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    It’s like hey sucka, you’re alive! Who cares if you want to be or not! LOL. Fucking asshole parents creating me and shit FUCK YOU
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    I've been waiting for this game for years and I'm here to get at least some entertainment out of my investment by panning it on the internet. Ok?
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    Having listened to the recent Beastcast, it sounds like not only is it a mediocre game, it is bad art. Obviously I haven't played it, and I really do hate to have the wind taken from my sails on this game, but the actual story and what the game has to say sounds like it has the depth of a Jaden Smith tweet.
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    The bigger problem is that there isn't consent to end life for those who never gave their consent to be brought to life.
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    I think of Wilson from Cast Away His face was revealed at the beginning of the movie: But with the internet and imdb's pictures/history of all actors, the mystery would resolve itself pretty quickly nowadays. Back then, my brother and I looked carefully for any possible mistake or movement.
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    There are way too many games to play. There's absolutely no reason to buy a game on day one when the reviews are iffy and your personal backlog is a thousand miles long. This is one of those situations, where you wait and see what the consensus is after the hype has died down.
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    I have not played PT, SH2, Grim Fandango, Killer 7, or The Last Guardian. I have played Ico and hated it. I have watched others play PT and SH2 and that was really fun, but I have no desire to play them. I have no desire to play games like SOMA or Amnesia but I have watched them be beaten. I have played a few REs and Dead Space 1-2. I like those games. You don't have to play a game to know that kind of gameplay is not what you are interested in. From what has been shown and talked about in reviews, there is nothing remotely interesting in the gameplay component. At least for me. The worst kinds of quests in RPG's are the fetch quests where all you do is go from destination A to destination B. Traversal of the environment isn't something I care about. The online mechanic is neat, where you can use other people's structures, but that isn't something that would make me play this game. The crafting of your loadout is unappealing and looks tedious. The vehicles look unfun to control, similar to the mako from the first ME. The story could be good, but I don't know. So, from what I have seen of the game, there is no reason for me to get it. Are you suggesting that, despite all the evidence that makes the game seem like it is something I would not enjoy, I should still buy it because I can't really know if I'll like the game or not without playing it?
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    I mean, it just doesn't look fun to me, but the story doesn't seem to appeal, either. Just nothing about this game interests me and I've got a ton else that does appeal to me that I'd rather spend money on and the time playing. Silent Hill 2 is one of my all time favorite games, too.
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    Wow, a Kojima game that's surface-level bullshit traipsing around as if it were high art? It's not like that's been his whole M.O. his entire career or anything. The only people that ever find the drivel he puts on the screen in any way deep (like Dan Ryckert, who has read probably 3 books in his entire life, likely wrestling-related) are those who spent their time in school trying to suck their own dicks in the bathroom, an art Kojima has, oddly enough, completely mastered, although he forgoes the bathroom and does so utilizing tens of millions of dollars and a staff of dozens so the world can watch as the tip slowly enters his mouth before he deep throats his entire pelvis. The games he puts out can be entertaining as ridiculous schlock, but it sounds like here he took himself super serious (it sounds like there's still some intentionally stupid shit, of course, but less) and that it lessens the overall product. Solid Snake jacking off in a locker looking at a tame poster of a woman in a bikini is the kind of entertainment I want out of Kojima. Not cell phones that are literally handcuffs and a guy named Uhwil Cryalot. Those are fucking stupid, but they're stupid in a way Kojima intends you to take seriously as he waxes philosophical like a hobo behind a dumpster.
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    I just can't stand to be this far away from the Orange Führer! Well ok no actually I'm moving back because after 8 years in Germany, it's time for a change. I'll be living in Portland with some friends of mine and finishing my thesis from there. Any of you fine folks live near Portland and want to grab a beer sometime in the coming weeks?
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    I mean...listen, all I have is my take here, maybe I'm wrong and the reviewers who played all of it are more on point than me, sure. I still think there's lots of info left out of those reviews, but I'll concede it doesn't mean they aren't comprehensive enough to be informative on whether DS will be appealing or not based on what someone finds engaging. If anyone sees the footage and reads the reviews and is like "yeah that just doesn't seem fun to me", I get it and respect it, though I think it's too soon to have in depth discussion on the merits of the game beyond that.
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    PT -- It was a boring waste of my time, with as far as I can tell, had no redeeming qualities. (For the record, I find most slasher/gore style "horror" movies boring as well.) Grim Fandango -- When I played it in 1998, the gameplay was actually pretty advanced for and adventure game. I would not call the moment-to-moment gameplay boring or tedious. (It has aged poorly though, and probably isn't as attractive too new gamers) The Last Guardian -- A poorly controlling, frustrating game that I eventually gave up playing in disgust. I haven't played Killer 7 or Silent Hill 2.
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    https://texaspolitics.utexas.edu/set/beto-orourke-favorability-february-2018 Beto had low name recognition a month before the Dem primary in Texas in 2018. People should stop overreacting to polls without context.
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    Hey! Grim Fandango is not a bad game nor unfun. Also, that game was rarely not funny or in some similar way enjoyable. Killer 7 was...different, but never boring. A game can get by on bad gameplay if the story is good. However, the story has to have incredibly good pacing and things can never get boring. PT was never boring. Silent Hill 2 was never boring. The worst thing any form of entertainment can be is boring. The opposite of boring isn't action-packed, either. A game or movie or book or whatever doesn't have to be bombastic to not be boring. It's perfectly fine to lean on intrigue or give some novel insight. Neither of those, however, is boring. 2001 isn't exactly exciting, but it still avoids being boring. Games don't necessarily have to be "fun", but they certainly better not be boring.
