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    Bonhoeffer was a German Protestant theologian who was part of the anti-Nazi resistance while employed as a member of German military intelligence. He was eventually arrested and ultimately executed in April 1945, a few weeks before Soviet forces finished off the Reich.
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    I believe the point wasn't what was owed, but what the insurance was charged. Without insurance they charge less, but it's still tens of thousands of dollars.
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    Donald Trump makes me ashamed to be an American. Donald Trump makes me ashamed to be a human. Fuck every idiot who voted for him. It boggles my fucking mind.
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    right wing populism is fascism, on the left, it's the welfare state. They're the same thing! Both sides!
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    For anyone else it would be bad but for you it’s one of your better posts
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    I don't want a populist of any kind. I'm the wrong audience for that argument.
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    William Weld wins one of Iowa's delegates, preventing Trump from sweeping all of Iowa's delegates.
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    Context and knowing your audience is important, I suppose. If I were a politician giving a speech in front of a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts and I quoted the South Park episode where the kids are calling Harley riders "fags", it might not go over very well.
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    Also you may be covered and did all of your savings beforehand, but on the day your wife comes close to bleeding out after a difficult labor and the anastisiologist that you got your original spinal from was covered but the anastisiologist for the emergency C-section and 4 hours after the surgery they kept her sedated, you could end up with a bill for 5 to 10k and a depressed wife who feels like her body put your family in the poor house.
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    For the grief Liz gets/got for being a republican until the 90's (and was never elected as one) Bloomberg seems to be getting a pass because of the money he can spend on one singular issue: gun control. It's not even like he consistently gives money to the Dems: he just recently (2016) spent millions helping Republican Pat Toomey keep his Senate seat in PA, which he won by 1.5%. Mike was elected as a republican. He praised George W Bush for fucks sake. He's awful, and this barely scratches the surface. Fuck Mike Bloomberg
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    To the best of my knowledge, Citizens United has no effect on individuals spending their own money on their own campaign.
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    ^ I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This is a perfect demonstration of the problem.
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    As an aside, I understand Trump is a narcissistic charlatan, that we have a lot of people that are suffering, and that we have a host of problems to solve, but to say “nothing about this nation works for the vast majority of its citizens” is overstating the case. We’re still doing pretty well by global standards. We have to balance acknowledging the concerns of those who are struggling with acknowledging what is working—Trump is what you get when too many people buy into the America-as-dystopia narrative. No matter who succeeds Trump—whether it’s Bernie or someone else—We need a leader who is going to harness people’s optimism, not just stoke their anger. And I think Bernie’s smart for disavowing communism. I actually have no problem with the (stateless, libertarian) ‘end-state’ of communism as described by guys like Proudhon...but that’s not what the word communism is associated with nowadays. And the last thing any sane person would ever want would be to live under the Stalin’s and Mao’s of the world, or even the modern-day Chinese authoritarian state.
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    The fact that you can have one of the most (although definitely not THE most) disgusting examples of capitalism as President and then be scared of a guy because he's a "communist" is hilarious. Nothing about this nation works for the vast majority of its citizens. We are sucking more and more and lagging behind the rest of the world in numerous critical areas but keep on digging that hole because we've turned Capitalism into a religion.
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    It is a fun game. I also have it on the PS Vita. It really deserves a full he release. Very pretty repetative but fun. I have played it also on my PSTV.
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    As someone who would more than likely lose his job due to a drastically reduced defense budget, I say:
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    & this is why Bernie would destroy Trump. Trump is a fraud and Bernie's record allows him to expose that.
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    Yo yo yo, "He's an authentic, honest actor (30-40 years of consistent political and social values) in a typically corrupt industry, if nothing else that should give you some solace," is not a pitch for Trump. Trump has been inconsistent on social values and who he likes his entire life.
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    If it comes down to getting the Iowa count exactly right we're all turbo fucked.
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    Like, if you really want to game things out there's also something to be said for being gracious (especially when the details really don't matter; the IDP numbers are far past trustworthy even with a recanvass) -- something neither of these candidates are showing with this kind of focus. If coalition building is essential to winning a brokered convention then get ready to welcome your 2020 nominee Elizabeth Warren.
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    You know, the thing that's really sticking in my craw regarding primary polling -- the number of undecided voters. 36% in this poll! It makes me really wonder how accurate primary polling is with regards to its predictive capacity.
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    I mean, it was either name calling a woman or just a really stupid thing to say. Either way it’s a bad look.
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    No insurance or worse insurance is how people go bankrupt. Look at how much the hospital is charging there and how lucky they are they had insurance that covered the vast majority of it. I believe that's the point here.
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    The NRA spends like $5 million a year on lobbying. I don’t know why people think they spend so much money. Google as a comparison spends $15-20 million a year on lobbying. The power of the NRA is not in the dollars it spends, but in the way it’s painted itself as the last line of defense against tyrants who want to take your guns. And amusingly, liberals calling out the NRA all the time plays directly into that narrative
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    I mean upset in the sense that we're all left wondering how something one over another, like how last year we were all wondering how the fuck Bohemian Rhapsody won best editing.
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    That would be hard to deal with. Sorry for your loss and that happening.
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    And if you're a journalist, you risk your career by being anything other than deferential to him Bloomberg is the only candidate worse than Pete
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    Okay, the last few episodes of S9 got really good and funny actually, like they shook off the rust and now the first two episodes of S10 are fucking great. That first episode with the MAGA hat especially was fantastic. Also Jeff being confused for Weinstein is great.
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    Is it bad that when I saw PARASITE WINS in headlines and saw Asian people I thought it was an update on the coronavirus? Like oh shit China is gone bro
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    Tonight’s episode of the Oscars was directed by M. Night.
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    As President, I would livestream my prostate exam.
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    Forensic Files. . .even though I've seen each episode probably at least three times.
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    It’s hilarious how much you hate Scorsese over him not liking marvel movies
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    Irishman for visual effects. I now know the reason this GIF exists. Thank you, Mr. Scorsese for making it possible. And Missing Link is the definition of “meh”.
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