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    Our first recipient is @Remarkableriots - what title and for what system?
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    Because I was out of town on Saturday/Sunday, I'll extend this a couple more days to compensate Tonight's recipient is @ManUtdRedDevils - what will it be?
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    This episode was less about plot development and more about character development. We see Mando fully embrace his role as protector of baby Yoda and even bond with others. We are also introduced to a potential ally who I am sure we have not seen the last of. Scenes in a script should serve one of two purposes, either moving the plot forward or revealing something about character. In the larger, meta story of the season we learned more about Mando and what drives him. Was it my favorite episode? No. But it was fine for what it was.
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    How do we know that Luke at age ~55 would act as he did? Because it happened in the movie. End of story.
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    My main criticisms of ROTJ are much like how people criticized The Last Jedi. Bad military tactics (Endor battle--both the empire and rebels pissed this down their legs//Ridiculous bomber assault on the dreadnought). Convoluted plans (exactly what WAS the plan to rescue Han?//What's the deal with this codebreaker again? You're in a sublight chase! Why are you leaving?!). Unexpected character revelations (where the fuck did Leia being Luke's sister come from!?//What is Rose and Finn's relationship exactly??) I fully realize my criticisms are silly and boil down to exactly what I complain about in regards to other people criticizing TLJ--I think I could think up a better plot/execution. So anyway. That's my little rant that recognizes I've become what I hate!
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    I fundamentally cannot imagine watching things the way some of you guys do. It sounds completely joyless.
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    Hope you all have a great holiday!
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    https://kotaku.com/sources-bioware-plans-a-complete-overhaul-for-anthem-1839892415 Mass Effect:
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    Pretty sure most of us here know that. But at the same time, why shouldn't we show disgust for the man who's the face of it all? They're not mutually exclusive.
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    Different thing man... Finding someone innocent and pardoning them after they've been found guilty are ENTIRELY different.I'm not sure where you're going with this. What Trump did here was objectively worse than what you're talking about. There's a reason that military justice is harsher than civilian Justice and it's for cases like these three. Trump threw that ENTIRELY out the window with this decision so no... it's not "Business as usual" and shouldn't be taken that way. This sets a very bad precedent... not that our short sighted commander in chief gives a shit.
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    They should have used this more appropriate Lincoln quote:
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    My brother's in-laws live in his district, and after spending some time there, I totally understand how that moron was re-elected with an indictment against him.
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    Besides, I think we've established by now that this particular Mandalorian does tend to initially get the snot kicked out of him by practically everything.
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    Exactly. My one coworker keeps asking me if I’m ever having kids. I’m 35, I’ve got debt up to my eyeballs, and I’m not bringing in a kid to add to that. She replies that “you’ll make it work somehow”. Lady, I’m barely making it work now.
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    Maybe they were just doing an accurate portrayal of hyenas by making them assholes, though?
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    You mean Respawn. They probably went, "listen, Frostbite is best with Battlefield games. We're not not DICE, so just let us use an engine that's actually built for multiple genres".
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    Hong Kong protests yay Bolivia protests boo Is that right?
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    I agree the most recent ep was weaker, but it's a TV show. They won't all be bangers. I found that out with Rebels. Wonderful series overall. Some episodes just weren't ones that grabbed me.
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    That’s his point, those games are targeted to the specs of the highest end model. You seemed to be arguing they would target the low end if there were two different models at launch.
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    Plus all the gamer nerds turned to wimps with easy to carry monitors. If we still had CRTs nerds would be ripped as fuck lifting 150 pound CRTs. 💪
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    Yo are you fucking kidding me with this shit? I’m getting real tired of your little act man. You’re not even reading what people are saying, just cherry picking what you want to hear then inserting some high and mighty faux bullshit counter point that involves accusing people of being racist or homophobic or like hitler or whatever. Shit is tired my man. Never, in anything ANYONE in this board has said, has someone said that profitability is THE metric for judging the success of art. NO ONE SAID THAT. It was listed as one of the ways something can be judged as successful. Along with critical acclaim and acclaim from the general public. Those are 3 ways that if combined you could say something is generally successful. Of course everyone has their own personnel take on what is and isn’t good art. No one is belittling that point. But this shit where every time someone disagrees with you, you jump out and accuse them of thinking like a racist or nazi or whatever is bullshit and needs to stop. Grow up man. Grow. Up.
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    People are worried about Trump's feelings being hurt and how it could hurt diplomatic relationships that are already nearly nonexistent because of how petty Trump is. Nobody really cares about anything Trudeau actually said since Trump has said much worse on Twitter and in news conferences about other world leaders. This isn't even up for debate.
