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    Thank you all so very much for this absolutely wonderful bounty! You have absolutely no idea how much this means to me (and Inuk for his new toy and jerky treats!) This community is a very special place and you all are like...no, not like...you all ARE family to me (albeit a slightly dysfunctional one on occasion ) Thank you so very much...I'm actually crying tears of joy right now!
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    There's a good chance Trump spends more time sitting on his ass than FDR did.
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    Boeing 737 crashes California stops the death penalty of 737 convicts 7 + 3 +7 = 17 The seventeenth letter of the alphabet? Q
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    Can a mod please change the title of this thread to “RedSoxFan9’s Twitter Feed” for accuracy?
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    They should've stuck with the naming convention and named the mustard one, "MAYOTARD".
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    Thank you so very much for doing this - you have no idea how much I appreciate it! If it was only Elmira's impending move to Charlotte that was the problem, I probably wouldn't be in as much of a funk as I am (the move is definitely for the best for her), but it's actually a series of events and realizations that have contributed to my current down mood. I'll make a more extensive post later just to fill you all in on it.
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    I'm going to finally be moving out from living with my parents at the end of March. Took me 30 fucking years, but better late than never.
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    Most minimum-ish wage jobs wouldn’t be good for people with education and experience. They would be looking for something better the whole time. I’d much rather have a high school or college aged kid making popcorn than a forty year old in between jobs. They also tend to be more teachable, while the older people think they know best how to do everything.
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    Yo fuck X-Men / Avengers crossovers and fuck this merger.
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    Steady now. Life can always suck, but its also beautiful. Look at your children and see the evidence of that balance.
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    I have a thread in entertainment for the entertainment side of it (deserves a second thread here, so kudos), so sorry for the double post.
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    Just saw this post made about the story: "Fuck Fuller House, Netflix should do a show with their actual real life personalities. A meth head, a religious whack job, a couple terrible comics, and a helicopter parent committing fraud to get her privileged fuck wit of a daughter into college all living together in hilarity. That’s a show I’d watch."
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    You should probably store those in the fridge instead of your bed!
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    "Have you heard of this McDonald guy? I hear lots of things from lots of people about him. Some people say he has a farm, it's true, it's true. It's not as big a farm as Trump farm, but that's ok. Anyway, let me tell you... About this McDonald. He has a cow, Democrats... Democrats want to take it away from him, but we won't let that happen, will we folks? Believe me, they're not gonna take his cow which by the way has made a ton of money and created thousands of jobs. Let me tell you about this cow. Tremendous cow, beautiful cow. It goes moo moo here... Moo moo there... Here a moo, there a moo... Everywhere! Moo moo. The fake news media won't tell you this! "
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    I would... but it would be the 4th most traumatic cheating experience for @Triage.
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    A significant number of theaters closed because the old people who owned them didn’t want to deal with the digital conversion. Amusingly, the digital conversion saves money because a properly constructed system is 99.9% automated. But the big key to success in really small markets is to be community focused. We are very active in supporting positive community oriented things around the area our theaters are located. I also am very personally involved in things such that my personal phone number is made available. I go do all the career day stuff at the local schools, and we even created a program where we do paid job training for special needs high school students during the summer. Even dopey stuff like pre-movie advertising is strictly limited to local businesses and the ads have to include the business owners in them so they are kind of amusing and lowfi. People love them. And to be quite frank, I’m damn good at pricing things such that despite our much lower prices at the concession stand, we sell more product in terms of dollars per customer than the major cinemas, which is not remotely normal in this business. I wish, my kids just watch the movies when I take them with me
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    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/vaccination-suspensions-waterloo-region-students-1.5034242 Good. If you don't protect other children by vaccinating your kid, then you shouldn't be allowed to put your kids in public places. The only exemption should be for medical reasons (legitimate allergies/reactions).
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    From a moral perspective, hunting is an infinitely more moral way to obtain meat than factory farming, which constitutes the majority of the meat we consume. And this is both from the perspective of animal suffering and environmental impact.
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    Knowing Citizen, there is a 95% chance he read that on ResetERA.
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    We got it, boys. @SFLUFAN will be eating like a king this weekend.
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    I have a couple of nephews in the Labo age-range. They'd be pretty into this. Also, I love that Labo has been a thing for nearly a year and there are still gamer's butthurt over how they aren't good enough for serious gamers.
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    Wow, I guess I should be shocked that he supports cancer, but I’m numb to the news these days
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    Yeah but this is the guy who turned down The Matrix for Wild Wild West.
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    they've lost their cotton-picking minds wait shit
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    Totally clears the President! Thank you!
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    I need to explain how to play every game because people are fucking bad at having fun.
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