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    I mean, let's be honest, who wouldn't prefer seeing this shit in their lifetime over dying while watching reruns of Matlock in a Florida nursing home with pastel palm tree wallpaper.
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    There had better be a special feature on the home release that plays Immigrant Song when Cap uses Mjolnir.
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    Subway is like Mcdonalds for me, it's there when you need it. It's medicore at best, but it's familiar mediocrity you can rely on if you're in an unfamiliar area or just in a rush or something.
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    They should allow her in the room but heavily pixelate her.
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    The Seinfeld mention made me change my mind entirely. I'm an Anti-Asteroidite now.
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    If kittens count, then 8 or 9. My mom fostered litters of kittens as a kid.
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    I just upgraded to 32GB so I figured I'd give away these two perfectly working sticks to anyone who wants 'em for free. Just let me know if you're interested.
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    @Chairslinger @johnny @CastlevaniaNut18 @CayceG @Chris- @DarkStar189 This is it! This is the "Last Chance Round" to claim books from my physical library - anything not claimed by the end of Sunday will donated! Here is what's left from the previous three rounds:
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    Translation on these two tweets being two minutes apart: widdle baby Trump is pissy Twitter is deleting the bots pretending to be firefighters who support him.
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    Inslee isn't going to win, but I'm happy he is in the race because of stuff like that.
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    When the time comes, all AMD will have to do to update this statement is: - Find "Sony", Replace with "Microsoft" - Find "PlayStation", Replace with "Xbox"
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    Women have long term birth control now so don't worry about getting pregnant and require fewer visits to the doctor since you don't need to get more, and gays have HIV inhibitors to prevent the transmission of HIV. No one is thinking AIDS won't kill me so don't need the rubber, if anything they're not thinking anything at all, lol.
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    Herd immunity won't be maintained if people stop getting vaccinated! Rejecting scientifically backed policy in a continued effort to avoid taking a stance has pushed me from not understanding the appeal of Buttigieg to leaning toward disliking him. And even better, the article was update to do damage control because his campaign knew his "personal belief" caveat was stupid and wouldn't play well. Beto's wishy-washy nonsense also gets the axe. What a leader.
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    I've done the past three years of hall of fame threads and this means you didn't notice them
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    Yes, the Strong Museum in New York created one.
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    This is so good. EDIT: This is linking really weird on my screen. So whatever, this is it: Reddit thread: What famous movie line would be the worst to say during sex? Reply:
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    I can't believe they actually went back in time and killed baby Thanos! That took balls to decapitate a purple baby.
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    Id much rather him be a one off character. Like @Jason said he is pretty much The Rock in every movie.
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    I lol’d pretty hard at “Stingray” saying to the principal “watch out, sir, I got this!”
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    AI isn't the game's strong suit. I haven't encountered anything that bad personally. Stealth is pretty forgiving, but its not as easy to cheese as most of that video implies. The last clip looks like the gate at the safehouse. Most camps have gunners to shoot down zombies and such before they get that close. This was probably a necessary conceit to not have them run in and kill a key character.
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    It really is but it is tough. I play in spurts... I beat Genichiro and I'm taking on Headless now.
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    This wouldn't have happened if that teacher had a gun... wait, what?
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    In college I worked at a Walmart that had a Subway inside, and the smell the bread made while it 'baked' is one of the most revolting scents I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing.
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    I saw that and he's full of shit. I can watch and play all sorts of crazy dark movies and games on my TV and it's not an issue. The issue wasn't the darkness. It was literally blotchy and blurry and looked like an animated GIF at times. Some of that was probably Comcast, but that dopens't take away from how bad the episode looked.
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    Zaku, that is awesome. What makes it even better is that you shared it. Please, Leon, buddy. This is sad news from you and I hate to hear it, but some great advice by Zaku. EDIT: Leon, I also just read your follow up post, as well. I am seriously not joking here when I say it is a baby steps sort of thing. Please, good luck on finding a new job that makes you happy.
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    The way I got him was stealth-ing his first life diamond and then employing hit-and-run until his health was basically depleted. He's kind of slow and you can sprint around like a maniac after all, it's fairly safe if you don't get greedy. When his health was way down, I went and triggered the NPC to finish him off with.
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    I don't buy the Jon was yelling "Go!" thing. Seems like people just hearing what they want because they wanted Jon to defeat The Night King and weren't expecting Arya to do it.
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    Man I hope she gets the nomination now so I can quote this post and go orly and then you can go k.
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    I likely will, and I'll also be watching The Inner Light with you.
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    *raises hand* Screw y'all. I want to see my grandkids and then die of old age, damn it!
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    The Core is better than both but technically not about asteroids
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    One... When i used to stay at a friend's house, his cat used to rest on my head while I was sleeping. I guess for warmth. I have a shaved head lol!
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    Sees news *lets out long Chewbacca like cry in sadness*
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    If it makes you feel better, the odds of getting struck by lightning in your lifetime are 1 in 12000.
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    Nice way to distract from your illegal and wrong aluminum sales NASA
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