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    He's not the Riddler, jerkface.
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    And I'm sick of the trope that Trump's campaign actually wasn't built on racism and xenophobia. It trafficked in it. It used the words from those groups. It spoke to those people. The voters responded based on those ideas. Because they held those ideas. Trump used all of this to his benefit, saw it had benefit, and kept doing it. Is he a white supremacist? Probably not. Does he benefit from people who are and people who dance around the edges without realizing what they're doing? Yes, absolutely. If you fuck goats as a joke, you're still a goat fucker.
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    I’m sure being cast off the gravy train because D&D wanna go play with A Star War has nothing to do with their collective disappointment
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    This is a stupid point. The left was never going to support the Republican nominee regardless of who it was.
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    Star Wars headcanon is stronger than a billion Death Stars, GoT headcanon burns hotter than all of Dany’s dragons.
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    Did he actually sign something, or is it still open to Lou Dobbs whipping him into a late night Twitter tantrum?
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    I'm no doctor but I believe that's called cancer.
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    Much about Sonic, including many of his games, has always sucked. So they're probably going to stay true to the material, at least.
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    Never Trump was born out of conservatives who would "never" vote for Trump. It has nothing to do with the left.
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    I don't think you can't necessarily equate sales to how good a game is or isnt. Division 2 got nothing but high praise from just about everyone, yet didn't meet their expectations. They couldn't have asked for better media coverage, I'm not sure I saw any negative press or reaction to it at all. It's a good game and way way better than the first game. Even if it was a bit overhyped in my opinion.
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    I have to ask it again, what show have some of you guys been watching? The show has spent her entire character arc dealing with the fact that (1) her claim to the throne is flimsy-to-nonexistent, (2) that she is for all intents and purposes leading a foreign invasion, and (3) that she is engaging in mental gymnastics ('break the wheel', LOL) to justify her actions. What happened in the last episode is all of those concepts colliding and leading to the most plainly logical conclusion: that she is complete shit and will stop at nothing to rule.
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    I'm going to fucking pay for this stupid fucking streaming service, aren't I?
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    This—I know quite a few conservatives who think he’s a buffoon but just like his economic policies and care more about getting conservatives on the courts.
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    Heck that one scene with Halle and Keanu (you know the one I mean) seemed like it had more bodies than the entire last movie
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    the players union needs to do something about this. a two year ban for drugs is ridiculous
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    It's still fucking stupid to compare this to Dexter.
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    Old, that's how you feel about that.
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    Ok. Holding down L1, L3, and Triangle at once, press Circle and X five times each while letting go of L3 and Triangle in that exact order and proceed to do a complete Fred Astaire tap-dancing routine to mount horse.
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    The rings were in Iron Man 3, but they were never brought up as having any sort of power if I'm remembering correctly. The Mandarin's logo featured the ten rings as well, but since he was a fake in that movie it pretty much just went away.
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    love to know what the body count on this flick was.
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    I pitched in a little. What you're dealing with is a nightmare scenario for me and my wife. I hope things start swinging upward for you soon.
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    You think they would spend money on the CGI for ghost? Lol
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    @Pent SON OF A BITCH: AMD RYZEN 5 2600X + GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING Motherboard + 2 Games - $230 after EMCTAUB54 coupon
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    If you liked the robe/wizard hate one, these two are also pretty fucking great.
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    ive returned to GoW since i only got maybe 1/4 way through last year before getting distracted. So im about 1/2 way through now but also just started up A Plague Tale: Innocence.
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    That is an extremely fast dive, but USB 3.1 will hold it back significantly because of the 10 Gb/s limit. NVME (aka PCI-e x4) has a bandwidth up to 32 Gb/s. Meanwhile a cheaper drive with a SATA internal interface can go up to 6 Gb/s. And yeah, The X1X only has USB 3.0 which can go up to 5 Gb/s, so you wouldn't unlock the SSD's potential until the next gen comes along. And concerning next gen, external drive speed may not even matter. Sony has already spilled the beans that they will have some form of super fast internal SSD caching, and I fully expect Microsoft to do the same.
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    That's the whole problem with the entire system predicated on that degenerate, Enlightenment-era, bourgeois liberal, garbage document: whether a law or regulation is "a good policy for society" is completely and totally irrelevant if it conflicts with the intent of that degenerate, Enlightenment-era, bourgeois liberal, garbage document.
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    I'll freely admit that an abortion essentially "kills" at the very least a potential life and abortion proponents should have the courage to admit that as well. I just don't care that it does because the cost to society of that potential life's possible "mistaken existence" infinitely outweighs the costs of its non-existence (which are zero). Abortion proponents should have the courage to embrace this rationale as well.
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    You could get a 1tb internal ssd and a usb 3 dock or case for a lot less.
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    Eh, we're not really. We are just really inefficient at using existing resources. The carrying capacity for humans (on Earth) is probably 10 times the current population if we managed our resources correctly.
