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    AR-15s returning to the wild. Nature is healing.
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    Most, sure. However, the reason Israel is so important in American politics is because of the Evangelical support of the GOP. Israel would just be some other random country Americans could barely locate on a map if it weren't for this very large segment of the GOP base. There is literally no other reason for Americans to care enough for their support to be a major party of the GOP's identity. If not for some end times prophecy, at the very least these folks would think that being an enemy of Israel would them than an enemy of God.
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    Ah thank you guys for the info. This was like a snowball effect for me... I mean, I've been wanting to ask and find out for a long time, but felt overwhelmed at what seemed like a deep, long history and embarrassed to ask. Over time, the feelings just kept getting bigger. @Emperor Diocletian II, I believe I will take the time to check out the podcast, thank you!
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    In reality, the current situation effectively begins towards the end of the First World War when the British promised the territory that is now Israel, the Palestinian territories, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the Arab tribes in exchange for their help in defeating the Ottoman Empire. The problem is that the British also promised the same territory as a "national home for the Jewish people" in the Balfour Declaration of 1917. This is after the British command in the Middle East explicitly promised to the Arab tribes that there would never be a "Jewish homeland" in Palestine. This endorsement of "Zionism" led to the significant emigration of European Jews to Palestine (largely due to rising anti-Semitism in Europe, especially in Germany and Russia) and the subsequent tensions and eventual displacement of the local Palestinian population, culminating in the declaration of independence of the State of Israel in 1948. To summarize, the current mess is largely -- if not ENTIRELY -- the fault of the British Empire.
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    The medias greatest trick is pretending that some stupid conservative antic actually portrays the mainstream view. In reality, their tilted coverage helps to push the narrative to make it mainstream.
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    I try to buy physical for any Nintendo games because the resale value of them tend to be high. All others digital unless I am getting a game on sale. I have a friend that only buys physical cause he knows he is not going to revisit a game after he beats it, so he resells them on Ebay. He has also bought used games on Ebay and resold them back at the same price he bought it for a month or so later. It's honestly a smart way if you're gaming budget is limited. I'm just too lazy to do any of the work to save a few bucks.
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    Lol technically yeah it was 2 on 1 since they were together on one end. Actually it was 2 on 2 at one point because I pointed the phone at wut so he could say hi to them. Anyway it was amazing!!! They were like “it’s good to see you again! We love seeing familiar faces on here” and I was like “OMG YOU REMEMBER ME” and they were like “yes, we appreciate you!” Finally I am a fan they remember 😂. I dreamed of this and have always been so jealous of the people they do remember and wished I was one of them. Now I am!!! I showed them the foster kitties too and they loved them.
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    I actually find that pretty damned funny
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    I look forward to hearing about NOAA losing funding for making trump look bad in an election year because he does fuck all to help those affected.
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    OLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO How the hell could anyone say that out loud or be on the receiving end of it with a straight face is absolutely beyond me. I DEFINITELY wouldn't be able to stop myself doubling-over in sheer hysterical laughter.
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    While I do think those numbers are interesting, that guy writes for thefederalist and has an agenda, so fuck him.
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    @Joestradamus - if you are really interested in learning more about this subject, I cannot recommend highly enough the podcast series Fear and Loathing in the New Jerusalem. The episodes can be long, but I really can't think of a more accessible resource to develop at least some understanding of how/why things came to be the way they are. At the conclusion of the series, you will probably: - be angry at the Israelis, but have some sympathy/understanding of why they did what they did - have a broken heart at the plight of the Palestinian people - utterly despise the British
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    After WW2 we created Israel, which everyone in the region was really not happy about, but couldn't prevent cause of US backing, and they turned into a bag of dicks that we've chained ourselves to for no apparent reason other than not wanting to admit it was a huge mistake. In this specific issue Israel keeps expanding/building settlements in territory claimed by the Palestinians, and a significant number of Americans have convinced themselves that Israel is the good guys here cause Arabs.
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    the disappointment is gonna be GLORIOUS
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    Okay so I'm absolutely embarrassed to ask you guys this at this point in my life, but I've always been lost when it comes to Israel and Palestine. I don't know what's going on and where the conflict begins and ends, if that's what it is... is there a good resource that explains and summarizes this whole thing like as if I'm a 5 year old.
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    https://kotaku.com/stadia-exclusivity-will-keep-serious-sam-4-off-ps4-and-1843568732 Google paid money to keep it off consoles, but let’s it on Steam. LOLOLOLOLO
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    Just purchased 3900x. what have I done?!?!
