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    I’m not even outraged, I’m more perplexed by how somebody arrives at the thought you expressed in response to the tweet.
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    "Personal convenience" Link I can personally attest to the financial constraints as a reason for abortion. It's why my wife had one a year or two ago, before I started my new job. She was at about 6 weeks. Between daycare, servicing all of our student loans, and paying down medical bills from her two hospital stays before giving birth, our first ER visit bill for my daughter when she was an infant, and then the debt incurred from having to deal with unpayed maternity leave, it was not financially possible to have another kid at my then current salary. Even having my wife stop working to take care of two kids would not have been possible without accepting nearly twenty more years of debt servicing on our student loans. So, uh, no thanks. These pro fetus assholes can take a long walk on a short pier. If they really cared about life, they'd make it so giving birth and taking time off for a newborn child aren't so financially burdensome, and that the woman has an actual choice to either return to work with daycare that isn't the amount of a mortgage itself, or can stay at home with the child without plunging their family into poverty (we were and are in a better position than most people, and we wouldn't have gone into poverty but another lifetime of debt shouldn't be the sentence for having a family)
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    Of course, there is my personal preference that people receive "parental licenses" for reproduction that attests to their "fitness" to propagate the species.
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    Beto should have run for senate again and then run for Lt Governor if he failed. Democrats continue to have far too many people interested in becoming president instead of taking governorships, senate seats, and state legislatures.
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    But you are comparing the two. The message in the tweet was there is nothing a man could experience that would be on the same level as bringing a rapist's parasite to full term. And you are saying "losing half your wealth" is a worse experience. So again you are a vile piece of shit for comparing the two.
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    For the record, I am physically nauseated to be described as "pro-choice". I demand to be referred to as "pro-abortion" or "anti-life".
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    That isn't even terrorism, that's just plain ol' racism. Killing a black person to stoke fears and incite a race war, that's terrorism.
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    Hmm let's check the rankings...scrolling down...scrolling down...scrolling way way down. Ah! There you are Alabama! #49.
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    Since SFLUFAN might be on the verge of going peak depressive nihilist again, it is time to inject some humor ITT which will also hopefully quell his rage
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    Holy fuck what does divorce law have to do with being a husband/boyfriend of somebody that got impregnated via rape and being forced to bring the rapist's parasite to full term knowing that it is not a parasite conceived through any type of love? This is the type of shit that brings about single parenthood and possible suicide. But that is alright as you score points for giving it to someone that would be "divorce raped." What the fuck does that even mean. You are a vile piece of shit for even comparing the two.
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    I guess Dodger is pretty upset since now some of his white friends may be considered terrorists and start going to jail.
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    I’m just sitting here eating popcorn waiting for Dodger to start on black on black crime.
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    Legacy systems/processes may not work exactly as expected with newer, updated software.
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    And there's nothing wrong with making the best choice for your family, up to and including terminating an unexpected pregnancy. That said, I really dislike the moralizing tone of the phrase "personal convenience" and that's why I went off on a bit of a tirade. To me it implies a level of knowledge of someone else's situation that condescendingly passes judgement on the character and familial/socioeconomic/health statuses of a person getting an abortion. A personal convenience is making a list online and paying $5 to get your grocery shopping done and the bags brought to your car like Kroger click list. Avoiding years(maybe even decades) of physical, mental, marital, and/or financial hardship isn't a personal convenience.
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    It's a stupid appeasement policy. 1. Users who wish to partake in the live service should have to verify their identity (e.g. something akin to a blue check mark) 2. Users who post content (without context) that is clearly promoting harmful ideologies (e.g. white supremacy, jihad, etc.) should be permabanned from the platform on the first offense. 3. Users who post criminal content (e.g. they're committing a criminal act) should be reported to their local police department, hence the first rule.
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    Oh shit, I wondered how one poster could have so many terrible takes. Now I understand.
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    Where have you gone Bill de Blasio? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you Woo woo wooooooo What's that you say Mrs. Obama? Diamond Joe hasn't left and gone away Hey hey hey Hey hey hey
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    The tweet in question specifically calls out how there’s nothing to happen to a man that is the same as carrying a rapists child to term, because the Alabama law by design has no exceptions for rape. This is a different issue than fucking divorce and any analogy to the financial burden used to justify permitting abortions.
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    No one is discounting that divorce is a financial burden....but in no way is it relevant to the discussion here.
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    know how you can tell which kids at a fast food place are getting apple slices or grapes instead of fries? They're the ones crying
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    So, you're saying we should take all terrorism laws off the books?
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    Is plagiarism, when your job is to give your critical opinion, not lazy?
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    Why put in writing the incest abortions are illegal? Isn't that how most of their population was conceived in the first place?
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    Cleft Lip Killer Simulator 2019 in honor of @fuckle85
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    This is exciting.
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    Oh, I loved twitter on sunday night. It was grade A comedy. I very much look forward to next week.
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    They have 3 Star Wars movies coming out in 2022, 2024 and 2026 so no they're not sitting on releasing Star Wars movies. I-IX is the Skywalker storyline so i don't believe we will get anymore numbered movies.
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    If this is a troll job (which it appears to be), then it's a really shitty one.
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    I agree with Bill Maher in that Democratic candidates should spend as much time as possible on Fox. Those viewers likely don’t click over to CNN and MSNBC to see the other end of the political spectrum. Their only exposure to Democrats is whatever gets filtered through Hannity, Tucker, and Trump. Rather than take a principled stand against Fox, Dems oughta infiltrate it.
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    Nope nope nope. You are absolutely not allowed to have that opinion of gassing up a bike with how much you loved RDR 2.
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    There is a whole lotta Hugh Jackman in that trailer for a movie that does not have Hugh Jackman in it. That looks terrible, but honestly I don't like Sansa as an actress. Not a whole lot of range from her other than pissed off pout.
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    old town road is the first thing I thought of when I saw the horse
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    Missandei’s last words basically told her to burn ‘em all. I guess this episode proved that she was Dany’s most trusted advisor after all.
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    There's a lot to be said about how this season has played out, but I have to question what show you've been watching the last eight years if you honestly think Dany's madness was a quick pivot.
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    I recognize several important scenes from German history in the video (other than the Nazis, of course) such as the ambush of the Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest, what appears to be the Teutonic Knights, Frederick the Great, the Weimar Republic, the German Democratic Republic, and the Baader-Meinhof Group/Red Army Faction terrorist group. This is an English translation: You have cried a lot In the mind apart In the heart united We have been together for a very long time Your breath is cold The heart in flames You I Us You (plural) Germany My heart in flames Want to love you, want to damn you Germany Your breath is cold So young And yet so old Germany I I never want to leave you One can love you And want to hate you Overbearing Superior To take over To surrender Surprising To assault Germany, Germany over everyone Germany My heart in flames Want to love you, want to damn you Germany Your breath is cold So young And yet so old Germany Germany Your love is a curse and a blessing Germany My love I cannot give to you Germany Germany You I Us You (plural) Superior Needless Übermenschen (Supermen) Weary The higher you climb, the farther you fall Germany, Germany over everyone Germany My heart in flames Want to love you, want to damn you Germany Your breath is cold So young And yet so old Germany Your love is a curse and a blessing Germany My love I cannot give to you Germany
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    It's more than possible that some of the people who support this law because they feel that abortion is murder. I don't think it necessarily helps the pro-choice side when they scream that these law makers "only want to control a woman's body", when in many cases, that is not the reason at all.
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    I uh. . .somehow started a second Mass Effect Andromeda playthrough
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