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    Not only should we should fight Republicans (so this is great news), we should also primary centrist corporate Democrats who accept "dark" money.
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    What really gets me is not that these border patrol guys were racist or that they said stupid shit. What gets me is the amount of hatred generated at AOC because of "reasons". Over the last few weeks, I've never read so much hatred generated at one woman because she actually cares about issues that involve socialism, which usually involves the rights of people and basic dignity. Yet, they treat her like she's advocating bringing in the very worst possibilities of civilization due to some strange belief that socialism is inherently evil, even though the majority of Americans have absolutely no concept of what socialism is or even that it might actually be the greatest thing THEY could ever imagine for themselves, and I'm not even a socialist who realizes that.
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    Have you tried clearing your cache?
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    Sometimes what someone quotes includes the parts that caused the thread to go out of hand. Try not to take it personally.
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    A fried chicken and Cheeto sandwich is basically protein, carbs and fat with a shitload of salt. Assuming you don’t suffer from hypertension, your diet consists of more than this sandwich, and you’re not a glutton, it should be fine.
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    I cleaned up the thread a bit as it was getting out of hand. I left the criticism of my post, which I'm fine with (even if I disagree), but please refrain from the insults as it just derails threads.
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    What about the VP or the president? Gotta get those logical operations right
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    AAA - Big Budget, usually a known dev attached to it, almost guaranteed to be part of a series, often has a big publisher attached B tier/AA - Moderate budget, niche dev that makes basically the same types of games over and over (think PyranaBytes) or one offs, second tier publisher attached Indie - Small budget, no publisher/very small publisher (this is clearly changing as known "indies" sign deals), new ideas, graphic fidelity tends to be lower or more stylized, typically requires less hardware to run great, experimental or disruptive design to a well established genre. Cage - whatever the fuck those things are that David Cage makes!
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    And lest we forget about an hour into election night the proclamations that 2018 was "2016 all over again." Ain't nobody needs to predict anything this far out. The only thing I'm concerned about is how the presidential race affects the down-ballot races. If even bigger percentages of people do straight-ticket voting, then winning states like North Carolina, Iowa, Arizona, Georgia, and to a lesser extent Colorado and Maine (since they went Democratic last time) will be extremely important to winning the Senate seat. So say we're in early November 2020 and I see that Trump is overall even a bit above the margin of error in Arizona. At that point, based on 2016, I'll think that the Senate race won't be good for Dems. At the same time, they really overperformed in Georgia and Texas last time, with even Gillum, running on a more left platform in Florida compared to past moderate Dems running for governor, doing better than all of them since 1998. So I dunno. Obviously, the candidate matters a lot, but Tennessee also showed that sometimes, your state is gonna reject you eventually because of the letter beside your name.
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    No one would care about Ivanka if not for her being a personal representative of Trump in somewhat official capacity of the United States government and surrogate by virtue of being his spawn.
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    Nice try, that's Uncharted 1 through 13 for those who don't know.
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    I would say a game can be both indie and AAA. It would depend on how the game is funded and the make up of the team. The former is pretty self explaining. You’re not independent with a big publisher backing you. For the latter I would feel the game is no longer Indie if there are multiple game studios working on it. Like one company working on campaign, another doing miltiplayer, and maybe another for cutscenes, etc. As you’re not really independent by heavily using another companies talent and resources to create the game. but say Destiny 3 is all done in house and Bungie stays self publishing. I’d be pretty confident that could be called a “AAA Indie” game.
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    Because that's what it is, as opposed to a shopping mall which we've tended to shorten to just mall.
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    Except that's not really how it works. Also Cheetos are gross and looking at that sandwich triggered my gag reflex.
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    People worry too much about terminology.
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    Doctors would 100% disagree. For good health it's something like 70-80% is diet, 20-30% exercise. Ask any doctor bru. The kinds of fats and calories you put into your body matter 110%.
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    As long as one pursues regular, rigorous exercise, you can put just about anything down your pie hole and you'll be reasonably fine.
