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    Can a mod please change the title of this thread to “RedSoxFan9’s Twitter Feed” for accuracy?
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    I don't know if you know what trim is so I will explain just in case. Think of a car that wants to always pull to the left. That happens with the control surfaces on all aircraft. Sometimes a plane wants to always roll right, flies crooked, or wants to pitch up or down. For a pilot this causes us to have to hold control pressure to maintain the aircraft on the desired course. This can be caused for a number of reasons. In the case of pitch trim this will constantly need adjusted during the flight as fuel burns and the center of gravity changes. Pitch trim is also needed for configuration changes such as when extending or retracting the flaps. Trim itself is basically a small change to the control surface that allows you to fix the problem for the flight. For example in the aircraft I fly if it always wants to roll left I can hit the aileron trim switch to the right. The result is an electronic motor that runs and biases the aileron cabling to the right to correct for the left roll tendency. A trim runaway is when the trim does not stop at the desired spot and continues till it reaches its limit. This can cause a dangerous situation as it is possible to trim an aircraft to a point where the flight crew may not be able to overpower the extreme trim setting. It essentially is the equivalence of forcing the yoke full ward or aft when at the limit. The jets I have flown have an aural warning to warn us of a runaway situation. Some aircraft have auto-disconnects and others require pilot action to fix. In the case of one of the aircraft I currently fly we have a button on the yoke that disconnects our pitch trim and circuit breakers that have a plastic collar so they are easy to pull in case the button does not work. We test these systems every day.
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    What does Trump have to do with thi....oh, you mean the shooter.
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    I'd imagine it would be similar to Australia's response in 1996.
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    I mean, look .. At this point you're either down with right wing white herrenvolk democracy bouyed by racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic violence or you vote Democratic. The tent will be too big to be sustainable forever but either well meaning democrats debate and pass policy among themselves or Republicans fuck the globe and everyone else along with it as it all burns to the ground at our feet. There's plenty of room in the Democratic party for ostensible "conservatives." Because the real thing that unites the party is a desire for a leadership that doesn't need the gop anymore.
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    They could be worth seeing to other people. All of these mergers are leading us toward the inevitable conclusion of having only 12 movies released by year by Exxon-Disney, one per month that is legally required to screen in all theatre rooms. Each will have a budget of $450 million and each successive one will break launch records.
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    I'll be on a bit later tonight, but if you're still on I'll send you an invite!
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    I think it's clearly the right decision, but I really did not expect that.
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    Played some last night. I played the closed and open beta, so I'm already a little burnt out replaying the same opening area lol. In the first beta texture streaming was very much an issue on my ps4 pro, but the open beta had seemed to improve it greatly. Now in the final release it's bad again. Hope they can nail this down, cause it really takes you out of the game's brilliant atmosphere. Little disappointed my preorder exotic shotgun is stuck at level 1. It was fun for five minutes I guess lol. Anyways, excited to dig in this weekend. One really positive change I noticed in the final release - when you shot guys in the beta, they'd recoil and flinch excessively, often moving so much that you may as well switch targets because you're not going to get a second shot in on them until they settled down. Now the flinch animation isn't so wild, letting you track them better. Same goes for laterally moving enemies - maybe they just cranked up the aim assist or Ads sensitivity, but I was having way less trouble tracking enemies running horizontally. In all, it feels really snappy and responsive. In the beta I had fun, but I found myself struggling whenever an enemy ran across the screen.
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    College entrance exams aren’t some sort of American oddity.
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    We need a poll. My vote goes to Inuk.
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    Most disappointing blueball thread ever.
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    Already did it eons ago!
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    I think he means Far from Home
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    I also work in a hospital, in a state mental health institution. I deal with a patient who does exactly the same thing. Usually upon creating some other kind of legal problem for himself. They are brought in regularly for evaluation by police. It's the same song and dance every time. I still cant figure out how someone swallows damn razor blades. But generally, they are just gaming the system. Im an armed guard in a forensics unit, so I don't deal with the constant bullshit nurses and doctors do, but the fuel tank for my care is running on fumes. Then I see the people who need real care not getting what they need because resources are wasted on these idiots.
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    He only likes dogs that weren’t captured.
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    I’ve used the nvidia version on a shield portable to stream from the internet and I didn’t think it was great.
