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    Man, if only the CIA had not deposed a democratically-elected government in 1953 and installed a monarchical regime who employed a torture apparatus trained by the United States and Israel all because the UK was pissy that the democratically-elected government wanted to audit a British oil company.
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    I don't think you need to be a berniebro to think Clinton is a fucking moron for making those statements, even if you think much of what she said is true.
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    I thoroughly agree! Hence, my position to declare healthcare as a "public good" and to nationalize the entire economic sector.
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    I still laugh that Kylo Ren’s big redemption moment in the movie is him pretending his Dad came up and forgave him for being literally the worst person in the galaxy.
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    What’s there to be confused about? ‘Look how right I always am’ in the face of international conflict is insanely narcissistic.
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    You DO know that it was other soldiers who reported him, it was the military that convicted him and it was our civilian elected, never served in the military president who pardoned him right? I'm willing to bet most enlisted people and ex-military find this piece of shit to be exactly that while most of his support never put on a uniform of any kind before... except maybe a fast food restaurant's.
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    By far the most emotional moment for me was when Rey accidentally destroyed the transport ship and killed Chewie. That was thrilling. I was stunned, and audibly said “holy shit”. Then 5 minutes later that was completely undone and it was REALLY hard for me to care about anything else that happened in the rest of the movie.
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    I don’t know what Star Wars “feels” like, but Mandalorian season 1 is flat out a better story than the ST.
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    should have been her answer the first time
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    I honestly keep forgetting I saw this a couple of weeks ago. Cats made way more of an impact on me than this nothing of a movie.
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    On the plus side the boards will be able to survive without the extra stress of E3!
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    @johnnyis right that Glasgow from Wild Rose should have won. And more of you guys need to see the film! Beyond that, I will simply remind everyone that the Oscars are just an industry trade show awards banquet and have no relation to the quality of films
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    Disagree. Play how you want and enjoy. #GameGenie4life
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    This is a hard movie to digest. The movie had way too much going but so little did I actually care about. I kept hearing about the pacing being way too fast, and boy were they right. The emperor’s whole fleet is resurrected within five fucking minutes! I swear there are 10 scenes within the first twenty minutes. The only time the movie settles down is oddly enough the third act because they are no longer planet hopping every five minutes. The pacing was hard for me to get adjusted to at first. For the first hour I had trouble even remembering the scene that came before the previous one because I had barely any time to process an individual scene. After a certain point I gave into this relentless groove. But wow, the pacing alone makes this a bad movie. So little in the movie is blatantly terrible but just seeing a lot of blandness scenes at an unprecedented rate for over two hours was numbing. The culmination of sitting through all of that was way more worse than any individual scene. With that said I still found bits that I enjoyed. The emotional beats towards the end worked. Rey accidentally harming Chewie was a great moment, but it’s too bad that the movie was too safe to commit to a bold choice like that. I do wish more of consequence happened, though. Overall I felt empty as I left the theater. After a few hours passed I began to feel bummed out as I began to realize this is what it the culmination of an entire saga. As an individual film it is bad enough. As the end of not just a trilogy, but a trilogy of trilogies, it becomes even worse. It’s been hours since leaving the theater and my face is still stuck in that position.
