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    My test came back negative. Still have a cough, fever is gone. Apparently not Covid related.
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    I'm really happy with Sony and MS's efforts this go around! They could have just phoned it in and few would have complained. PC users don't need to be defensive about consoles finally not sucking on a hardware level. This is great news, and we should all be very excited because the bar is being raised, and that can only lead to more power for high end developers and indie devs alike! PC will move on to DDR5, PCIe 4.0 (catch up intel!), and crazy fast NVME drives, along with the next generation of GPUs all by the middle of 2021. PC is also due to finally move on from 16Gb being the typical gaming rig's sweet spot. So there will be a lot of growth as a response to this generation's consoles, and I've VERY excited to see this after a fairly long run of predictably boring upgrades. Bring it!
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    Trump’s death via COVID would be the best thing that could happen to this country.
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    Yeah, direct and severe consequences are exactly how the world works these days.
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    9. No Mans Sky 8. Colonial Marines Post Patch 7. Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 2 6 .Assassins Creed Unity 5.ME Andromeda 4.Splinter Cell Blacklist 3.COD WW2 2.Sea Of Thieves 1.Middle Earth Shadow Of War @AbsolutSurgen @Paperclyp @stepee
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    “What have you got to lose?” But what’s testing like? You can have low to no cases if there’s barely any testing being done, or accepted, like in the case of Florida only acknowledging test results from state run testing and not private health care facilities Crisis actor
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    Somebody should tell him that the swine flu vaccine was free and he will offer to pay people to get a vaccine just to say he one upped Obama.
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    Hmm, this company's stock exploded on this announcement. Surely there's nothing shady going on here.
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    What a shit year...
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    The proper translation of the Epic China presentation: That colteastwood guy loves to fudge numbers and stretch the truth. I've had the misfortune of stumbling on his YouTube videos from time to time.
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    That's probably it. I remember firings from people I can't remember the name of from 2004/2005, hell, 2003 when I first entered the work force.
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    Ill be first in line, I am hoping for some sweet side effects like
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    It was a 9/10 for me, it was one of my favorite games last year and is one of my favorites this gen in general. My only real issue with it were its performance issues, it needed a tad bit more polish. But otherwise it was a solid game throughout. As for Ghost of Tsushima, it looks good but not great IMO. It looks like a typical third person open world action game, but with a feudal Japan setting and samurai theme. I'm not real big on games grounded in reality or based on historical accuracy, I tend to like them to have some fantasy, horror, or sci-fi elements in them to spice things up. Also, I tend to prefer playing as female protagonists in games. If I have to stare at a character's backside for hours at a time while playing then I prefer it to be a female's. I'm much more excited for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla than I am for Ghost of Tsushima, but I'll still probably check it out when I can get it for cheap.
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    There is NO WAY IN HELL that I'll put a "vaccine" that's been developed in less than 6 months into my system. NO. WAY. IN. HELL.
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    They were always "in our world". Just because they were quiet about it doesn't mean they weren't doing things consciously or subconsciously to express their racism. They were just more careful about being overt about it for fear of being called out on it socially. Now they don't give a shit... but the racism was always there and minorities were not quiet about it. We just dealt with it and tried to point it out when it was undeniable. But a lot of "well meaning white people" would inevitably tell you that you were imagining things, being too sensitive or misunderstanding what was REALLY going on. "It's not racism it's economic anxiety" or some other excuse/justification. The thing is, racists aren't even trying to hide their racism anymore so their enablers don't really have much to stand on anymore. That's why I say it being out in the open (again) might be a good thing because it forces this country to really confront the sickness that it has ignored for far too long and either deal with it or let it fester. It's a wake up call for minorities too.
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    Was watching CNN and they were showing more security footage. Tons and tons of people of all ages were stopping and looking inside that house. Naturally the cops were only called when it was a black guy.
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    He ruined Independence Day more than that abomination of a sequel...
