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    I look forward to essays espousing how the objection to the change isn't sexism, it's that Doomguy being male is inherent to the artistic vision of the original game and that changing it completely destroys the important thematic elements originally present.
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    Pirro is possibly the biggest POS on that network, and that’s saying a lot.
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    He says more offensive things on his show every single day. Tucker Carlson is a morally bankrupt pathetic little shill. He stands for nothing. His views on literally everything are total garbage. I'm not religious, but if I believed in stuff like that, there would be a special place in hell for people like Tucker Carlson. He's a literal monster. A true agent of evil in this world.
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    I've spent about 12 hours with the game in early access (on PC) and my impressions so far are as such: The game is incredibly stable. I have not suffered a single network error or crash to desktop in all 12 hours of play so far. The game is incredibly well optimized. I'm running a mixture of Medium, High & Ultra settings at 1080p while achieving a locked 60fps on a GTX 1060 and Core i7 8700. A GTX 1070 or better, paired with a modern i7 should absolutely demolish this game, even at Ultra settings. The game is feature complete, as far as I'm concerned. You have a proper beginning, middle and endgame replete with all the trappings and content you would expect from a well established MMO or MMO-Lite that has been around for years. There is no content "Pay Gate" with the technical exception of PvP. Players who have been playing the game since early access began will clearly have a level and gear score advantage over players who will be starting out tonight at midnight. That being said, I don't really see this as a massive problem as there are myriad ways to quickly close the level and gear score gap if you actually pay attention to how the leveling and gear score system works, exploiting them to your benefit. While I don't really approve of the practice of certain pre-order editions being able to play the game early (if you do this, extend it to all pre-orders, not just higher tier editions) the issue here isn't so bad as to create an untenable situation for players who are just starting out. The game is absolutely solo friendly. The original Division had a major issue with various pieces of content being gated by level or gear score, preventing solo players from progressing unless they resorted to cheese tactics or Min/Max builds or relying on randoms to bulldoze through content. This caused a lot of average players to just drop the game in it's entirety. That being said, I have done most of the main story content along with some side content solo and while some missions were difficult to complete, none of it ever felt unfair to me. A lot of systems have been streamlined and expanded upon. My only issue is that the UI is barely better than the mess we had to deal with in the original game. I'm used to it from hundreds of hours of play, but I can see it being a huge turn off for new players, especially since you'll spend a decent amount of time within them. What I will say to Ubisoft/Massive's credit is that the game does a way better job at communicating stats, abilities and strengths or weaknesses to the player. That alone makes it a lot easier to make character builds that focus on specific abilities, talents, skills or weapons. The world is littered with secret paths, hidden interiors, esoteric content and loot galore. To top it off, a lot of the main and side content is actually compelling to work through. They feel like proper missions as opposed to "Go here, kill everyone, don't die." Enemy variety is similar to the original Division, but combat as a whole feels much, much better. The weapons are punchier, the enemies have varying degrees of armor and are more expressive, both audibly and visually. Each faction has different styles of combat as opposed to the original game where the enemies were essentially just reskins with maybe one or two minor differences. My only real complaint here is that a lot of the bosses are essentially just "Huge guy with a ton of body armor and a heavy weapon", but they do sometimes mitigate that boring trope by making a lot of them be expressive (e.g. they'll bark orders, they'll taunt you, etc.) instead of being silent hulks. Virtually no loading screens and quick load times when you do load (usually from cinematics or fast traveling). It's an amazing feat in streaming technology on par with the likes of games like Red Dead 2 or God of War. Edit: Overall, I think the game is already in a good place and starts off very strong. If the improvements made to the original Division are any indication, The Division 2 may very well become one of the best, if not the best looter shooter of this generation.
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    It's already been debunked by Sony. If talks are ongoing, they wouldn't be able to deny it without getting in trouble with the SEC.
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    T-minus three months until Wade is whistleblowing massive embezzlement to Congress...
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    How long until we discover that it's a video of some obstacle course?
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    Will they learn knitting or heavy weapons handling while they are frozen? We should be careful about this!
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    Knowing Citizen, there is a 95% chance he read that on ResetERA.
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    Common sense ruined the ending to endgame.
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    One day I'll play past the first mission on each of those games.
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    It's always interesting to read your guys' thoughts on stuff like this. I like hearing/reading about different perspectives from gamers. Cheers, y'all. Back to the topic at hand...what are the *actual* chances of Take-Two agreeing to this acquisition? And how much money would have to be paid? I imagine it'll be a pretty penny!