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    Okay. I just saw it and finally got home. I will be seeing again with my dad Christmas day, so I'm going to probably have more after that. But here's my thoughts. I'll try to keep them spoiler free. And as a service to the series that I love so much, I'm going to start with what I liked. It won't take me as long as it will the other list. GOOD THINGS: - The thing I go back to in remembering fondly is how GOOD LOOKING the Resistance base on the jungle planet was. Such great scenery. Fighters and equipment just strewn everywhere in the forest. Really captured the ad hoc construction of it. Kinda makes it hell on the service crews since the flightline is separated by trees, but can't everywhere be Yavin IV. Also very cool to see the CR90 in the middle of it all. It's rare to see larger ships landed and that makes me happy. - Babu Frik was a fucking joy. - Passana was a great setting. It's always neat to see the other bits of culture throughout the galaxy. - Lando was a great inclusion not just for nostalgia's sake. He had meaning in the story leading up to this and continued to have it. So that was good. Maybe they underutilized or misused him here and there, but I like that he was back. - I enjoy that the movies constantly expand what The Force looks like and how it works as the characters get more and more powerful. I like the choices made here, minus one: I really am not certain how force-teleporting a lightsaber works. I don't have a problem with suspension of disbelief, but it just seemed like convenient storytelling rather than compelling storytelling. The Force isn't a magic trick (pretty sure there's literally a line from the OT like this) and this event was 100% literally a magic trick. It felt cheap. Actually, on second thought, I remember Kylo snatching the necklace Rey got at the festival through their Force bond. So this one isn't really valid. Other than that, everything that happens in developing the characters' use of and connection to The Force was good and enjoyable. - Lando bringing the cavalry (no, not the horses) in the end was a cool moment that was satisfying. I have to stop there because that leads into BAD THING. - Spoilery thing: Leia's lightsaber and the scene of her training with Luke was a nice touch that I enjoyed seeing. It reveals a lot about Leia's background with the Force and I think it's fine and something that really would satisfy a lot of people. - The use of footage they had from Leia was done reasonably well. It was apparent through how the scenes were written and how other characters pick up dialogue in a conversation that they really had very little left to work with. But they did an admirable job and the movie was better for it. - Another spoiler: Personally, I liked Ben Solo's memory of Han. It was definitely a rhyme of what happened on Starkiller Base, and I think I'm okay with that. It's kinda lazy in that THAT is the moment of tension in Kylo Ren that he essentially gets to see himself after having turned to the good, get a do-over. But it was fine overall. BAD THINGS: I really have reserved some Dark Side rage for this. Because holy shit. I have FEELINGS I need to stretch out with. I'll start with this... JJ Abrams is a bad filmmaker. He's a bad writer. He's a horrid director. He's an awful editor. He's a shit cinematographer. This movie suffers from EVERY sin his other films have committed. - Let's get this out of the way. Fuck JJ Abrams lens flare. - The number one thing that killed my enjoyment of this movie was the frantic, relentless pacing. Holy shit, these criticisms were right. Everything is GOGOGO! I won't talk more about that. - The next thing that killed my enjoyment was that EVERY. FUCKING. SCENE. Was a closeup from the chest-up, or was centered on a "Specific Character". Every one was blocked in a way that was very un-subtle about saying "THIS IS IMPORTANT YOU SHOULD LOOK RIIIIIGHT HERE." This probably works together with the previous point in making everything feel so suffocating. The movie didn't give you time to breathe and it didn't give you room to breathe. Passana and Endor were the only scenes that weren't just pretty much claustrophobic. And they were fucking OUTSIDE! THAT'S THE OTHER THING! Even the outdoor shots, or scenes not in tight rooms didn't have any longer establishing shots to create atmosphere. - Third thing, right up here at the top of the list. JJ will tell you what he wants you to know. He does not use the visual medium of the moving picture to do so. He is a Writer, and Write he shall, so someone else can Read it to you. If we're lucky (and we are lucky with this cast--they are fucking incredible), they'll act it. Even if JJ just wanted them to read you what he wrote. - Speaking of. I counted no fewer than three times in which SOMEONE in the movie explicitly states just how important This Mission is and if they fail The Mission, it's all for naught! Recall Han Solo's line before "That's not how the force works" where he says "The Resistance is counting on us! The GALAXY is counting on us!" That's just absolutely cringeworthy writing. I feel sorry for Harrison for having to say that. Same for Anthony Daniels, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, and everyone else who uttered something similar in this movie. God, it got irritating. WE KNOW, JJ. - Characters. Yet again, masked women in cool costumes are underused. You hated how Phasma got the short shrift? Well, Zorii Bliss is once more that. She gets The Gang to the place they want to be. Is there conflict? Yep! Seems tense! I wonder how the gang gets out of i--oh. She immediately helps because... reasons. Anyway. She