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    I'm not taking it as a legitimate criticism of the man or his indictment of the rich; I'm taking it as a criticism of the obtuse and reductive rhetoric his followers employ. If the dirt bag left is too sensitive to get a taste of their own medicine and needs everyone to 'shut the fuck up', then maybe they should grow the fuck up! Bernie being a millionaire and AOC acquiescing on the tax filing bill are proof-fucking-positive that progressive politics are not absolute affairs, and it is pure joy to see that reality hit the left in the face.
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    10/10. Hate you. Always have. Always will.
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    Of all the liberal stereotypes, loving avacados may be my most hated. Like, I'll admit I like killing babies more than avacados
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    "Accessibility" should mean that all players should be able to play the game. This comes down to the ability to make the same inputs as a fully able gamer. Special hardware, controllers, color-blind modes, etc. are good examples of this. And I believe all developers should make their game "accessible" to everyone in this manner; for this meaning of the word accessibility. Everyone should be able to make the same initial inputs regardless of physical disability. But that's it. As far as difficulty goes though...everyone should be able to play a game; not everyone needs to be able to beat it. "Accessible" in the context that "everyone should be able do/experience all the things in the game irrespective of skill" is only appropriate if that is the intention of the artist from the outset. No dev should feel like they *have* to compromise their work if they don't want to.
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    The GOP will just make something up if you don't give them material.
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    Wow, it's almost as if 'wealth is bad' is an overly simplistic and reductive polemic. There is hope yet for your ability to see nuance and complexity.
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    1/10. Gave you one point to keep you grounded.
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    "Centrism" is the intellectually and morally bankrupt philosophy of the politically cowardly.
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    And you could just as easily realize that satisfaction after selecting 'Hard' on a difficulty menu.
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    It should not be controversial to say that... - Publishing unredacted intelligence that directly puts peoples' safety at risk; and - Publishing materials stolen by a foreign government ...are not matters of journalism and free speech.
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    oh it landed, just at a much higher speed than intended
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    Ah cool, nice to see RSF respond to shit that no one in this thread is actually saying.
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    Obama passing the heritage foundation healthcare plan didn’t stop people from calling him a socialist. There’s no reason to say she needs to improve her wording when there will bad faith accusations regardless of how clear her statements are.
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    Anyone taking the fact Bernie has recently become a millionaire as a legitimate criticism of the man vis a vis his indictment of millionaires and billionaires has gone full stupid.
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    Higher than Bernie's net worth.
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    And I like you because you share a name with my cat.
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    Yeah, she definitely phrased that poorly. I get what she was saying, but her choice of words was lacking, to put it kindly.
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    0/10. There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself ; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.
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    0/10. No hate here. You seem pretty cool from what I’ve read in the gaming channels. Helpful and not a dick about it.
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    I still don't understand why they're making a sequel to Infinity War. Didn't Thanos already save the universe in the first one?
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    0/10. Never had an issue or words with you man. You seem to get along with everyone.
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    3/10. I don’t really hate you all that much. I just like breaking your balls cause you’re such a pussy.
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    take the time you need to get it right, there are a million other shows I can watch in the meantime. I would rather wait and have it be great than have it now and it just be ok.
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    He looks like what you would expect of a troll pulled from under a bridge.
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    I’d agree that Streams and Lets Plays are having a notable impact when it comes to promoting additional sales. But media that is fueled primarily by criticism and concerns, whether it’s overtly negative articles phishing for clicks, dramatic YouTubers seeking self-affirmation, or drive-by comments on gaming forums or social media, very little if it ever reaches a wide enough audience to make an impact. Why? Because the appeal of this content only resonates with a very small, insular group of consumers. The negative voices collectively amount to a drop in a bucket compared to the impact of positive buzz.
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    0/10. Confidence and intelligence will never stop being beautiful.
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    Their policies are not perfect, I plan to die on this cross thank you very much.
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    ALIEN-Gunner overreacts to shit tangential to "social justice warriors"? You don't say.
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    And I'll summarize my thoughts to this... Forums and message boards and even reviews do not significantly represent the public's response or reception to a particular game. Message boards tend to be fickle and insular and the bottom line ( revenue) is far more of a determining factor to what direction companies go in than the perceived reception of message boards. Also Mass Effect Andromeda was successful but the pause on the development of more Mass Effect games seems to be due to the internal disorganization of Bioware and less a reaction to message boards. The development of Anthem and the latest Dragon Age seems to be throwing that whole studio in disarray. I would guess that THAT is more of a reason why Mass Effect is on hold than it's reception from message board posters. Bioware could put out a Mass Effect game next week and it would still sell well... let's not kid ourselves. But the voice of the consumer IS becoming more influential because of the internet, this is definitely true.
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    It seems like they went to a lot of trouble, so I won't mention that it's blurry.
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    Never realized the CEB was literally filled with so many anti-semites. J/k I knew for a while. If only they were more brown. 😞
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    My 2 cents Her speech doesn’t feel like it’s down playing 9/11. It makes mention of it and moves on . Just saying “9/11” is enough, we all know what it is and what she means. It feels like people want Muslims to apologize to the US every time it comes up. I do disagree with her though . Just because she has risen up as an Islamic women doesn’t mean it Islam can’t be oppressive to women.
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    From's output in the past decade has done the exact opposite and has gone on to massively influence the industry exactly with their stubborn adherence to a strong vision. Since this topic is basically about From, I completely disagree when it comes to their particular design philosophy. And not responding to you but I see a lot of talk about diversity of experience, individualism, "not everything is for everyone" and so on yet when one studio bucks all sorts of trends and succeeds gloriously against all big corporation AAA rules...please change your design philosophy and recipe for success, it doesn't appeal to everyone. You're just stating your personal preference for more accessible games ultimately though with that. It doesn't prove that more uncompromising games like Hollow Knight in this case have a lesser vision or are of inferior quality and/or commercial viability. They both basically have the same metacritic score even, with HK being a few points higher depending on platform. HK has also sold 2,8 million copies as of some months back, can't find data for Ori after a quick googling, but I mean, I see no evidence of it being hampered as a result of being "uncompromising" compared to Ori. And I feel like I have to point out that I don't agree with many of HK's "uncompromising" decisions even personally but it's pretty damn beloved generally and that aspect is probably a huge factor for many fans.
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    This looks fucking amazing. Don’t even care if it’s literally a shot for shot remake
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    And yet, a religious fundamentalist successfully conned the United States into pursuing a course of action in which it squandered its power, wealth, and prestiege in a series of utterly pointless military conflicts that will only hasten its decline into global irrelevance. To top it off, he predicted that particular scenario years before it occurred. If only we all could be so "stupid".
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