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    Well one was a huge release from a AAA Publisher, one was a smaller release small budget game. One game comes with big expectations, one comes with expectations of a smaller budget game. One is coming on the heels of Fallout 76, where basically anything that is not Fallout 76 in the same genre, sticking to a single player focused story as opposed to what Fallout 76 tried, is going to be much better received. I haven't played Outer Worlds yet. I did play Fallout 4, and hell, I bought Fallout 76. I personally thought Fallout 4 was a letdown. I really loved Fallout 3 and it's DLCs. I played Fallout 4 and was left pretty let down. The world didn't feel at all interesting to me. Being a native of the Boston area, it never felt Boston to me at all. I know Boston isn't as unique as a DC might be, but it just never felt like an interesting map or area to explore. The story I felt was never enough to really drive me as well. I liked it enough to play through all of it, but just never felt it was as good as Fallout 3. Fallout 76 I enjoyed for what it was, but ultimately had too many issues to really ignore. I look forward to trying Outer Worlds as well. But I think its pretty easy to see why one was so well received vs the other. I don't even think it has much to do with the games themselves, so much as a Bethesda AAA powerhouse vs Obsidian who was largely independent until recently. Most of what I've read about Outer Worlds was, it was a good game that you can clearly feel was a low budget project, and many look forward to see what they do with a proper budget.
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    Not the first time. In Legends Palpatine was brought back where he possessed clones of himself. I dunno, maybe Rian Johnson screwed everything up by killing Snoke so we could not have him as the final evil to kill in the third movie. And they think they need a big evil so that Kylo can find his way back to the light with something to confront. Right now I’m ok with it being Palpatine. Palpatine was the culmination of 2 thousand years of the Sith’s great plan to one day destroy the Jedi and taken over the Republic. Palpatine spent his political career trying to consolidate power for himself. Spent the time as Emporer setting up the Empire so it only functioned with him in charge, and trying to find a way to circumvent death to maintain power. And he didn’t want to do it via his spirit just possessing a Sith Artifact. Otherwise he’d loose the freedom of mobility.
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    Just in case you are going, or know someone that is, don't read this. Don't spoil anything for yourself. "What is Secret Cinema?" I hear you ask. Well, it's an event that's run over a few months, I think only in London, where select movies or television shows are brought to life and allow you to take part in them and experience them in a different way. I've previously been to a Moulin Rouge secret cinema, where an old warehouse was turned into 1890's Paris, with shops, bars, actors and then a screening of the movie taking place later on (admittedly, I drank two bottles of Champagne and about 6 absinthe cocktails and my memory is...limited). For the Stranger Things event though, I had no idea what to expect (I wasn't sure whether they would show the first episode, the last, something else...). This was my thirtieth birthday present from my wife and so, I can give you not just the regular experience, but the V.I.P one. We came out of the underground to partly follow a variety of people dressed in their 80's finest, partly be directed by some events team members to a large white building, which was about a 10 minute walk from the station. The entire front facade had been remodelled to look like the Starcourt Mall (same sign, vintage cars out front). We queue jumped about 300 people and were taken into a holding area, to be told that it was Independence Day and that Mayor Kline had put on an event for all of Hawkins. After we dropped off our bags (to a very enthusiastic cloak room staff who hoped we had 'just a super, fourth of July weekend' we followed a Lady to a secondary area. She then told us that the entry badges we had been given were in fact press badges as we were there to help promote the weekend and find any scoops that the Hawkins News Network might be able to use. We then met the Editor of the newspaper who gave us a similar message, but said that we can come back to where we were (as it turns out, it was a Media Tent) to write up our stories. We were also told that in our plastic holder, we had some drinks and food vouchers to make use of. From there, we were told that we had a team building activity to take part in and so followed one of the staff members. As we waited, she walked away, then ran back a few minutes later to say there had been a change in plan and we had to go through the backstage area. We were taken down a long, dark tunnel (maybe 60m long) with some suitably creepy flickering lights and noises and then met Murray Bauman (as a common theme, he wasn't the actor, but his clothes, hair, beard and accent were very good) and he gave us a mission to follow during our time. We had to keep an eye out for the Silent Man, locate vodka posters and try to unravel the Russian conspiracy. After a few jokes by the guy, we were left to it. We (my wife and I) were quickly approached by of the attendee's to ask if we were reporters, as they had a story. We went to the tent, my Wife gave a filmed interview that was screened on all the television screens and we carried on. We then went to a cabin in the woods, where we were told to keep an eye out for someone lurking about by a police officer. It turned out, after a 5 minute wait that it was Hop's cabin and Maxine and El were having a party. We all went in, danced to Madonna and then went over with Max and El to a chair (well, the 70 of us in the cabin). We all sat down and they played the scene on a small television of when El eavesdrops on the boys. It was well done and quite funny (again, the actors looked like the characters) and at it's culmination, El accidentally taps into the upside down, causing the whole cabin to shake, which was a nice touch. We then played a few games in the fair area, watched some singing and parades and took part in an aerobics class (where at the last song, the whole area went completely dark, then the noise the Mind Flayers makes was played, all the lights were flashing, people