does the thing for them then that's that. Her character could have been more. Namely, She could have served a purpose similar to Lando in rallying some troops (pirates, spice runners, ex-Rebels, bounty hunters) that would have taken the weight off Lando's mission at the end and made it feel a little more organic. - SPEAKING OF UNDERUSED WOMEN. Holy shit, JJ Abrams should be run out of Hollywood for what he did to Kelly Marie Tran. Or should I say, what he didn't do. That is, give her any meaningful screentime, lines, or arc. Her development with Finn in TLJ was meaningful then and wasted here. So that's all the filmmaking things I can think of. I'm sure more will pop up as I reconsider them and once I see it again. Let's talk about PLOT. Probably lots of spoilers below. MORE BAD THINGS: - The thing the opening crawl reveals: I'm just going to call it lazy and be done with it. It takes the import out of Kylo Ren being Supreme Leader at the end of TLJ and just makes everything seem a bit too evil-genius mastermind with a plan that just comes together the right way. Again, lazy writing. - Rey's parentage: Holy fucking shit. Let her be nobody. Take family and blood out of this. TLJ showed us The Force can be in anyone--which is what the Jedi have taught for 9 movies now. And a PALPATINE?! Yo, Sheev FUCKS, ya got that, kiddos? It just felt like such a cop out. Even Daisy Ridley's acting in the scene--which was incredible--wasn't believable. Because I can't really buy how convenient it is. Make her nobody. Her parents are on the run because they know she's strong with The Force and the Emperor's agent is after her. The Emperor senses her and wants her. That's it. That's the backstory. Her parents are strong because they hid her and fought off the agent. Rey is strong because The Force chose her. I swear, JJ keeps just making this galaxy so small. - Set ups and payoffs. There really weren't any that felt earned. I saw that phrasing used in other peoples' reviews and impressions and wasn't really sure how that would feel watching it but boy I sure do now! There aren't any true set ups or payoffs. They're just gotchas. Gotcha #1: Chewie possibly dying at Rey's hand could have--and should have--been very impactful. But JJ doesn't like subtlety, and what he thinks is subtlety is actually just sleight of hand. Which he is bad at. See? They're taking Chewie to the landing ship! Oh no! How will they get him? (SEE HOW THERE ARE TWO LANDING SHIPS? HMMMMM??? OH NO! Rey blew up the landing ship! Again, Daisy Ridley's acting is impeccable in this scene and everything should evoke an authentic emotional response. CUT TO PRYDE - there's a prisoner eh? (WINK WINK, AUDIENCE!) I truly forgot how they decided to to the First Order ship, but I'm pretty sure that there was barely 3 scenes between the "Setup" and the "Gotcha." And I'm being generous, because JJ just didn't make a shot that felt longer than 5 or 6 seconds and scenes just felt really short. Gotcha #2: Remember Zorii Bliss and that planet the Sith Destroyer popped? Well, we didn't hear from this chrome domed forgotten JJ character in a while, so DON'T YOU FEEL BAD FOR POE? But wait! She shows up at the final battle! And STILL refuses to bang Poe! Haha! JJ is good at DRAMATIC TENSION! Gotcha #3: Palpatine threw Ben Solo down a well. It's clear that JJ doesn't know how else this could be done to preserve tension and make one of the main characters go it alone for a bit. Instead of having something occur in the scene to sideline them for a bit, he literally takes the character and throws them out of sight until they're needed again. Gotcha #4: Poe is ready to give up at the end (which makes no fucking sense because he pressed the attack on the Dreadnought at the beginning of TLJ, learned a lesson from that, then decided to forget that in the intervening years, even though he tried asking Leia for help in spirit. Now, Lando showing up then and there and saying that it's gonna be all good because they're in this together. That's fine. But that's not the lesson from the previous movie, and that lesson doesn't really have any weight at the final battle of this movie. Even when Lando shows up with half the pirates in the galaxy (in a conveniently short span of time, mind you), the lesson or his encouragement isn't really paid off. It's just JJ setting the football in front of us and pulling it a way when we take a shot at it. Gotcha #5: For one, I find it hard to believe there's only ONE spy in the First Order. Two, I absolutely did not buy Hux's reasoning. His reveal is, yet again, JJ using an actor's mouth to tell us the words he wrote, with no indication whatsoever in this film (but PLENTY in the previous one!) that this is really what he wanted. And yet again a very short time after, Hux--the campy Nazi ginger space that ordered the destruction and murder of an entire solar system's worth of people, plunging the galaxy into lawless chaos--is brought to a less camp and thankfully more professional officer, who summarily blasts him. AND WE NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. WASN'T THAT DRAMATIC?! BOY, HE SURE GOT HIS! Again, I'm sure there will be more as I reminisce. - Also, JJ made it hard on himself and set constraints that he ABSOLUTELY DID NOT NEED TO. Why the time limit of 16 hours? That just made me not really buy the stuff that happens between then and the end! And it served no purpose. Does JJ think that "time limit" is a dramatic device? - So many things are just too fucking convenient. I've mentioned several in spoilers above, but I think JJ just wants to do A Cool Thing or get The Gang from point A to point B, and really has no idea how to do it, so