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    “Something not made for my uses? Stupid garbage, only idiots would buy it!!1!!” - D1P, every time any product is announced.
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    OK, let's isolate this part then: "I said it was a bad product, which it is." You're already wrong.
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    I have a ruler, that’s how I know that it’s going to be exactly 9.7 inches going up your tight little rosy red asshole.
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    I actually like how Garou is this sad loser to start with. Not 100% bad and fighting what he thinks is the good fight. He's getting what you'd typically see a hero character get in terms of story arc. It's actually a very OPM sort of thing to do, flipping a cliche on its head. I mean we already got a whole season focused on Saitama. The show runs a serious risk of being one-note if it doesn't take the camera off Saitama for a while, which has the added side effect of making his appearances more exciting.
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    If I can’t dock it, I’m not interested. I’m curious what the more powerful one is.
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    Just me after a run. Down 45 pounds since March, 220 to 175. F dad bod
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    One of the best summaries of Ross Perot's life is by the guys from The Dollop. Ross Perot stuff starts at 11:30 in the video below. Get ready to laugh and despair.
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    Learn what lesson? He's fucking called Dr. Disrespect for crying out loud.
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    How did you know? I boycotted McDonald's after they stopped serving the 64oz Super-size drinks.
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    It's exactly what I need. I don't want to play on a TV, and being smaller means it's more portable, which is all that I want it for. I basically want to play Pokemon on the go, and don't need a full Switch. Why spend $100 more on features I will never want? You sound like the type of person that only buys super-sized meals because anything less is sub-optimal value.
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    I'm thinking this is a pass for me. I play mine docked a good chunk of the time. Still, an appealing device if you only want handheld mode. I'm only slightly tempted because of the improved battery life. My only complaint is the horrible color selection. I say I won't get one, but once they put out an appealing special edition...I'm gonna cave.
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    I've never heard of any of these people
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    The hell? Ryzen 3000 users: "Oh well, no real loss."
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    Its $100 less, and of course you don’t play it with a pro controller, it’s a portable system. I do think they should have named it something like Switch Portable, so they could keep the brand name but make it a little more obvious that the “switch” function is not present. Though it still has a usb c port at the bottom, so I could see in the future them releasing a switch lite dock add-on depending on sales. One thing I noticed is that while the listed battery life of 3-7 hours vs 2.5-6.5 hours seems small, it seems more significant when you look at their BOTW example which is 4 hours vs 3 hours, that is a notable improvement. Also that turquoise color is what I’d get.
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    There's a Pokemon Sword and Shield edition coming? THis is the real reason for launching a new Switch model...
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    I already have HBO as a streaming service, why the fuck are they making another one?
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    They have apps in Android, at least. I'd assume the same is true for iOS.
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    I'm not sure I ever wanted a sequel to Akira but here's hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised. I refused to acknowledge that Ghost in a Shell had a sequel but I eventually saw it and it was better than I thought it would be.
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    Viz carries One Punch Man in their $2/mo Shounen Jump subscription. Viz is pretty good at keeping you up to date versus the Japanese releases in most cases...other than for One Punch Man. However, One Punch Man also gets weird revisions after release. The whole situation with One Punch Man is weird since the manga is an adaptation of the web comic. The web comics is just...you know...
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    Fast food always looks edible in the TV ads.
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    When self-driving cars come I hope supreme leader SFLUFAN makes shitty, non-AI guided driving punishable by death.
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    The only way this guy will learn his lesson is if his viewers leave him, which is unfortunately asking way too much of the internet.
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    Yeah, like an axe to his head. That’s the only solution to getting rid of McConnell.
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    There's an impressive amount of craft in Midsommar, but it all seemed a bit of a waste as it failed to function on an emotional level. As with Hereditary, Ari Aster and cinematographer Pawel Pogorzelski make every single shot feel purposeful. I love how they frame their subjects, hold shots just long enough, and move the camera with such care. In both films, it heightens the drama, insinuating that everything has been considered; it all matters, it's all there for a reason. However, where Hereditary proves that out, I think Midsommar put all that great craft to waste. Besides the opening, my overwhelming sense of Midsommar's horror was "huh." There wasn't a sense of dread or impending doom, even when it was quite obvious. There wasn't a great tension or confusion, just a mild bewilderment and a general dissatisfaction. It's a movie that is demanding of your attention, but did little to pay that off in all but the most obvious ways. I think much of this stems from a lack of agency. So much of Midsommar's primary plot points happen while characters are heavily drugged. There's a clear sense of danger, or at least oddity, but they're not in a state to decipher it or to act on it, and as a result there's little tension to be made. The characters are more like flies caught in a web, but so heavily sedated that they just don't really know or care. That lack of recognition and drug induced apathy couldn't help but carry over to my viewing experience. I still think that Aster is a filmmaker to watch, but Midsommar is an unfortunate miss.
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    I LOVED ActRaiser, so this is an automatic purchase for me!
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    is everyone forgetting about Ohioguy?
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