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    Did Romney say something new, or is this in response to his wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed tepid “criticism” from a few days ago? Wouldnt it be nice if some prominent republican would fucking take charge and try to rally the party away from this insanity? If a democrat acted in the same way trump does and the entire party was backing him up, I would denounce the party. I would be raging daily about what a shit show it is. I would not be okay with any of that shit. No one should be. Anyone who is standing with trump is a shit goblin fuck faced fucker face who deserves scorn for the rest of time. Fuck them all.
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    This dumbass is reading and commenting on practically every item on the menu to his girlfriend and it's annoying me so freakin' much that I'm about to stick this wooden sandwich skewer through his eye.
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    Oh, and one more thing, as someone who is sick and fucking tired of watching the Waynes die in every single Batman movie, the fact I just got tricked into a 2-hour origin for that story without Batman even in the movie is completely obnoxious. Good god DC, leave the Waynes off the screen. We don't need to see those pearls a 7th time.
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    Incorrect. If you are directly quoting someone, and their sentence ends then yes you use a period in the quotation marks, but if you are just quiting a random thing, and then continuing your sentence afterwards, then you do not put the period in the quotation marks. So me doing something like "this" would be "correct".
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    The laughing during inappropriate times because he can’t process his emotions properly was something I really liked
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    Neat, I’m not alone in that anymore.
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    Expect them all to be discredited by midnight on Fox and co. because it turns out one of their sister’s husband’s nephew’s step-dads voted for Obama and the rest waited too long to come forward.
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    I have absolutely zero idea how you could possibly have gotten such an interpretation from the film.
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    Maybe he's on a limited budget and is trying to steer her towards the cheaper options.
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    Those are all fantastic games to varying degrees honestly so I'd say play them in order if you're going to play them all anyway maybe? I recently played Ocarina and it holds up al.ost shockingly well and then some, just a great, timelessly well-designed game. I'm currently playing Skyward Sword and at about 20 hours in, unless something goes horribly awry, this may be my favorite 3D Zelda after Ocarina right now. The opening blows but once that's done with, it's been incredibly good. The sword combat really takes some practice but once you get it down, it feels great.
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    I initially ignored this as there was no way I was watching a 4 hour video about a crap story line. Its really good though. I've learned so much about Destiny's backstory that never gets explained in the game, at least not in a way that I want to approach it. Just pick at the video, 30 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Its well worth the watch
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    Go play it right now!!! (you’ll thank me next week )
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    ALttP isn't that good. ALBW is better!
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    I think it's time for people to move out of that apartment complex.
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    Random fun fact: Spain consumes more gin per capita than any other country in the world. G And T's are basically mandatory at any of my family's party before dinner. Negronis are da bomb as well.
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    I absolutely *loathe* the “undoing / nullifying an election” bullshit the Republican Party is spewing. Impeachment is not undoing an election. It’s a constitutional process for removal when someone violates the oath they were elected to uphold.
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    Vasquez needs to exempted from the wellness policy immediately
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    Sign at Joker screening theater targets "incels"
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    Since I broke out my Wii the other week I decided to order Skyward Sword and the MotionPlus controller online and finally get around to that one. I'm having a shitload of fun with this game so far. The introduction was painfully slow/long-winded but once Faron Woods rolled around I was hooked. It feels like almost every room and area is absolutely packed with fun things to do, secrets and things to discover in general. I also really like the motion controlled sword combat. I'm still trying to get the full hang of it right now but I'm enjoying it. Currently near the end of the volcano/fire area, the second real dungeon I guess, and it's fantastic. Even as a grown ass man, there's some magic in these games I can't quantify and there's just such a meticulous focus on engaging fun. I always steered clear of this entry due to lots of negative impressions but so far, I don't see it despite the rather rigid/handholdy nature of it.
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    I saw this the other night going in 100% blind. I hadn't even seen a trailer, one review, anything, just the poster. I honestly thought it was borderline insufferably pretentious and unintentionally face-palm funny in spots. It's like an unholy alliance of the most cloying moments of Gravity meets late-stage Terrence Malick mixed with oddly clashing variations in aesthetics. No doubt this is technically an incredibly competent film on first glance. The cinematography is often gorgeous, the soundtrack is great, Brad Pitt is often very interesting to watch but then there are moments, and whole segments, of such utter idiocy and, well maybe not plot holes per say, but fucking bizarre on-screen decisions that I literally face-palmed several times. There's one segment specifically that was utterly hilarious. My girlfriend was super excited to see it and even she asked me if I wanted to just walk out about 3/4 in.
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    No. Hulu has the rights for WWE TV. Raw/Smackdown appear ~30 days after airing. No clue with NXT, but it’s probably the same.
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