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    AOC and the other 3 know what they are doing. The rest of House Dems want to just tweet out a fundraising link that says "This👏is👏not👏who👏we👏are!"
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    I feel like I could have read this thread when I was 16 and we were all on IGN.
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    I've never even seen a Bond movie, I just wanted to read the negative reactions and have those shit reactions be ridiculed. Thanks!
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    Nothing. Dropping about 9k on a new HVAC/Air handler today for the house Might be sitting this one out.
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    The movie is being directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. This will probably be the best Bond film ever made if Sin Nombre, Jane Eyre, Beasts of No Nation, True Detective season 1, and Maniac season 1 are anything to go by. This isn't stunt casting. An auteur is working at the top of his game with top shelf talent to make a great Bond film. I don't know if this idea will work, but I have confidence it will. The only reason to call it "stunt casting" is to try to shame the idea, when the talent both in front of and behind the camera indicates everyone is taking the film quite seriously. The only way the film may not end up good is studio and/or producer interference, which is possible on big films like this (as always). Or the writing isn't there (which happens on some Bond films, to be fair).
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    JLD actually looks better now than she did during Seinfeld's run.
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    You're literally listing one time when the midterms had 0 effect on the presidential election and acting like you just QED'd the house.
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    I’m disappointed in this news, only because Craig’s Bond has retired in EVERY FUCKING MOVIE HE’S BEEN IN INCLUDING THE FIRST ONE JESUS CHRIST FIND A NEW ANGLE PLEASE. Ahem.
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    You really are piece of work, aren't you? How about this: seeing as how this is MY board, I might consider that the only posts that will be allowed will be those in favor of this change. There are plenty of other places on the internet where it can be bitched about ad nauseum, but MY board ain't gonna be one of 'em. Don't like it? The door is right over there - you can see yourself out.
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    Remember when the internet freaked out over Daniel Craig being cast because he’s a ginger AND can’t drive a manual transmission? Good times.
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    I hate this is where we are now. Last few days I've been in a funk and this isn't helping. It just makes me sadder.
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    The Golden Circle was . . . fine. It had a lot of gross jokes and humor (that weren't funny) and it was overstuffed to the gills with endless action and plot, all sound and fury signifying little. Originally Vaughn wanted to make The Golden Circle into two films, and you can easily sense that when watching it. I guess I should have been clear - it's not a bad film, it's just not the level of quality I expect from Matthew Vaughn is all.
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    Daily reminder that during the campaign Trump insisted we define our enemies by referring to them as "radical islamic terrorists." Then once he won the presidency, he stopped using that expression, and now regularly uses the adjective "radical" to define the Democratic Party or people in the Democratic Party. This is not an accident.
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    The sarcasm was more that he did it after he was out of office, which lacked any courage. It's common to see them stay silent while in office and then tell everyone all the really bad things -- like "Oh shit we stopped him from doing bad things all the time! -- when your political career is over.
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    Also, we're in the longest period of competitive elections since post-Civil War. We've also been competitive since Captain America: Civil War released in 2016, but we only have one data point for that. This graph puts things in even better perspective because if you look at 1996 and 2008, both Clinton and Obama coasted election wins, easily winning the popular vote and electoral vote. But it's so damn puny to so much of the 20th century. The 1960 election must have been interesting to witness/report considering how close it was. And because nobody knew the loser would become president and resign in disgrace years later.
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    Getting banned by @SFLUFAN takes a LOT of work. You need to be the biggest piece of shit that makes normal shit smell and taste like 5-star cuisine to get the
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    I'll be the judge of who you'll miss this week and next week
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    PNW is the most beautiful place on earth. Go to Deception Pass park if you have a chance.
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    You should definitely "buy it". Both Russia and China have invested heavily in "area denial" weapons systems that are intended to blunt the US advantage in aerial and naval assets by making it extremely risky to operate those assets in areas protected by systems like the S-400.
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    I love how the last few seasons of Seinfeld showcased this theme of Elaine's life going downhill. I mean compare the stuff she was doing in the last few seasons and where she stood compared to the first few seasons; she was a mess. Some Elaine gifs:
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    Weirdly attractive? Theres nothing weird about JLD's hotness. She's still sexy today in Veep.
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    The S-400 is nothing to scoff at. The S-400 is literally designed to kill our stealth aircraft.
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    Daily reminder that the Democrat Party is not actually not a thing, except in right-wing media.
