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    Holy shit I just played for six and a half hours without moving from my couch somehow... This is basically one of those goofy ass experimental, yet awesome, mid-tier PS2 games but with an insane AAA budget. I can't even tell you why or how but somehow the basic Hiking Fetch Quest Simulator gameplay loop is addictive as fuck. The terrain is highly designed in a way that really quite simulates and feels like...actual hiking. I used to hike a lot and the thought process it pushes you into feels familiar. I'm constantly scanning the environment, also oddly satisfying, and intently watching the ground and judging inclines and so on. It's not even like there's much at stake here but something makes it work for me. The story and characters are peak Kojima anime absurdity which I find thoroughly entertaining in its silly schlockiness. About seven hours in total and...I somehow really like whatever the fuck this is and I certainly didn't expect it to engage me for six and a half hours STRAIGHT.
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    Can we please stop with this mentality for game reviews? We're never going to get better criticism and honest reviews if every time a big game comes out and gets a low score people shout it down as "clickbait/trolling/biased", etc. If anything I find game reviews are almost too high a lot of the times because the reviewers don't want to seem like they're hating a game, and get called out for it, so they make caveats as to why the game is still good, hence why we end up with so many games getting 8s, 9s, and 10s. Let's be honest, and if we really don't like a game all that much, give it a 6, or a 5, or even a 4, no matter how big of a title, and AAA it is. Even if a game really is amazing, and a new high point for the medium, if one guy doesn't like it, and gives it a low score, that's fine. Might not take his recommendations if his tastes differ from mine wildly, but at least he's honest, and if the review is well written enough I could see why he didn't like it. Just like with movies that we all seem to love, there's someone out there that just doesn't like it because it wasn't their cup of tea.
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    For almost as long as this forum has existed, being Target Guy has been an established part of my identity. I am now Kroger Guy. More importantly I'll be working in a warehouse, not a store, which was slowly destroying my soul. This should be a much better fit for me, and I'll have a lot more opportunities here.
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    I’ve never agreed with this time frame. Not to mention some have Millennials going out to the early 2000s. my experience around high school was quite different from those born in the mid 90s and early 2000s. By the time they were hitting puberty cell phone ownership and usage in schools among kids was becoming more and more common. Homes with an internet connected PCs were common. And Social Media had become a thing. I feel like Gen X should extend at least to 1985.
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    I feel I'm about 10 hours or so in now. While I never found the delivery stuff amazing, it was fairly serene and satisfying. I could see myself doing that for a while and enjoying it. And then the game starts to take a bat to your kneecaps every 10 steps. Constant interruptions and hassles and systems designed to make things as unpleasant as possible, and not in a fun, surprising way, just you rolling your eyes and saying "Not this shit again." The BTs are completely unfun forced stealth/action sections, every time they show up you're treated to a six and a half hour long gameplay interruption of your little gizmo thing going nuts, right after the game slows down before that as a... warning or something I guess? That part alone is a slog, and you get the same thing when you exit BT territory, the game slows down and your flower ghost detector does a little celebratory thing that's cute maybe the first time it happens. But when you're in that BT territory, it's not scary or tense or anything. It is those things very early on (the first cutscene does a far better job at selling BTs than any gameplay I've been through) and then it's just a hassle. Avoiding them is dead easy unless you're super low on stamina, in which case it's essentially impossible as you can't hold your breath long enough (maybe there's some pro strats I don't know about?) so you're super likely to get caught as BT territory feels damn near endless. So if you do get caught, there's a chance when they're trying to drag you down, even if you're successful at not getting dragged under, that parts of your cargo will fly off and take massive damage, meaning you'll have to escape the BT, then wait the tar pit to vanish, then go inside and get the cargo if you're unwilling to abandon it. Then you get grenades that can handle the BTs, which should be empowering but is instead even more tedious. They take your blood, or blood from blood bags you have on you, which can cause issues in and of itself, but with how long they take to die and how many there are, it can take even longer to get through like this! You eventually learn to start pushing it and