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    I’m just here to restate that Man of Steel is fucking awesome
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    .. just dropping by to again profess my appreciation for Man of Steel I also agree that the Snyder cut isnt salvation... it might eliminate the juvenile humor but the characterization of batman wont be salvaged.. A director like Snyder seems to work better with “extreme” interpretations of heroes.. i posit that he would be a good director for the Flashpoint JL movie but not the regular “traditional” interpretation of the team
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    OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO How I would've LOVED to have been a fly on the wall when Chris Nolan found this out
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    It is very bad that the CDC is losing credibility.
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    I've put almost 100 hours into this game and this dlc will certainly take me well over that. I've enjoyed the hell out of this game and Boon can keep taking my money.
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    Negative sounds bad though, and he is psychologically incapable of admitting fault
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    Wildlands had some pretty good post-launch support. Fallen Ghosts was kind of a preview of what they were trying to do with Breakpoint. It was all single-player stuff. Breakpoint hasn't had any notable post-launch DLC. Don't bother with the season pass as the game practically dead. The raid was a free update but everything else was lootbox type shit that you could easily do without. As of right now I don't even know if they've updated with the A.I. teammates they promised. If you're looking to get one or the other, go with Wildlands. It was just a better game overall. You can easily get ten bucks worth of enjoyment out of it.
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    Wildlands is definitely worth it. It was a great game that got better after launch. There are some annoying things about it, like infinitely respawning attack choppers if you reach infamy level 5, but there's no consequence for dying so just let them kill you and it all goes away lol. Breakpoint isn't as good, but it has its moments. I put over 100 hours into each. The problem with Breakpoint was that it was in pretty rough shape when it launched and it was obvious they changed direction mid-development as there were things in the game that had no purpose. They spent all their post-launch energy on un-breaking the game that they didn't really get to improve it. I think they've now just quietly swept it under the rug.
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    Has anyone posted this? CDC says SARS-CoV-2 does not spread easily on surfaces, as originally thought So the main method of transmission is people breathing in recently-released droplets, it seems, or people passing droplets to each other via contact (and then contact with face).
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    We need to focus on more than just deaths when talking about coronavirus. There have been reports that people have survived, but were left with possible permanent lung and/or heart damage.
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    So apparently this may either be a massive 4 hour movie - or split up into a miniseries. I'm gonna change my vote. If this is 4 hours of terrible I will not watch it out of curiosity. My curiosity has its limits.
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    It's a thing that doesn't really work, but central banks have been encouraging anyway cause they're out of ideas, and because it lets them bailout the financial sector without having to say that's what they're doing.
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    Funny I see this blow up on Twitter every Sunday but didn't even realize there was a thread here.
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    I'll have HBO MAX for free either way so I genuinely don't give a damn.
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    Been a while since I could give my thoughts and prayers.
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    Can’t wait for Republicans and dorks to explain why the 4 hour Snyder cut is the best superhero movie ever made
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    I reserve those for Transformer films... its amazing how much beautiful chaos there is in the last 30 mins of transformers 3 yet it feels sooo empty.. the bad of Man of Steel is bad... but there is also soo much of it that I enjoy
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    It's neither. It's simply a very unusual occurrence that's a reflection of the current global financial circumstances where investors are looking for places to park cash.
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    I edited my earlier post to elaborate - I also don't think it will be good nor better either, ultimately. I'm a Man of Steel apologist, but Batman v Superman was mostly awful.
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    I have to admit, I'm morbidly curious. The director's cut of Batman v Superman didn't save the film or make it actively good, but it was immeasurably better than the theatrical version. And Snyder's director's cuts tend to be improvements, from Dawn of the Dead to Watchmen to even Sucker Punch. I enjoyed Justice League well enough, though it wasn't anything close to the superhero classic something like the Justice League deserves. It was mostly okay/good enough. I don't see Snyder's version being better given the parts I liked the most were what seemed to me to be the Joss Whedon parts, but this could be similarly strange, though not as good as, the situation with Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, in that it's interesting it exists.
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    Release game, make money and rack up stellar reviews, slip in the shit no one wants after the fact.
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    The American Corporation Covid-19 Principles: 1. Fuck you, you little piece of shit, you should be thanking your lucky stars you get to work for this company. 2. Your health is not important. The company's bottom line is what's important. 3. If you don't put every fiber of your being into your work, we will fire your ass, and you and your entire family will lose their health care. 4. Always remember, you exist only to increase our stock price so the nephew of the CEO can buy a new island and finance his congressional campaign. 5. Again, fuck you.
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