he pulls something out of his ass. (See: commander's disc to get them onto a Star Destroyer. Zorii established not 5 minutes before that thing was her ticket out. And she gives it to someone she apparently hates. Cool. This could have been fleshed out way better.) - Also, I got so fucking sick of seeing characters in this movie puke out some heartwarming platitude, only to have the camera linger on the person they were talking to smile knowingly/warmly. SEE MOVIEGOER? PERSON READ MY NICE WORDS. NOW OTHER PERSON SHOWS YOU WHAT YOUR FACE SHOULD BE DOING. - And a butt load of shit just did NOT need to happen. Again, these things were JJ beating us over the head with nostalgia, yelling "SEE THIS? I WANT YOU TO FEEL SOMETHING!" Or it's things that JJ clearly wanted to happen because they looked FUKKEN SWEET. Specifically: Ben Solo's memory of Han. Again, like I said above, I liked this. What didn't I like? "Dad... I..." (CLEARLY INTENDING TO SAY I LOVE YOU); Han: "I know." Dumb callback. Maz gives Chewie THAT medal. He has one. That's canon. This didn't need to happen. We didn't need to see it. Mentioning the Holdo maneuver. JJ is so affected by the criticisms of that from Reddit/Twitter. He HAD to have his say. Hyperspace skipping. Conceptually, this is good and could be useful. But they wouldn't skip from atmosphere to atmosphere. I just didn't buy into that and it's obvious JJ just wanted to show that. Wouldn't it be cool if they went back to the Emperor's throne room on the DS2? Well, now it has a hidden side door that goes into an expansive room that somehow isn't really there on the outside. In short, it could have been so much better--so much more. JJ indeed checked the boxes. Then he drew a bunch more boxes below that and checked them off too. I'm really just glad it's done. It is what it is. I still enjoy Star Wars and it was a fun romp, but it could have been so much more. I'm incredibly disappointed in it. I know JJ had a tough job in wrapping up the saga, but he really was not the guy to do it.
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    New year, new list so let's get this thing started! Just as always, it's not necessary for the game to actually be released in 2020 to be discussed in this thread! Now that I've gotten my physical fitness level/health back to where I want them to be, I fully intend for 2020 to be a more...uhhhhh..."productive" year for gaming completion than 2019. First up, I'm gonna finish Quantum Break!
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    If you get a virus, we will hire the best unpaid university inters we can find to spin up a new cloud instance of your training model.
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    Consoles used to be where you had to go to play 70%+ of major releases. Today it’s less than 10% of them. So I’d actually say the PC’s reversed course at this point. Like the consoles now, the biggest draw of its library used to be exclusive games like Starcraft, Unreal, Counter-Strike, etc. Now it’s become the catch all platform with the broadest library. What is ironically implied with ”console exclusive” now says everything about how much the PC market has boomed.
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    I've realized that the best combination for me is a gaming PC and Nintendo for the exclusives. 😍
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    Not what I'm saying at all... I'm just saying who TRUMP sees as the bigger threat and I'm sure there are reasons behind that.
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    I’d also suggest getting game pass for PC, it’s like a buck for two months or something to start and you can try out a handful of PC games with very little risk / cost.
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    A concrete example that Sony used when they first started talking about the PS5 is that Spider-Man's top speed in the PS4 game was limited by the speed they could stream the game world from the disc at. However, as the article that @AbsolutSurgen linked points out, it's unlikely that even something like that couldn't be solved by motivated devs. If you really wanted Spider-man's top speed to be higher, you could do it, you'd probably just have to make a non-SSD console really turn down the details when you're moving over a certain speed. So my actual answer is that it's unlikely to be true that a game designed around an SSD couldn't be ported to a console without one, it's simply a matter of how much effort it would take.
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    This was not exactly the Warren campaign's "finest hour". Still not as terrible as the Native American ancestry DNA test though!
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    I think you’re underestimating the powers of human technological creativity. This is why the ‘doomsday’ view of climate change always strikes me as naively Malthusian in nature. I won’t deny that we might be in for some pain—humans can be a little slow on the uptake. It might be that the average Joe has to see the oceans rising up and burying a good third of the city or village he lives in before he gets truly motivated. But once humans are motivated to address a problem en masse—I.e., once it’s do-or-die for the average Joe—they tend to find an ingenious, didn’t-see-that-coming way to solve it. Maybe not overnight—but given enough time, they tend to find an answer. That’s how we got the horse and plough, weights and measures, vaccines...all the accumulated wonders of technological innovation that saved us not just from a Malthusian apocalypse, but innumerable others that ought to have done us in, but didn’t.