having those grenades ready to go at an instant, but you'd better not fucking miss. And it seems like some BTs take just one shot, while others take two? I might be wrong on at one and could just be wasting a grenade because they take SO long to die that I think they can't be dead yet. The most "fun" I've had with this mechanic is when I get on my motorcycle and am successfully able to just blitz through without them catching me, using my roboflower to give me enough general guidance to avoid them... unless they're dead ahead. Then your motorcycle takes damage along with your cargo and it's just a really insufferable slog/mess. That's not to mention the terrain that is clearly designed to be annoying in spots. Not just "this is handcrafted so you can't blow past it," but "this is the most irritating possible terrain we could've possibly imagined for your current kit." Yeah, you get tools and upgrades to make these insufferable things tolerable, but that's just it. What should be fun upgrades just kind of make things less irritating. At which point it's kind of just... boring? See, the thing about the delivery structure is that that sense of hiking and whatnot, at least for me, kind of wore off after a few hours. I'm struggling to imagine how I'm even going to fathom 40 more hours of this. And I usually don't force myself at all when I'm not having a good time, but I feel like I'm always just one or two steps away from having a good time.... but I never get there? The structure building and ladder stuff is way less cool than I thought, every time I get to a spot where I'm like "fuck, made it up this weird mountain, let's pop a ladder and hit the top" I got some dumbass message about being outside the allowed construction zone. I turn around and face it the other way and it works just fine. So I don't know if ladder placement has rules I don't understand or what, but half the time I just can't place them where I want. Outside of prefab buildings and of course spots without enough physical space, I don't think there should be any building/placement limits. You can't even place structures too close to each other. Wouldn't it be dumb, inefficient, but potentially cool to put a few buildings side-to-side and use them as a sort of staircase/platform/spot to put a ladder and make a ramp for vehicles? Except it seems like even for the basic bike, a ladder doesn't serve as a viable platform, which I guess is to be expected, but still disappointing. Gimme a sandbox to go wild in! All these artificial limitations... I'm already rambling too long, but this game really feels like fetch quest: the game, but instead of a normal fetch quest, someone's just fucking kicking you in the knees every couple of minutes to make sure you're not just having a pleasant, zen time. I get why, in terms of story, but I don't think that's a good excuse. Frankly if the game was one long seamless journey across Totally-America-Even-Though-It-Looks-Nothing-Like-America with maybe a couple delivery missions along the way, no combat, keep the Timefall but create more ways to deal with it, etc, have regular upgrades that make traversal really interesting when you get across more wild terrain, I think that would make a really solid 10-15 hour game. As it stands I have no idea what the goal or the point of this game is in terms of gameplay. And don't get me started on the fucking story. It manages to simultaneously have some very bizarre and imaginative imagery while being utterly mundane in every way that matters, metaphors and allegories so surface-level the characters might as well be named the first 3 sentences of their bios. Unsubtle imagery and storytelling is one thing, Kojima then spending 45 minutes to tell you exactly what's going on, after you could tell what was going on going by the first fucking sentence that came out of someone's mouth, is just painful to the point of being unbearable. There's no filter, there was clearly no editor, no one to tell Kojima that you don't need a character to explain their motivations to you, and then follow that up with a codec conversation reiterating literally the exact same thing, followed by a multi-paragraph email detailing it further exactly the same, followed by an interview from 3 years ago that, just in case you missed it the first time, is here to finish the job and put the fucking "Did you get it?" bullet through your brain. Hope you like hearing 8 conversations about chiral being greek for hand and how your hands don't mirror each other perfectly if you face them away from yourself and put one on top of the other, despite being the same if you put them palm-to-palm. Fuuuuuck man, I had hoped hearing all the negative stuff would set my expectations properly and allow me to sort of skirt by the parts that reviewers found boring, but it has only served to underscore just how boring they are. This is paragraph 36 and it still wouldn't equal half an average cutscene conversation in Death Stranding, all to say even less than I'm saying here. That's the problem, they spend hours saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And the most ironic part is that the Fed Ex/walking simulator part of the game is the most interesting bit with the most potential, when it's not trying to poke you in the side with a thumb tack.
