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    I get butterflies just thinking about filling in that circle to vote against Collins in 2020. Fuck her.
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    I'm currently at my nephew's first birthday party. I'm probably never going to have kids, so I am going to dote on this little guy as much as I can. ...I know that has nothing to do with the topic, but I just wanted to post something happy.
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    Humans are curious. It’s part of what makes us human. In my case, I won’t watch that video because I’m far too neurotic and mentally unwell (I don’t even like watching movies with gratuitous violence anymore) but I can understand why someone would.
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    Excelsior! Can I gloat, or would that be unbecoming?
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    But the main idea of the article that such a chance for promotion is exclusively the realm of white men. A woman or racial minority wouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt after losing an election.
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    I only read the second and fourth paragraphs of articles.
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    Scary to think of what he might have on further rounds.
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    Actually, in an effort to "de-clutter" my life, I'm getting rid of practically all of my physical books (even ones that I haven't read!), so if anyone is interested, I'd be more than happy to ship any to people that are interested - all they have to do is cover the post of postage! If people want, I can take pictures of what I've put into boxes so far so you can select which ones you want! @CastlevaniaNut18 - this might be of interest to you!
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    The second fell back into a basic forgettable and paint by numbers marvel movie
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    This is what his Tweet reminded me of:
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    I actually liked the second movie a bit more.
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    I would say they are more comparable to Canada's gun laws than the US's. Shit, in some ways Canada's gun laws are better than America's from a gun owners perspective.
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    It’s about the same as the n3DS, but with a lighter top for obvious reasons. It’s good. Hey oh. TMI, lulz!
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    Proof that people get more conservative as they get older.
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    So far I think Division 2 is terrific. I also said the same about Destiny 2 for the first 2 weeks it was out. I'm still waiting to reserve judgement to say if I think its as good as people are hyping it up to be. So far though the ride from 1-30 has been so good. I do think they give you too much loot, I end up ignoring most of it cause it just throws so much at you its annoying to sort through. I personally love that both Anthem and Division 2 came out so close together, I love jumping back and forth between the 2 cause they are so different.
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    Virtually none of the looter shooters released in the last 2 years have features that Division 2 brings to the table at launch. Destiny 2 launched on PC with no text chat, a fucking staple of MMO and MMO-Lite games on PC. Destiny 2 and Anthem literally do not allow players to set their own way points. These are two very basic features that should be standard in the genre, yet one of the biggest games in the genre did not get one of those features until well after launch and is still completely missing the other. Which for the record, Anthem doesn't allow for map markers either. And Raids? Those have always post game content added after the fact. Destiny 2 did not launch with a Raid, neither did Monster Hunter or Anthem. So we're complaining about a game not having an (optional) end game activity right at launch when literally none of the other AAA offerings had one at launch either? Division 2 is a feature complete game despite your weird metrics. It has all of the things one would expect from an MMO-Lite. It goes above and beyond in giving the player agency to build their character how they want to build it and it has compelling content from beginning to end with an end game, that alone, probably rivals the entirety of Anthem in content. Except you know, is actually compelling and not tedious, boring drivel.
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    While I didn’t watch this video, I did watch various ISIS videos in my early 20s, and visited certain subreddits. I won’t defend it. In fact, I regret it. Call it curiousity, or sickness, it’s both really. Part of me watched videos like that to see if they were actually real, as silly as that sounds. Also to gain some perspective. To see ends that many of us may meet. That it’s not always old, and peaceful. Sometimes it’s sudden, and tragic, and violent, and painful. Whether driving or praying or listening to music, it can happen at any moment.
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    I don't really want to see it, but I don't think it's the mystifying why someone would get morbid curiosity to see something they normally don't.
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    I see enough death and gore as part of my job. I don't need to watch something like this. Something just seems fucked up about a person actually wanting to seek out a video of actual humans being gunned down.
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    43 percent of gamers have enjoyed reduced latency from the network. A couple of good posts in the article's comments section: I agree. Their cut would be excessive if all they did was provide a store front and payment processing, but they clearly do a lot more. In comparison I'd argue epic is over charging for what they're providing even though they're charging less. Good old games also justifies their rate in my opinion because they put a lot of effort into supporting older games that the original developers have abandoned except to collect the paychecks that GoG provides.
