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    k, had kind of an intense session so far. I took out an ambush camp, which gave me the location of a nearby infestation. I can also make my bats even stronger, which is great, but I still have an older one, so I'll wear that one out. As I take out the nests in the infestation, I'm swarmed by a horde. I run around and slowly take out the horde, but there's no pop-up that I defeated the horde. Figures there are more left. I use the last of my bat to kill the last of whatever part of the horde I ran into. I go back to my bike to refill on ammo and a renegade patrol comes and shoots at me. I go back to the nests and find that the last nest is in a NERO checkpoint. I go around and make some noise killing a few stragglers and the rest of the horde runs at me. I use an attractor by the explosives in the checkpoint so the horde surrounds it, then I detonate the explosive, taking out most of the horde. I finish the rest off. I get the checkpoint up and running and ride to a nearby neighborhood to restock, and that patrol asshole races at me, so I take him down. I go to the neighborhood and begin to restock, and then a bear charges at me. I killed the fucking bear and stocked the shit out of everything, plus found ways to enter homes and found new weapons and explosives I didn't previously have. See, this is why I'm excited already about Bend's next-gen sequel. All this shit happened in one session, it was intense, it was another "nowhere is safe in the world" example, and instead of using fast travel, I was richly rewarded for my exploration (though had to take out a bear to ensure I got my reward). Good shit.
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    Sounds like you need a better CPU and HDD. See @legend for approved upgrade components.
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    Actually wages are rising now for the first time in awhile. All good news. I think this has more to do with the Fed’s decisions more so than Trump, (and that we’re building on the natural momentum that is stirred up in the late stages of a recovery from a depression) but we should all be celebrating more jobs for everyone, even if the wrong person gets the credit, and even if it boosts the re-election chances of a crappy president. Long-term, more work and better pay for everyone are more important than any narrower political concerns.
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    Good job pointing that out for him when they talked about it in the movie
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    Yes, pull the health care rug out from under hundreds of thousands of people just before 2020. Dew it
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    It's an honor that the consoles are making us money because we'd be out of business without them.
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    What on Earth do you mean that there is "very little" competition in this sector? Have you seen the sheer proliferation of third-party storefronts selling PC keys? This sector has competition for consumer spending -- the only competition that as a consumer should matter -- in spades! If we need to be "grateful" to Valve for something (Not that anyone should be "grateful" to a for-profit entity for anything. Ever.), it should be for facilitating this highly-competitive consumer environment for PC gaming.
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    My sympathies to you and your family I'll get those books off to you tomorrow or Monday!
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    I've decided that I'm buying this next week. I hope I enjoy it as much as you guys are. My expectations are low. Looking for an open world game to have fun in.
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    I just hate that every idiotic conservative automatically thinks that the economy got good the moment Trump took office, mainly because he spent the entire election cycle claiming that Obama’s job numbers and unemployment rates were faked.
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    Vic doesn't need my help, we all know he'll sort by price from highest to lowest and choose the first item
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    Just came to post that Fullmetal Alchemist CRUSHED its series finale but I see someone beat me to it.
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    Probably because they weren't actively seeking jobs and thus not counted in the labor force:
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    Holy Shit Dinosaurs They owe me a season Mortal Kombat Conquest Cemented my hatred for certain characters How I met Your Mother They didnt wind up together WTF! Wonder Years
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    Came to see Dexter on shit the bed and leave satisfied
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    Demons/Terra Prime was an amazing finale for Enterprise I don't know what the fuck you're smoking.
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    Some of us like to listen to hardcore podcasts I loved when Banner halfheartedly backhanded a car "raaah"
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    I don't often go into the deep structural meaning of movies, but I have to agree with a lot of the articles I've read out there that say Thor's arc from Ragnorack to Endgame was wonderfully subversive and defied hero stereotypes in fun ways. So often when movies try to integrate these issues it feels forced and hard to enjoy the movie unless you have an attachment to that particular message. But they found great and entertaining ways to tear down the Thor character without ruining him, and he still wasn't fully redeemed at the end of Endgame.
