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    No, he's not. And don't let the #Resistance "liberals" convince you otherwise.
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    You know where Bolton could have revealed "classified" information about conversations with the president? A congressional hearing.
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    I don't give a shit about Bolton's book. He's doing this to make money--not to save the country. Otherwise, he'd have done it while he was in the White House. This is all just political pornography
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    People who don't return their carts to the corral are human filth; primordial slime that has not evolved to the state that allows it the cognitive awareness of others in the same habitat. They are only a tenth of a unit up on the scale above MAGA chuds. There is never a good excuse not to return to a corral. One time I was getting into my car after the lady next to me had just finished loading all of her purchases into her trunk. She then pushed the cart behind my car and left it there and started walking to her driver door. I don't think she noticed me get into my car. So I got out and pushed the cart behind her car just as she was starting her engine and putting it into reverse. She saw me and opened her door and leaned out. The following conversation ensued. Not the exact words as this was like 5 years ago and I don't remember every detail. But it was more or less Karen: Excuse me! Why are you leaving your cart behind my car? Me: This isn't my cart. It's yours. Karen: Huh? Me: You left your cart behind my car. I watched you leave it there in my rearview mirror just as I sat down. I'm returning the favor. She then just stared at me in this weird awe that was disgusted mixed with unbelief. Like how dare I throw her bullshit back in her face? I got back in my car and started it and waved goodbye as I backed out. I watched her in my rearview mirror as I left, and you're not going to believe this (lol just kidding of course you are; it's Karen). Not only did she not return it to the corral, not only did she not push it back to where she had previously left it where I had parked, she pushed it behind the car parked on her other side! Because that is the direction I left it pointing in. And here's the final kicker: the corral was just on the other side of that car! Un. Fucking. Believable. My wife lived near a region of her home country that has signs posted by the government as you enter it saying "If you need help that's too bad. It's not coming." Can't remember the exact wording but that was the sentiment. People there litter like you wouldn't believe it. And there's not like a sanitation department in the city that goes around and cleans that kind of stuff up. They don't have supermarkets with big parking lots and carts. But when she moved here and we went to the grocery store for the first time and we loaded up the car, the moment the last bag was lifted out of the cart she immediately took the cart and headed towards the nearest corral. It's not a fucking habit that you have to develop. It's basic human decency. Decency towards other customers. Decency towards their property. Decency towards store employees working the shittiest job for minimum wage.
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    It's a retirement/Father's Day celebration for my dad-in-law so I'm preparing a grilled feast for family! Almond & berry swirl ice cream w/ grilled stone fruits Red miso grilled salt potatoes Grilled mushroom antipasti with Castelvetrano olives Cabbage slaw with a charred scallion lime dressing Honey glazed pepper chicken (not yet sure whole chicken or thighs?) Chile marinated Argentinian shrimp Short rib bulgolgi wraps A sherry & fish sauce lacquered ribeye Coconut lemongrass steak skewers I am totally amped for this menu!
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    This would be on brand for Trump, how to make this 1000x worse for him?
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    Not yet, but I'm sure I will be seeing it soon because I've seen a lot of "Not all cops are bad" messages, "Antifa has started a new communist country in Seattle" rants, videos of black people defending cops and saying the BLM movement is exploitative, "Statues are OUR history and we need to remember it lest we repeat it" posts, and general disgust at the riots. As far as this video is concerned, this is a prime example of pure tribalism - she wants to hold people of these parties of 150 years apart accountable to a name (Democrat/Republican), while, this is the important part, the policies the names represent have been documented to change. The two-party system just exacerbates the tribalism. There are too many separate and unrelated ideas, values, and policies to be represented with just two parties, and this nuance does not get reflected properly in the news while it is even worse reflected in social media; sound bites just don't allow for its expression. Media in general wants to catch the eye, and the best way to do that is with conflict: Hit people with ideas that touch their core selves, that trigger a defense mechanism, and then pit that against the counter idea. Personally I notice that emotion flare up all the time, and it takes real effort to tell myself to examine the logic and ignore the emotion.
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    This is the walking into a glass window twice of tweets. It's not offensive, it just invites ridicule.
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    “Wow, we must be really flying high! Those people down there look all tiny, blurry, just like the inside of a cataract.”
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    It's amazing how incompetent AT&T is. They've created an extremely confusing clusterfuck with HBO GO, HBO Now, and HBO Max, particularly with Now and Max. And it's beyond me why having a cable/satellite subscription gets you Max access, but you have to create a new login, instead of just adding the content to Go. Way to make sure people don't realize what they're getting for their money. But most of all...they managed to hemorrhage subscribers for their streaming and satellite TV services during a time period where everyone was stuck at home. They have so much stuff that should just be printing them money, but they somehow have zero idea what to do with any of it.
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    @The def star has sound mixing locked up, and I can take care of the editing side of things, along with any graphics we might need.
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    Please do this. I want to see Trump go to court over the NDAs he's made everyone in the White House sign.