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    Why are we talking about nevertrumpers in a thread about white supremacist terrorism? The only real nevertrumpers out there are the old neocons because most of them were anti-communist warhawk Jews. The reason they're never trump is, drumroll please, the virulent anti-Semitic racism of the conservative trump movement! Otherwise they'd just be Republicans. It's the white supremacy that makes for the difference.
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    Exactly. If after the bells she had flown right to the Red Keep and nuked it and in the process some civilians were caught in the fire it could have been a discussion but she was going literally street by street razing the city to the ground before she even went after her "enemy", she was in full on murder EVERYONE mode which is a substantial leap from her previous actions. If instead of just killing the Tarlys that would not bend the knee last season she had also killed all the soldiers that did and we had a couple more scenes of similar actions than episode 5 wouldn't seem like such a huge change.
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    She also burned those Dothraki women alive and made the entire Dothraki culture her bloodriders, which means if she dies they’re obligated to kill themselves, or avenge her and then kill themselves.
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    Her character's conclusion is perhaps the one that is the most "earned" (relatively speaking).
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    I mean, you can buy only so much chlorine and put it in your pool before it is hazardous to swim in the chlorinated water. Sometimes industry groups publish information for all to see to raise awareness, not necessarily to sell a product. My company regularly publishes costs of certain services from across the country that even our competitors can use. Does this drive sales of our insurance product? Probably, because the costs can be ruinous if you're not prepared. But it also helps keep vendors honest and prices in check as well.
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    How can you know something is going to happen while that something also being entirely unearned?
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    That video clip does nothing but reinforce what I just said. I don't think anybody in this thread is arguing that this season hasn't been rushed. It really has and everybody knows it. We'll just have to accept that. Once that's out of the way, you're left with everything else. Many have, for years now, been meming the shit out of how Dany is going to go Mad Queen. That didn't come out of nowhere. Book readers predicted this outcome before the show even caught up. The death of the Night King is one of those things people complained about. There's no way the living would manage to keep him at bay for multiple days. He was getting to Bran that night no matter what. With that said, he either wins and mankind of defeated or he loses and the story continues. I don't know what middle ground there people were hoping for...other than their head canon epic fight with Jon. That's small potatoes, though. Jon isn't the better fighter here, so that's not even worth discussing. Then with Dany burning King's Landing, you end up with a similar scenario. Missandei doesn't get killed. Varys doesn't try to kill her because he doesn't see her cracking. Cool. What next? Long drawn out war with either side winning. There scorpions were never going to take out Drogon just because it could take out the smaller dragons. Dany's forces win that fight no matter what and they get through it quickly. If she peacefully accepts the Lannister surrender, what then? Same offer she made the Tullys? Burn Cercei after a trial? The series ending with a trial and execution with the implication that everyone lived happily ever after wouldn't sit right for this series. I'm trying to figure out where people were hoping this show would go. Like I said. The actors are no less susceptible than anyone else at being disappointed that their characters too a turn they'd rather not. Posting a clip with actors not being really happy with the way the show ends is pretty meaningless.
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    I largely agree with you; if someone is upset that it went this way at all, that seems really silly. But I do think there is valid criticism against the "writing" or maybe we should say "story telling?" in that they so rushed this season that people didn't really understand why she did what she did in that moment. Better story telling would have made her internal workings a bit more clear so that it felt more like an inevitable tragedy than "really? now?" Maybe they needed to spend more time showing us the toll everything was taking on her than they did. I'm not sure. I'm not a writer but it definitely felt too abbreviated to have the impact and recognition it ought to have had.
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    Jesus christ... I just don't know what to say to that other than this. Just because you don't like where a character ends up doesn't mean it's "wrong". Danerys could have ALWAYS went in this direction as she has always been displayed as being ruthless and she's been wanting to bring "fire and blood" to her enemies in Westeros since before she even got there. It would have been out of character for sure if Jon or Tyrion were to do something like this, but her? No. My issue was that they were so heavy handed in telegraphing a potential turn to "mad-queen" especially in recent episodes that I thought they were going to do something different with her. I wasn't sure what, but I didn't expect it would be what she did. Like I said earlier, I thought it was lazy and kind of obvious... I actually conceded that she would succumb to Targeryan madness (which I also thought was overblown in Westeros as only a few of the Tagreryan rulers seemed to actually suffer from it) after the previous episode when she lost both Rhaegal and Missandei. People are confusing what they wanted to happen with good/bad writing. The same way Star Wars fans did with Luke in the Last Jedi. The truncated nature of these last two seasons definitely didn't help in showing Danerys' turn and didn't fully prepare a lot of folks who for whatever reason were taken completely off guard by what she did for whatever reason, but to say that it was out of character for her to do it? No.
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    56% of Americans are opposed to teaching arabic numerals in Math class.
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