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    Game has been absolutely bonkers, bug-nuts crazy with a very compelling world and mythology and story. Love the delivery gameplay, and find the isolation of the world enthralling. I'm only a few hours in, things could change, but if you're patient with your games, I think this really is something very different from any game you've played. Maybe it gets bad later, keep everyone posted. This game is very political and very existential, in a very overt, Kojima way but makes everything feel grounded by making it overt. Also, the graphics are quite impressive (I'm playing on a base PS4, 1080p) and I usually game on a powerful 4K desktop PC. Edit: Honestly, you HEARD IT HERE FIRST. The closest analogue for Death Stranding's actual gameplay is Super Monkey Ball. That should put the "delivery service game" and "empty walking simulator" and "intentionally wonky controls" (it is indeed all of those things, in a good way) criticisms to rest. It's Super Monkey Ball. For the others playing it, you get what I mean?
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    Millennial is either the shortest “generation” thus far, lasting barely a decade, or should start much later and perhaps still be going. You say remember 9/11, I used to say remember hearing their modem connect to the internet. lol The Internet was a catalyst for social, technical, business revolutions unlike any in human history. Mostly due to just how fast it changed the world. The world before 1996 and the world after 2006 were vastly different. Such things like having to learn to use a paper map to find an address vs having an GPS in your car or using an app on a phone and being guided there. From mail, to email, to text and instant messaging happened during this time. people who grew up being able to IM or text anyone at any time have a vastly different view of communication in the world from those who had to call with landlines, send letters by mail, or physically see a person.
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    Bobs opinion is longer than the actual game. Stopped reading at I feel...
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    Precisely. But many have come around to those two games in the intervening years, and I think fans of those two games specifically will really like Death Stranding. This is Kojima far more towards the future sci-fi weirdness of MGS2 and MGS4 than it is the typical "realistic" and "grounded" MGS games everyone loves, MGS3 and MGS: Peace Walker (to me, all great games in all very different ways).
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    Where is the evidence that keeping the program simple is worth it? If you want to argue it on principle that it should be like public schools, that’s one thing. But trying to pretend like administering means testing doesn’t work or doesn’t save lots of money is incorrect. As an example, Warren’s means tested student debt forgiveness costs 1.25 trillion over ten years vs Sanders who doesn’t means test which costs 2.2 trillion. A trillion dollars is not just slightly more money. This is a shit load of spending. Buttigieg makes Obama look like Sean Hannity.
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    For whatever reason... I bought Death Stranding. So far I love it. I watched some trailers here and there when they came out but didn't remember much. I thought the beginning 90min of the game was pretty intense. Excited to dig back in when I get a chance.
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    His hair is so thin you can actually see the shape of his bald head in that still. It looks like a fucking optical illusion.
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    People of color live in Quebec in the back country?
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    The problem is the people actually using the summer break for something will almost certainly be louder than the people who'd prefer that change. We had the same thing at my college, back in the 1950s they instituted a 5 week winter break because they didn't want to pay to heat the buildings in January, and then it stuck because people started using the break for internships and stuff (even though it causes problems for people with summer internships because we wouldn't be done until after Memorial Day).
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    Why? These lists are supposed to be of our favourite games. Minecraft isn't my kind of game.
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    The main 2 things I see about this game 1: I can’t put it down 2: When does it get good?
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    Oh, also The Thing game on the og XBOX is noteworthy and considered a canonical sequel to the film
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    I generally do not mind physical contact with people, but for whatever reason, I LOATHE when people pat me on the shoulder (or even worse, rest their hands there). There are only like four people in my life who have that privilege, and you are not fucking one of them. Don't fucking touch my shoulder.