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    I'm actually kinda/sorta "OK" with it as it might actually force my hand to do something that I should've done a loooooooong time ago.
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    Meghan McCain is going to be the first female President and you all just need to accept that.
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    I don't mean future consequences to the perpetrator. I mean future consequences period. And if the reasoning is it reduces the likelihood of future perpetrators, that is a future outcome and the support of the policy hinges on whether evidence indicates that's an actual impact and to what degree. Many people, however, think past actions are deserving of punishment, consequences be damned (or maybe not to be damned, but even if there is no positive future impact). And that is to what I object.
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    The real irony is the only people triggered by captain marvel are the MRA and conservative dipshits like Don Jr
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    When I saw Captain Marvel, they played a Far From Home trailer and I heard a bunch of people talking about how they thought Spider-Man and Fury were dead.
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    You’re taking a vertical slice of time and making a whole lot of vague and arbitrary generalizations here. Sony had the strongest hardware for 2-3 years this gen until the half step released. Their online has not been demonstrably better or worse than XBL. Xbox’s UI is chuggy shit. Etc. But take this slice a time a few years ago - Nintendo’s innovation was the Wii U. Its first party games weren’t selling for shit. They have no idea what to do with online. They seem to have very little idea what their consumers actually want. Most of that is still true for Nintendo. This stuff waxes and wanes for all companies, because once they’re in position to do so, they’ll take advantage of their consumers as much as they can get away with. Over the years, Nintendo might be the most guilty of this as anyone.
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    First party is determined by who owns the IP. Sony owns it, Sony approached From to make it, and Sony Japan helped with the game. From cannot make another Bloodborne unless Sony has something to do with it. That's a first party game. I really don't get what your point is now. Third parties are its strengths even though they're not exclusive, but its sharing/streaming capabilities, including SharePlay, that were a big selling point and are still further than the competition imo, are not exclusive. What? Why do you cite sales to dismiss God of War/Horizon/Spidey/Uncharted/Gran Turismo, which all have sold very well (GOW/Spidey were Top 10 last year in sales), but then mention Bloodborne as a strength, which sold less? I don't get what your point really is. Are you saying you viewed the Wii U as inferior to the PS4 and Xbox One because of its inferior sales and that the Wii U had no strengths? Third parties are their only strength? I just don't know what Twilight Zone craziness I have walked into.
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    cant really argue that point... but the 25hrs it takes to get there is fun as hell.
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    I only know the username. Got nothing bad to say at least.
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    He's shooting for a VP slot.
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    I come and go like a fart in the wind. But ya'll are da sweetest.
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    I only post on this board when I’m drinking or smoking weed. In my mind I’m chilling with all of you guys. Get on my level.
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    https://m.imgur.com/a/BVBswHw Grid View is super helpful
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    Saying 'fail son' or 'fail daughter' is worthy of a perma ban.
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    I love True Lies 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Just saw this post made about the story: "Fuck Fuller House, Netflix should do a show with their actual real life personalities. A meth head, a religious whack job, a couple terrible comics, and a helicopter parent committing fraud to get her privileged fuck wit of a daughter into college all living together in hilarity. That’s a show I’d watch."
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    I don’t think characters that were introduced in other movies count as true origin stories. We already knew who Spider-Man and Black Panther were in this world before their movies. My list: 1. Guardians (by a lot) 2. Captain Marvel 3. Dr. Strange 4. Iron man 5. Antman 6. Captain America 7. Hulk 8. Thor if you really want to include the other two they would be above captain marvel
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    I deal with too much. My compassion reserves are pretty limited these days. We have this asshole who comes in about once a month because they swallow razor blades. They have borderline personality disorder, but they know what they're doing. They game the system. Instead of just confining this idiot to a mental institution, they get out back out on the street every time to do the same thing over. And each time they come in, we have to sacrifice a patient care tech to sit with them 24/7, when we're desperate for help on the floor. It's a damn game to this person and they know it. It keeps them out of jail for other petty crimes, because the police don't want to deal with them. Do this every day and it'll wear on you.
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    Thank you all so very much for this absolutely wonderful bounty! You have absolutely no idea how much this means to me (and Inuk for his new toy and jerky treats!) This community is a very special place and you all are like...no, not like...you all ARE family to me (albeit a slightly dysfunctional one on occasion ) Thank you so very much...I'm actually crying tears of joy right now!
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    Dark Souls - never beat it Dark Souls 2 - never beat it Dark Souls 3 - never beat it Bloodborne - never beat it Nioh - never beat it Ashen - never beat it Sekiro - will never beat it
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