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    This whole butt hole cut thing makes me think of something; who the hell would think making sure the butt holes are visible is a good idea? Was it someone that figured since butt holes are visible on actual cats then the movie should be anatomically correct? It reminds me of a guy I knew in college, and we were making a short film for final year. He had been asked by the writer/director if he could do the VFX and design the monster creature that would be featured in the film. The creature would look like a rabid, sick, wolf-like thing. One day he's showing me his progress on the creature, and there's a long bulge between the hind legs; he gave the creature a penis. I ask him why he gave it a penis, and he said because it's anatomically correct that it would have a penis, to which I reply, but WHY does it have a penis? It's not necessary to have a penis, you don't actually need it to be visible, no one is going to care that it's not there, so why did you give it a penis? He says the director asked him to. I found that odd, and a little while later ask said director about it, and he says, what the fuck, no he didn't ask it to have a penis, tell him to take it out right now. So this guy not only thought he was doing a good job with his creature design, and being detailed, he flat out blatantly lied to me. Forgetting the fact that I don't think it was ever decided whether the creature would be male or female, why did he honestly think it needed to have a penis, and that it was a good idea? I mean how many creatures, or just CGI animals in general, in movies show the genitalia? Do you see King Kong's dong flapping about while he walks around? Do you see the wolves in The Grey sporting a red rocket? Do you see where Godzilla's cloaca is located? Perhaps whichever VFX artist is responsible for the butt holes had a similar mindset as this guy, and thought that it would be a good attention to detail or some shit.
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    What we should care about is the end result in games. No one has seen any games that are taking advantage of the god-tier storage, and what compromises need to be made for the SeX SSD (let alone a 2022 gaming PC with 32GB of main ram, a 12GB+ DDR6 on the video card plus a PCIe 4.0 SSD that is using DirectStorage). Will the slower SSDs and higher latency cause a meaningful difference? Why can’t RAM caching on a PC offset this? IMHO, people are overreacting to a single demo - just like they were when they learned that PS5 would have less TFlops than SeX. [On a side note, I hope Sony has a good cooling system on those NAND chips to avoid thermal throttling. Because if they are being used in a way that makes a meaningful difference to a PCIe4.0 drive, they are going to generate a LOT of heat.]
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    When I see examples of Ray Tracing tech, I typically see the same scenes with ray tracing turned off so I can clearly see the difference and how the tech actually changes games. We used to see this as well with other new PC tech like PhysX, ect. I just think if you are going to try to highlight your new tech and how it's going to push everything beyond what's out there, run a side by side comparison to highlight those differences. Seems like it'd be pretty easy to do.
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    Yah, more in general, I think most here know whats up!
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    I dont really see that on this board or are you just talking in general?
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    If true, it means that nothing in the demo was pushing the PS5's SSD to its limit either. That'd be a really exciting thing for next-gen as a whole all considered.
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    That's what I'm saying! I feel like they told us what we were gonna get and then we got it this gen. The features were there, and stuffl like sharing gameplay, SharePlay where people can play your games digitally without being next to you, and suspend/resume were as advertised and got better over time.
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    He's accurately leaked a lot of Nintendo news lately. That June reveal is going to be
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    What is it they've promised that you don't think they will deliver?
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    Ya. None of that stuff mattered; the refrain was, "PS4 and XBO are mid-tier PCs, maybe, why'd they do this g'dammit shit fucks" No one said PCs would have to catch up to the "haha everything's 30fps" PS4 and the "We had to do 720p for MGS Ground Zeroes" Xbox One. I loved how everything looked, but "mid-tier PCs at best" was the refrain through and through and through.
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    Hey if it allows other women to come forward detailing more things he's done, especially any recent things, and it gets the jackass off the air, then I'm all for it.
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    I can see it now. The mandalorian steps out on a baren landscape, there is a mighty electrical occurance. The lighting dies away, and left lying on the ground is a naked Kyle Reese. The time machine accidentally sent him to the wrong dimension. But if Kyle is here, can the terminator be far behind?
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    I hang around these boards Otherwise I'm just on the fanatical / indiegalia / humblebundle mailing list
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    Story takes a while to get going, yeah. I remember that very well. Seconding the gameplay loop. Every side thing is a lot of fun, riding into a horde unknowingly is an amazing feeling, every one feels rewarding, and while I'm not a stickler for it, I respect Bend for making each side mission or side activity related to the main story.
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    @Emperor Diocletian II I'll give you a laugh react for $25
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    Nice try at a joke I guess
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    I forgot you could share them online like that.
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    Positive cases in my state have been flat with 7 or less, with a lot of 0 cases per day over the past 30 days and we have now been open for 2 weeks.
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    Everytime I hear of white people feeling oppressed my mind jumps to the quote "To oppressors equality feels like oppression."
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    Soon they will be big enough to eat
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    Remember when Orlando Jones was fired for not writing the right kind of black by this toolbag? (I've been dying to post this stupid picture again)
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    This - compounded by the marketing deals in place between Epic and PS. My guess is this demo looks identical on high end PC, SX, and PS.
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    This is the million dollar question. If this so far and away advanced a simple comparison demo between a mid range and higher end pc would have really sealed the deal. Any time someone touts X over Y but doesn’t actually demo it , I tend to be skeptical.
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