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    Everything about this format sucks fetid donkey scrotum.
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    Well, two things... one, I'm Jewish... and two, I agree with her. So, yeah, I don't really have a problem with it at all. It's still so unbelievably tame compared to the response. It's ridiculous. Could some of the things she have said be viewed as possibly anti-Semitic due to some of the language having some historical weight? Sure, maybe. But it's still a huge stretch... and the reaction to her comments has been about 100 times stronger than it should be. The whole situation is just dumb. They are vilifying her because she's an easy target. She's pretty much completely irrelevant in the politicly landscape, but the republicans found a nice brown woman in a headscarf to put on a pedestal and sneer at. It's worked out great for them. Heck, even the democrats got in on some of that action. Their initial response was also a hot load of crap.
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    I agree Israel often punches too hard, but let's not pretend the Palestinians are secularists intent on building a multicultural society. The election of Hamas is enough to tell us what they really want--an Islamic dictatorship--and it's naive to think an Islamic dictatorship is going to treat Jews nicely, particularly Jews it has a grudge against. To boot, the Palestinians have engaged in terrorism against Israeli civilians to get what they want, which anyone should know will beget counterterrorist tactics that will hurt their own civilians. For Israel's part, it shouldn't come as a surprise to them when these counterterrorist efforts encourage more terrorism, especially when they're so often more destructive in magnitude than the acts that inspired them. It's a right old mess that both sides are perpetuating, not a conflict where a sympathetic party is being ravaged by a villain while attempting to 'do the right thing'. I hope it gets resolved one day, but until then I can't really justify much sympathy for either faction.
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    "Yang calls out reality tv show style elections that resulted in trump" The surge begins!
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    Apoc would bang her so he must be her white knight.
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    read it earlier, as always highly accurate description of not just the Bills but western NY life in general. Every year we get more letters from Bills fan than from pretty much every other team, and the tone of them all is uniform. These people are ready to slowly poison themselves with Genny Cream in the parking lot and tattoo #BillsMafia on their dicks, all to burn out the clock on an inevitably fruitless season and an even more inevitably fruitless existence. They know their shit is getting old. We’ve posted enough videos of these people setting fire to Malibu rum shots to last a lifetime. Eventually, the adrenaline wears off and you realize that you’re just trying to numb your soul. Fun fact, the woman I am dating right now her dad is on the Bill's jumbotron hype video as a wildly cheering fan, the footage was shot at their miracle playoff game against the Houston Oilers in 1993... it is still being used today.
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    I'm going to assume that you haven't seen it yet. I don't necessarily disagree with anyone you're saying (although I have not read the comics), but the first season was solid. Certainly not worth comparing to any higher-minded material, but it's free of pretension, somewhat self-aware in all the right ways, and is a downright blast at times. It looks like Urban is having a blast in leaning into Butcher's scenery-chewing bluster, and he's not alone - I'm not terribly familiar with most of the main characters, but they really nailed the casting from top to bottom. Glad to hear that the show was picked up for a second season; looking forward to seeing the direction the story takes based upon the first season ended. And yes, the episode descriptions in Amazon are amazing.
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    Found another Virtual Boy and a controller. It only cost me $2. Unfortunately, it is broken. It is the second one I found like this. Both of mine have some movement inside the unit when powered on, but no image or sound. Also got a ps1 and snes controller last week. This is most game stuff I've found at garage sales lately. My area has really dried up.
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    I played a video game about this kind of "libertarian paradise at sea" many years ago. It didn't end well.
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    https://www.wsj.com/articles/fast-furious-stars-complicated-demandi-never-want-to-lose-a-fight-11564673490 “According to producers and crew members on the films, Mr. Statham, 51 years old, negotiated an agreement with the studio that limits how badly he can be beaten up on screen. Mr. Diesel, 52, has his younger sister, a producer on the films, police the number of punches he takes. And Mr. Johnson, 47, enlists producers, editors and fight coordinators to help make sure he always gives as good as he gets. When Mr. Diesel barreled Mr. Johnson through a wall in “Fast Five,” released in 2011, it took about eight seconds before Mr. Johnson pushes Mr. Diesel through a different wall.” Not surprised. What a bunch of bitches
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    I still think Daniel Dae Kim is perfect for this role. I don't care if he's fifty.
