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    So a little before I got laid off and unemployed due to Covid-19 my good friend and I had an idea. He started to build his own knife, from top to bottom he did it by hand every step of the way. So I see the beginning stages and start to ponder like damn the is a great idea, should have done this years ago. We're already getting orders for knives and we're barely getting off the ground right now due to the quarantine. So our idea is to make knives and record every step of the way to the finished product, each order gets a custom video from start to finish. Each knife is a custom design unless they want one of our designs. So I figured I would throw it out here on my internet family so to say, he'll I've know most of you for over a decade now. I'm asking for some likes and subscriptions to my YouTube page, we hope to make some income off of YouTube as well. In these trying times this is all I've got right now so it can't hurt to try. This is my YouTube channel, any help would be appreciated. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKKTRrqm4WajchzEr-5D5Sw Thanks to anyone that wants to give me a like and follow. Hell I'll even throw a shout out to day one patch on my first video. And if you eventually decide to order a knife through us just let me know your YouTube account name and you'll get 15% off.
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    A little laugh during these dark times
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    He has done a terrible job "leading" us during this pandemic. Pretty much everything we are doing right is in spite of Trump, yet he somehow gets the credit. Everything wrong with how we are responding is his fault, such as his careless words about certain drugs, his admin failing miserably early on with testing kits, downplaying the seriousness of the virus ("HOAX"), ignoring intelligence agencies months ago about it and instead listening to the Chinese leader on a phone call, and now talking about sending everyone back to work and packing the churches on Easter! Americans like Trump. I've come to the conclusion it isn't so much about what he does, but it's about how he does it. They like how he does things because it's entertaining and it somehow soothes them, even when he does things that are awful for them and the country.
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    G-7 Failed to draft a message on the virus cause the US demanded to call it the "Wuhan Virus."
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    Two reasons. Black people and the raw numbers aren't big enough to impress people. Americans really don't understand growth trends, so until Louisiana's numbers surpass New York's they'll continue to be ignored. Just watch how soon Louisiana will be a "problem nobody saw coming".
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    Looks like he's working himself up into tantrum-ordering things opening sooner than Easter.
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    It helps to have all those pots of gold laying around to pay for it!
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    Without testing it becomes really difficult to track infections. There could be an Amazon warehouse shipping out virus-laden goods in every state and we'll never know without more testing.
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    WHAT??!! Man..... I in no way was looking for something like that. This forum helped us a lot {Here me} when looking for a way to just getaway from the hurricane so-to-speak that was November 8th 2019 up till now. We have come so very far from then, but we are far from the stability we took for granted right up till the day of the Fire and then the diagnosis of my Son {Donnie} literally the day a after! I'd love to own a VR headset, have a great PC to run one, thanks for the offer, and shipping and then some could easily be worked out! Thanks @Spork3245 I have no Idea what they cost but I know they ain't cheap! HalfLife: Alex really caught my eye, and I would love to own a VR Set to give it justice, thanks so much.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFXKTXtil34 That's a pretty interesting video discussing how they've cleaned up the pipeline. It's quite nice. It's not about if you're smart or dumb. You keep talking about things and making extrapolations about things you've shown you don't have an understanding of for simply fanboyish reasons. I'm telling you this as both a former game developer and graphics pipeline programmer. Just cut it out and you'll get called out less. It's not really an either/or scenario. It's about reducing the workload being sent through the GPU on things you don't see. The standard culling method mention in the video is something you still would do to save on stuff being sent off to the GPU for transformation and processing. This video is on processes you can do while in the geometry stage to cull further before it's sent off further down the pipeline to later stages (tessellation/fragment/rop).
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    I can’t promise you when, legitimately probably awhile from now, but if you still don’t have a VR set when I inevitably “upgrade” from my Vive - the OG Vive is yours, just cover the shipping.
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    I don’t consider 10% up days to be healthy. It is the dying gasps of an angry bull still kicking around on the ground.
