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    I mean, you're not gonna get an argument from me. The police are over armed.
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    Mention someone you like, someone you don’t like, doesn’t matter. Just mention the name of someone and if that someone isn’t bernie then there is a good tweet. Go!
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    You're right, acting like the abominations at the NRA are actually human beings is incredibly disingenuous.
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    Because it's all a giant slippery slope, apparently. The government cannot physically stop itself from taking everyone's guns if they take them from a single maniac. It's similar to how if you eat a single pringles chip, you can't stop yourself from murdering your children and eating their bodies.
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    We should take guns away from domestic abusers. This is a good thing and I don't see a compelling reason not to.
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    Yes it is. It is because of "freedom." If this is what causes them to oppose the bill, then they're shitty. Opposing it on those grounds is a legitimate reason to think they're shitty.
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    It would have been funnier if they pretended to lower the price on the 2080 Ti
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    Well I guess the president has to get rid of them like he did the bump stocks for it to be constitutional.
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    Well I have a classic game I need to finish. That is Castlevania 2. While I have played it. I started it earlier this year and I need to get back to it and finish it. So I am going to play Castlevania 2 this month. Then make a video about it.
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    I think the idea is to pick a classic game from your own backlog that you have never finished... and get it done.
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    Aerodata is pretty much was all airlines use for performance data. Not having it causes a huge headache because we are no longer given all the performance charts for our aircraft due to having Aerodata on our paperwork and our Flight Management System. Sadly it is a single point of failure but it only causes delays and cancellations. Not a safety issue.
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    I feel the greatest emotional connection to Bond, though it has the enormous benefit of having more films than the other two series combined, spread out over a variety of actors, directors, and decades. Mission Impossible has been the most consistent. There's really only the one bad one, and even that's still fun. Lately it's been consistently excellent, even if it's become less varied. I enjoy the first three Bourne movies, but I never loved them as much as some. I know people put the first three up there with the best trilogies ever, and I've never thought it got close.
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    You definitely weren't @SomeRandomNecro
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    I figured out a great strategy against his Terror scream on my fourth try or so after he clipped me with that shit several times. If you haven't yet, check through your prosthetic tools, there's a very effective one. This fight is actually really fun and I liked how much it changed up the parry timing from previous fights. Parry battles against this thing seemed like chaotic nonsense at first but after the 4th time or so, I entered the matrix and saw the timing.
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    andrea can play blackbird really welll, I was impressed
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    It's honestly a sad end that it's closing before the gen is over. I can understand since Evolution doesn't exist, so they're not constantly updating the game, but as someone who doesn't play many racing games past Mario Kart, Evolution actually made me feel excited about it because you could tell how excited they were about the concept. They also had the right idea of a socially connected racing game this generation. It would have been cool to see this live alongside Gran Turismo Sport or maybe a Drive Club 2, but between the year delay, the rough launch, and Drive Club going from a planned PS+ game to a stripped down PS+ game, it just didn't work out. I hate seeing studios crash like this because no one's trying to make a bad game. It had some really hardcore supporters and players. It looked the most ambitious as far as what the game was trying to do of Sony's initial announcements (Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Infamous: Second Son).
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    This game is so good at making you feel like a God damned pro once you learn it. Managed to "no-hit" parry god Genechiro last night
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    It wouldnt be that big a deal if the online mp wasnt like, 80% of the game.
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    How awesome would it be if Ruth outlives Trump?
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    The praise this thing is getting baffles me to my very core. It's like people want it to be incredible since it's a return to the "real" DMC, not any of that DmC nonsense that was extremely good and fun so they just make it seem better than it is? I honestly don't know. Do reviewers like it because it's easy as shit so they could get through it quickly?
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    People are upset about it? Seriously? Who gives a shit? Does Tyler Perry or Spike Lee ever have white dudes as the lead? If Joran is writing the movies, he's writing with certain characters in mind, and as a black man is it really a shock that the characters he imagines are black? Big freaking deal. Seriously these days I think people are just looking for something to 'outraged' about.
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    No photo but I picked up a JPN copy of snowboard kids on n64 for $10. So i’m quite happy with that one.
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    This is the most puzzling design decision of the entire game for me as well. The D-pad is sitting there completely unused for any purpose and that input would be the most totally logical to change the active Devil Breaker. Imagine my bafflement when pressing it did absolutely nothing to change the active Devil Breaker.
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    I think the environments are bad, the characters suck, the story is boring as shit and never progresses, the game is too easy and doesn't have enough actual combat despite that being the whole fucking point of the series. The only thing it has going for it is the combat, which is woefully underutilized. I think this legit might be a bad game. I enjoyed DmC a thousand times more and had finished a playthrough on every difficultly by this point. I haven't beat 5 even once because it doesn't want to be played. How were people giving this mediocre shit such high scores?
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    I’m so far behind on my reading, and should start reading the book before bed. I remember seeing/meeting Joe Hill way back in 2010 when he was about midway into writing this. Seems like he has changed maybe a few things from the reading he gave us one of the chapters. Something about a creepy hospital room and I believe the lead was male at first. Either way, I will be watching this and Locke and Key when that gets out. Again, another series I should get going on. Now if they could only make his Heart-Shaped Box novel into a movie or miniseries
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    I always thought his whole personality was a schtick, cause if not then he’d have to be at least a little psychotic.
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    Can’t imagine so. But when you look at criminal trial outcomes based on expenditures by the defense vs. prosecution, there is a dramatic increase in acquittals as the disparity between the two decrease. If you have a public defender who can’t provide expert testimony, or sometimes even have the resources for a PI to do general witness interviews...the defendant has basically no chance to win.
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    The referendum was incredibly flawed, and a flawed and unclear referendum should never be held to be binding. In fact, Canada went through this exact same thing in 1995 when Quebec had a referendum to secede. This was the question given to voters (by the sovereigWhat ntist Quebec government): Do you agree that Quebec should become sovereign, after having made a formal offer to Canada for a new economic and political partnership, within the scope of the bill respecting the future of Quebec and of the agreement signed on June 12, 1995? I mean, what does that even mean? Fortunately it was defeated 50.6% to 49.4%, but if it had swung the other way, would it really have been a pro-secession vote? The Quebec government would have said yes, but polls at the time showed that many people took it more as "we want a better deal within the Canadian federation, and this will get us that." The same has been shown to be true of the Brexit vote, with many people saying afterward that they didn't think it would be binding, and that they were using it as a protest vote to get better deals for the UK on issues from the EU. In Canada's case, we passed The Clarity Act a few years later which set out the rules for any legally-binding secession referendum (had to be a clear question, had to be a "clear" majority [left up to the courts], etc). It hasn't come up and the issue is basically dead now, but these things are important to set out ahead of time. They weren't in the UK because all parties involved assumed that the vote would be a solid No, but they were wrong. As an aside, I saw a great summary of the UK right now on reddit:
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    Wait, so Us and Halloween are both in the top 3 for largest horror openings of all time while also holding above average/great cinemascore??? But I was led to believe both movies were trash by a certain user on this board? 🤔🤔🤔
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