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    My test came back negative. Still have a cough, fever is gone. Apparently not Covid related.
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    My parents' test results came back. They both tested negative for Covid.
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    https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6156333364001/?playlist_id=3166411554001#sp=show-clips I was annoyed they didn’t ask me any of the stuff from the pew interview session because I had a LOT of D1P references ready to work in. Bastards.
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    It's tiresome educating people on this. The vast majority of black congresspeople and black Americans in office are Democrats, the black Democrat who ran against DeSantis in 2018 was against requiring felons to pay fines, but herp derp mcslurp, I'm sure they were fucking themselves over the past 100 years amirite? Reminds me of this meme.
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    God, that's a great quote - I really outdid myself with that one!
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    Didn’t we make an entire thread so for you to post how much better your government is than ours
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    Seriously, when are we as a country going to stop placating conservatives? They don’t want to grow with the times? Fuck them. People like them need to go the way of the dodo.
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    Wanting to retain the "moral high ground" is why liberals lose. Absolutely no one cares about it, nor should they. It's the equivalent of brandishing a dull butter knife while the other side is more than willing to use thermonuclear weapons. American liberals need to get over the "moral high ground" and treat politics as war.
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    Got a good chuckle when US took the lead:
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    I just had a phone call with Kevin Hart’s agent about Hart shooting a Netflix special at our drive in. What an absolutely strange year 2020 is.
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    OAN just lost a defamation case in court against MSNBC and because it was in CA they were forced to pay MSNBCs legal fees, lol.
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    I'm really happy with Sony and MS's efforts this go around! They could have just phoned it in and few would have complained. PC users don't need to be defensive about consoles finally not sucking on a hardware level. This is great news, and we should all be very excited because the bar is being raised, and that can only lead to more power for high end developers and indie devs alike! PC will move on to DDR5, PCIe 4.0 (catch up intel!), and crazy fast NVME drives, along with the next generation of GPUs all by the middle of 2021. PC is also due to finally move on from 16Gb being the typical gaming rig's sweet spot. So there will be a lot of growth as a response to this generation's consoles, and I've VERY excited to see this after a fairly long run of predictably boring upgrades. Bring it!
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    I can all but 100% guarantee that the Black Panthers have VASTLY greater trigger discipline than any of those Y'all Qaeda yokels.
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    Lots of my more left leaning friends think lockdowns are great policy and make all sorts of exclusions for themselves, while lots of my right leaning friends a think it’s all overblown but wear masks when they go out. People make no sense.
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    Oh my Lord, the dumbest people alive
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    Okay, this meme is BS and the shit photoshopping makes me think it was def made by a Trumper... but I still laughed
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    Looks like those "reinfection" cases in South Korea were likely false positives from dead virus fragments still present in the blood of the previously-infected: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1266758/tests-in-recovered-patients-in-s-korea-found-false-positives-not-reinfections-experts-say So that's good news.
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    Bragging about selling out two of the all time great movies. Try harder. Get people to buy tickets to shit movies and then I’ll be impressed. You sell out Ready to Rumble starring David Arquette, then I’ll give you props.
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    I do this a lot. I'm always going to have a twang to people who aren't from the South, but it becomes more pronounced, depending on who I'm around. I don't even really do it consciously. It's called code switching.
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    Everytime I hear of white people feeling oppressed my mind jumps to the quote "To oppressors equality feels like oppression."
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    Whatever it is, hope you get better soon @AbsolutSurgen! We decided to go get my mother in law from New Mexico as she still gets lots of visitors because people aren’t taking it very seriously where she lives. I haven’t put on any lockdown weight, but fixin to get real fat with my Mexican MIL staying with us for a couple months or more
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    Why are you so desperate to eat shitty chain restaurant food? Isn't your gf Mexican? Tell her to make you some carnitas with that pressure cooker you ain't using. Or you do it. It's not hard.
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    Had the drive in open tonight for the first time in 40 days. We only had movies playing, no concession. It was actually really nice and low stress. We started doing online ticketing for the first time in the history of our drive in and it was great. It was also 70 degrees and breezy, so a pitch perfect night all around. Was good for my soul. And people actually followed the rules and stayed in their cars. I was shocked!
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    Libertarians want to smoke weed and fuck 17 year olds, that’s all you really need to know about their ideology.
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    2020 is the first election I’m eligible to be president if you want to write in “Dodger”. Then I can finally strip the Astros of their title
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    Get fired and get no unemployment. Need solidarity and the whole plant needs to walk out/sick out at once. Add in that these meatpacking workers are some of the absolutely most exploited people, often immigrants, many here illegally, you could be opening yourself up for deportation.
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