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    I think TNG and DS9 had two of the best finales ever. Especially impressive for a time when not too many series attempted, let alone succeeded, in having finales that summed up the series so well. If there were a rating between "nailed it" and "didn't quite make it" I would put Buffy and Voyager in there. Good finales that tick all the boxes, but didn't quite have that emotional punch that the best finales have imho. Like both of you, I would put Angel in the "nailed it" column. How I Met Your Mother and Enterprise are funny because if you ignore the right things, they actually have pretty good finales. If you count Terra Prime as Enterprise's finale it goes from being godawful to decent. If you ignore the last little reveal in HIMYM, it's a pretty good finale. I think the general gloominess of it isn't so bad, it's the total unnecessary arbitrariness of the last thing that fucks things up. And both these endings were so bad, the series runners after the fact basically said, "if fans want to ignore them, they can". The relaunch novels retconned These Are the Voyages damn near out of existence(it's all a hologram, so it's all only as reliable as the historical record) and an alternate ending to HIMYM was included after the huge backlash. I would put Sarah Conner Chronicles in a "did as good as you could expect with what they were given" along with Jericho. Both series that shouldn't have been cancelled when they were, and were probably truncated because they had a lot more story to tell. I think they were both series that struggled because of the damn writer's strike.
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    I'm only chiming in to say that Armageddon is a better movie than Deep Impact in every possible way. One of these films has a Criterion Collection version of it, the other is Deep Impact. https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/48-armageddon
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    Gah! How did I forget Halt and Catch Fire for nailed it? That last season nearly emotionally broke me though. Those of you who watched it know what I'm talking about.
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    I categorically do not agree with the notion that my argument based on my best interests as a consumer regarding the availability of comparable discounts on third-party storefronts is a "reverse-engineered, absurd" one based on a "mild inconvenience" or "pre-existing loyalties". Until such time that I receive discounts on EGS titles at third-party storefronts -- without needing to pay a subscription to that storefront as is the case with Humble -- comparable to those that I receive for Steam titles, then in no way, shape, or form does it constitute "legitimate" competition from my consumer perspective. Hell, I got a 20%+ discount on RAGE 2 at GMG and I will receive a Bethesda key for that game. RAGE 2 is also being sold on Steam itself, but not at a discount so why the devil would I buy the Steam version? I'm not in the business of assisting Gabe Newell in adding to his knife collection! Again, my position regarding the EGS has absolutely nothing to do with the "inconvenience" of using a non-Steam launcher or "pre-existing loyalty" to Valve/Steam. It has to do with the money in my pocket - give me comparable discounts on EGS titles on third-party sellers that I receive on Steam/Origin/Uplay/Bethesda titles and I'll fork over the cash, pure and simple.
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    Translation on these two tweets being two minutes apart: widdle baby Trump is pissy Twitter is deleting the bots pretending to be firefighters who support him.
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    If someone had tried to spoil fat Thor talking shit on Fortnite would you have believed them?
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    Nailed it Black Sails Breaking Bad Six Feed Under Americans Merlin Supernatural (nothing happened after season 5, what are you talking about?) Smallville (they started wondering in later seasons, but landed it at the end) Didn't quite make it Battlestar Galactica (got me in the feels, and simultaneously annoyed me) Shit the bed Lost House of Cards (I never even finished the final season) Sons of Anarchy (similarly, I never even finished the final season)
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    LJN also published The Punisher back in the day, so they get at least one pass from me as well.
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    This might be the first time a cop has been convicted of murder and no one is surprised
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    1. This is probably a good outcome. He was reckless and it cost an innocent person her life. 2. Let's see what happens the next time a WHITE cop shoots a BROWN victim. Because this seems to me like it's justice done in an unjust/inequitable way.
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    Yes he does! Though I was rather unamused when he jumped into my bed and sat on my head at 1am this morning just for the hell of it! At least he didn't fart this time when he did it.
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    This is Big Boy, aka Biggie, aka Biggie Smalls. He's a Persian and came directly from Giza, Egypt to a local shelter. I adopted him about two years ago. He's 4 1/2 and cool as fuck. Also, I did not name him that, he literally has a little passport from Egypt that says "Big Boy", I couldn't bring myself to change that...
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    Yes, I do love Inuk. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm capable of loving animals vastly more than I am of loving humans.
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    This woman thinks Jews created the Canadian Nazi Party to generate hate crimes.
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    I need a hug
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    You wonder if Putin put this bug in Rocket Man’s ear with their recent visit. Conspiracy Theory Me: I wonder if Trump told Putin today with their phone call, to tell Kim to let’er fly to to help take the news coverage off his Mueller report problems
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    Not saying it wasn't hard not to laugh at some of the Thor Lebowski stuff but you realize he was supposed to be deep into PTSD, right?
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    SOLVED: What Jon yelled at undead Viserion
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