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    Star Wars Fans: "TFA sucks because Han and Leia didn't change at all! Plus why are they still using the same ships from the O.T.?" Also Star Wars Fans: "TLJ sucks because Luke changed too much and would NEVER give up to dispair no matter how momentary it was!" you can't make this shit up.
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    I didn't mean to single you out and was speaking more generally... the criticisms of these films run the gamut when the simple truth is that they are basically children's films that adults are scrutinizing like they're War and Peace. The disconnect comes from the fact that for some, the films no longer have the same impact on them as they did when they were kids... they grew up, the films really didnt and a lot of the stuff that people are criticizing the modern films for was in the O.T. as well. So we get all of these over thought analyses to rationalize why people dont feel the same about the films. Accept the fact the movies are what they are and enjoy them or not. But these circular critiques from "fans" are comical to be honest. Again @cusideabelincoln no offense.
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    Reinforcing what the audience knows is fine when you have 22-24 episodes, it’s just hard to waste an episode in this way when you only have 8 to work with.
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    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/poll-no-democratic-front-runner/ That's from October 2003. Kerry was in 5th. There's a non-zero chance that the Democratic nominee isn't one of the top 4 right now.
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    Jesus I can’t believe how much more fun this game gets once you get all your force powers. Not just from a combat perspective(freezing a blaster bolt then force pulling the trooper who shot it and putting him in front of the bolt is so damn satisfying) but from a platforming perspective as well. I haven’t had this much fun just platforming around and exploring since the Prince of Persia games.
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    I actually like disillusioned Luke because it gives us a portrayal of someone questioning concepts that people just hold onto. I can see the other argument, though, and also acknowledge how he got there is a bit weak as we have been shown, since all of the character development for the Luke/Kylo breakup happens off-screen.
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    Alright, the next beneficiary is @EternallDarkness Whaddya want?
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    Besides, I think we've established by now that this particular Mandalorian does tend to initially get the snot kicked out of him by practically everything.
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    We haven't had one of these in a while, but you know the drill by now Post once in this thread during the Thanksgiving weekend and you'll be eligible to be randomly selected for a game drawing during the 4-day weekend.
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    I mean if they wanted to show something that is quintessential Han they could have show the origin of his vest. The Dice came out of nowhere.
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    dice thing was definitely unnecessary, but then it was stupid when we saw them in TLJ, they just came out of nowhere and meant nothing
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    That seems like a game that would benefit from being untethered. Why would you pay top dollar for an experience you find barely acceptable? Especially when the tech is just going to continue to improve? That just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I was leaning towards the PSVR or the Quest for primarily for the price point. Dropping a couple of hundred dollars for tech that is still basically a gimmick is fine at this point. What won me over to Sony's system ultimately was the games it has that you can't play anywhere else. Honestly the Quest may have suited me better, with it being untethered but I decided to go with Sony. I know Valve's system is the most advanced , but the price point along with not having the room to set up that system properly made it prohibitive for me at the moment. I've played around with it and it IS cool. But Sony's machine is decent enough at this point for the price and the fact that it will be compatible with the PS5.
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    They could have just turned the villagers all into silent assassins and snuck into the base at night to do a little throat ventilating. lol
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    Some proper heroics that can be underscored by some Benny Hill music!
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    it is still the definition of a trailer. trail·er /ˈtrālər/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. an unpowered vehicle towed by another. 2. an excerpt or series of excerpts from a movie or program used to advertise it in advance; a preview. "terrific trailers for mediocre movies"
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    Christmas gift for a close friend (Luckily he doesn't read these boards). The pad is in really good shape, sadly couldn't try it out since I didn't have any games for it. I also picked up a copy of Dr Chaos for nes. I've been curious to give this one a go after seeing it so often when looking at Famicom Disk games.
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    I just binged all the episodes, 4 was the weakest but no means bad. It didn’t move the plot forward but it did reinforce what we already knew. Gina Carano acting was fine and I got no issues with her going toe to toe considering the way she’s built.
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    Same. I haven't had any trouble with any of these episodes so far. I think RedLetterMedia has a lot to do with influencing peoples' opinions (or at least how they express their opinions). I haven't found a fan of RLM that has actually enjoyed Star Wars films.
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    I fundamentally cannot imagine watching things the way some of you guys do. It sounds completely joyless.
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    Par for the course with Star Wars as quite a lot of Luke’s training in the force also happens off screen.
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    To be fair, I don't think the first is what @cusideabelincoln was saying. He said they were the same characters as we met them in ANH, meaning it was like they ignored the character development that happened with them in ESB and RotJ (and ANH itself).
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    I'm fine with re-using those kinds of assets. The more egregious offense is his plot: Having the saber be a McGuffin at all. Re-using the Death Star trope for a third time, in the same ticking time bomb manner as ANH. At least ROTJ used the trope a different way, giving us the best moments of the entire Saga with the throne room scenes. Making Kylo a Vader rip-off. Worse yet, not giving us any reason why he worships Vader, a person he's never met, at all. Snoke and The First Order existing as copycat Palpatine and Empire. Han and Leia being the same exact characters as we first met them in ANH. And then JJ has the audacity to meta commentate on these bad decisions by having characters of movie say shit like "There's always a way to blow it (Starkiller base) up" and "going back to doing what they (Han + Leia) were good at." All of the interesting character development takes place outside the scope of the movies.