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    these people wouldn’t have a problem with turning their concentration camps into death camps
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    If the game sucks and cost a lot of money to make: AAA If the game is good and was cheap: Indie
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    In the books, Zathura is 100% a sequel and is about the next door neighbors. It even starts with the neighbors looking out the window and seeing the Jumanji characters destroying the game. However, movie-wise, there’s no Jumanji mention so it’s more of a “same universe” thing probably.
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    You just increased the magnitude of the cyberbullying by 33,333.333%
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    I view unsolicited requests for money as bullying in accordance with my standard policy.
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    Look at the difference in how people talk about Ivanka and Tiffany, and how people barely even talk about Tiffany. People would talk shit about Tiffany too if she inserted herself the way Ivanka does. The idea that people hate on Ivanka purely because of who her father is is absurdly easy to disprove.
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    I'll be the judge of what is released and not released this year.
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    Amusingly, @IdeaOfEvil, one of the reasons I gave last night to my buddies for why I liked it is the lower stakes and less serious tone of the film. Interesting how two people can recognize the same thing and one see it as a flaw and the other a strength
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    I'm getting tired of their template.
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    That looks amazing. I love they decided to go with a twist like that. Seeing Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart get to be 3 entirely new people is a brilliant idea.
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    I don't think this needs to be an either/or distinction - there have been plenty of incredible AAA games this gen. I've absolutely loved Wolfenstein, Dishonored, Resident Evil 2, God of War, Batman, etc. I think the general point that @JosephManderley and others are making is that there are lots of unique experiences and risks taken in the indie space that aren't necessarily translated to the AAA arena, and many people have begun to prefer these kinds of games. Sure, there are too many pixel-art-2D-metroidvania games to count, but there are also indie games of astounding emotional and creative depth, the likes of which I haven't seen in any big-budget game. I view it similarly to the film business - the market for middle budget movies is evaporating, so you're left choosing between big-budget (often times) run-of-the-mill spectacle, and micro-budget indie fare. A good game is a good game regardless of its budget, so we don't necessarily need to pick sides. The topic is very relatable to me because I began to feel this way even towards the end of the last generation. Oddly enough the Wii-U rekindled my love for games, which I don't believe is an opinion lots of people share.
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    Having a bridge collapse under the weight of a parade-bound Abrams tank would be just a perfect metaphor for the Trump-era GOP.
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    After Control bombs, I bet Remedy will be looking for a lifeline!
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    How can you judge big budget retail released games if you only own a Switch? Get a PS4 and the following games, and then see if you still prefer indie games to big budget releases: Alien Isolation Assassin's Creed Syndicate Assassin's Creed Origins Assassin's Creed Odyssey Batman: Arkham Knight Bloodborne Darksiders III Dark Souls III Days Gone Detroit: Become Human Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Dishonored 2 Divinity: Original Sin Divinity: Original Sin II Dragon Age Inquisition Dying Light The Evil Within The Evil Within 2 Fallout 4 Far Cry 4 far Cry 5 Final Fantasy XV God of War Grand Theft Auto V Hitman Hitman 2 Horizon Zero Dawn Judgment Kingdom Hearts III The Last Guardian The Last of Us Remastered Mad Max Mafia III Mass Effect Andromeda Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Metro Redux Metro Exodus Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nier: Automata Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Persona 5 Pillars of Eternity A Plague Tale Prey Rage 2 Ratchet & Clank Red Dead Redemption II Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil VII Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice South Park: The Fractured but Whole Spider-Man The Surge Thief Titanfall 2 Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb Raider Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Until Dawn The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Yakuza 0 Yakuza Kiwami Yakuza Kiwami 2 I'm an older gamer too (49) and I've been playing games since Pong, so I like to play indie games with 8-bit/16-bit pixel art and design structures to bring back the feeling of gaming when I was a lot younger as well - but it's a nostalgic novelty at best for me because big budget current gen games are what I realistically wanted games to be like back then. There are definitely indie games that I quite enjoy that aren't old school in look and design as well, but my main gaming interest these days is big budget retail released stuff that offer all the current technology bells and whistles and deep engrossing worlds and content that I can really sink my teeth into for long periods of time.
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    I tried, but it didn't change my emotional reaction.
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