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    Twitch isn't really a good indicator of success, people follow the streamers more than the games, you'll occasional find older or niche games rocket to the top cause one of the big streamers decides he's going to play it for a few hours.
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    A "centrist" is someone who is willing to allow the right-wing to get their way only up to the point where it makes them feel kinda/sorta "icky". Then they will mildly "tsk-tsk" about it while telling those on the Left to settle down and have some "civility". Centrism -- in the words of my favorite Central American right-wing death squad leader -- is like an anus: it's full of shit and stinks. It is absolutely the final retreat of the political mind who stands for nothing (and therefore will fall for anything) and anyone describing themselves that way can safely be ignored. A "progressive" is slightly more activist (and perhaps useful) than an utterly useless "centrist" but usually their activism involves an easily-mocked hashtag or wearing a stupid hat at a safe, socially-approved protest event rather than engaging in a political activity that involves "real" risk. The greatest sin of the term "progressive" is that it is totally vapid and means absolutely nothing because the concept of "progress" is entirely in the eye of the beholder. Hell, I'd be willing to be that the anti-abortion movement would gladly embrace the term "progressive" if it could be reasoned that their movement represented "progress" towards a society where "life" (whatever the hell that means) is respected. No one should ever describe themselves as "progressive". Ever. Ultimately, because they both lack moral and intellectual courage, neither group should be trusted as they will sell out to the right-wing when things get a little too "hot" for them. This is why they should be put up against the wall at the first opportunity.
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    Good show. Also, yeah, exactly:
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    Respawn's Star Wars title will get its full debut this upcoming weekend at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. This is what we know about the game so far: Third-person, action adventure Holiday 2019 release Single player Being developed in Unreal Engine 4 instead of the modified Source Engine used in Apex and Titanfall Stig Asmussen (Director of God of War 3) is leading the team as game director Chris Avellone (KotOR2, Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas) did some story work, story/character reviews, and wrote cinematic scripts for the game Jason de Heras is the Lead Combat Designer (Senior Combat Designer on God of War 3 and Ascension) Canon to the Star Wars universe Will be like "Force Unleashed without the Mountain Dew qualities" Game has a "dark" tone and vibe to it Narrative lead is Aaaron Contreras who was the lead narrative designer on Mafia III and narrative designer on Far Cry 3
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    So many species to choose to from and we gotta play as the same old white boy.
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    Mayor Peterpuffer. Think Trump, or his proxies, are above that? I don't. Pro corporate can't win, not in post industrial states.
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    Also, are all unknown Jedi Padawans fresh out of the academy, in which they did NOT complete their training, waaaay more powerful than return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker?
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    Oh, it moved the hype needled for me - just not the in the direction EA/Respawn was hoping it would go!
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    I’ll still get Fallen Order, but I wish we could see a different time period. I’d like to go even further back than KOTOR. Maybe to play as Exar Kun or some of the Jedi that fell or were banished by the council, became Sith, and sought to wage war with the Republic and Jedi. Allow us to truely play somebody bad/evil, and make cannon some more of the lore in Legends. I do hope fallen order isn’t a powered down Force Unleashed and we “help” create the rebellion.
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    You're all missing the obvious: R2D2 was owned by Luke, so HE is the Skywalker who has been holding the whole franchise together.
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    He tried to align his wikileaks party with the white nationalist Australia first party.
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    I know - I said I have concerns about him and want to know more, but I have suspicions of what he might really think (that's all). I've been burned on the Mayor Pete seeming type before (in Obama) and I don't want to make the same mistake twice. Beto already did this and my suspicions were right about him. I'm more than willing to jump back on the Mayor Pete bandwagon after learning more but I think there are some potential causes for concern.
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    Again, labels are what your expectations are. The issue isn’t as black and white as you make it out to be. Certainly pushing to make education much more affordable and student loans much more manageable isn’t “non-progressive”. It’s just not what your expectations are. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/04/05/pete-buttigieg-argues-against-free-college-this-is-why-progressives-cant-agree-about-subsidizing-tuition/?utm_term=.6848b9ef534b Besides, I thought you were taking about being pro-corporate...
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    I watched the first three seasons and enjoyed them. I don’t have Prime right now, but this is on my list to catch up on next time I sub.
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    0. Being bald at least saves some time and money.
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    I'll see it when it hits Disney+ Pretty indifferent about Star Wars.
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    You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn't grow. You didn't improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It's sad that you don't know the difference.
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    KOTOR is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Anyone who hasn't played it should play it now. I think I replayed it like 4 times. Except Manaan. Fuck that world.
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    They missed an opportunity by not having her make a two-bladed staff saber. But of course JJ wants the original saber to live on. I wonder if they will follow the original plan and have force ghosts be tied to objects. That would allow Anakin to come back from the saber, and Palpatine to come back from the death star throne room.
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    Are you trying to say the Clinton's didn't endear themselves to a great deal many people?
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    how funny is it going to be when Apple announces their weaker service is priced at $19.99/month
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    The only characters I want to survive are the direwolves
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    "Accessibility" should mean that all players should be able to play the game. This comes down to the ability to make the same inputs as a fully able gamer. Special hardware, controllers, color-blind modes, etc. are good examples of this. And I believe all developers should make their game "accessible" to everyone in this manner; for this meaning of the word accessibility. Everyone should be able to make the same initial inputs regardless of physical disability. But that's it. As far as difficulty goes though...everyone should be able to play a game; not everyone needs to be able to beat it. "Accessible" in the context that "everyone should be able do/experience all the things in the game irrespective of skill" is only appropriate if that is the intention of the artist from the outset. No dev should feel like they *have* to compromise their work if they don't want to.
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    One more bit of info: the game is set in the aftermath of Order 66.
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    My wife and I watch the show. It is a good fun cop show. Not something life changing, but better than most content that gets pushed out these days. Also I have read several of the books and I like that they did a pretty faithful representation of who the characters are but they have created their own path and aren't just retelling the stories from the books as a straight adaptation.
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    I'll check out season 1.
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    Origins and Odyssey look so good...What I wouldnt give to be young again to have time to really dive into those games... or at least not being too busy to truly play them....
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