screaming - very cool and fun). We then stumbled across a group of people hanging outside a Fortune Tellers tent, where the actual Fortune Teller herself stood on top of a box to announce they had found one of the missing children of Hawkins. We were then ushered towards the main stage area, where the Mayor was giving a speech. During this time, all of the located missing children stood on pillars and we were encouraged to yell things like "Truth not lies" etc. Then the Russian Hit Man appeared, killing one person with a gun and then having a fight with Hopper. Murray then appeared speaking about Truth and the lies of Mayor Kline and a big ticker-tape thing went off and confetti filled the air, however this changes gradually from being large to very small (almost like ash). We were then asked by the security to move towards the screen area. The room itself was probably 100m x 100m and was built in quite an interesting way. About 3 metres off the ground, around the whole circumference was a stage, with a sort of fine netting across the front of all the sides, then a series of large screen across the back wall (with the netting showing some general swirling projections and the back a night-sky pattern). This was then one of the best parts. They ran the main story of 11 and other main characters using a mixture of live actors, videos on the back wall and then projections across the netting (one great example being El trying to close the gateway in season one being played on one wall, with an actor playing El replicating the moves, then on the opposite wall the footage of the gateway closing, with a fire effect projected onto the netting along the sides, showing the movement of her 'power'. This lasted about 50 minutes or so, fully covering the series, showing the Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer, the change in Billy and the fight with him, Dustin and Suzie singing - all backed up with a mixture of television images, projected effects and occasionally utilising some hoists so the characters could move off of the ground. The whole performance took place across all areas of the stage (so you would need to keep turning and moving to see what was happening around you). All in all, it was an amazing experience and I could easily write three times as much writing about all the finer bits of detail that I saw. For those who live or are going to London, here's a link to the event's page https://tickets.secretcinema.org/stranger-things/
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    I'm getting Starry installed on Wednesday. 200 Mbps symmetrical connection for $50 a month. Charter just increased me to $90 per month for my 200/20 plan. Really looking forward to canceling those fuckers.
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    It was unbelievable how useless they were. I had to look up a video on Youtube. I could honestly come up with better directions with a pencil and piece of paper in 5 minutes.
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    The terrain in 3 and beyond is diverse enough to make the bike less consistently useful until you network more things and have access to roads. You’ll get kit that REALLY helps on foot pretty early though.
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    Yeah, it's hard to imagine how this wouldn't stimulate the economy. I think the ultimate question is if it's the best way to spend that money. Personally, I'd prioritize health care, and then consider if education or climate change is a better bet. Not that these things need to be either or. Still, if the question is "how do you spend money to stimulate the economy," there are a lot of worse answers than forgiving student debt.
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    Baseball writers banned steroid users from the Hall of Fame for “cheating”. It will be interesting to see if a similar stance is taking here or if it is considered to be acceptable cheating like pine tar. Baseball is a dumb sport.
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    Just finished the game. Easily one of the best and most memorable ending sequences in any game I've ever played. Absolutely loved it. If you are a Star Wars fan, you definitely should play this game.
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    What a clown. What a shit show. Every person who voted for this man should have to get the word FUCKWIT tattooed on their forehead.
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    Maybe all you alphas who only talk to women in person could use a dating site to maybe expand your circle and meet even more women unless of course you're swimming in so much pussy you couldn't possibly handle any more!
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    I'm with you on not wishing his suffering for itself. But there is a difference between enjoying his death for itself and valuing his death for the outcome. There are much better idealized outcomes in which he doesn't need to physically suffer or die, but I think him dying from a health problem might be the best that has a chance of happening. It's at least up there. You might agree with that and are only opposing the former, but I thought I'd add that.
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    I completely understand schadenfreude at the expense of Trump. I just don’t understand spinning a multi day physical into anything other than him being a complete buffoon in every way.
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    By *some* people, let's just assume we're talking about rich execs that thought this would be some cheap R&D spent over a few years.
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    You fat fuckers with shitty diets yet perfect cholesterol suck. Nothing I did helped, I had to go on a statin. At least it’s low dose and my levels are perfect now, though.
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    When you think about it, any food that involves raising animals in factory like conditions is pretty inhumane regardless of whether it's bad for the environment or how healthy it is. But I'm still gonna eat chicken and eggs and probably beef too.
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    I felt the same way, but it could also be that once word got out how effective the technique was for transporting prisoners that more bounty hunters adopted it. Not JUST Mandolorians. But it did jump out to me initially though.
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