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    It’s unpolished? In what ways? And this “been there done that” nonsense this board is so in love with has got to end. When was the last truly original game you played? They all borrow from each other. Witcher 3 did basically nothing original and it’s arguably the best open world game of all time.
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    idk i’m pretty sure amd can easily match dlss2.0 with their hardware on xbox series x let me just ask tomcat brb edit: heard back from tomcat and dlss is actually rounded down to dlss 1.0 so xsx can easily match it considering it is the fourth xbox which would round up to 5x the performance of dlss on pc
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    On chapter 2. The game world is stunning as well as the combat. I shouldn't have said the game is a bit unpolished. Not sure where I was going with that, lol. It's a technical marvel with a solid story and gameplay. I was being too hard on the game earlier. I'm on chapter 2 and really enjoying myself.
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    Deserves its own thread given the breadth of the comparisons here and the implications for next-gen consoles. Full article: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-image-reconstruction-death-stranding-face-off (quote about future of reconstruction techniques across platforms) Also an earlier video on Detroit on checkerboarding: DF found that PS4 Pro checkboarding sufficiently created a facsimile of 1800p from a 1527p base. Not as crazy as DLSS 2.0, but nothing to scoff at either. More games should be using reconstruction techniques than there are.
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    Unpolished is the ONE thing I wouldn't say about this game. I've had ONE bug in the amount of time I've been playing... that's it. I would argue this is one of the more polished games I've played in recent times. In addition to the beauty of the world, I can't say enough about how good the combat is. It has definitely got some of the best open world combat gameplay we've seen to date. Not to single out @best3444 but I've found that this particular "critique" is one of the laziest I've seen thrown around regarding games and movies. True "originality" is so rare and oftentimes overrated because some games and movies get "extra points" because they are perceived as being "original" when they aren't even that good or entertaining. Ghost of Tsushima doesn't reinvent the wheel... it doesn't have to. It does what it does VERY well though. Shit, The Last of Us 2 did absolutely nothing "Original" at all... It's still a masterpiece.
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    DLSS is important enough that it should be considered a knock against any pc release that doesn’t have it after this year.
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    Houston had 4th consecutive week of decreasing hospitalizations. Still numbers higher than you’d like to see, but getting better.
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    No. I'm saying a bunch of hypocritical "2nd amendment types" will get their panties in a wad over Biden now being President. They should have been upset this entire time.
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    I went on a retro spree the past week and I'm waiting to post the bulk of it when I get everything in. But this is my birthday present my the husband. I wasn't even aware this game existed a week ago and I really like Kirby. Apparently, it's quite rare. Can't hardly find any copies for sale, not even looking at completed listings on eBay. So he splurged a bit for this one. And had to have it CIB, because all our SFC games are CIB. Kirby's Super Star Stacker:
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    People can make fun of the damn Brute all you want, but Halo Music is still some of the best in video games, and so far they don't seem to be letting that slip.
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    I was so excited earlier today when they announced that The Watchmen had 26 nominations. I went to see if that was the record, but I found out that the record is actually held by the last season of GoT. I then said "fuck the Emmys" and carried on with my day.
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    Until Barr and his kind are dragged through the streets and beheaded, they won't care about anything anyone says. Their current worst-case scenario (personally) in America is being paid millions and being forced into consulting positions for other rich people and parties.
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    Susan Collins is likely troubled and concerned about the numbers.
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    By far and away the most memorable thing about this game was the beauty of the world. Combat was good, story was good, but the most distinctive part that continually impressed me was how beautiful the surroundings were through most of it.
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    I agree, not sure what people are expecting out of games. Shenmue III disappoints, Death Stranding disappoints, the end of FF7R disappoints, The Last of Us Part II disappoints, and now Ghost of Tsushima isn't original? I mean, all these games deserve criticism, of course, but at some point we have to realize not every game will be Disco Elysium or Super Mario 64 but can still be good or great. It's like the old adage, "don't let perfect be the enemy of good".
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    Republicans: 10! Democrats: we really want 1, but, uh, let's compromise, how about 5, that seems about right? Republicans: 10! Democrats: Well, okay, how about 6? Republicans: 10! Democrats: Sheesh, uh, okay, let's just say 7 Republicans:10! Democrats: You're busting our balls... sure, okay fine, 8... final offer... Republicans: grumble grumble socialism, end of the world... fine, how about 9, I guess... but FUCK YOU Democrats: DEAL! We win! Yay!
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    Not saying it'd be perfect or even enough but the the situation would be demonstrably different with no Republicans in charge.
