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    So maybe people are using Netflix and Hulu and not going to blockbuster. Doesn't mean the overall $ figure is changed, or % of a budget
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    Looks like Ted is the CEO of a vulture capital firm so yes it does bring me joy to hear how Donald cucked the motherfucker.
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    Better theory: incomes are largely stagnant in real terms and have been for for decades, while the costs,in real terms, of medical insurance/care and housing have shot up dramatically. Surprise! People can't save.
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    No need to break big tech up—just create a payments system that forces them to compensate the people who make them money. That’s currently not happening. Every time a piece of data about someone is sold to advertisers, every time someone does something that winds up being used by an algorithm to make $$$, etc., the originator of that data should receive a royalty nanopayment. A percentage of the money/value they have created. That addresses the escalating inequality Big Data’s contributing to *and* weakens their monopoly power by making the industry more competitive . Breaking Big Tech up might temporarily slow down these negative trends, but leaves the underlying issues that power them unaddressed.
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    Make them wait in a line knowing they are doomed like the rest of us peasants
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    Families of high ranking political officials should be forever barred from running or holding office.
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    Historically it would be related to more obscure or inaccessible music. Like if I asked you, “what’s your favorite Springsteen song” and you said, “Queen of the Supermarket,” I’d say, “damn that’s a deep cut,” because that’s nobody’s favorite Springsteen song. More recently it’s that along with any obscure reference. Like if @Man of Culture was being a dick and I said, “that’s about what I’d expect from the guy who spawn camped the shit out of me that time we played Syphon Filter PSP against one another in 2006,” he could say, “that’s an IGN deep cut right there.”
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    I'm missing something here. Also this is the first time I've heard Ben's voice and I regretted it instantly
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    I didn't get a lot of dating experience in my life. My wife and I met senior year of high school and have been together ever since. Before her I only ever had one what I would call serious relationship, and that girl cheated on me with a friend of mine. We had started talking during the beginning of summer vacation and spent the summer together. It was fun. Probably 4 months later we went bowling with a friend of mine. We ended up going back to her house afterward and her parents were on a trip somewhere. We hung out for a little bit and my friend and I left, we were in separate cars. As soon as I was out of sight he turned around and went back to her house and they hooked up. Apparently they had been talking for a while without my knowledge. She "felt bad about it" and told me a few days later. Lost the girlfriend and the "friend" that I had known since elementary school. Definitely felt horrible. Losing the girlfriend was hard but I was more hurt by my friend. I still remember the confusion going through my head of like, how have I known this dude so long and he would do something like that. Years of a friendship for it to end with him saying " I don't know man *shrugs*...sorry" when I asked him about it. I've never cheated on anyone and never would. Its just not in my dna haha. I have kids and a wife. I'm not looking to mess anybodys life up.
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    Anyone who thinks alcohol isn’t an essential hasn’t worked in education.
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    Myst still holds up, btw. No other game quite like it (except Riven of course).
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    Damn, that really explained everything. I didn't even think that Myst was an obscure reference, but then again, "Bring me the red pages," isn't exactly, "Would you kindly," so maybe it seems more well-known because I played it.
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    You really don't have to be rich to play, obviously your area matters, but in upstate NY theres lots of farm courses where you can play for 20 bucks for 18 and a cart. I can only do it a few times a year though cause its really not that fun, lol.
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    The only shitty people are the ones defending traitorous acts. At least Snowden had the foresight to not run around like a bull in a China shop.
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    I originally read this as "What's your position" and things got really hot in herre for a moment.
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    You probably can say them because they won't be in the remake.
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    Ben is the smart one.
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    @Greatoneshere So I watched Mandy last night, having two glasses of rum and half a J along with it. I'd probably give it a 6/10 if I had to rate it, so...I didn't hate it. I really enjoyed, and was very engrossed in, everything until the hanging/burning. I thought there was some emotional weight to it all based on Andrea Riseborough's (sp?) performance. I really liked her and in hindsight feel like the depth and characterization she brought even with those short bits of dialogue and stares was so convincing that the silliness of Cage's self-referential trademark "crazy guy" nonsense felt like a negatively jarring shift in tone once he became the focus. To clarify, it's not a shift in tone I have a problem with, it's that to me, the film lost steam and all heft when it switched gears to The Cuuhhhrazy Nick Cage Show. It was entertaining enough that I finished it but ultimately felt like there wasn't much there beyond some chuckle-worthy and/or visually interesting set pieces. In short I feel like I thought Mandy as a character was much more interesting to the point I somewhat lost interest after her fridging. Overall, it reminded me of an attempt at a modern take on 80's Dark Fantasy movies mixed with...Conan The Barbarian somehow? The LSD chemist guy with the tiger was pure Conan witch doctor along with a few other story beats. It was definitely worth seeing once but this director just doesn't cut it for me. I'm of the opinion that style is most enjoyable when in service of the story first and foremost, the other way around tends to feel like empty calories to me. It's certainly better than Beyond the Black Rainbow, I actually kind of hated that one.
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    That spoiler basically is the game, anything else is forgettable.
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    I don't like that they're voiced now, because now I can't name the characters whatever I want.
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    I’d love for this to be turn based combat. I’d argue that’s why OG FF7 and many other old school JRPGs still kinda hold up.
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    This particularly makes Constellation’s $1 billion deal for Ballast Point look utterly ridiculous.
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    Oh, you've been DAREdeviled! We should PUNISHer you with an IRON FIST that you can't DEFENDERs against. We could even put you in a luke CAGE... jessica jones!
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    If I watercool it, does it then become a humidifier?
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    I doubt the editors care that the gross inaccuracy has anything to do with the amount of clicks these articles get.
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    Whenever people talk about money wasted on activities (like eating out or getting coffee) that are primarily social in nature, it reminds me of this passage by Marx:
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    Rideshares? I guess not essential because you can walk 20 miles every day instead.
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    Oh by the way, I started watching The Wire for the first time last week and I'm completely hooked. What a great fucking show so far.
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    There's a massive difference between "I believe the police when they said there was trafficking" and "I believe the police actively care about the people being trafficked and will not prosecute them."
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    They showed like 5 games. Just laziness on his part.
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    Don't worry, she just has to get on her knees once, and daddy will throw all his support behind her.
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    True story, when trying to jokingly tell my dad that he "sucks the fun out of everything," my sister instead had a brainfart and told him he "fucks the sun out of everything". My 95 year old grandma was shocked.
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