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    you know...for kids! plenty of great flicks listed. Did anyone mention
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    This isn’t a remotely new action and has happened a lot in the post Korematsu US. White folk just don’t have to deal with it, so it seems shocking when it happens.
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    They'd have a nuke if they weren't, lol. At the very least a nuclear power plant.
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    I feel like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix do. Every month several websites publish what's coming and going to Netflix and I don't think they're just pulling the info out of their ass. Not to mention on your streaming list it will say "leaving netflix on..." https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/new-on-netflix/
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    I really hate that the refs called that illegal block.
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    But there is a disturbing amount of voters that are fully on board with Trump. It’s different than how the GOP supported previous presidents. This is more like religious devotion to a man.
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    When we saw it, we understood his lines because they were easy to understand. The line you quoted wasn't unintelligible.
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    Bail Organa has a line in Revenge of the Sith in which he has Threepio's memory wiped. Beyond that, no. This makes Artoo one of the more bizarre characters in the entire canon... he meets A LOT of people who he'd interacted with before that don't recognize him or comment on that at all, he has a ton of information that would be useful to the people he's hanging out with that is never shared, etc. I'll write off Artoo not recognizing Obi-Wan, dude visually aged 30 years in about half that time, he forgot that double the suns means double the SPF on your Coppertone. But Artoo and Yoda know one another pretty fucking well, they're both just method acting on Dagobah, I guess? Artoo knows who Luke's dad is and says nothing, what a dick.
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    Wait, we are still talking about Star Wars: Rise of Motherfuckin' Skywalker, right?
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    Hamill had some serious Yoda playfulness in this scene. I loved it.
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    The only reason it pushes anyone's disbelief is because you grew up with the OT, and despite how many ways the Force was expanded to get somebody out of trouble, only now that we're boring adults with no imaginations is expanding the use of the Force considered a joke or impossible! The Force complaints are so weird because it goes back to the same thing: people's "solutions" to movies are to remove conflict and tension, regardless as to how much they have to bend that that's not really what they're saying. It's literally to the point where Star Wars fans find it to be affront to their sensibilities that new powers could be introduced whatsoever that were in the OT despite the fact that the OT did it already in its own three movies. A New Hope We know the Force exists but only knew vaguely that it's an energy that binds the universe together. But wait! Imperial troops stop our heroes, but Obi-Wan is able to use a Jedi mind trick to fool them into thinking that R2 isn't the droid they're looking for. Holy shit, Vader can choke someone without even touching them. And then, we see that if you use the Force, you can block laser fire with your laser sword, AND you don't even need to use your eyes to do it! Yo, Vader can just sense Obi-Wan is there (but strangely can't sense Luke even though they're related). Hold up, Obi-Wan can speak while dead. The Dead Speak! And using the Force allows Luke to fire into a tiny hole without the use of a computer. The Empire Strikes Back Now we've established what The Force can do. WRONG! Because Luke is captured by a monster with no means of escaping, so Force Pull becomes a thing, allowing him to get his light saber and escape. Hold up, now Obi-Wan can show himself to Luke. wtf, Vader can choke people THROUGH A SCREEN now? Hold up, now Luke's ship, which he needs to escape, can be lifted from the water. Hold up, Obi-Wan can actually appear and walk and move even though he's dead. He doesn't even have to be alive to walk around and talk to Luke! But wait! Luke gets put into a freezing chamber but now he can jump REALLY high to get out of it. VADER can cause Force Hurricanes and throw a bunch of shit at Luke by just concentrating somewhat. Damn, Luke's dangling in Cloud City, but he can call out to Leia and she can hear him call out to her. HOW BLOODY CONVENIENT. Return of the Jedi Okay, I guess that's it. Wait, Luke can flip in the air now? Hold up, NOW Vader can sense Luke is near while he's on the ship even though that wasn't a thing two movies ago? Luke can backflip?! Vader can sense that he has a sister by getting in Luke's thoughts?! WTF? LIGHTNING?! In order to enjoy Star Wars, you have to realize that none of this is weirder than the PT (wtf, they can just zoom through space instead of running? Sidious can just throw things willy-nilly instead of focusing? Even Dooku has lightning powers? Why didn't Vader get lightning powers?) or ST. It became normalized for you through decades or soaking in every Star Wars movie rewatch after rewatch, it became normalized after we've soaked in every video and essay about the Star Wars films, it