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    We haven't had one of these in a while, so I figured why not make this holiday weekend the one for the first game giveaway of 2019? Rules are easy: just post in this thread over the course of the weekend and you're eligible to be selected! Note: if you're interested in the PlayStation version of a game, remember that in its infinite wisdom, Sony is no longer providing digital keys to third-party retailers like Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy, etc. so if you're selected and you want a Sony game, you'll receive a PlayStation Store gift card code instead.
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    Thank you all so very much for this absolutely wonderful bounty! You have absolutely no idea how much this means to me (and Inuk for his new toy and jerky treats!) This community is a very special place and you all are like...no, not like...you all ARE family to me (albeit a slightly dysfunctional one on occasion ) Thank you so very much...I'm actually crying tears of joy right now!
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    Crazy considering you're apparently so tall that this somehow went over your head.
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    Halifax Chronical-Herald hits it out of the park once again. Best cartoonist on the continent.
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    Guys, we can't criticize douchey kids because the majority of *checks notes* Muslims in the third world have worse beliefs. Sorry, shows over. Everyone go home.
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    There are three guarantees in life: 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Boyle getting salty when white people are subjected to prejudice
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    I’m scrolling through his FB page and the dude unsurprisingly hated The Last Jedi.
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    There's a good chance Trump spends more time sitting on his ass than FDR did.
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    @HardAct I wouldn't even know where to begin in being able to process everything that you're going through at this very moment, so I'm not going to even bother trying. All I can say is that PLEASE take advantage of any counseling services that are being offered as your mental well-being is of utmost importance for both you and your family. That should be priority one above all things. Next, I'll be more than happy to provide financial assistance for immediate needs of food, clothing, and shelter as well as setting up some form of crowdfunding campaign as well. I have no experience with that type of endeavor, so anyone from the D1P community who knows about it please let me know. @HardAct - please PM me so we can discuss a way for me to get some immediate funds over to you.
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    I exist in a universe where Donald Fucking Trump is the President of the United States of America, and yet somehow this manages to be the single stupidest idea I've heard in years.
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    We might as well get Day One Patch Version 2.0/Bad Cartridge Version 3.0 off to the right start with a giveaway! This one is gonna have one rule though: in order to be eligible, you gotta have an avatar! So get one and post in this thread to participate!
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    Boeing 737 crashes California stops the death penalty of 737 convicts 7 + 3 +7 = 17 The seventeenth letter of the alphabet? Q
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    I was wondering if there was a thread in here on the tax return situation. I find it kind of sad and kind of hilarious and I'm going to write many words about it now because this is how I plan on releasing steam after a longstanding embargo of talking politics on any of my own social medias. So! I'm not even going to "I told you so" GOP supporters on this, because, frankly, all working class people are in the same boat and we all got fucked by the new tax law. And that's me fully aware that tax refunds and total taxes paid are not the same thing. I'm just honestly surprised the Pols in Power, who only got into power thanks to their +12 Broadsword of Insincere Populism, didn't realize that the majority of Americans still think refunds = taxes. When I read a year ago that they were planning on messing with IRS withholding tables to try and "fake" wage increases and create support for the tax package before the midterms, I couldn't help but think "Hah, rookie fucking mistake." Classic out-of-touch rich people error, thinking in terms of percentages and not real money, and not having anyone on staff to tell them how regular people view their finances. The GOP is perplexed that the average tax-payer isn't breaking down any TCJA increases to their paychecks, averaging it against health insurance increases and/or decreased deductions, projecting it over four fiscal quarters and then figuring out what the gross increase was before adding in whatever interest gains they prospectively could have gotten if they had invested that $1.50 a week in the private market, which the plan would technically allow them to do, rather than leaving it with a zero-interest IRS withholding account just to get back a year later? Seriously?? I'm bored by that sentence and I just wrote it! I mean, does it make sense on paper? Arguably (could still debate/hate the finer shit-fuck points of the tax law, but just taking the perspective of GOP lawmakers). Do 75% of Americans care? Hell no, they only care about the number they see on the check of the one big financial windfall they get each year (remember, we're not talking about people who by-and-large receive stock dividends, or Christmas bonuses, or fat annual commission checks based on corporate profit). It's the same attitude when Wilbur Ross said he doesn't understand why federal workers were on bread lines during the government shutdown instead of taking out a low-interest loan from a credit union and ask their grocery store to just front them Cheez-Its and diapers on an IOU. That's what someone says who has never lived paycheck to paycheck and doesn't understand how being broke works. That said, while it may pale in comparison to the administration's other offenses, this is the kind of accessible flashpoint that actually can unite both sides of the middle class and hopefully convert more than a few voters. I say this as someone who came from a family of right-wingers who only ever voted that way because TAX CUTS, and nothing else. For a lot of Republican voters, tax cuts are the beginning and the end of the appeal, taking on almost mythical properties. And for many, that number is based on what they see in their refund each year. It's one of the few things that actually defies spin, in a way, because no politician can tell Jerry from Ohio that he has money he doesn't see. Dems actually have an opportunity here to get outraged with everyone who feels they got screwed (whether they did or not), and use it as the most tangible evidence to prove to them that they got conned by Ryan/McConnell et al. Now we just get to see if they use it or fuck it up. [Edited for typos.]