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    I didn't know where to put this but it's tangentially related to all that's going on right now. Cop Karen has a complete mental breakdown because of her McD's order taking a bit longer than usual.
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    For that offer price, a long-term license for the DC properties is definitely part of the deal.
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    I’ll do what I always do: wait until the rich folks of this board upgrade to the biggest and best, and fight for their scraps. That feels like a sustainable long term plan.
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    You can tell The Lincoln Project consists of Republicans because the negative ads are brutal. "Too weak to be president" while he picks up a bottle with two hands.
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    So I took a chance and sent that seal sopy of Suikoden I got for a $1 a few years ago into WATA for grading and this was the result.
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    I want to see this same chart but for reracking weights at the gym. Every Korean would be chaotic evil...
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    Made me think of this I posted the other night. I've been seeing plenty of this crap going around.
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    I think that's only in bird law, which isn't based on reason.
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    Are we finally making the D1P rom com we so desperately deserve?
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    I can’t wait to pirate this book like I did the Anonymous book. I wonder if Bolton leaks who he thought Anonymous was?
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    Sekiro Jedi:FO, played on Jedi Master setting. The moveset, level design and story elevate it for me. Nioh Dark Souls Bloodborne. I wish this was more than a victorian gothic horror-themed Dark Souls game, but if it is I'm not seeing it. EDIT: Whoops, noticed ranking is based on difficulty: Jedi Dark Souls Bloodborne Nioh SEKIRO If I can somehow beat Genichiro when I get there then it might go to Nioh because of that boss rush.
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    Way back in the day, I used to love Warcraft 2. Then Bungie released Myth: The Fallen Lords (and subsequently Myth II: Soulblighter). It was an RTS unlike other RTS games. Specifically, there was no building or resource management whatsoever. The units you got, were the units you got, other than occasional single player preset reinforcements or in multiplayer the fact that different units were worth different points and you can choose which set you wanted for your budget. The thing that made Myth different is without the resourcing it focused entirely on the tactics of how you used your units in a physics driven world. After playing so much Myth, other RTS games felt boring because the actual tactics was so shallow with the main point being to make giant forces. Even now, 20 years later, I still find RTS games boring in comparison. SC2, for example, didn't really do anything for me. So I'm curious, are there any modern RTS games like Myth that focus on interesting strategy? It kind of blows my mind that no one took this formula and ran with it. For reference for those are unfamiliar with it, here's a video (this player is pretty bad though ).
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    Future proof it by waiting for some components that are being released in the future.
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    Watching that video made me realize I'm REALLY disconnected from the game reviewing scene. I don't remember the last time I actually read a review and the only time I check OpenCritic is for those random games I'm really on the fence about and need a sanity check to know if it's hot garbage. Watching that also made me feel like I'm not really missing much.
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    @stepee I will get two in tomorrow. Perdona me!
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    See? There's a reason why I use OpenCritic for the reviews compilation posts! (And because they provide a really easy way for me to import the bulletin board code for the posts)
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    Because they don't have to pay for the consequences, someone else does. It reminds me of the theory that the best way to judge someone is by what they do with the shopping cart after loading their car. There is no legal or monetary consequence for leaving it in the middle of the parking lot. There is also very little effort involved to return it to a stall/the store. So the people who you see leaving them out there are people who don't care about anything but themselves and their immediate convenience.
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    Demo now upon Steam - thanks a bunch @CSSC!
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    It's really telling that on Fox News comments on any story covering these protests... half of the comments are people talking about how racism doesn't really exist and/or isn't a problem and the other half are people making the most terrible racist messages imaginable. The contrast would be funny if it wasn't so terrifyingly awful. I frequently wonder why Fox News still has comments when they know just how ugly and rancid they are. Yes, they attempt moderation and do delete the worst stuff as best they can, but they simply can't keep up with the never ending flow of vile hatred... and the stuff that gets through is just a mountain of hateful disgusting false garbage. If they know this is the case, on literally EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE THEY POST... and they know that their audience always (ALWAYS) reacts like they do and yet... after all these years, knowing 100% exactly what the state of Fox News comments are... they always choose to keep them. They made a conscious choice to leave that shit at the bottom of every single thing they put out there. They know what the fuck they are doing. It's a true fucking disgrace. It's like they are saying, here's our code-word filled toned down version of the article where we make you read between the lines... and then scroll to the comments to see our raw exposed Id. This is what they present to the world. They know, they let it happen and they are okay with it.
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    Yes. I would like to travel to a nice beach and take my family there. The beach is NOT Wildwood which is an hour drive away from me, and my family is NOT my fat beagle who might eat better than me. I will take that four grand please.
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    Every Auburn fan would vote for him just so he doesn't coach anymore. And Gus Malzahn would still manage to lose the majority of the time to his successor.
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    Yeah, but are they season 8 themed Oreos where you open them up and they're all crumbled and disappointing?
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    One if my favorite games of the last year, was waiting for significant DLC to revisit it.
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    I really miss Myth and especially hearing the in game narrator say “casualty” every time a unit bit it!
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