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    I first watched TPM around 10 years after it came out so I went in prepared for Jar Jar. What I'd never heard about, though, was that there was an entire race of Jar Jars. I still remember, 10 years on, the feeling of my heart sinking when I got to the part where there was a whole race of them.
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    Here’s how the first three seasons of Clone Wars goes. Season 1 - This is clearly for kids but it’s a fun, well produced Flash Gordon style thing Season 2 - They're fleshing out some stuff nicely but I wonder if they’ll run out of steam Season 3 - Wait what the fuck now this show is about how Palpatine secretly pulled the strings in an attempt to deregulate banks so the Republic would take on more debt to make more clone soldiers thereby becoming more autocratic? And it’s now stanning hard for a regulated financial market and due political process? What? It’s a trip.
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    Should have sniped more civilians and taken selfies with his dead enemies.
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    Having rewatched the movie last week and watched the climax several times, I always remember what @sblfilms said about the score when he saw an early screening. I think many of us thought TFA had good music, but not super memorable, and he said that TLJ's score cements the scenes with the music (similar to how you can hear the end of ESB's climax in your head along with the scene). And with both The Spark: And the ending duel, specifically the final minute (timestamped): I'm pretty sure TLJ has my favorite score of the Saga next to Empire. The Spark is a favorite among a lot of fans, but The Last Jedi (the piece of music that plays in the finale) is so damn good. Great use of Kylo's theme, great revelation, and once Luke vanished, the music just sounds like Kylo's rage and confusion. Seriously great shit. Something I saw in the comments that I never really thought about: I always loved the "See ya round, kid," line coming from Luke, but I never really connected it to something that sounds like Han. Kylo went nuts when Luke mentioned Kylo's father, and he gives him a Han-like line, plus uses the light saber that Kylo says "belongs to [him]." Talk about using someone's anger against him. Too great a movie. We didn't deserve it. Well, y'all didn't. I did and I'll deserve his future SW movies.
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    Triage got me an Elite v2... and it’s even more beautiful than I had imagined. And not video game related, but this:
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    "Oh man, that game looks friggin awesome! I can not wait to try it ou...*clicks* oh, it's been in my library for 3 years and I played it for 15 minutes...."
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    Of all the billionaires, she's the last I would have expected to get first
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    I’ll pile on. My 67 year old mother just finished it. Zero experience with the source material, had no trouble following it. Even picked up that decades were passing in between some of Geralts stories. The context clues are there.
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    I finished the show moments ago and then came into this thread and this article caught my eye. This guy points out what I've noticed about reviewers YEARS ago. I don't know why folks still bother with them to be honest. I dug the show. It's definitely different and requires more effort on the viewer's part. Henry Cavill does a great Geralt (He's clearly a fan of the game) and the entire cast actually grew on me despite my initial reservations. Soundtrack was great as well... very reminiscent of the game. I didn't find the timeline stuff confusing at all... if you're paying attention it's not that hard tp figure out. Looking forward to the next season, but before that I definitely want to rewatch on my TV when I get back home in 4K. I'd give this first season a solid 8.
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    To be fair, just about every Star Wars youtuber has had a theory about Rey being a Kenobi, a secret Skywalker, and a Palpatine. There’d be video of people being right now matter what the truth ended up being.
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    @atom631 - Blessed Sol Invictus has shone his beneficent light upon you! What do you wish from him?
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    She's the closest thing there is to a self made, good billionaire*
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    I recently rewatched TPM and AOC and yes TPM has maul and duel of fates (pod racing is cool but shit goes on so long). Some of the AOC stuff is cool but what makes me put it second to last and not last, is literally jar jar. I forgot how prominent he is throughout the whole movie. They both have awful dialogue but I hated my time with TPM slightly more than AOC. awesome duel of fates part and BAM cut to jar jar doing something stupid and I don’t really care much for the order at the bottom because they’re both so fucking bad.
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    I don't get how anyone can put TPM last when it has Pod FUCKING Racing, Darth only exists to be cool Maul, and Duel of the mother fuckin' Fates. And thanks to its existence it spawned one of the best Weird Al songs.
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    Holy shit... IGN has a poll on their page about the Star Wars movies... The trolls are representing BEST OVERALL STAR WARS MOVIE 1st. Place EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 2nd. Place REVENGE OF THE SITH FAVORITE SEQUEL TRILOGY FILM 1st. Place THE FORCE AWAKENS 2nd. Place RISE OF SKYWALKER 3rd. Place THE LAST JEDI WORSE STAR WARS MOVIE 1st. Place THE LAST JEDI 2nd. Place ATTACK OF THE CLONES
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    Didn't she once donate herself out of her billionaire status? At least she just wrote super popular books to get rich instead of inheriting it and screwing over countless people in the process.
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    Having watched Solo again, I'm going with these rankings. Empire > A New Hope > The Last Jedi > Rogue One > Rebels > Clone Wars > Return of the Jedi > The Force Awakens > Solo > The Rise of Skywalker > Sith > Menace > Clones The only truly groan-worthy thing in Solo was how he got his name. RoS just slaps you in the face during the opening crawl and over-delivers fan service where it's not needed. I'll still buy it when it's on blu because I'm a completionist whore. I hope to hell Abrams is never involved in a franchise I give a shit about ever again.
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    I remember when my cat Kirby was a kitten he would go nuts when I played my PSP. If the screen would catch a light reflection he would climb the wall trying to get it. I would be playing a game, totally oblivious, and all of a sudden hear him slam into something. He still has a particular interest in playing with shadows the way none of my other cats have. He will start chasing his sister, but never touch her because he is actually chasing the shadow of her tail. So he starts slapping the floor behind her, she freaks out and starts running, and he runs behind her slapping the floor all the way Also, for a totally unrelated reason, her name is Shadow. So he's chasing Shadow's shadow
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    To (belatedly) celebrate the ancient Roman feasts of Saturnalia and Sol Invictus (the Unconquered Sun), I'm gonna roll our Thanksgiving thread over so that your entries will carryover into this one! Naturally, if you didn't post for Thanksgiving, you can absolutely do so now!
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    I used the IGN boards, including the Vesti, back in the mid 2000s.
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    Don't the books (at least the two short story anthologies) also jump around in time like this?
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    Yeah, my husband hasn't played the games or read the books and he's following it without much trouble.
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    tbh, I actually felt TFA felt the most like parts of the OT to me, so YMMV I don't even think there's one complete feeling to the OT.
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    I haven’t ever seen the prequels before and somehow never had them spoiled, also haven’t seen the original trilogy since I was a kid. Im also doing a marathon and I guess I’ll end it by seeing ep9 in the theater just because I’m in this now. I did see force awakens in the theater but don’t remember it much so I’ll watch that again before I watch TLJ. So far I’m nearing the end of Empire Strikes Back and it’s the most boring one for me. So far my ranking is ep2 > ep 4 > ep 3> ep1 > ep5 I haven’t seen Rouge or Solo, I’ll watch those after the in order episode run. Im not just trying to be contrarian it’s just the original trilogy is seriously just as corny as the prequels and yeah JarJar is offensive but so is Han Solo kind of being a creeper. There is a lot of world building and sci fi politics in the prequel series so if I’m ignoring the corny parts I find that more interesting than what’s in the original trilogy so far. KOTOR is obviously by far the best star wars story in a visual media ofc.
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    I have a pretty good feeling my gf got me the Elite V2 controller.
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