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    Sadly, every other platform seems to be much worse than Twitter. That said, down with Twitter/social media, up with classic message boards
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    End of the day, literally any coordination at the federal level instead of turning it into a Hunger Games situation and then intentionally stealing the stuff they made the governors procure on their own gets you a less bad outcome.
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    He was also clearly in favor of debt forgiveness and leniency towards debtors. As reported in the book of Luke, During Jesus’s speech to the money changers in the temple, the scroll he unrolls and reads is Isaiah 61, in which Isaiah says he has come ‘to proclaim the year of the lord’s favor’, I.e. the jubilee year. In picking this particular scroll, Jesus is essentially scolding the kings of Jerusalem during his time, who had stopped the practice of the jubilee and allowed a creditor overclass to develop and take all the land via foreclosure. (in exchange for kickbacks, of course) Such massive inequality is also denounced by Isaiah in Isaiah 5:8: "Woe to those who add house to house and join field to field until there is no room and you dwell alone in the land". (it’s also worth noting that the word for ‘sin’ in Aramaic is the same as the word for ‘debt’, so Jesus’s injunction to ‘forgive the sinner’ or ‘forgive people their sins’ in the Lord's prayer is also an injunction to observe the jubilee law and forgive people their debts) It’s *also* worth noting that the phrase scrawled on the American liberty bell by our Christian founders, ‘Proclaim liberty throughout the land...’, comes from Leviticus 25:10, the Old Testament passage instructing the people of Israel to observe the jubilee—and liberty from debt bondage is the liberty it’s talking about.
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    i first read this as “Trump signs executive order banning transactions with TomCat” and thought about damn time
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    Owning Motel 6 means they probably ALREADY have an extensive Data base of biological material and DNA.
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    We need a truth and reconciliation commission and criminal prosecutions at absolute minimum for this administration. Their deliberate actions have lead to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.
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    So how many prominent conservatives who have been calling all this a hoax have to die before the masses get the message that this is serious and should be treated seriously? I hope it's not infinite. It really feels like this scene, but it's fucking real for fucks sake.
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    Just watched the whole thing finally. A God Walks Into Abar is one of the best hours of TV I’ve ever seen. I don’t have anything else to add that hasn’t been covered.
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    Also because in science, it's important to keep making sure that what we think we know is actually so.
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    Man I wish he were still around. I would love to get his take on the world today. . . .just one more time
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    I know you mean well, but I think you need to reconsider what you just typed, because co-signing some families to illness and death because they ‘don’t have the resources to keep their kids home’ is irrefutably fucked.
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    And in true Libertarian fashion, she decided that the only way to combat rabies is to lower age of consent laws.
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    Every journo who said trump has had a tone change should be shot. Sorry, I don't make the rules
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    Hi, have you seen Donald Trump before? He doesn’t know how ANYTHING works. He’s a silver spooned hobgoblin who was born at home plate and thought he hit a home run.
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    ITT sbl is clearly doing his "I'm bored so I'm going to kill time by spinning everyone around in pointless circles" routine.
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    There’s this really weird state identification and pride going on in this thread, which I will personally never understand because I live in Florida.
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    On chapter 2. The game world is stunning as well as the combat. I shouldn't have said the game is a bit unpolished. Not sure where I was going with that, lol. It's a technical marvel with a solid story and gameplay. I was being too hard on the game earlier. I'm on chapter 2 and really enjoying myself.
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    It’s unpolished? In what ways? And this “been there done that” nonsense this board is so in love with has got to end. When was the last truly original game you played? They all borrow from each other. Witcher 3 did basically nothing original and it’s arguably the best open world game of all time.
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    The money should come from those that have benefitted from the failed and wrong headed policies of the past 40 years. Asking "everyone" to pay when most have already been robbed by a few is a fucking joke.
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    The amount of discourse this piece has led to means it is, in fact, good art.
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