority (racial, sexual orientation, and so on) must inherently be pandering. I see me on screen and it is clearly made for everyone. I see a black woman cast in something and it must inherently be about wokeness, about pandering, about oh fuck I can’t go on anymore Jesus Christ. I can imagine that a 50 year old man can fuck any woman within seconds of engagement, kill anyone on the planet with generally modest effort, and that a giant with steel teeth can survive a building falling on his head. But you mean to tell me a BLACK WOMAN might have her name in cell B7 of an Excel file somewhere at MI6? THAT I CANNOT ABIDE.
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    I'm boycotting in solidarity with striking Amazon warehouse workers.
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    First sentence is wrong, they weren't indigenous, they invaded.
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    I’d rather live in the bay and be uncomfortable outside like three days out of the year lol
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    100 degrees is quite nice as long as the humidity is below 20%. I can say this as I live Las Vegas. West coast is the best coast.
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    He kind of fell off my radar after his show 30 Days. I'll have to look for Rats.
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    Let me guess, the more interactive experience will have employees walking the floor begging you to pre-order games and join their membership program.
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    Stuber - 2/5 - Short, light, and occasionally funny, Stuber never really lives up to the comedic potential of either of its stars.
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    NJ diners have fucking everything man. That's kinda their point.
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    I agree. I only said it was bad to stick by my argument! Also it's hard to find a movie higher than an 8.0 on IMDB.
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    Nice try, but still not enough. GameStop needs to close LOTS of locations and integrate tabletop gaming products to have any chance.
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    I’ll be the judge of when I can miss you in relation to when your flight leaves.
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    Listen to me, you walking trisomy, I could get dog shit in a condom elected in New Hampshire.
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    @Kyio is the correct person to mention.
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    Can you... Call the cops on them?? "There are men outside knocking on the door telling me to come outside". Can you "stand your ground" in Florida?
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    I will have neither the integrity nor the rich heritage of this film franchise that exists largely to prop up various brands be tarnished.
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    A story in which Bond, a well established womanizer, meets and works with his replacement: a woman, seems like a reasonable way to stretch him and add for some interesting dynamics to me. At least as interesting as character dynamics can be in a Bond film.
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    All the Craig Bonds are very much like the other works of the directors involved with the possible exception of Spectre, which didn’t have as much Mendes-y flair as I would have expected after Skyfall. There doesn’t see to be any basis for your claim that it is stunt casting beyond your feeling that it must be that.
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    Signing onto a tentpole film doesn't mean you have little creative control.
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    Crap did not know that was a thing. I will cancel my order and just get her one later. I think Target sells em and I have gift cards from work.
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    It is really a slap in the face to one of the most talented people in the business today to suggest they have compromised their artistic vision for a cheap round of headlines. As though a major franchise like this even needs the help!
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    Also that post credits scene is @SFLUFAN approved!
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    Really? I’m shocked. Would’ve thought a burger place that can’t even pull off a decent burger would make an excellent taco.
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