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    I was just making a joke, that's sad to hear. Someday bru (unless love is something you don't care about, I don't want to be presumptuous). Sometimes the journey is worth it though, is my point!
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    Lets stop pretending that there are a lot of shows with several bad seasons and then good ones. It’s usually 1-2 seasons tops, and it doesn’t apply to most shows. I would also recommend just going through it until you get to the “good part”. Which, for me, I thought the show was good season 2 and on and then the last season was kinda meh.
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    I hope they do Code Veronica next. I have a soft spot for that game but my god has it aged just as poorly as the rest in many ways. I remember thinking that stupid scene where Steve jumps in and they Matrix-camera around him was so cool. Now I watch it and it's like holy shit this is awful.
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    Shit, I paid $40 on Steam. I'm on a powerhouse PC, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but I haven't had much in the way of long load times or crashes. The load times are longer than a game like this should be, but it's still between 10-20 seconds on my PC. As for crashes, the game has bugged on me in the mech menu screen on occasion but I'm usually able to get out of it without crashing - I think a lot of the patches/updates since release have fixed a lot of the issues people in reviews had mentioned. Regardless, so far for me the game is very stable, but not 100% so. I should note the soundtrack is also really good (as good as the Shadowrun games) which helps a lot with a slow, methodical game like this, and the atmosphere of the space sequences really sells the Mass Effect like feel of traveling a large universe (in some ways, the game is very Dune-esque). I love how real it feels. You have to pay for everything, the in-universe mythology makes sense and is consistent, and getting to places takes days, weeks, and months and an in-game clock tracks that as you prepare and travel between star systems for missions. It's a very all-encompassing game. I only knew of the BattleTech universe tangentially, I imagine someone who is a deep fan of it must love this game. @TwinIon, if you do get it let me know, as I have some suggestions to make things easier when people first load the game up! It's a longer game, so be prepared for that if you jump in. But if one is in the mood for this type of game, this is the pinnacle of it.
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    Exactly my point. We know some of the workers are infected, but we have no idea if a virus that can survive more than two days out in the wild is surviving the overnight delivery to customers. Instead, we have sick people that got infected from...somewhere. Many of whom might actually be doing a good job practicing social distancing. If only. My wife is an essential worker (mental health care therapist) for a company (mental health care provider) that is deemed essential and she's not getting tested. I'm an essential employee (IT manager) working for an essential employer (government contractor) and I'm not getting tested. The craziness around testing is absurd.
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    Unfair to says America. More like Trump.
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    Bojack Horseman: All the series So I started watching this about two and a half weeks ago (and have run through the whole of it). I'll start with I really didn't want to like the programme in the slightest. I really didn't like the character design, the animation or the first few episodes. However, as soon as it hit it's stride...fuck me it's good. There were some parts where I feel it loses sight of the 'comedy' and goes a bit too far down a path that's neither that interesting or engaging, but so many times it decides to walk a difficult line and comes out fantastically. I will happily put this up there with other top-tier animations (Rick & Morty, South Park, The Simpson's, Archer) and look forward to revisiting this with my Wife (who due to my endless enthusiasm, refused to watch it with me). A+ stuff.
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    Michael Biehn cast in Season 2 of The Mandalorian Aaaaaah fuck yeah
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    So a one time payment to cover a year or more long issues seems completely rational.
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    NPR interviewed Max Brooks on the general state of shit being fucked up vis-a-vis the federal response to COVID https://www.npr.org/transcripts/820601571
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    Trump is likely getting credit for everything local and state officials have some in their respective districts. Also, Americans are REALLY bad at understanding risk. Since they don't know anyone that has died them her must be doing something right since that's a good thing. Most people really don't understand how things are getting worse because fold in this country don't understand statistics. It really is a subject that should be taught to kids in middle and high school.
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    I’ve seen a lot of Black people refer to it as rona on twitter
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    It happens. Or you're experiencing a glitch in The Matrix... are you the chosen one?
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    Here is a link to the post that is linking the article
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    If you want a bloody maid costume this one looks tite Sadly I made a guy
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