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    As I grow older, I come to see death as not a tragedy for the person who died, but for the people they leave behind. Even the worst assholes have people that loved them, and their death causes immense grief.
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    This is a huge loss for the sports world and for Los Angeles as well. Kobe was LA sports. He transcended the game. People on ESPN are crying. It’s very insensitive to not understand why people are crying over a guy they didn’t personally know, because you don’t need to KNOW somebody for them to have an impact on your life. I grew up watching Kobe play. It’s very shocking to hear this news. My thoughts with the families affected. Two families lost a parent and daughter and millions feel the loss of somebody who inspired them, or at the least enjoyed watching play.
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    RIP. May his spirit continue to guide my paper balls into the trashcan
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    I was never a fan of the guy, but damn, we have some assholes in here. Some heavy news to wake up to. Guy was still a legend and I feel bad for his family.
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    What @sblfilms said was entirely appropriate and accurate. It's all part of his legacy. Either way, tragic this happened.
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    This is one of those all time great moments in NBA history.
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    Only if you don't understand what makes a good film!
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    Only if you don't understand what makes a good film!
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    Only if you don't understand what makes a good film!
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    Fox News didn’t exist when Nixon was in office.
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    All I can do is shake my head. This is the same guy that's going to be acquitted by the senate.
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    Kennedy is a modern producer and has been incredibly successful in that role for her career and at Lucasfilm. Lucasfilm under her direction has generated over 10 billion in box office, home video, and merchandise sales. Feige and Marvel are a different beast. Feige is like a 1930s/40s producer, a far more creative force than the average modern producer. He is directly involved in ensuring consistency across all the Marvel properties at a base creative level. He’s more like a show runner on a TV series, just at a massive scale. His run has been incredibly impressive. But they represent very different approaches to producing. Personally, I generally prefer producers to operate more like Kennedy because I want directors to have more creative control. I’ll take a genuinely terrible movie like ROS to get a genuinely great movie like TLJ.
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    Imagine a Bernie/Warren administration where Bernie is out-and-about or utilizing the bully pulpit and Warren translates his ideas into functional policy proposals.
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    Star Wars climaxes still get me. They're still phenomenal and memorable. I don't know exactly how Vulture vs. Spider-Man went despite really digging Homecoming. I do, however, know each climax because there were always memorable moments, even in the bad ones. Star Wars continues to provide me with amazing memories. I got through the prequel trilogy, where everything now looks fake as FUCK, so I can get through 9 disappointing me.
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    All Jonah hill wants to do in that movie is have sex. if all you look at is plot structure I totally see how you think it’s pretty much the same movie. But fortunately there is much more to Booksmart than that. Comparing it directly to a movie about horny teenage boys is pretty lame. it’s also sad that a female-led movie is being constantly compared to a male-led movie.
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    This. I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy Marvel movies while I’m watching them. But other than Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians 1 there’s not a single thing I can remember about them. Meanwhile Star Wars and DC films have created infinitely more interesting movies even if the quality has been more up and down. Also the idea that KK needs to replaced blows my mind. I mean I get if someone isn’t a fan of the newer Star Wars films but they’ve been massively successful and generally very well received. But yeah she sucks and doesn’t know what she’s doing 🙄
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    Looks more like the ship on Asteroids from Windows 3.1
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    Going to have to disagree with you there. You can absolutely tell which films were made by Shane Black and Taika Waititi. Hell even Captain American: The First Avenger feels a little bit like a movie made by the guy that did The Rocketeer. And I'll definitely disagree with the notion they stopped being interesting 5 years ago, before they even concluded The Infinity Wars story. Both final Avengers films are just brilliant pieces of popcorn cinema and I love them to death. Not sure if your post is meant to be a defense of the current crop of Star Wars films but I'd definitely call Rogue One, Solo, and Episode 9 empty films. They're mildly satisfying in the moment but they don't hold up over time or with subsequent views.
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    Because the directors aren’t the main creative force behind MCU movies, Feige is. That’s why every MCU movie has the same look and feel, why they repeat the same plot structure over and over. That’s why the MCU stopped being interesting 5 or so years ago. Creating a bunch of well made and empty movies isn’t what I would like to see out of Lucasfilm. I knew there was no chance of real directorial freedom when Edgar Wright got canned right before product on Ant Man and they brought in bland Peyton Reed to direct. In fact, the usage of so many people who learned their craft directing TV shows is a great indicator of what Feige wants, which is somebody to carry out his vision.
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    He 100% was thinking of Belarus but mixed it up with Bangladesh, which makes this all the more comical (?).
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    Kobe was really destined to do some great things post-NBA career. He was a big advocate of the WNBA and worked hard to grow the game of women’s basketball. Dude even won an Oscar. Not to mention everything his daughter could have accomplished as well as the others on board. Doc Rivers was right when he said not many have the same DNA as him. Kobe was special.
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    As I mentioned previously, my father was a fixed-wing pilot for over 30 years and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with helicopters because he considered them to be "inherently aerodynamically unstable". However, helicopters CAN recover from engine failure using a technique called autorotation where upward airflow rather than actual engine power keeps the rotor system operating:
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    Wait, he was flying the Chopper?! FUCK. Did I miss when he was convicted of rape?
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    Some of you guys really need to get off of the internet and interact with real breathing people every once in awhile. I hope none of his kids were on there with him... him dying is bad enough., Anybody heard anything about Rick Fox being on there with him too?
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    ...but enough about the licensing agreement with EA.
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    Wasn’t expecting you to be the asshole. rip in peace Kobe
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    I disagree completely. I would much rather have what we’ve gotten with the new Star Wars movies, with different directors adding their different unique takes. Than Marvels cookie cutter, everything is exactly the same with no risks, approach. Star Wars doesn’t need some grand overlord making sure everything feels the same
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    Fuck, I'm legit laughing out loud. Well played, sir.
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    Maybe your gf and I should hang out while you watch it.
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    I finished my complete reread of the Dark Tower a few days ago. Since then I've just been reading a short story of his here and there while I try to figure out what big book or series I want to dig into After watching the show, I have little interest in trying to pick Song of Ice and Fire back up. Especially when there's still no telling when he'll finally finish it. Still want to give Sanderson a few more books of a lead before I finally start Stormlight. After The Dark Tower and Wheel of Time I am not super keen on starting any series that is going to be another decade or more wait for the conclusion. I just got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, so I am thinking I might look around for some of King's one of books or catch up with Sanderson's Mistborn series.
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    This issue falls back on the movie industry as well. By using social media to generate hype or sales prediction for films they opened the door for criticism, for every fanboy screaming out praise there is a mouth breather shitting on it and in some instances those 2 are one in the same. The solution for this is simple,the internet mob only has the power they are given,ignore them and the power disappears. If the film industry keeps correcting course to appease the mob thats its own failures and this will continue.
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    OH MY WORD! I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED this show immensely! I was completely "engaged" (pun FULLY intended!) for its entirety and am ALL IN for it!
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    Have you played it? If you ignore the MMO parts it's very KOTOR. The story is very robust for all the classes. You go on quests. I mean you can even solo it if you so choose.
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    Even more interesting, imagine being in the studio next door, recording music for Wild Wild West, and hating what life has brought you.
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    KOTOR 3-9 happened already in the Star Wars The Old Republic.
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    Imagine being one of the people in that room, recording that amazing piece of music and seeing the first new footage of Star Wars in 18 years above you. I can't imagine how it would have affected some of them emotionally.
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    When can we start calling it "Captain Trips"?
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