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    Highly trained warrior, played by a former MMA fighter, and fight ends in a tie. Some people just don't like women breaking the old stereotype and it shows.
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    As per @Greatoneshere's request, here is the OpenCritic review score aggregate: Game Information Game Title: Shenmue III Platforms: PC (Nov 19, 2019) PlayStation 4 (Nov 19, 2019) Developer: YS Net Publisher: Deep Silver Review Aggregator: OpenCritic - 71 average - 40% recommended Critic Reviews Digitally Downloaded - 5 / 5 stars Paste Magazine - 9.9 / 10 Niche Gamer - 9.5 / 10 DualShockers - 8.5 / 10 GamingTrend - 85 / 100 PC Gamer - 83 / 100 Game Revolution - 4 / 5 stars GamesRadar+ - 4 / 5 stars Hobby Consolas - Spanish - 80 / 100 PlayStation Universe - 8 / 10 Twinfinite - 4 / 5 VideoGamer - 8 / 10 Wccftech - 8 / 10 GamePro - German - 76 / 100 Everyeye.it - Italian - 7.5 / 10 The Games Machine - Italian - 7.5 / 10 Spaziogames - Italian - 7.3 / 10 Fextralife - 7.1 / 10 Destructoid - 7 / 10 Gameblog - French - 7 / 10 Gamer Escape - 7 / 10 Gamersky - Chinese - 7 / 10 GamingBolt - 7 / 10 Hardcore Gamer - 3.5 / 5 IGN Italy - Italian - 7 / 10 IGN Spain - Spanish - 7 / 10 Saudi Gamer - Arabic - 7 / 10 Screen Rant - 3.5 / 5 stars GameCrate - 6.5 / 10 Gamefa - Persian - 6.5 / 10 PlayStation LifeStyle - 6.5 / 10 Worth Playing - 6.5 / 10 Cheat Code Central - 3 / 5 Game Informer - 6 / 10 GameSpew - 6 / 10 Just Push Start - 3 / 5 Metro GameCentral - 6 / 10 VG247 - 3 / 5 stars IGN - 5.9 / 10 TechRaptor - 5 / 10 USgamer - 2.5 / 5 stars Gamers Heroes - 45 / 100 Bazimag - Persian - 4.2 / 10 Tech Advisor - 2 / 5 stars Eurogamer - Recommended Polygon - Unscored Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Unscored
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    Not as good as the first 3 (that’s a high bar) but I still really enjoyed it. I liked having an episode where we got a little more character development time as well as building more of the bond between Mando and Baby Yoda. Uhh I don’t get any of the stupid problems people are having with the shock trooper(I don’t remember her name). She didn’t whip his ass it ended in a tie basically. She was just another highly trained warrior. If that character had been played by a man no one would have said a damn thing. Stupid.
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    My Thanksgiving meals consisted of two protein shakes and oatmeal.
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    Because Sony are bunch of greedy assholes and wanted to keep the 30% retailer cut for digital games for themselves, they stopped allowing retailers to sell digital versions of their games on April Fools' Day this year (no, I'm not kidding - Sony REALLY DID make the policy effective on 01 April 2019!) and because PSN is such an absolutely antiquated, backasswards network, it doesn't allow for the gifting of digital games which practically EVERY OTHER digital retailer (Steam/XBL/GOG/GMG/Origin/Battle.net) allows. The only other digital storefront that doesn't allow gifting is Ubisoft's Uplay which is fantastic company to be in. So, I'll send you the code for a $60 PSN gift card so that you can buy Death Stranding directly from PSN itself
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    I ate a little bit of this and that at lunch during Black Thanksgiving, and nothing at Mexican Thanksgiving though we did play some fun games. White College Football Thanksgiving today was a bit of a snooze, but some reheated leftovers was nice.
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    Not the best episode. I guess he can remove his helmet, if no one else can see.
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    maybe because when you're concluding a specific saga, that might not be the best time to introduce new shit? That's what series like The Mandalorian and other media like Jedi Fallen order is for.
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    Our first recipient is @Remarkableriots - what title and for what system?
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    I have a feeling that this movie is going to be VERY well received by fans, and then like TFA, see a dropoff within a month or two (in opinion) once people realize how it almost entirely relies on nostalgia. If TFA was ANH, then TROS is ROTJ: Palpatine is big bad Death Star II is literally in the movie Wicket the Ewok reappears Lando More planet-destroyers And then throw in use of old songs, etc. I'm not saying that it won't be enjoyable! TFA was also very fun and well-made. But it was a weak effort with almost no creative input into the franchise, and I feel like TROS will be the same. Actually, the entire ST so far has been pretty devoid of new ideas and lore.
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    I would need his fortune as compensation to eat 40 of his crappy chain pizzas in 30 days.
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    I like the songs a lot. I think the whole arc of, “dynastic succession means we’re responsible for the land except the shitty parts of town” and I also don’t think it’s “heroic” for the main character to have his ass kissed for reclaiming his birthright after taking a gap year for his whole adolescence. The music is great, though.
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    The Lion King has always been trash.
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    I'm with you on not wishing his suffering for itself. But there is a difference between enjoying his death for itself and valuing his death for the outcome. There are much better idealized outcomes in which he doesn't need to physically suffer or die, but I think him dying from a health problem might be the best that has a chance of happening. It's at least up there. You might agree with that and are only opposing the former, but I thought I'd add that.
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