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    We really need to look at our judicial system and how we appoint judges in this country. From what I've heard (my friend's mom just go her judgeship and another friend teaches at Berkeley Law) and the stories I've heard about judges across the country is insane. They are essentially above the law for all intents and purposes.
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    This is how a bike lane should be: It's the strip of black asphalt. Yes, it should be marked better. But the layout Munich has for bike transport is absolutely incredible. Separation from cars is essential.
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    Trump was a retard for hiring him in the first place. Anyone who does an OUNCE of research knew Bolton’s history.
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    Imagine having a job for life, and the only way to get rid of you is to get 2/3 of the Senate to kick you out. For the worst people, it's a fucking dream. All the more reason to abolish lifetime appointments
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    Maybe Quillette has some articles on this?
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    Only way this works is it's a remake where they get Woo, Cage, and Travolta back but Cage and Travolta play the opposite roles than they did in the first one, further confusing matters. Boom, done. Money made. Otherwise this is a horrible idea and the first is untouchable, a perfect 90's film from a certain time and place and era.
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    I would only add that I think a contributing factor is the fact that the political structures of liberal democracy resonated reasonably well with the socioeconomic structures of industrial capitalism—particularly the large-scale growth of both a ruling bourgeoisie and a proletariat which the latter was continually forced to accommodate and reach compromise with. It has not been effective in adjusting to a postindustrial capitalist economy where power is being continually centralized and concentrated around informational monopolies facilitated by the exercise of server-power over open, globe-spanning networks. The new mode of accumulation, if you want to call it that, is to effectively appropriate value from 99% of the population by using spying mechanisms to gather and monetize information they created and will never be compensated for. Liberal democracy has not yet been able to produce sufficient institutional checks on the distributional imbalances this new mode of accumulation is creating, the way it did in the form of unions, pensions, universal suffrage and so on in the case of industrial capitalism. But I’m hesitant to say it’s dead. It took awhile for it to adapt to the disruptions and dislocations of the industrial era, too. Liberal democracy’s failure is no more ‘evolutionarily determined’ than the supremacy of feudalism or imperialism. And, unlike those more centralized forms of society, it at least has the advantage of having built-in mechanisms for adaptation. That’s still self-rule’s biggest asset, despite all the trade-offs it comes with. I just hope the price of keeping it isn’t a new cycle of mass global wars. Personally, I think something as simple as a universal data payments system to compensate people for the information they produce that is extracted through spying mechanisms and later monetized by super-monopolies like Google would be a start.
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    You gotta love how, like clockwork, a story about the atrocious state of cycling infrastructure results in whiny anecdotes that act like drivers don't rampantly engage in the same behaviors being whined about.
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    I just drink straight from the toilet. If it's good enough for the dog, it's good enough for me!
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    Fired for the only good advice he ever gave? Sounds about right.
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    Imagine getting fired cause you told your boss its a bad idea to hang out with the Taliban days before 9/11 at camp David.
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    Until he loses an election, whose the joke about approval ratings really on? Trump hovering around that 40-42% approval scares the shit out of me because once you pick the Dem candidate and Trump has something to hit you can easily get back up to that 46% he managed to win on in 2016. How many disapprove now, but will come home when the choice becomrs binary?
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    Complaints about pixel art are strange to me. It's just an art style like any other art style. I guess everyone's got their bugbears.
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    Guys I just watched Rear Window and Rope. That Alfred Hitchcock guy might have been good.
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    LOL what a fucking bitch for talking to Trump after the way he was treated.
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    You’ll have burn in by the weekend! I kid, enjoy that screen... it’s sooooooooo buttery.
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    Xbox Scarlett To Feature Dedicated Ray Tracing Cores, Gears 5 Dev Confirms I guess this means that it won't be a huge leap forward in rasterization rendering performance over X1X? If this is true, PC Gamers should avoid putting any money into a video card ATM that doesn't have RTX.
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    Thanks for the tips, ED. I'll be sure to look into some of these. LEt me know what you think of The Institute, I saw that one a couple weeks ago and it looked intriguing.