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    My heart is broken again with the reminder that such hate, ignorance, and evil exists in the world. Part of me wants to believe that we live in an age where access to information and education can bring about peace and enlightenment. The other half recognizes the cyclical, destructive nature of humanity and the immense injustices that have been perpetrated again and again. Hope and beauty will always continue to exist, but it's difficult not to be cynical about the long arc of humanity, which continues to curve closer and closer to complete darkness.
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    OMG governments that can solve the problems they face.
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    I mean, look .. At this point you're either down with right wing white herrenvolk democracy bouyed by racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic violence or you vote Democratic. The tent will be too big to be sustainable forever but either well meaning democrats debate and pass policy among themselves or Republicans fuck the globe and everyone else along with it as it all burns to the ground at our feet. There's plenty of room in the Democratic party for ostensible "conservatives." Because the real thing that unites the party is a desire for a leadership that doesn't need the gop anymore.
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    I don’t like fruit loops and I dislike most donuts, so nah.
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    I don't know if you know what trim is so I will explain just in case. Think of a car that wants to always pull to the left. That happens with the control surfaces on all aircraft. Sometimes a plane wants to always roll right, flies crooked, or wants to pitch up or down. For a pilot this causes us to have to hold control pressure to maintain the aircraft on the desired course. This can be caused for a number of reasons. In the case of pitch trim this will constantly need adjusted during the flight as fuel burns and the center of gravity changes. Pitch trim is also needed for configuration changes such as when extending or retracting the flaps. Trim itself is basically a small change to the control surface that allows you to fix the problem for the flight. For example in the aircraft I fly if it always wants to roll left I can hit the aileron trim switch to the right. The result is an electronic motor that runs and biases the aileron cabling to the right to correct for the left roll tendency. A trim runaway is when the trim does not stop at the desired spot and continues till it reaches its limit. This can cause a dangerous situation as it is possible to trim an aircraft to a point where the flight crew may not be able to overpower the extreme trim setting. It essentially is the equivalence of forcing the yoke full ward or aft when at the limit. The jets I have flown have an aural warning to warn us of a runaway situation. Some aircraft have auto-disconnects and others require pilot action to fix. In the case of one of the aircraft I currently fly we have a button on the yoke that disconnects our pitch trim and circuit breakers that have a plastic collar so they are easy to pull in case the button does not work. We test these systems every day.
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    Steady now. Life can always suck, but its also beautiful. Look at your children and see the evidence of that balance.
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    It'll all balance out. The D1P board members will kill the killers of the director before he can be killed... Progress!
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    Lots of good games listed already. I'll just tack on Ever Oasis by the team who did the Zelda n64 remakes on 3DS, Wario Ware Gold & Miitopia. Now if you want titles to buy because they are ultimately going to be rare soon: Yo-kai watch Blasters Yo-kai watch 3 Etrian Odyssey Nexus Persona Q2 (not out yet) Detective Jake Hunter
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    Yes, the bolded parts are pointless because literally anybody could possibly in the future get in trouble for something they may have done that we don’t know about. Good call, worth posting for sure.
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    I'm saying the opposite. I consider worn in jeans to be very comfortable.
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    I'm a heathen, I never wear anything but jeans.
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    I thought recapping The Cage as the "previously on Star Trek" segment was a really nice touch (and fuck me if I didn't have a moment of wondering if I'd accidentally clicked on the wrong thing on the CBS site ). I think it would have felt like SUPER empty fanservice last season, but I feel like they've been doing a sufficiently good of doing a better job this season that it felt nice instead of hollow.
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    Not all of us get to play in blood and intensities at work. Some of us have boring jobs. We can only get our gore by being a lookie-loo.
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    They've been showing bits and pieces of it on the news, not anything of killing but of him driving and shooting, seems terrifying enough. Imagine having to be the guy editing all of that.
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    Well, well - the firm that is buying my employer is reducing my annual PTO accrual by two days. If my salary remains the same, then that represents a de-facto pay cut.
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