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    I have zero issues with us paying out the freakin' nose to Developing World nations to offset the "economic costs" of their environmental conservation as well as granting them significant preferential access to our markets as an incentive.
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    Na. I'll buy the launch consoles then buy the upgrades again like a fool.
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    **EDIT** Fuck prefacing this, don't need to quantify my love, respect, and understanding for comedy. Dave sets up the ENTIRE set he will perform in the first 10-15, exactly calls out just what WILL happen regardless and uses that as leverage to tackle just what in the actual fuck is wrong with SJW's and outrage culture as a whole. He fucking OWNS it and yet still barrels head first into ALL the controversies there are to talk about because for fuck sake, they NEED to be discussed! The pendulum needed to swing in such a fashion where all were more equally treated, but it went so fucking far off base that too many have suffered about this. So he pokes holes at the insanity of it and helps hold up a mirror as to what the "majority" (bulk of Twitter actually) believes and shows that that isn't nor has to be the case. He expounds on how confused he himself is with his age, the things he held onto as truths and having to reconcile them and he's working them out with the crowds he puts a show on for. THAT being said, I genuinely don't believe that HE believes every single bit to be TOTALLY true, he just pokes fun in though provoking ways in which to ask questions that because far too many others are shouting one another down because "HOW DARE YOU!" have failed to bring to the table in the first place. Can't show up to a BBQ where there's steaks, burgers, dogs yet there aren't any fucking condiments that really help season the conversation and lube them up to swallow a bit better, know what I'm saying?
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    lol like you give a shit, you wouldn't care if he hadn’t been involved with Clinton and a bunch of Harvard professors. You think anyone here buys your crocodile tears?
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    Took them a while to build up a strategic reserve from craft services.
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    But for real, my LG C9 crushes all of these!
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    The difference between the GOP and al Qaeda is that the GOP has largely been successful in destroying America.
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    We really need to look at our judicial system and how we appoint judges in this country. From what I've heard (my friend's mom just go her judgeship and another friend teaches at Berkeley Law) and the stories I've heard about judges across the country is insane. They are essentially above the law for all intents and purposes.
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    I’m convinced more than ever that by Halloween he’s going to be wearing Green Goblin makeup on his face and throwing pumpkins at people.
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    Good. Your Dad should have put you out a long time ago. Grow up.
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    We decided Hispanic counts for the purposes of this thread, right? "My dad's black. My little nephew's Italian, Mexican, and Aloha."
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    In that particular scenario, sounds like an easy decision. Congrats! Refinancing is one of those topics like 401k's (or any type of investing, really), where I get annoyed when I hear people in my office talking about what people should be doing: decisions like that are so subjective that it's foolish to try to project one's own unique analysis onto others' finances.
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    You need to wash your filthy whore mouth out.
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    My son just started his 4th week of kindergarten. He attends a Purpose Built School, which I had never heard of before. They are built in underfunded neighborhoods to help working families. They start earlier, finish later, and have a schedule that is more conducive to a working family. I think it's awesome that such a thing exists, even if we don't need it. Free lunch, breakfast, and after school care. He is 1 of 4 white kids in the entire school lol Edit: I'm not entirely sure what I was loling, but whateves.
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    Not all heroes wear capes.
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    They better have a 4K Blu-ray drive in this one. I want to be able to buy some UItra HD Blu-rays. They should also go full in with the whole 5 thing: -five times more powerful than the PS4 Pro - 5TB drive - five USB ports etc.
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    I'm gonna go ahead and predict this line had some staying power
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    There is an extended action sequence in the third movie towards the beginning that might be the best of the entire series. The movie is worth it for that alone. But I agree that it's the weakest of the three for other reasons.
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    Out of curiosity, am I on ignore? Reply to me if yes, don't reply if you don't have me ignored.
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    I'm Hispanic. I'll allow this. Do I get to allow this? I'm not sure, but I'll do it anyway.
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    All this talk about triggering reminds me of this scene that deeply resonates with me.
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    So they’re using guns? So guns are the problem? Maybe, and this is a WILD IDEA THAT NO ONE EVER THOUGHT OF BEFORE, certain people just shouldn’t be allowed to own weapons?
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    Based on further research from GLAAD, I will refrain from using the term "homosexual" in favor of "gay" and "lesbian". I genuinely appreciate being educated on the matter! However, I make no apologies for the words I used against dvd. My real-life actions speak far louder than my words on a message board, but if my words against one particularly reprehensible user -- one who did not hesitate to horribly denigrate Arabs/Muslims and other marginalized groups, including gays/lesbians/trans at every opportunity -- label me as an "anti Semite", then so be it. I just don't give enough of a damn to make the effort to attempt to change anyone's mind. Once he called another Jewish user a "kapo" -- a vile term literally soaked with the blood and covered with the ashes of the victims of the Shoah -- that was my breaking point with him and wanted to let him know it in an equally vile way. And I will never have any regrets about that. Right, I think that about covers everything. Are we done here now? I have important low user traffic message board power trip matters to attend to! Edit: upon further reflection while walking Inuk, I'll say to @Jason that perhaps I should have chosen my words somewhat more carefully in expressing my revulsion of that repugnant little Stephen Miller acolyte as it was obviously not the best judgment on my part. However, this should not be implied to construe an "apology" or a "regret" in any way, shape, or form because that would be highly disingenuous of me when I feel no "remorse" for my actions and this "reflection" is directed only towards Jason and him alone.
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    Little Big Planet is awesome. If you don’t like the floatiness, I get it. But there’s a lot to appreciate about that game regardless.
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    Right. But what shoes from 2019 do you like?
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    These are adults with very important police jobs thank you very much!
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    85 hours in and I still don't mind running a new campaign. I really hope they find a way to double the amount of worlds over time though.
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    It seems like in most games that give you the option to choose between a male and female protagonist (you can choose the gender of your character in GreedFall) the male character is usually somewhat douche-y, so I almost always choose the female character when given the option. The Technomancer was a big improvement over Bound by Flame, and this looks like a big improvement over that. I think that this might be the game that finally puts the developer (Spiders) on the map. From a content standpoint Bound by Flame feels like one of the most incomplete games that I've played, it feels like you start the game at the halfway point. It's like they made a few levels and then ran out of their development budget, so they went ahead and released it without including half of the content that they originally planned for it. That was my biggest complaint with it as I found everything else about it rather competent for a lower budget action RPG.
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    Two things mad me lose all respect for @sexy_shapiro 1 + 2 - these two quoted posts.
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    I’ll be the judge of what I’ll smash it like
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    It's still a pizza Spider-Man movie, you snob.
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    Wouldn't that be because the lands they lived on weren't technically under the full jurisdiction of the United States?
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    People say dumb shit like this, but they often haven't watched someone die from COPD or lung cancer. It's pretty horrific.
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