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    Every time a reporter says a "source close to Bolton", they absolutely mean John Bolton himself. I'm all but certain that he'd start telling random people on the street his side of the story.
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    So what I’m getting so far from reviews is they are coming in two flavors. Either IT’S BORDERLANDS - 9/10 or it’s Borderlands - 6/10
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    WEEK 2 MOCK GAMBLING - SPREAD AND QUESTIONS DEADLINE FOR WEEK 2 ENTRIES - Thursday, 9/12/2019 08:19pm EASTERN THREAD WILL BE LOCKED AT THE DEADLINE SO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN! Week 2 Feature Game Philadelphia Eagles (-1.5) at Atlanta Falcons (Remember you are betting against the spread, not just the outright winner) QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Eagles TD, Eagles FG, Eagles safety, Falcons TD, Falcons FG, Falcons safety, or other? ($400 for the correct call) 2) How many turnovers (combined) will occur in the Feature Game? 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, or 8+ ($400 for the correct call) 3) Name the player that will score first in the Browns @ Jets game on Monday Night ($400 for the correct call; as always "score" means "the person holding the ball in the endzone") 4) Name the QB that will have the highest number of pass attempts in Week 2? ($600 for the correct call) 5) Call the winners: Minnestoa at Green Bay Buffalo at NY Giants Indianapolis at Tennessee ($300 for EACH correct named game winner, $800 bonus if you call all 3 correctly) 6) Name both the highest and lowest scoring teams of Week 2 ($500 for each correct guess) 7) How many total Field Goals (not PATs) will be converted during the Bears @ Broncos game? ($500 for the correct answer) 8) Name the player who will rush for the most yards AND the player that will have the most receiving yards in week two. ($1,500 for each player named correctly, $3,000 bonus if both names are called) Good luck! ### Example Answer Post and MY ENTRY ### Falcons for $700 1. Atlanta FG 2. 2-3 3. Le'Veon Bell 4. Roethlisberger 5. Packers, Bills, Titans 6. Redskins, Cardinals 7. 5 8. Peterson, Jones #####################
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    Well not sure I'm ready to jump on board that soon but I would like to get a new TV
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    I had a dreamcast back when it came out, can't quite remember how I was able to get one (I don't remember specifically buying it or asking my parents for it). I do remember getting to try one out from a Hollywood video when they were rent-able before launch. I have fond memories of playing Sonic Adventures, JGR & Soul Calibur so much on the system. I also remember when I went overboard onetime with a very large bonus I got from work(*) and bought a huge naomi game collection that I eventually sold off over time back in early 2000's. I actually still have a dreamcast but it's not my original system. (*)
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    I was torn between NFL 2K and Crazy Taxi. The guy at Funcoland sold me on Crazy Taxi. I remember going back that same evening and telling the guy he was full of shit and buying NFL 2K.
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    You know one thing I thought interesting with the Dreamcast is you never heard anyone complain it only had 1 analog stick.
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    I played on inexperienced (beginner is the easiest difficulty) it was a good difficulty for me, was able to progress without too much trouble but still was hard enough to kill me, even some spots that were hard for me and took several tries.
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    There are plenty of stories of dumb cyclists and dumb motorists, but the potential lethality of the latter relative to the former is so one sided we pretty much don’t need to talk about dumb cyclists. And I find most fellow cyclists to be insufferable
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    That top comment. "I hate that photos from my youth now look like photos from the 70's used to look to me."
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    There's no way in Hell I would ride a bike on the street in Los Angeles... Hell I don't even like walking and driving out here.
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    I think I was more blown away with seeing Mario 64 for the first time. Dreamcast is 2nd on my list in being blown away, doe.
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    We decided Hispanic counts for the purposes of this thread, right? "My dad's black. My little nephew's Italian, Mexican, and Aloha."
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    That time of year to pull my Doctor Strange costume out of the closet for Boston Comic Con. Changed up the facial hair this time. My friend went as the 10th Doctor. Together we were a Paradox (pair-o-docs) lol
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    I mean the Pats would know cheating when they see it.
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