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    Honestly, if you ever find yourself agreeing with me, you should probably seek help immediately.
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    One time I just straight up told zotquix to stop agreeing with me.
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    Looks like 3hrs and 2min run-time? As someone on ERA said:
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    I definitely reconsider previously held opinions when certain people end up agreeing. It is natural to question yourself in such scenarios!
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    The Council of Nicea -- called by the Emperor Constantine -- codified Christianity as the sole "imperial religion" of the entire Roman Empire. This meant that the religion had the "official sanction" of the imperial state and thus received the backing by "official" violence that such a sanction inherently contains. It wasn't so long thereafter that the persecutions of Jews and pagans in the Eastern Roman Empire started to ramp up significantly. The "incitement to violence" was inherent within the very compilation of the Bible as part of the ongoing imperial Roman project.
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    Wat? Are you by chance restricting this discussion to a children's Bible?
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    For what it's worth, it's not below these people to co-opt Christian iconography and some goals like gay eradication. It's not mutually exclusive by any means!
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    "here's my manifesto. This explains why I chose this group to target and indiscriminately murder, and here's some other groups I'll name that are also good targets. Here's the symbolism and coded language I associated with, and that's how to find others like me and bring like minded sympathisers to our cause by using this specific media I explicitly and exclusively consume. All here in this nice neat little package you can use to prey on vulnerable people (vulnerable as described in my manifesto) to bring to our cause, so we can put the white people (get it?!) in power so we can use the force of the state to do this shit 'legally' and at scale" "IDK slippery slope, let's keep this stuff in the open" But you people don't fucking get it. They want you dead too. Small "l" liberalism and fascism are 100% not compatible. This is not run of the mill conservative bullshit. These are fascists. This is taking what they say seriously and literally. Wise up.
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    For real. I'm not one for slippery slope arguments, but I don't want to start this trend. Who gets to decide what "incitement" is? We've already demonstrated we can't agree on that.
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    Pop just sounds dumb.
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    You know, I'm starting to think you have a pathological need to win arguments, at any cost. Boyle had nothing to do with any of this. I don't know why you brought him up, unless he just lives in your head or something. As I said in my previous post, I actually do agree with Boyle more than you might think, but I disagree with how he conducts his arguments a lot of the time. I can take things on a case by case basis. In this instance, I was just referring to sbl's argument as pedantic, because, to me, incitement and justification are differences without a distinction in this argument. I essentially take Wade's view he put forth earlier in the thread. That's what I was talking about and it had nothing to do with Boyle. I have missed feelings on him and his conduct, but he doesn't occupy a big space in my head. But, you seem to feel the great need to claim you won or whatever, so have at you. I'm really not in a good place mentally right now and this has consumed more of my time than it needed to. Or maybe I did need it to take my mind off of an ailing grandfather I'm powerless to help at this time and the next three nights of work that's likely going to be super stressful, while thinking of my ailing grandfather who I can't see or help at this time, in addition to the thought of trying to find a new job where I'm not so miserable. So for better or worse, this board can be something of an escape.
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    Yeah. Boyle came in later. Only like the last two pages have anything to do with him.
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    You'd think, but give it time. You'll be back yelling and screaming with the rest of'em.
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    I don't think anyone is arguing that point, but continue to put words into peoples mouths.
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    I'd like to know more facts about this story before making any kinds of conclusions about why the charges were dropped, etc. Anyone making any conclusions or definitive statements on Jussie Smollett and this whole circus now is asking to be wrong about something they'll regret saying later.
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    Hahahaha we're still gonna be talking about Hillary's goddamn emails
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    Not as shitty as being a racist though.....
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    Everyone at MSNBC should commit ritual suicide if they had any sense of dignity.
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    Commanding that the punishment for being gay is death isn't really a "vague philosophy."
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    The bible doesn't incite violence, come on. It's used as a justification of violence but that's due to it's credibility and ubiquity in our lives more than what it says.
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    You aren’t using my logic because you don’t understand the word “incite” in this context. If I tell you a story about seeing a guy in the middle of town saying we need to kill all the black folks, who is inciting violence? Even the OT law isn’t inciting violence, it is a record of the legal system of a nation that ceased to exist 2000 years ago. It does not command anybody living today to commit any violence nor does it attempt to encourage such. You aren’t even trying hard here
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    It is soda. If you say pop you are a goddamn troglodyte.
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    Corn in shit isn't actually the entire kernel, it's just the casing. It just looks like the whole kernel because it's full of shit.
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