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    Played some Outer Worlds and a little Ruiner this weekend. Also finally 1000/1000'd Skyrim base game in achievements. Although it's the Special Edition with the DLC which I haven't finished so it doesn't count as a completed game.
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    She doesn't kiss them on the lips. https://saturdaytradition.com/big-ten-football/does-the-weirdest-tradition-in-college-football-live-in-the-sec/ tbh, I wouldn't give a shit if I were one of the players, but I guess YMMV. I haven't heard of any angst about it.
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    They’re building them in bulk and so quickly, we couldn’t possibly protest them all. Solid plan.
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    Because of her tendency to do dumb things after being goaded into it. Her DNA test was a complete snafu, and her response to the "how to pay for M4A" was bad. She's trying to be quite progressive and appeal to centrists at the same time in a way that I don't think will work. Everyone knows what Biden and Bernie are about, because they've lived it their whole lives. For Warren this is not the case.
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    Right, but that isn't what I said. If it looked unappealing from the start for you, then it makes sense not to want to play it even if you have liked Kojima's past work. My first post even said there are lots of other games out there for people to enjoy. My point was if the only thing dissuading an otherwise interested Kojima fan to play this game was just because of reviews coming out now that show it's divisive (not bad, divisive) but you enjoyed the trailers, have been intrigued, like the graphics and art style, etc. then yes, I think it's silly not to try the game because reviews showed it was divisive. In fact, that makes me more intrigued, not less.
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    They were power tripping little shits and one was a convicted pedophile. Fuck the mods.
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    Sorry, I know it is already over, but you can't just tell someone you blocked them. You literally admit defeat if you tell them you block them, and I lol'd when I read that ITT. Also, even if this is a SJW movie, just don't watch it and don't talk about it. Really that simple. Like, ranting about it isn't gonna change Hollywood's movie direction. If you do want to rant about it is better to do it anonymously so you can run away.
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    Growing number of GOP senators consider acknowledging Trump’s quid pro quo on Ukraine It's kind of amazing to me that you can go from, "No quid pro quo," to, "Well there was but it's OK." Not that we haven't seen them do that, but why would you even take someone seriously who shifts goal posts that hard, especially when simply asking for a foreign government to investigate a political rival is wrong?
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    We aren’t happy with your parents bringing you into this world either Andrea.
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    I love how those references reveal that his intellectual curiosity ended about the time he graduated high school and no longer had to pretend to read.
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    My question was meant to be rhetorical -- because the debate of what is and isn't art has raged for hundreds of years without resolution. Stories, music and design were all part of the last newscast I watched -- and I don't consider that newscast art. Most video games are not primarily/solely appreciated for their beauty or emotional power -- they are also (perhaps, even primarily) appreciated for their engagement with game mechanics. Which IMHO, is why, most video games are not art. Back to @Bacon's, point -- my interpretation of his comment is that he does not play video games to appreciate their beauty or emotional power (neither do I). That is art!
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    I agree that reproduction is morally irresponsible because the individual cannot consent to exist.
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    Because I exist, there is no need for mods for I am the Alpha and the Omega of D1P.
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    I don't want to play art. I want to play video games. If a video game is only good because it is art then it isn't a good game. I love the story of RDR2, but the game part isn't that good.
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    Yeah, some said it was just the D.C. crowd, but even Dana and Vince being his billionaire buddies can't make their fans cheer him. I suspect that it's because, even though there are quite a few problamatic aspects of wrestling for liberals, that the Attitude Era still has a big effect on the demographics. There's more Millenial and Gen X fans of wrestling than there are Boomers because we hit the sweet spot where we were teenagers right around the time the business was at it's peek. So by and large we're a relatively younger crowd....and anything under 60 years old is a pit of death for Republicans. When a typical Trump voter thinks of wrestling, they probably think of black and white photos of a guy muffin topping a speedo while mean mugging the camera with his hands curled into claws and reaching towards the camera. (I wrote that description even before I Googled old timey pro wrestling photo )
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    yeah I’m hoping for a simultaneous release. I couldn’t believe how well it was implemented and played with a console controller.
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    This is such a fun game to play. After putting 141 hours into AC Odyssey, this is a great change of pace .
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    I reload constantly! Its a nervous habit in line with a steady pulse!
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    So my roommate from college is in town this week with a review copy and we just breezed through a seven hour chunk of it. All I'll say right now is Death Stranding is pretty fucking bonkers, but not nearly as bonky as a lot of reviews made it seem. It'll take a minute to grind through that slog of an opening act, but then you start getting the weapons, gadgets, upgrades, vehicles, etc. The reviews are kinda misleading, honestly: pretty certain MGS fans are gonna adore this game to death so if you're huge into that series definitely pre-order it soon or buy it on release week, then sit back and relax while letting the gorgeous imagery, brilliant cinematics and engaging gameplay wash over you for 40 hours. This will easily be a GOTG contender.
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    This game just clicks with me. I’m really having a blast roaming around space and exploring everything. My one complaint are the load times during travel or entering a new area. I hope the sequel offers bigger areas to explore and lots more planets. I’m thinking this will be an Xbox exclusive next time.
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    I was always slightly disappointed that there was no story mode in the first to get to know these characters better.
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    Well to be fair, they've released the remaster of Madden 2005 every year for the last decade and a half.
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    This game exemplifies why Konami would lock Kojima in rooms and make him finish his games. We all owe Konami a massive apology.
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    So, brief update on things. The other night I finally finished all the requirements for Luna’s Howl. matchmaking got better in Comp that I even managed to make it to Mythic II
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