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    That isn’t the argument. First argument: There are people who want smaller and/or cheaper options for the device and this device opens up customers who want those things and wouldn’t buy the current iteration based on price and/or features. Second argument: The people who are deciding between the second model of a video game system for their home aren’t in a situation where $100 is a lot of money. These are people with meaningful amounts of disposable income, unless they are living way beyond their means and putting things on credit cards they can’t afford. These two arguments have no conflict.
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    Witchfinder General - AKA The Conquer Worm Vincent Price period piece thats based very loosely on a real life witch finder named Mathew Hopkins. Price plays Hopkins who is hired by small towns in 1600's England to interrogate and execute witches . The theme of the film still feels very relevant today, religious fanaticism , corrupt politics and the horror that those in power can get away with. The gore is well done for the late 60's and the violence is unflinching . This maybe Prices best film and his best villain. Video- The blu ray looks ok, it some parts it looks fantastic and in others there is a lot of noise and a lot of grain. The version that comes in the Price collection is better but is OOP and runs anywhere from $300 to $400. It was also the only blu ray version to be released in the US , I had to import this version. Audio 2.0 only, no issues other a few wierd sounds but that could just be my copy.
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    If the Bond films have shown anything, it's that 007, M, Moneypenny, Q, Felix, etc. all change. It's always a different person under the same designation.
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    For someone who refers to people who like the latest Star Wars movies as the KKK, IdeaOfEvil is picking a weird hill to die on.
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    hahahahahhahahhahahaahahhahaha Infantile bitches
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    From one projector owners to another, congrats on the projector purchase. After you have one, it’s hard to watch anything on anything but your new beauty. I believe yours still does 3D and highly suggest giving that a go. I recommend Hi-Shock 3D glasses, because of price and light weight feel. Also what size screen are you going with for your projector? Also to help increase the picture quality even more (I know, shocker) Get yourself some Triple Black Velvet to line the side and ceiling by your screen. Absorbs that reflective screen light like a sponge and increase your perceived contrast. This is my JVC 950R 4K e-shift with and without the TBV
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    @nacthenud Well, everything changed again. Lol. A couple weeks ago, I picked up the BenQ HT3550 4K projector. It's been amazing. HDR10, HLG, and for Dolby Vision tracks, it kicks into HDR mode. And yesterday I bit the bullet on the sound, and my new system should be arriving tomorrow--the Nakamichi Shockwafe 7.2.4 Elite. The 2019 model just came out, and I jumped on it. 45" soundbar, two 8" downward firing subs, and two elevation surround speakers. I decided against the 9.2.4 set up, because it's a normal sized living room and I didn't want speakers everywhere. Really looking forward to setting it all up tomorrow.
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    If only they had a model that could be played either docked or undocked. If only.
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    Just a couple years in and Nintendo's already fucking things up with their weird alternative SKUs that literally destroy the entire selling point and namesake of the console. You can't "Switch" it, either with joy-cons or by switching from handheld to docked. Awesome! Might be less of a big deal if it didn't literally break functionality with multiple games. But hey, I'm sure the functionality to dock the fucking thing added at least 25 cents to the dev costs, so why not get rid of it? The joy-con thing isn't as big of a deal, except you'll need a second pair for shit like Pokemon Let's Go (which is a fantastic game) because the dipshits decided to limit control schemes to a single joy-con, detached, or that Pokeball controller. And at that point if you want to play games like that they've killed the point of making it handheld only as you're now carrying extra bullshit just to make some games playable, with some still not being playable at all since they REQUIRE docked mode. Had it been exactly the same as what they've shown except I could also dock it, it'd be a no-brainer for me. Almost... I'd still prefer a clamshell design, but a more portable Switch is what I've been asking for, but not at the cost of core functionality for no apparent reason. I can't imagine the hardware required to allow you to dock it is wildly expensive, but everything about this announcement is just disappointment after disappointment for me. Standard modern Nintendo. They almost get there then trip at the finish line and fall into a spike pit.
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    Buttigieg proposes broad plan to combat racial inequality
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    You know what you should be imagining? The look on a scalper's face who both bought 10 of these things in hopes of flipping them.
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    After this hot summer, I need to do this. My house has no AC and it has been brutal.
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    This comes in addition to the arrest of two former officials and accusations of impropriety. A couple things nestled in the 900 pages I'm impressed that "grab them by the pussy" has made this seem tame to me.
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