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    Fired for the only good advice he ever gave? Sounds about right.
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    Out of all the inhuman, weird things I've seen you say on here, this just might be the most replicant shit ever.
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    Is this dissimilar to their plot to flip Texas in 2016?
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    Imagine getting fired cause you told your boss its a bad idea to hang out with the Taliban days before 9/11 at camp David.
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    I'm in such a SK mood right now, you guys are makingm e want to read The Stand. But I'm not ready for such a massive endeavor just yet. Too soon.
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    Aren't the current line of watches also OLED? That is, unless Apple is doing one of those crazy dual layer screens, with OLED over low power, low res LCD. I have the Armani Connect and have the display set to always on. At the end of the day, it's usually at around 20-30% left. That seems perfectly reasonable to me with an AOD.
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    I can very easily tell the difference between frozen, Little Caesars, Domino's, lesser Chicago deep dish, and Lou Malnati's.
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    When your lover tells you to ditch your friends.
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    I know. I was just poking fun at Merc because he used the batting average numeration incorrectly for what he was trying to say :P I was about to list out a bunch of other Cage movies I love but actually I'll just say pretty much everything he did up through about 2005 was at least watchable while most of it was pretty damn good.
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    I really enjoy the source material, and Josh Boone, the guy co-writing and directing this, has been working on it for years and is a huge fan of the material, which is all very promising. Whether the guy who did Stuck in Love and The Fault in Our Stars (both good to great movies, but very different from The Stand) can do The Stand is anyone's guess though. We'd have a somewhat better idea if Josh Boone's The New Mutants would ever come out, though I'm guessing whatever comes out wouldn't really represent what he intended for the film at this point I'd imagine.
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    Atlanta Falcons $600 QUESTIONS 1) Eagles FG 2) 2 3) Bell 4) Stafford 5) Call the winners: Green Bay Buffalo Tennessee 6) New England highest, Miami lowest 7)4 8) Zeke and Ridley (Atl)
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    Because growth looks good to investors. ...until it doesn't.
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    How much of a drooling simpering git would you have to be to approve of Donald Trump? Like, how fucked is that person's brain. ... and that's 40% of the country? Let's just nuke the planet, fuck everything.
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    Ohio is only marginally closer in voting than Texas. And those other states were lost by less than 1.25% a lot of which can be directly tied to voter suppression from Republicans, and the increasing urban rural divide
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    I mean you're right but quite often on this forum, further information on the same release may go into a previous trailer thread etc. In other words, I'll check any thread on a movie/game I'm interested in because often the conversation and/or info in it won't be specifically about the trailer for example.
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    Now, now. Let's be fair here. There's a whole cadre of bush administration officials who should, ironically, be spending the remainder of their days rotting in gitmo
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    A lot of "pro-lifers" are also in favour of the death penalty. Funny that.
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    the next two a’s and stros games will be like 2-1 after the last couple nights
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    This might actually be the most pathetic highlight of any review I've ever read! Hey guys I think the art's weird and therefore the game is way worse! Please stick to the generic bullshit I'm preconditioned to enjoy! Imagine that same line but for Wind Waker. That's the kind of dumbass comment you expect from us forumgoers, not professional reviewers!
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    Just your daily reminder that "principled Republican" is an oxymoron.
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    If Dems lose in 2020 the blame will be squarely on Pelosi and Schumer. Fuck their "leadership."
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    I played very little earlier and what I played I liked... definitely giving me old school Bioware vibes. I'm still VERY early in the game though.
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    Until he loses an election, whose the joke about approval ratings really on? Trump hovering around that 40-42% approval scares the shit out of me because once you pick the Dem candidate and Trump has something to hit you can easily get back up to that 46% he managed to win on in 2016. How many disapprove now, but will come home when the choice becomrs binary?
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    Week 2 Feature Game Philadelphia Eagles -- $750 QUESTIONS 1) Eagles TD 2) 2-3 3) OBJ 4) Ben Roethlisberger 5) Green Bay, Buffalo (I can't believe I am actually picking them), Tennessee 6) Patriots (highest), Miami (Lowest) 7) 3 8) Nick Chubb, Julio Jones
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    Boris Johnson's entire human existence has been predicated on achieving one goal: to become prime minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That's the look of a man realizing that his whole raison d'être has turned to ashes in his mouth.
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    Left taken today, right taken July of last year.
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    Odyssey is no joke. I ended my play through at around 215 hours. That's pretty much everything outside of maybe a few tales of Greece side quests and includes all the DLC. The second DLC was absolutely fantastic. I'm pretty much opposite with Origins though. I thought I would be over the moon as I love ancient Egypt, but visually, I enjoyed the color pallet of Greece more. I think all the sand just got to me. Got about 60 hours into Origins. I actually started a new game to redo it with a fresh set of eyes after going through Odyssey.
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    So for the first half of 2020 The Last of Us Part II Cyberpunk 2077 Final Fantasy VII Remake likely Nioh 2 probably Ghost of Tsushima Elden Ring Mother of God.
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    It’s a year old comment. You are too late to criticize
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    Face/Off 2 starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart. The Rock is in everything and since it's a remake they can make it a comedy. They switch faces and no one can tell haha.
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    Do xbox players get to jump on the Beta Weekend 1? Nevermind, says playstation exclusive right at the top.
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    I dare anyone in a blind taste test to be able to tell the difference between supposedly "bad" pizza and "good" pizza.
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    That would be delicious but my refrigerator is too small and microwaving those pizzas would probably be a waste of money and that microwave is probably too small also. I live in a small apartment so I no longer have a stove and oven unfortunately.
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