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    i don’t give a shit anymore. Gun ownership is a fucking plague. I grew up with hunters, I know many responsible gun owners, etc. I don’t care. We can’t handle the societal responsibility.
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    Sadly, every other platform seems to be much worse than Twitter. That said, down with Twitter/social media, up with classic message boards
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    Hear ye! Hear ye! In recognition that this First Weekend of the Month of July in the Year of Our Lord 2020 has been dedicated to the Faithless Traitors who committed Foul High Treason against His Most Sovereign Majesty King George III, By The Grace of God and His Holy Saints, I -- in my capacity as Imperator Augustus Maximus of DayOnePatch.com -- do hereby proclaim that I shall bestow upon my Subjects my Highest Noble Beneficence through the gifting of a Bounty of Videogames for your preferred System through the Auspices of the Random Number Generator Gods. All that shall be required of you to participate in this Most Excellent Privilege that I have granted is to make your mark by posting your Most Humble Supplication in this thread. For I have spoken these Words and signed them This Day under my Hand.
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    We already banned him. Remember? His girlfriend was totally going to prove us wrong about evolution.
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    End of the day, literally any coordination at the federal level instead of turning it into a Hunger Games situation and then intentionally stealing the stuff they made the governors procure on their own gets you a less bad outcome.
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    He was also clearly in favor of debt forgiveness and leniency towards debtors. As reported in the book of Luke, During Jesus’s speech to the money changers in the temple, the scroll he unrolls and reads is Isaiah 61, in which Isaiah says he has come ‘to proclaim the year of the lord’s favor’, I.e. the jubilee year. In picking this particular scroll, Jesus is essentially scolding the kings of Jerusalem during his time, who had stopped the practice of the jubilee and allowed a creditor overclass to develop and take all the land via foreclosure. (in exchange for kickbacks, of course) Such massive inequality is also denounced by Isaiah in Isaiah 5:8: "Woe to those who add house to house and join field to field until there is no room and you dwell alone in the land". (it’s also worth noting that the word for ‘sin’ in Aramaic is the same as the word for ‘debt’, so Jesus’s injunction to ‘forgive the sinner’ or ‘forgive people their sins’ in the Lord's prayer is also an injunction to observe the jubilee law and forgive people their debts) It’s *also* worth noting that the phrase scrawled on the American liberty bell by our Christian founders, ‘Proclaim liberty throughout the land...’, comes from Leviticus 25:10, the Old Testament passage instructing the people of Israel to observe the jubilee—and liberty from debt bondage is the liberty it’s talking about.
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    Nobody fucking cares, Bacon.
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    Look, we've all played Civ, this is because Polynesia gets to start with the ability to move across ocean tiles.
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    That's because the unwarranted violent actions of "the State" are inherently worse and therefore should be met with greater outcry by external parties than internecine violence within the community itself. Simply put, I don't feel that it's my place as a white man to draw specific attention to violence within the black community itself, not when there are FAR more than a few whites who do just that for nefarious purposes. You're an African-American so you are absolutely well within your "rights" to draw as much attention to the internal violence within your community as you feel necessary. The rest of us honkies just need to keep our mouths shut.
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    We need a truth and reconciliation commission and criminal prosecutions at absolute minimum for this administration. Their deliberate actions have lead to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.
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    So how many prominent conservatives who have been calling all this a hoax have to die before the masses get the message that this is serious and should be treated seriously? I hope it's not infinite. It really feels like this scene, but it's fucking real for fucks sake.
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    Just watched the whole thing finally. A God Walks Into Abar is one of the best hours of TV I’ve ever seen. I don’t have anything else to add that hasn’t been covered.
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    Also because in science, it's important to keep making sure that what we think we know is actually so.
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    Man I wish he were still around. I would love to get his take on the world today. . . .just one more time
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    I know you mean well, but I think you need to reconsider what you just typed, because co-signing some families to illness and death because they ‘don’t have the resources to keep their kids home’ is irrefutably fucked.
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    I swear to god if this turns into another Canadian thread of good governance imma be pissed
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    With my Navy background, it was quite common to use homosexual slurs against my friends and coworkers. They weren't used against them in anger or whatever, it just flowed freely from everyone's mouths. That changed though when I started working with an openly gay shipmate. It never occurred to me those words were truly hateful until he let me know that type of language hurts - even when you don't use it out of anger. Looking back, I cringe at some of the language I (and others) used so freely, now that I realize those words are hurtful to others.
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    ...and with that I've never been more convinced that opening the schools in the fall would be a terrible idea
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    Hi, have you seen Donald Trump before? He doesn’t know how ANYTHING works. He’s a silver spooned hobgoblin who was born at home plate and thought he hit a home run.
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    The amount of discourse this piece has led to means it is, in fact, good art.
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    On "Big Government" and why it's actually just an excuse to uphold racism. Read this entire thread.
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    It's interesting to me that a megathread about "existing while black" has become a catch all for racism against all groups. The other day I wanted to share a story about racism against Asian Americans and had no idea where to put it. I guess I could have put that Goya boycott story in the existing while black thread except it just didn't seem right since it wasn't about black people... Maybe we should just have a megathread about racist pieces of shit and not lump everyone's individual experiences in a thread called "existing while black" especially since most of the folks who post in that thread have ZERO idea of what it's like to exist while black... just a thought.
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    I remember a certain few on this board making Autistic jokes when a kid with autism ( who was kidnapped and held in a bunker in Alabama? for a number of days), this was when my daughter was right in the middle of her diagnoses of autism. You may think you are making a joke about a disability and it is only affecting someone like Crenshaw or someone who will never hear that joke but it affects more than who you intend it to, trust me. Edit - I am not perfect in this area either but do try to be better,
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    https://www.theoaklandpress.com/news/copscourts/couple-charged-in-gun-incident-with-racial-overtones/article_9c7ff9ee-bc84-11ea-a8a3-8b4fbc897f5c.html They've charged the woman and husband who pulled their guns on the black family and confiscated their guns
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    So, I have that one student who finished one test out of five and didn't turn in the required essay who just asked me: "What can I do to pass this class?" I was in the middle of posting grades when she wrote. I want to respond with "Do you have a DeLorean and a flux capacitor?"
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