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    It looks like some folks are confused. Lemme remedy this. jerst a hat
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    No Insurance to cover getting shot the second time, because getting shot the first time was a pre-existing condition.
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    You guys are fucking incredible! I've never been a social media guy, ever. Meaning, liking / sharing, daily posting lifestyle events, etc. Always been kinda private. My wife is, but not me. Funny note. I've only ever been on facebook a few times! I do/did have a facebook page, but I didnt make it. My wife did to cheat on farmville way way back in the day.....lol Believe it or not D1P and its past versions have really only been my media escape. I read alot, I do visit Ign.com some and stuff like that, but this site and you "geeks" (no offence) has really been all I've ever needed. I do love gaming and always have. All my kids are quite competitive gaming wise and it's always been a good release. I'm overwhelmed by your support and thank each and everyone one you. I have just my phone, and I'm quite slow fingered (that came out wrong, OR DID IT?) I honestly from the bottom of my heart, had mixed emotions on liking the fund here, as like I said I've personally never asked for help! My mom did what she did, and I'm grateful. I'll be on much more soon, and look forward to all the electronic, gaming, chatter, and Comaraderie this site has in spades! Side note: I wasnt left with no nothing. Even though I lost 2 xbox ones x, 2 ps4 pros, my gaming PC, etc. I did have my switch in my truck. So late nights I've been trucking through diablo 3, dark souls remastered, and the new mario. Only cartridge i have is donky kong but it's enough. I dont have the dock obviously, but sooner than later I'll have a place of my own again. One good thing gaming wise, is I had switched to almost entirely digital, so when I do finally get a new xbox one x (it will be white finally!) And a new ps4 pro, 80% of all my games this generation will be available again. As will my Steam library. God I will miss by high speed internet as hot spots and hotel wifi suck....lol Thank you guys, our plan is to get through all the legal shit, insurance shit, and move closer to my son during his treatment that starts in 1 week. It's an easy move, as I honestly have just 3 large boxes and my dog to my name right now. Easiest move EVER! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, Your friend Glenn / HardAct /Sullivan Plz forgive grammar, spelling, I'm trying!
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    Okay, serious post time: This is a massive rebuke to Trump and Trumpism - nothing else. We have historically low unemployment, a flying (albeit recently stalled) stock market, rising wages, very strong GDP growth, and Republicans can make a plausible case that the tax cuts and deregulation have provided to a steady but anemic recovery a sugar high, at least. And they lost. Big, it appears. If one looks at previous wipeouts, 2014, 2010, 2006, 1994, we could point to a bevy of economic, war, or policy conditions/positions that voters rejected. Not so here. This is entirely about the GOP failure to provide any constitutional check on this naked emperor. Point is, any spin tomorrow is complete horseshit. This race is about the simple fact that the president is reprobate who either rejects or never understood the character of this country. I want to point out, too, that rejecting a president for his refusal to abide by American democratic norms is an incredibly sophisticated voting analysis. We have ample reason to be very proud of our people tonight. I mean that earnestly. Anyway. Fuck him, fuck Republicans.
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    I got a new Switch today! The money you guys contributed was in my account on Monday, but I couldn't get to MediaMarkt until today! You guys are amazing! Thanks again!
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    I legit fist pumped like 20 times. My pessimism was ill placed. Marvel did it. They told a compelling story in this film, they also tied up so many of the narrative lines of this 11 year journey, and they laid the foundation for future of the series. A magnificent accomplishment.
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