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    Right now, much of California is changing (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Sans Diego. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
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    Awww, but @nublood thought you were actually on his side. Poor guy.
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    I don't normally post political satire, but I thought this one was exceptional.
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    Kellyanne Conway? Was anyone else hoping that during her driving and talking down into the phone camera would result in her crashing?
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    Resorting to misogyny is such a great way to prove you have a good point to make.
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    I honestly don't know why people even try to mask what they're saying anymore. Like, I'm not convinced if Republicans just came out and said, "yeah it probably is our lack of gun control that is the major contributing factor to these mass killings, but we favor protecting the second amendment over stopping these attacks," that they would receive any less support. The white nationalists are becoming more and more emboldened to just say it. Why don't we all just jump right in.
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    Didn't those Vietnamese people often vote GOP before they went all in on the racism?
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    The Wet Bandits sue the McCallister family for the effects of CTE and tetanus contracted during their home invasions. This fails, so they try to break into an adult Kevin’s home and rob him, as Kevin has become a successful, private, home security consultant. This happens in Florida, where Kevin stands his ground and kills the Wet Bandits with a gun that fires at the end of a Rube Goldberg style home security device. The remainder of a movie is a legal thriller determining the legality of that device.
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    I hope they have him visit someone live at a hospital from the El Paso shooting, and with whatever strength/energy they have. Just tell him he’s the fucking reason why they are in a hospital bed because of his racist tweets and encouraging of harm against latinos.
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    This price is gonna be hard to beat. Also this is literally the ONLY way I would pay for ESPN plus.
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    Yes, the one that was nominated for best picture and won best foreign film and director
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    They'd better get Tim Sweeney to shell out some more of that Fortnite cash for their Annapurna Interactive-published exclusives on the Epic Games Store!
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    that sucks. I didn’t like Vice but I’ve liked all of their other recent releases (Booksmart might end up being top 3-5 of the year for me).
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    I was gonna say, you have no idea how many times I've wanted a milkshake, then saw that damn calorie count and was like, "well... nevermind."
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    Oooooooohhhh he probably does. I just can't take the guy whose pitch for his recent game was "what if the robots in blade runner were actually the sympathetic characters" seriously on anything.
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    She's absolutely right to hate it. It moves India and Pakistan closer to actual war.
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    A shocking development no one on the nyt editors desk could have seen coming
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    His type always does that. It's weird how these types of men think that just because you call out their bullshit you're obsessed with them. Smh.
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    GSync also makes lower fps seem smoother and constantly consistent. It’s variable refresh rate where the refresh rate constantly adjusts to match the frame rate rendered, this means that there’s no “unevenness” of frame rate to refresh rate. Also, the current “best” PC monitor for gaming is the ASUS PG27UQ
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    As a heterosexual, I really have no opinion on that article I personally think that The New Republic's removal of the Peck article was damned stupid, but from what I've seen, Chadwick Moore's opinion is one that I have little use for anyway.
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    he'll tell brown victims they knew what they signed up for.
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    If only you had access to, say, a projector. ...
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    That's a bunch of bullshit, really. All they need to do is defeat Johnson in a confidence vote and then go to the Queen and say "instead of calling a general election, please give us the chance to form government, as we believe we have the confidence of the House." If they can convince her, then they can appoint a new PM (whomever the new "unity" party/government selects as leader) and then they govern.
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    I hope someone calls out his racist bullshit to his face on camera, but that probably won't happen. I can dream though
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    Haven't the victims already suffered enough?
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    It had a good number of problems but I found it entirely watchable, and Venom as a character I thought was likable.
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    if the US media reported on the US the way they report on other countries
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    "Mass shooting video on first date" "Dated for a few months"
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    Era: Medieval Age was a pretty cool city builder. Terror Below was a neat idea; it's a Tremors kind of theme, with giant worm monsters underground. If you move across the board too fast they can feel the vibrations and come up to eat you. Bargain Quest is super fun, and I actually bought it after a demo I was so impressed. It's a standard fantasy knights and dragons kind of theme, but instead of the hero you play as a shop owner who is trying to entice adventurers into your store to purchase weapons and armors and such. You make money and earn points both by selling equipment to the adventurers and how well they do on their quests using what you sold them. Send them out with sub-par gear and they may get killed and there goes your chance at repeat business. But maybe there's a particular adventurer that doesn't really have much money so you don't want them to come back... Cyberpunk 2077 had a presence, but I didn't get to play. It's an Eric Lang designed game though, and he has a good track record so it's probably worth a look. I love abstract strategy games and Bosk nails it. This is a game where each player represents a type of tree. The game takes place over the course of one year in a national park, with players scoring for both how well they plan their tree growth in the forest as well as how much ground their trees cover when autumn arrives and the leaves fall. It's an abstract strategy game that changes from spot placement to territory control mid-game and it pulls it off very well. I saw and played a lot more but these are the ones that immediately stand out in my mind.
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    Or lose 4 straight..............
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    Looks fucking good. Going to have to finish Wildlands.
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    The original cover is great, what the hell is happening here? Also, gave this new song a shot out of curiosity. I'm not a big Tool fan but I did like Aenima a lot back in the day so maybe my opinion is half-assed but...this sounds like every single Tool song I've heard in the last 20 years just more tired and with weaker production.
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