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    Buncha random-ass letters and numbers that roughly translate to “get the job done”.
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    i5-4570 @ 3.6 16GB DDR3 @1600 GTX 1060 6GB 1TB Crucial SSD Windows 10 Pro
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    I need to get some stuff fixed with my PC. Windows 8 64-bit Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 @ 2.4 GHz GeForce GTX 650 DDR 2 4 GB ram 232 GB HDD
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    Means tested programs fail to imagine every possible situation a family can be in and inevitably leave benefit people the program was designed to help, especially those who aren't good at navigating complicated bureaucracy (which tend to be the ones in most need). Let's say you have a student who's parents make good money but disown their kid because he's gay and therefore refuse to fund his college, how do you come up with a policy that's not going to punish him for having shitty parents. I had a friend in college who hadn't seen her father in years, but his income blocked her ability to get financial aide. How do you prevent an exception from being exploited by those making $151k and are now staring at a $50k tuition bill? Now you've got to come up with a method to combat that. It's the same endless cycle of fighting welfare fraud, which every time hurts those who really need it. I've spent the last 3 weeks trying to arrange my new Full Time job's compensation and benefits around 4 different disability programs, each of which has strict means testing (SSI, Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, Department of Voc Rehab) but have programs to get around those rules which are also means tested with strict rules (SSI 1619B, Voc Rehab economic offset, ABLE Account, Special Needs Trust). My point is, anytime we create a government program that excludes X, we need to think about are the enforcement mechanisms worth the harm you're going to cause to your target population. Buttigieg's program excludes the top 10% of earners, all things being equal with admissions that should only cost the program 10% more. That cost increase is absolutely worth not having a bureaucracy which erode's people's faith in government, especially the middle class.
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    Mr.Vic20's "Who is worth stealing from" list 2019. Just like last year, there is no one on the list.
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    i7 8700K Scythe Mugen 5 rev B CPU Cooler RTX 2080 Founders 16GB 3000mhz RAM 1 TB m.2 970 Samsung Evo 500GB Crucial MX500 500GB Samsung 860 Evo 700w PSU Meshify C TG 2 - Noctua case fans (I can't remember the model number) LG 27GL850 - Monitor Some crappy 1080p monitor with 75hz freesync for my secondary (I also use this with my xbox) Glorious Gaming Model O - Mouse Vortex Vibe Cherry MX Blue - Keyboard DT 990 Pro - Headphones Samson Meteor Mic
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    9600K @ 5.2 (really regret not going with a 9900k) Noctua D15 Chromax CPU Cooler MSI Gaming Trio 2080 Super 16GB 3000mhz RAM 500GB 970 Evo SSD 525GB MX500 SSD 3TB Barachutta 7200rpm HDD Fractal Meshify C 5 Noctua Chromax Case Fans 55" LG C9 as my monitor
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    Powerspec 1710 gaming laptop. Runs well, but gets to 95c playing GTA V with the fans maxed
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    7700k 1080ti 16GB RAM 256gb m.2 on-mobo SSD 500GB SSD for games 2 x 2TB HDD for photo editing + movies
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    -Intel i9 9900k -Gigabyte Z390 Aurous Pro -32GB DDR4 3600 -MSI RTX 2070 Armor 8GB -480GB Corsair M.2 NVME -2TB Sandisk SSD -Phanteks Eclipse P400S
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    Ryzen 7 2700x Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti (MSI Gaming X Trio) 16 GB DDR4 3600
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    i7-5820k 1080gtx 16gb 2333hz 250gb ssd
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    6930k oc to 4.4gbz 32gb ddr4 2 ssds 1 regular hdd Geforce 650 (for basic video usage sold the 2080ti a couple months ago whilst unemployed to pay rent) BEAST Also a win2 and an i7 16gb surface pro 6 tho
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    Ryzen 5 2600X Geforce GTX 1080 TI EVGA FTW3 32GB DDR4-3200 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (OC'd to 3333) Asus ROG Strix X470-F 1TB Inland Premium NVME SSD 2TB Crucial MX500 SSD 8TB WD HDD 550W Seasonic Focus Plus Gold Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB Lian Li O11 Dynamic White case HTPC: Core i7 3770k Geforce GTX 1060 3GB EVGA SC 16GB DDR3-2133 G.Skill Ares Asus P8Z68V-LE 500GB Crucial MX100 2TB Seagate Constellation HDD 650W Corsair TX PSU Xigmatek Gai SD1283 cooler (Hyper 212+ clone) Thermaltake Level 10 GTS Black case Accessories: 27" Dell S2719DGF 1440p 155 Hz monitor 24" Asus VG248QE 1080p 144 Hz monitor Logitech Z333 2.1 speakers Superlux HD681 headphones Logitech G502 Proteus RGB / Razer DeathAdder Elite / Logitech G400 mice Corsair K70 Lux mechanical keyboard 6TB and 3TB External WD HDDs.
