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    If Pelosi went after Trump as strongly as she went after members of her own caucus, we'd actually get somewhere.
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    That's pretty much me, actually! It's not that I don't enjoy good food or prefer it outright, I just don't care all that much. I put all my caring effort into THOSE BLAZING FAST FRAME RATES!
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    Favorite summer cocktail right now: Hendricks, St Germaine, Soda with lemon and lime. Soooooo damn good and refreshing.
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    Welcome back dude! We should do a game giveaway to celebrate your return. I’ll take Fire Emblem. You are welcome!
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    Damn impressive that Toy Story 3 continues to pull in money at the box office almost a decade after release.
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    There is only really a following during the World Cup.
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    This is stupid - why hide the truth? That shit happened, and they did a skeezy version of it so kids understood it's weird and creepy (why do you think they have the villain do it)? This is lame. It's a dark joke but it should remain.
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    I actually prefer live audiences. An actor being able to work the audience and feed off them is a lot of fun to watch.
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    I remember both of them. What do I win?
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    @maddux4163 @Brolic Gaoler I legit don’t remember either of you, but welcome back anyway!
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    Forgot to mention one of my personal favorite moments - during the first credits scene, one of my projects can be seen pretty clearly in the background. The characters are at the corner of 33rd and 8th right by Madison Square Garden and Moynahan/Penn Station, and you can see my building (Brookfield Properties 1 Manhattan West) in the background. Definitely filmed sometime in the last 6-12 months judging by the sight of the cranes at Moynahan and 1MW. Thought it was pretty cool that they used live filmed footage of the area.
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    One if by land, two if by sea, don’t worry about three if by air because we have that shit under control.
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    Same here. Much like ANT MAN and its sequel, I really enjoyed FAR FROM HOME, particularly as a lighter change of pace from the movie that it (and they) followed. We get to see through the movie(s) how the MCU is evolving (to an extent), but in something that doesn't feature world-ending/-changing stakes, or some type of aerial warfare montage as a climax, in a movie that puts more of a premium on relationships than building/preserving narrative momentum across the entire MCU-verse (although you coudl certainly argue that some major stakes were set with the credits scenes).
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    See you United States. I'm moving!
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    Reasonable, sure, but it fundamentally changes the character in ways that I really do not care for, as a life-long Spider-Man fan. It's like if they did a Batman origin story and he becomes Batman because he's a thrill-seeker who realized he loved violence after watching his parents being gunned down.
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    No, bulbs still do need be kept an eye out on. When we had 35mm projectors we were suppose to be good between 2000-2500hrs on 4000k Xenon/Osram bulb, but they were known to blow before that time. Had a few that literally blew up when a show was running and put a few dents into the casing. With the digital projectors, they weren’t suppose to go any higher then 1250hrs for 3D screens (bulbs ran a little brighter) and 1500hrs for 2D screens(but became lax when they kicked us projectionists out and management took over) The big reason for this was because digital projectors use a glass reflector and not a metal reflector like the 35mm had. So HUGE expense if the bulb were to explode because it would easily take out that reflector too. Couple thousand easily for the reflector (last quote I remember hearing) We were forced to wear heavy musty leather jacket when we change out the bulbs, because they could kill us if dropped and not protected. They literally sound like a grenade/bomb going off when dropped in their box while wrapped in its safety plastic wrapping. The gentleman who trained me would take the heavy as hell metal pit the bulb struck to light itself and trade it in as scrap metal. In 6 months he could get enough parts to trade in for like $400. Plus he was also responsible in setting up the first permanent IMAX screen in Toronto. Bought tube amps from a local shop in Toronto to help setup that initial sound system. He said it was ugly and yet beautiful all at the same time.
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    I forgot we even had mods. Also, this article just infuriates me. Why do these people still have jobs?
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    I think it's going to be fantastic and I look forward to all of you eating shit.
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    Sadly the only thing available to cook with in my studio apartment
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    How is it false equivelency? She literally says and does nothing about anything. She's literally hated because she's Trumps daughter.
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    Q: "why does Mitch keep covering for Trump?!?" A:
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