became normalized after just seeing that was a thing in a movie for 40 years. You know what The Last Jedi actually does better than the OT, and there's a whole list of things it does better? Putting stakes and consequences behind a new Force Power. The big one that was introduced is set up, it's described, the consequences of its use are briefly mentioned but not lingered (so if you're paying attention to the script, you know that Luke is doomed after its use), and it's not a deus ex machina as Luke has to die in order to do it and with no way to use his ship. And he does it by using the Force like Yoda: “A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack." He never even tried to hurt Kylo with it (and couldn't in order to save the illusion); it was used to save people, and there were actual clues to its use by his light saber and footprints and hair. Kylo literally was fighting a ghost of his past using this Force Power in a phenomenal climax, and all the vocal minority can complain about is how they've never seen it before and is somehow an unrealistic use of a fictional religious force that has never established overarching rules for what the Force can do. It's one of the best uses of the Force that prompted applause from the audience when I watched the movie and everyone saw Luke concentrating far away. And thus, a well-written and dramatic use of the Force needs to go despite hurting a movie's conflict and story and character arcs so we can try to find a grounded approach to the fucking Force. Obi-Wan says his sister was hidden during ROTJ, not ESB, so we had no earthly idea that two kids were hidden from him as we didn't even know Vader was his father until the end of Empire. The only thing we knew then was that she could just sense him to save him. That was it. The only reason it doesn't push your suspension of disbelief is because you grew up with it, so now you just accept it as being normal, not even as a deus ex machina.
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    Right... because Star Wars fans demand only the highest standards of acting excellence in their movies as seen when they chased Nathalie Portman and Hayden Christensen off the internet because of their poor performances in Attack of the Clo... oh wait! They didn't! We only imagined all of the racist attacks that were thrown at Kelly Tran and those fans weren't pissed at her because of the larger issue of "the black and browning" of their precious Star Wars. They were REALLY upset because her character was poorly written and her acting wasn't up to the demanding standards they've come to expect in a series where 90%of the time characters are performing with muppets. So her exclusion in RoS wasn't due to Disney and JJ Abrams buckling under internet criticism and being VERY careful to try and not invite another backlash... it was because she was being punished for bad acting. In a Star Wars movie
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    I'll post my thoughts on this whole movie later, but nothing really pissed me off, just disappointed me, but the one thing that does piss me off to the point of infuriation is how shafted Kelly Marie Tran got. However you feel about her character, the fact that she got harassed to the point of deleting her social media because of all the sexist, and racist comments, to then have JJ, Terrio, and the other writers basically give her NOTHING to do or say in the sequel, is despicable and disgusting. They basically caved to the trolls, whether intentionally or not. What was the point of Dominic Monaghan's character? Just to have another LOST alumnus shoehorned in there? Should have just given all his lines to Rose so that she would at least have more to say if JJ wasn't going to have her join the others because he wanted to have a new Luke, Leia, and Han trio in the form of Rey, Finn, and Poe, even though there didn't need to be a repeat of a trio JJ, and you should have had Rose join them and have her do something cool, like use her engineering skills for something. FUCK UGH!
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    Unless I need to rewatch the episode, and I totally will, the episode in Clone Wars where Yoda learns how to become a force ghost. One of the secrets/steps is becoming balanced in the Force. To become one he had to, Kenobi had to, Anakin had to, Luke, all of them.
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    Looks like $176 million opening weekend (domestic). TFA was $247, TLJ was $220: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/12/22/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-has-176-million-opening-weekend.html There are people online already making the argument that TLJ made less than TFA because people didn't like TLJ, but TROS made less than TLJ because...people didn't like TLJ. So is it the movie that comes before that matters, or the movie itself? Depends if it's directed by Rian Johnson.
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    I finally got a job in IT! I just got hired for an L1 service support position. Just had my first week there and I have been enjoying it. A refreshing environment than what I am used to. Everyone is super friendly. Even when I went to my interviews I noticed people just making conversations in the elevator even when on different floors and departments. I'm really glad that I chose to make the career change sooner than always holding it off because I didn't feel ready to go back to school. I definitely recommend anyone that wants to find a better place to work to make that effort.
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