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    Maybe all that "vote for someone else" shit was a cry for help.
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    Yeah, no. The material needs of this generation, and upcoming generations, aren't going away. Health care isn't getting cheaper, student debt isn't going anywhere, housing/transportation costs keep rising, and climate change is only getting worse. We're also looking at an incoming generation that is very diverse and won't be able to forget that the "other side" is chock full of white supremacists and plutocrats. And the answers to these issues from the right is either indifference, hostility, or straight up fascism. These Trump years will not be forgotten. Bernie is the beginning of the project, not the end
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    A bunch of jackasses stand in different corners of rooms instead of voting. If your candidate doesn't have enough support you can stand in a different corner or go home. It's like ranked choice voting but everyone knows who you voted for
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    https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/482607-klobuchar-we-need-to-build-a-big-tent-for-anti-abortion-democrats Yeah I'm a hard no on that. Being against abortion is fine, but being against abortion rights is not.
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    Yeah 4 players is tough. 3 is the sweet spot as you can usually have the best player handling two tasks and the other two handling singular tasks. 4 players is too hard for me, as our situation is usually one decent player, two that are casual gamers at best, and one that needs constant reminders of which button is the A button. In other words, when the best player on the team is ME, we're in deep shit lol.
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    My God - don't you liberals ever get tired of going over the same well-worn ground over and over and over again? It's no wonder you all keep losing.
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    Other than your constant updates to who is running, I don’t think people even realize Deval Patrick is even running
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    This song gave me two things: my avatar, and an easy way to remember what days make up the weekend.
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    On a side note, I got my ballot for the Florida primary in the mail today.
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    When Sanders is president I want Marianne Williamson to run NASA. We'd be going to the Moon to mine moon crystals in no time
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    Now that Michael Bennet has dropped out of the race a crack team of reporters are hard at work trying to find out who the fuck Michael Bennet is.
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    I'm going to be serious for a moment: whoever convinced Biden to get into this race should be charged with elder abuse. I'm not kidding at all.
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    They shouldn't be in leadership, and don't change the party position about abortion, but also don't push these guys out either.
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    The DNC needs to just go back to making deals in smoke filled rooms to figure out who the candidate will be like they did prior to the 70s.
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    Also, I keep hearing people cite these statistics, so I am going to go ahead and nip it in the bud. Citing the 10% of Bernie supporters that went to Trump isn't telling the whole story. What about Jill Stein? She tripled her 2012 numbers. Anecdotally, I know a Bernie supporter that went for Stein. Gary Johnson also did way better. Plus, we don't know how many Bernie supporters just decided to stay home. A way more likely outcome than voting for Trump. Not that any of this matters! Just seeing those statistics thrown around lately is really grinding my gears lol.
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    I'm just saying those numbers don't prove or disprove anything. Lopez thinks it undercuts that claim, but I think it does nothing for the claim either way.
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    Why? Cubans are so under-represented in politics!
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    @ShreddieMercuryRising Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars New Super Mario Bros. Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Kirby's Epic Yarn Punch-Out!! Wario Ware Smooth Moves Mad World ZACK & WIKI: QUEST FOR BARBAROS' TREASURE
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    I mean, I’m pretty sure Trump already did, hence that “part one of a physical” he had a few months ago.
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    I honestly do have concerns about Sanders' age, but not enough that I'm gonna vote for any of these other dopes that are still viable in the race
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    Christ, how long before we see "It's #Klobbering Time" trending?
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    believe me my expectations are not very high
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