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    Please explain the difference between i5 and i7. Recently purchased the Microsoft 3 laptop with i5
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    i7 4790k Nvidia 970 3.5 GB (Fuck you still Nvidia) 16GB 140GB SSD I built it for the Witcher 3 so I don’t regret it but I was extremely annoyed about the gimped vram on the 970. I ended up converting it to a HTPC. My wife asks the “what’s that box for again?” question every 6 months or so. I think she wants it gone from the living room. I won’t allow my salt to be washed away so I keep it even though I rarely use it at this point outside the occasional Civilization game I play.
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    I am of the belief that @SaysWho? created this thread to whip up some board controversy and nothing more
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    OK I LOVE SCIENCE !!! pcpartspicker.com exact list NZXT 700 Case Intel I7 9700k Corsair H100i Platinum RGB Cooler Asus Prime x390 A Motherboard Cosair Vengence RGB Pro 32gig {4x8} DDR4 3200 Memory Samsung 860 Evo 2.5 TB Solid state drive {for games} Samsung 890 Evo 500Mb M-2 Drive {operating system} Zotec 2080Ti Rtx Extreme Amp Edition Corsair 750 Watt gold PSU Gigabyte PCIe Wi Fi Adapter Total was around 2400.00 so I love it. my dream PC gamer for sure . . . Finished PC Video
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    Q-Beck is where the losers are at. Also, I went to Canada once as a child and the first person on the other side of the border that talked to us spoke in french and that was when I knew Canada sucked.
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    The chattering box media class should be the second against the wall. This is the Chuck Todd's and Joe Scarborough's of the world, not actual reporters. Ok, it's mostly just Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough.
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    I remember getting my friend and his g/f to go with me. I kept hyping it up since it was billed by some people as the saddest movie in ages, and the day of, he was like, "This better be the most motherfucking depressing thing I've ever seen or you owe me a movie ticket." His g/f was wiping away tears at the end, but he demanded that I owed him.
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    My wife just had a 7 hour teaching day then came home for 3 hours to grade. So uh, here's one.
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    The thing that I DO have a problem with is a the guys pulling 40 foot fifth wheel trailers. I'm not 100% sure about the USA, but here you can pull a camper trailer with a regular license and I think that's just stupid. There's absolutely no education on how to handle a trailer in driver's ed, and no one gets tested on that. I think that's freaking stupid because pulling a trailer requires a whole different skill set that you CANNOT learn until you start pulling a trailer. I've watched my brother in law try to back up a trailer (fortunately he was just pulling one of those tiny pop up campers) and it's just sad. I would go as far as saying that I think to pull any sort of trailer should require some sort of extra endorsement on your license.
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    Boomer is a state of mind, having more to do with being out of touch than being born between 1945 and 1963, you buncha dorks
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