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    I've spent about 12 hours with the game in early access (on PC) and my impressions so far are as such: The game is incredibly stable. I have not suffered a single network error or crash to desktop in all 12 hours of play so far. The game is incredibly well optimized. I'm running a mixture of Medium, High & Ultra settings at 1080p while achieving a locked 60fps on a GTX 1060 and Core i7 8700. A GTX 1070 or better, paired with a modern i7 should absolutely demolish this game, even at Ultra settings. The game is feature complete, as far as I'm concerned. You have a proper beginning, middle and endgame replete with all the trappings and content you would expect from a well established MMO or MMO-Lite that has been around for years. There is no content "Pay Gate" with the technical exception of PvP. Players who have been playing the game since early access began will clearly have a level and gear score advantage over players who will be starting out tonight at midnight. That being said, I don't really see this as a massive problem as there are myriad ways to quickly close the level and gear score gap if you actually pay attention to how the leveling and gear score system works, exploiting them to your benefit. While I don't really approve of the practice of certain pre-order editions being able to play the game early (if you do this, extend it to all pre-orders, not just higher tier editions) the issue here isn't so bad as to create an untenable situation for players who are just starting out. The game is absolutely solo friendly. The original Division had a major issue with various pieces of content being gated by level or gear score, preventing solo players from progressing unless they resorted to cheese tactics or Min/Max builds or relying on randoms to bulldoze through content. This caused a lot of average players to just drop the game in it's entirety. That being said, I have done most of the main story content along with some side content solo and while some missions were difficult to complete, none of it ever felt unfair to me. A lot of systems have been streamlined and expanded upon. My only issue is that the UI is barely better than the mess we had to deal with in the original game. I'm used to it from hundreds of hours of play, but I can see it being a huge turn off for new players, especially since you'll spend a decent amount of time within them. What I will say to Ubisoft/Massive's credit is that the game does a way better job at communicating stats, abilities and strengths or weaknesses to the player. That alone makes it a lot easier to make character builds that focus on specific abilities, talents, skills or weapons. The world is littered with secret paths, hidden interiors, esoteric content and loot galore. To top it off, a lot of the main and side content is actually compelling to work through. They feel like proper missions as opposed to "Go here, kill everyone, don't die." Enemy variety is similar to the original Division, but combat as a whole feels much, much better. The weapons are punchier, the enemies have varying degrees of armor and are more expressive, both audibly and visually. Each faction has different styles of combat as opposed to the original game where the enemies were essentially just reskins with maybe one or two minor differences. My only real complaint here is that a lot of the bosses are essentially just "Huge guy with a ton of body armor and a heavy weapon", but they do sometimes mitigate that boring trope by making a lot of them be expressive (e.g. they'll bark orders, they'll taunt you, etc.) instead of being silent hulks. Virtually no loading screens and quick load times when you do load (usually from cinematics or fast traveling). It's an amazing feat in streaming technology on par with the likes of games like Red Dead 2 or God of War. Edit: Overall, I think the game is already in a good place and starts off very strong. If the improvements made to the original Division are any indication, The Division 2 may very well become one of the best, if not the best looter shooter of this generation.
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    I come and go like a fart in the wind. But ya'll are da sweetest.
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    Dude, who gives a fuck really? The Hulk is one of the strongest beings in comics and his powers come from a "man made source" as you put it. It's clear her powers are somewhat derived from Come on... for real. I get you have an issue with this character for some reason, but really? Her origin is CLASSIC comic book pop origin stuff. None of that shit makes sense.
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    A lot of women with black eyes will say they tripped and hit a door knob too when they feel trapped in a relationship. When they get out and are free of the threat of violence or other repercussions, they are more likely to tell the truth. It is all very complex and there is no right answer for the question of credibility, it’s up to each individual person to hear what the parties have to say and make their best judgement. I don’t find the denial of impropriety by a grown man throwing pajama parties with little boys particularly convincing because a grown many throwing pajama parties with little boys is bad enough
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    Hadn’t heard about it. Office, Extras, and Derek are all favorites of mine so I will have to check this out soon. Thanks!
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    Given that some of the depression i've been feeling in the last few days has been due to despair at the state of the world, this just means I'm going to go to bed sad.
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    Spiderman Homecoming trailer ruined the ending to Endgame.
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    Meghan McCain is going to be the first female President and you all just need to accept that.
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