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    I think it's something mostly the hardcore racists are going to be upset about and it'll be exacerbated by internet trolls. Social media being a shithole just makes them more visible.
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    No, I mean, they know about it. They're supportive or at the very least, not bothered by it. I actually did make a post about it a few days ago and it was quite popular.
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    You're the worst kind of troll, a lazy one
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    I dunno, but like I said, I have a lot of dumb people on my FB, nearly all of who are Trump fans, but I haven't seen any backlash from them and some are even outright supportive, sooo...?
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    You're talking the oblivion of being Olympic contenders and always getting into the World Cup finals every tournament this decade? I mean, let's face it: if the measure of a person is how famous someone is, then you're fucked, man.
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    So you've watched every good thing and read ever good thing ever created.
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    This is one of those things that's not going to get real, visible hate until a teaser trailer drops. I can already see Disney disabling comments on YouTube. I hope I'm wrong.
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    Obama thought bubble: "oh, imma NEED this shit."
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    I mean, Spork's evidence is all anecdotal. Search enough and you'll find a handful of idiots posting really, really stupid stuff. It doesn't make them a meaningful force, though. I'd love to see some statistical evidence, but I'm not sure that's possible with what we're talking about here. Social media is a cesspool full of trolls. I just think the outrage machine is overworking itself for this one, based on what I've seen so far.
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    I'm going to continue to disagree. Social media is a cesspool, but I really don't see a handful of screencaps showing idiots being idiots is anything particularly meaningful. I have a lot of dumb and bigoted people on my FB(curse of growing up in the South and being surrounded by them). I see dumb and hateful shit all the time from them, but the fact I haven't seen one person complain about this particular issue is notable. At least to me.
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    I mean, if you'd actually read my posts(because I said it twice in this thread), you'd see I didn't claim there wasn't any negativity. I've seen a little of it, though it's all been from public comments on articles posted by public pages and I assume a good portion of those accounts are fakes anyway, created to troll. There'a already going to be idiots. I just haven't seen them in meaningful numbers compared to the people to are outraged by the supposed trolls.
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    Nah, I never watched either before maybe two months ago.
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    I’d much prefer not to, but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
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    So essentially, this guy knows a ton of famous people, and because he's now arrested, this is going to expose a lot of those people's dirty laundry?
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    So I assume this is just a list of people he knew socially and not (all) kiddie diddlers
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    Merv Griffin was during Season 9 which, for my money, was actually better overall than Season 8 since it knew what it was at that point post-Larry David (more a skit show with some relatable humor). Stuff like The Burning or the toilet brush girlfriend or the Frogger sequence or the on-and-off Puddy relationship, they're all aces. Season 9 had the lows of the last two episodes, though. It does end in a whimper.
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    I literally remember being taught fire safety in elementary school and learning that keeping a door closed is waaaaaay safer in a fire. You’re doing it wrong.
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    I guess this is a 2016 repeat where he feels if he loses, he needs to Make News Great Again with his own network. Or maybe he'll take over OANN.
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    I have been watching people play this game and I really want to make a level to fuck with people. Not a hard level, just a level where it takes the maximum amount of time to finish.
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    He called the cops because the other dude was being a jerk, and calling the cops is an easy way to put a black man in his place. I don’t like either of them.
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    They played reruns of it (maybe they still do) on the local channel at 11pm after the news, 2 episodes and I watched it that way for years. I had never actually seen it as it aired, in high school people always said Seinfeld sucked so I never bothered.
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    That's pretty much me, actually! It's not that I don't enjoy good food or prefer it outright, I just don't care all that much. I put all my caring effort into THOSE BLAZING FAST FRAME RATES!
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    A (big) part of me is sad that there will be no songs, as Mulan has some classics. At the same time, I feel like this movie has the best potential to be a vehicle for serious commentary on female empowerment, especially in terms of breaking through in China. For that reason I look forward to seeing it!
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    My go-to is the $7.99 large 3 topping carry out from Dominos. I can place the order and pay for it online, so I barely have to involve another human in my shame food transaction. It takes roughly 15-17 minutes from the time I place the order to have a large box full of shitty food on the table. If I didn’t have a Dominos so close to me, and if the oven in my apartment wasn’t super shitty, I would just get frozen pizzas instead. Pizza is generally a “fuck it” food, and fuck it, frozen is good enough for me.
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    Favorite summer cocktail right now: Hendricks, St Germaine, Soda with lemon and lime. Soooooo damn good and refreshing.
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    They Live 4k Steel Case looks real good, normally I dont really give a shit about cases but this one is a home run for me. Image Quality The jump to 4k gives some finer details over the 1080p releases from Shout! .The use of HDR is fantastic and not over used, stronger colors and better blacks with out over saturation . Sound Quality Just like the other Carpenter 4k releases , the film has a 5.1 DTS-HD and a 2.0 . An atmos track would have been killer but the 5.1 does the job. I had to import this from the UK. Cost was about $ 45. The price can be a real deal breaker for some but if your fan of the film i recommend it.
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    My arms and my pants are open for you, friend.
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    I got a hot tip over a decade ago and locked this name down on steam and forums.
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    This is one of those headlines that made me go “aw, that’s so sad”. Then I realized that I’ve never read a single thing from MAD.
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    And of course exploiting the town/city/country that ends up hosting the event.
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    I'm just glad I don't care about playing online with strangers.
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    Finally got a new car, my old Z24 kicked the bucket yesterday so I had no choice but to bite the bullet, got a great deal. 2016 Hyundai Sonata SE 14,900 miles Immaculate inside and out Got it for 15.5k before taxes etc great deal. Very happy with it.
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    There is such a thing, moron.
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    If the Apocalypse fits wear it
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    Who said anything about leagues, teams, or owners? I give zero fucks about them. I care and that’s what matters. Be quiet Apoc.
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