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    Was thinking yellow but decided turquoise. I wanted something bright I can see when the kids take it and then constantly bug me to find it.
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    “general gist of the plot will revolve around Wakanda coming under attack from another ruler looking to take it under his/her control.” again??? (Sort of)
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    Her Backpage prosecution was actively malicious. She kept going after them until she could get something to stick.
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    Really does seem like Sam Mendes watched Dunkirk and thought, 'Shit, that was awesome; how can I get in on that?'
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    Do you know why Hamas was elected? Because they were viewed as the less corrupt alternative to Fatah, which had done practically nothing for the Palestinian people since the Oslo Accords except line their own pockets and say "How high?" when Tel Aviv asked them to jump. Do you know who helped facilitate Hamas's rise? Israel. The Israelis "helped" Hamas grow in order to undercut the secular Fatah who they viewed as the greater threat through the PLO.
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    The best and most rational perspective is to simply have zero sympathy for either side of the Israel/Palestine inter-semitic conflict/clusterfuck. Will you be voting giant douche or turd sandwich this election day? I'll stay home thank you, they both suck.
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    I'm only 3 episodes in but the comic was WAY edgier/try hard trash than the show. Every change they have made so far has been for the better.
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    Hey now @mclumber1called her first.
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    I laughed unreasonably hard when she is in the back of the cruiser and is like “I’m a country girl”. I know a LOT of those types
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    looks like someone put a footstool on top of shelf that has fallen over
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    Makes sense. A lot of their games have online communities, and players tend to stick to the ecosystems they are already entrenched in, and/or play consistently with their friends. And yeah, anecdotally, I own a LOT of Switch games...none of them are published by EA. That would change I think, if EA dropped an exclusive on the system. One that can’t be played anywhere else but Switch. Maybe a new SSX would do the trick. Or Road Rash? And oh man, maybe they wouldn’t be down for an exclusive Need for Speed (like they did on Wii) but I know several Nintendo fans that would go bonkers if a new Beetle Adventure Racing game came out, only on Switch. ...I’m just spit-balling here, EA. You can take the proverbial ball and run with it from here, if you want.
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    I'm very happy Inslee's been putting a spotlight on climate change. Hope he makes the next debate.
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    Good lord, we're back to busing. Fuck CNN.
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    Once we get to the debates that aren't the Royal rumble I have a feeling Biden will fall off a little more.
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    Jesus Christ man do we have an epidemic of mass truck killings? Even in places where guns aren't available do you see a bunch of folks running over crowds with trucks? Also in order to operate a truck legally you have to have a license... you have to have insurance and you have to have your truck registered. Gun rights folks fight against ALL of these things regarding guns. When we start having epidemics of truck violence then we can have this conversation. But that isn't happening ANYWHERE in the world.
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    They weren’t playing dodge ball, the game they were playing doesn’t involve throwing the ball at anybody, and the alleged incident happened after the game was over. They weren’t playing sports, but even if they were, if one player did something outside of the norms of the game with the intent to injure another player, it wouldn’t be a protected action. Which is why the information presented in the article isn’t sufficient to determine the validity of the charge. You are making a lot of assumptions to arrive at your conclusion. Anyhow, the charges were dismissed.
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    I've always been told that someone needs to loose an eye for it to no longer be considered fun and games
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    If we can’t trust scientist to give us accurate time tables, how can we trust global warming is even real? Checkmate libtards.
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    Ah, why NOT spend millions upon millions of dollars on a game's development over multiple years just to not even Tweet about it (which is literally free marketing, and super low effort, however small) and then cry about your commercial failures?
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    Officially down over 50 pounds since March. Guess I need to eat more now and stuff.
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    Sanders and Warren are in a weird spot, they need the other to fade or exit all together but also can’t attack one another at risk of alienating their supporters. I can see the scenario where Biden continues to poll in the low to mid 30s and that being enough because the majority of Dem primary voters split on Warren and Sanders. It’s gonna be Trump v Biden, guys.
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    Mark this day down. This administration plans to do something LEGITIMATELY GOOD.
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