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    Sometimes the only winning move is to not play!
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    And then he continued to vote with the Republicans on everything. This does not matter. Next.
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    From the beginning vice struck me as a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings that wanted to live a life of adventure by using the real plights of others to live out their dreams. It felt falsely self righteous and lamely edgy from the get go. Today is a good day!
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    Another non gameplay trailer for a game releasing this year. Sweet.
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    Every year in gaming is either the best year or the worst year ever.
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    The Switch now has two games based on Netflix properties, but still doesn’t have goddamn Netflix!
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    Fuck Sony. I don't care what anyone says, you can't "win" if you don't play.
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    Why would anyone think this obviously straight man is gay?
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    I just meant Fassbender acts so well he sells the hell out of it. What they ultimately do to his character is really stupid, I agree.
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    And they are the fakest "woke" organization on the planet... I almost worked there a couple of years ago. The only other person of color in the office was the middle Eastern receptionist who was overjoyed when he thought I was gonna work there. Fuck em.
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    I will get this. Then play it for like 20 hours and never finish it. I will still get this.
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    I'm going to save this thread(and the eventual PS5 announcement thread) and come back to it when the consoles are out and they're not performing like the fanboys insist they will.
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    60FPS will defintely not be an issue for the new xbox. The leaked benchmarks for Zen2 should have you guys very very excited for the next gen systems. The Lowest demoninator Zen2 chip is outperforming the current top of the line Zen Chip in a basic bencmarking test. That means that the next gen systems will be BETTER then current top of the line Gaming Pc's. We will have FULL Pc cores in these new machines. Not two 4core mobile cpu's ducked tapped together.
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    Here is a visual representation of the Xbox Scarlett and the Playstation 5 meeting each other in the street;
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    Nighttime being when scurry black men were most likely to try to rape innocent white women?
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    I've always severely disliked Vice as a whole for what I perceived to be essentially smug Startup Bro virtue-signaling sold as product. Their self-aggrandizing bullshit is off the charts. I feel oddly vindicated right now even if this doesn't have shit to do with me
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    Holy shit, Nintendo, you excepted my expectations and I was already excited!
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    Skip it. The only great X-men movies are Logan and Deadpool 1. There are a couple good ones and then a lot of shit including Apocalypse.
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    I definitely try to cook my steaks for the minimum amount of time it takes the inside to stop being cold/the fat to get hot.
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    #1 Nintendo #2 SquareEnix Everyone else gets digitally generated CG participation trophies. ... Watch Dogs 3 looked alright.
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    and Panzer Dragoon... My wallet just jumped out of my pocket and is trembling in the closet right now.
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    That's exactly why it was so confusing to see the reaction! Everyone was shitting on it during the lead-up to its release, but many crapped on First Class and I feel like some people did for DoFP. But DoFP, I loved so much, that I couldn't see WHY Apocalypse would be so bad. If you didn't like any, okay, I get it. But when people who liked Singer's X-Men films tell me that Apocalypse really was terrible, I feel like I probably am not missing anything trying to watch it. I guess I could pretend it ends with DoFP and Logan. Apocalypse did strike me as so similar to Thanos when I read the plot summary. We all probably agree -- I'm gonna actually amend that to definitely -- that Thanos looks more intimidating. But I felt, hey, I've enjoyed Singer's villains so far, so regardless as to how he looks, it'll probably work out in the movie. Watching the climax, he has cool powers but it doesn't seem particularly crazy considering the character.
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    Lynch version is such dog shit. As a huge David Lynch fan, I can't wrap my head around fans of his excusing it as some masterpiece, which I have actually seen.
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    Let’s be fair... Magneto’s arc in Apocalypse is shitty as well. He needs Apocalypse to tell him there’s magnetic material in the earth (what) despite being allegedly a genius in DoFP, and he’s a nudge away from remaking the earth in the image of a dude he just met days after lamenting the fact that he’s been pulled back into violence. There’s zero reason for Magneto to be anyone’s stooge at all. He does it on a dime in Apocalypse. Fassbender is great but Magneto’s movie to movie behavior creates a lunatic more than it does a compelling character. Chuck letting him go at the end of DoFP... fine? A stretch, but I get it. Letting him walk and offering him a job at the end of Apocalypse is fucking ridiculous and it completely justifies humans mistrusting mutants.
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    Witcher 3 still! Finished Hearts of Stone - It was pretty good. Really cool story. Now Im about 1/2 way done with Blood and Wine - and Im feeling like this might be the best content of the whole game (altough I really loved Skelliege) . Which is pretty amazing after 95hrs this game still feels so fresh with this content. All DLC should be this good. cant wait for iOS13 to drop with full xbox/ps4 controller support. Im going to stream Witcher 1 from my PC To my ATV!
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    Elders Scrolls kick. I cannot wait to see what part 6 will look like 3 years from now.
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    Well THIS is very interesting news: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/06/10/dune-reboot-expands-with-spinoff-streaming-series-dune-the-sisterhood I hope it adapts more of Frank Herbert's six books, and Denis Villeneueve co-writing and directing the pilot is promising. I don't know what to think of this yet.
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    I disagree there are many games you overlooked some minor properties like Control but also some larger ones like Ghost Recon. There is still a lot coming out this year but I a ton of stuff that was intended to come out this year slipped into Q1 2020.
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    No, blame Vice for being a terribly managed organization. Disney just wrote down its $400+ million investment in Vice Media to a value of $0.00
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    And who the hell are these people?
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    MS showed a few interesting multiplat games Ubi was meh Square showed me a decent bit to look forward to I'm excited to see Nintendo's Direct tomorrow, since I'm really excited for the games for the remainder of 2019
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    My Soul Edge PCB kit arrived today. I was a little sad at first to pay so much for a Soul Edge Ver A PCB but it's totally worth it in the end with it having all the original extras which you rarely get when buying old arcade pcbs.
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    I haven't seen the movie, but I saw a comment about the movie that included this: Which would certainly line up with having had to hack the script for a two-parter down to a single movie.
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    Just started watching So... I mean, we’re all just going to only recruit and play as old lady’s in WD3, right?
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    Prediction: The PS5 and the Next Box will be near identical in their final specs.
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