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    Just what we need: more failed "liberal interventionist" nonsense. The only conceivablely worse pick would be Samantha Power.
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    Found a new apartment within my budget. It's twice as big as my apartment, has AC, stove, oven, kitchen sink, laundry rooms on every floor, delivery lockers, gym and 7 days a week staff available. Only $185 more compared to what I pay now. Edited when I moved in the rent was $280 more instead of $185.
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    Just watched the whole thing finally. A God Walks Into Abar is one of the best hours of TV I’ve ever seen. I don’t have anything else to add that hasn’t been covered.
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    I guess since they were already making it for PS3, it didn't make sense to not release it. But it's just kind of there on the PS3. Obviously great if you had no next gen systems at that point (and I know plenty of people who wait a long time before getting new systems), but it's totally PS4 imo. PS3's has issues I wouldn't have even thought of. Ex: there's one palace that you can turn into a rat to get through small pipes. On the PS3, there's a loading screen when you get to a new area, and at one point, there's a huge maze of it, so there are a ton of loading screens. It was just an area on the PS4, but it was a workout getting through that area on PS3. Eek.
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    Like, I was literally yelling "DO SOMETHING JON" at the end of A God Walks Into Abar. I can't get that episode out of my head. That and the Nostalgia episode to me show the strength of longer form story telling that TV/streaming is capable of. So many shows just waste their runtime on fluff, but Watchmen squeezes so much into each moment and really builds to spectacular places.
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    Yep, only way we hit that 16k sweet-spot for vr! Honestly, DLSS 2.0, if it really isn’t that hard to implement to the level of Control/DS, has rendered native internal res obsolete (on pc anyway, until console catches up), it simply no longer makes sense to render without starting from a lower res and running DLSS to output to 4k.
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    Totally different style, so it's silly to compare them. I need to read Keith Law; I don't need to read Deadspin, personally. I hope they do very well, though.
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    That’s the frustrating part about conservative messaging is they talk about democrats as this super far left with extreme policies and I’m over here just wishing it wasn’t a lie.
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    I've been listening to the "new" Tool album the last week or so. I didn't get it at first and I'm not really a Tool fan but absolutely loved a few songs in the past at least. I have to say, this is exceptionally structured and realized. Even when it's not my cup of tea, and I mainly really like about two songs right now, this has to be a real high point in their career. It feels mature in a natural way, you can somehow feel their age as a band in a graceful manner here. Also, I can't say enough how fucking impressive the musicianship and time signatures on this thing are. The riffs sometimes sound so simple at first but they seem to be masters at 'not what it seems to be' at this stage.
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    He was in basically half the cool B to C grade movies I like it seems, that's a shame. I'll be honest though, I was slightly surprised that he hadn't passed away yet reading this just now
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    I won’t be surprised if she gets the nod based on some articles I’ve read. Biden has a close relationship with her and he trusts her. I think she’s qualified, but it’s hard to tell if I agree with her on much since she isn’t on the record on hardly any domestic issues. He’s looking for a safe pick and someone he trusts. I don’t think Biden is interested in shaking anything up since he’s got a nice lead in the polls. We can’t put Humpty back together, but we can glue parts of him back with the right leadership, and it’s in our interest to do so.
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    Oh, I LOVE this series. My husband introduced me to it in college and we played through I, II, III, and V together during our college years, which when you think about it was an amazing feat since we went to different schools and only saw each other every couple weeks at best and I often worked when he was visiting me. I have soooo many fond memories. And we played them hardcore. I mean, we went for all 108 Stars of Destiny in all of them. I've got that poster that he tracked down for me for a birthday present one year, we've got figures from all the games, we've got the imports that never made it out of Japan, and assortment of other little collectibles, like official art cells OSTs, etc. My husband still has his copy of Suikoden II that he bought when it was new and as poor college students, we felt so damn lucky to have it, because even by then it was already really expensive. I'll never forgive Konami for letting this series and others go to waste. But I will never praise that shitty battle system. I could have liked III well enough if they'd not fucked up the battle system. Mediocre music and all. Should've just left the battle system in place.
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    I'm not sure if this autoplays with sound but you can delete it if it does.
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    Just release it on streaming platforms, you chode, and we’ll see it in theaters when we can get in there without being concerned that it might kill us. We all know what we’re getting into, some BWAAAAAAAAAAHs, shitty treatment of shallow female characters (assuming there are any female characters at all), dope special effects, and an audio mix that renders the dialogue unintelligible. Let me give you my money, I’m one of the six people who saw Memento in the theaters. You owe me, Nolan.
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    MLB is the USA of major sports leagues.
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