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    While I won't say "our side" never does things like this, it is the right(and particulary the religious right) that is obsessed with it. I have always suspected it is because in their worldview if you can invalidate the head of a certain belief, that invalidates their belief. Like if you invalidate their guy(i.e. Jesus) it invalidates their beliefs, so the same must follow for us. I have had many an argument explaining why proving Richard Dawkins can be a dick doesn't disprove atheism. Benefit of not believing "your guy" is the omnipotent ruler of the universe is that that it makes their opinions more of an al a carte deal. Anyway, my two favorite examples is that they did something very similar with Anthony Flew in his older years. He was old, in poor health, and possibly getting a little soft in the brain so they paid him to endorse some vague Deism. Also, the quintisential example of this, though not in the monetary sense, is that supposed Darwin deathbed conversions stories are so numerous they're pratically like Christian campfire tales at this point. You know, because a guy converting on his deathbed would invalidate a century and a half of Biology
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    Nobody can pay attention to the mayor. Guess why.
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    I find it adorable that there’s a group of people who think this will be better than what was released
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    My most sincere hope is that the Snyder cut is 100% identical to the theatrical one except Cavill has a mustache in some scenes.
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    If you’ve always wondered then why the FUCK didn’t you just google it.
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    Worst case scenario... Trump wears mask, Trump gets COVID 19, deluge of “MASKS DO NOTHING” takes.
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    It is an article by Matt Lauer “investigating” his own case and essentially trying to discredit Farrow’s work. No bias whatsoever...
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    I'm sure 90+% of the anti mask wearing nonsense from the right would be nullified if he was on camera or he promoted wearing a mask himself. Fucking ignorant shit should act like a leader now not some macho wannabe
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    All his orange will come off on the inside.
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    .. just dropping by to again profess my appreciation for Man of Steel I also agree that the Snyder cut isnt salvation... it might eliminate the juvenile humor but the characterization of batman wont be salvaged.. A director like Snyder seems to work better with “extreme” interpretations of heroes.. i posit that he would be a good director for the Flashpoint JL movie but not the regular “traditional” interpretation of the team
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    Yeah I actually like Man of Steel as well except for the whole Superman being an indifferent douche part. Snyder just doesn't get superheroes outside of the "bam! pow! zap!" aspect. He doesn't understand that Watchmen and Dark Knight returns were subversions of the super hero trope. Not the characters in their authentic, best selves. And the DC characters are superheroes in their most idealized forms. He was a bad fit for this. The Affleck Daredevil director's cut movie was pretty improved from the theatrical. Ummm... okay?
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    Was hoping this was a remake of the Affleck/Bullock film
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    I said I don't have high hopes! Back in 2009-2011 the Canadian government (a Conservative one at that!) used stimulus spending to do huge amounts of working to aging infrastructure, it was called the Canada Action Plan. It was quite popular. I know that replacing bridges and dams isn't sexy, but if you put up giant signs then people might at least appreciate it.
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    Aww, look at the Canadian thinking that other countries also have competent governments and a populous that doesn't require warnings to not inject bleach.
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    Like he didn't already know...
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyTrappedPeafowlUWot An Oldie.
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    I recently found out my climbing gym’s ventilation is capable of filtering viral-level particles, so it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of indoor venues have similar set ups (case in point, was that CPAC exposure ever pinned as a super spreading event?) Obviously not a game changer, but any little thing to curtail the risk helps.
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    Ugh, the circumstances surrounding this.
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    The reason I have hope for the film is because the same two original writers of the first two movies, Chris Matheson & Ed Solomon, are back writing the script for this one, and the director is Dean Parisot, who gave us Galaxy Quest. With Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter also back, this is all reason to be optimistic, at least.
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    I hope Canada launches a drone strike at facebook too.
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    It's Best so he probably still believes it.
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    I hope warner bros decides to build a "Pandemic Universe" and we see a crossover of the Motaba virus from outbreak and MEV-1 from Contagion.
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    @MarSolo I moved the posts about Matt Lauer here to this thread on the Entertainment board since it seemed to fit more with the topic, but if you prefer it in the old thread just let me know and I can move it back.
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    Makes perfect sense to me. I’ve also wondered why we don’t. It’s the same thing. Keeps us from having to insert the disc every time.
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    Hey Satan, I know I don’t pray to ever, but could you like, I don’t know, do something? Help a brother out.
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    No, but she'll be in a two-bedrrom apartment with her parents after they've been on a plane for 10 hours. It's not like it's a big house where they can at least stay on separate sides of the house. How is that not worrisome? And I'm on an immunosuppressant drug for my colitis.
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    They probably feared that armed protesters would show up demanding he not wear one.
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    Or he'll bitch about it on Twitter. Or both.
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    And this all but guarantee's he WON'T wear it.
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    We're gonna need a lot of witches' tits to run these things.
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    Yeah but a statistical analysis needs to be done to interpret what that means exactly. Who's to say that those people wouldn't have died of something else if Coronavirus wasn't around... or something.
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    I’m 100% on board because of the “when it rains it pours” tagline 😂
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    Must be some good shit if you can manage to work at a restaurant. Imagine how relaxed you'd feel if you had a normal job.
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