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    Boeing 737 crashes California stops the death penalty of 737 convicts 7 + 3 +7 = 17 The seventeenth letter of the alphabet? Q
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    I have a thread in entertainment for the entertainment side of it (deserves a second thread here, so kudos), so sorry for the double post.
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    Most of this thread is about the stupid "controversy" surrounding the film before the release and now one of the most pedantic arguments of all time. Good job, guys.
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    I am of the belief that some people deserve to die for their crimes, but I also don't trust society to determine who those people are.
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    They can thank my kids. Copy 1 will be my PS4 copy. Copy 2 will be a PC copy for my youngest. Copy 3 will be a PS4 copy for my eldest who is away at college with his own PS4. I'm a sucker.
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    Just saw this post made about the story: "Fuck Fuller House, Netflix should do a show with their actual real life personalities. A meth head, a religious whack job, a couple terrible comics, and a helicopter parent committing fraud to get her privileged fuck wit of a daughter into college all living together in hilarity. That’s a show I’d watch."
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    Knowing Citizen, there is a 95% chance he read that on ResetERA.
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    Passing this will require both sides to work together in a (•_•)( •_•)>⌐■-■(⌐■_■) joint venture
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    What We Do in the Shadows : 9/10 Was excites for the show and didn’t realize it was based on a movie. Finally checked out the movie today and just laughed my ass off the whole time.
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    Fair enough, just trying to help out!
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    Hey now, I happened to enjoy said cringe-worthy humor. I think we can have both!
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    But also he's super sorry.
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    Yeah, I'm good. That sounds annoying.
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    That sounds like more than $60 worth of hassle.
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    https://www.pcgamer.com/fallout-76-player-traps-people-in-a-murder-maze-filled-with-false-doors-and-a-deathclaw/?utm_content=buffer248b4&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb OMFG
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    Guardians origin story is the origin of how their team formed theyre doing their own thing, group up, have growing pains, and overcome their mutual enemy
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    The popularity of legalization has been (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) high
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    One legal question that is vexing here. When the founding fathers enshrined concealed carry in the Constitution did they envision shoving the musket down your pants leg and walking stiff legged like Bender stealing a sword? Or slung over your back like a katana with a really bulking coat on top of it?
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    Here are some things I learned about Division 2 yesterday (I started early, thanks Tunnel Bear) that might be useful for players who didn't partake in the closed or open beta for this game: Enemy Priority - The enemy AI seems to be programmed to hunt and flank aggressive players. The more aggressive you are, the more likely you are to be targeted. While this can be a boon in a cooperative setting as it allows your team the ability to flank mostly unchallenged, it can be nightmarish for a solo player, especially on later missions. As such, you should target enemies in the following order: Technicians/Engineers > Medics > Snipers > Heavies > Red Bars Without a shadow of a doubt, the Technician/Engineer type enemies are probably your biggest threats in this game, especially if you're a solo player. They have access to functionally equivalent gadgets, typically have some amount of armor and can often damage you from the safety of cover from all the way across a battlefield. Enemy Weakness - For the most part, enemies have the same weaknesses as you've seen in Division 1. Gas Tanks, Red Satchels, etc. are all targets that will allow you to take out enemies in short order. Heavy Machine Gunners have had their weak spot changed, however. In Division 1, you could shoot their backpacks to make them spray bullets, but that is no longer the case (afaik) in Division 2. Their weak spot has changed to the ammo belt feeding their weapon. If you shoot their ammo belt enough, it will break, forcing the heavy machine gunner to reload, use this opportunity to deal heavy damage to them. Armor - Heavy enemies now have layers of armor that can be broken off their body with enough damage applied to it. If you're in a group setting, single out heavies and focus fire on a single body part (preferably head or chest) to quickly destroy that enemy's armor so that you can put them down quickly. As far as the player character is concerned, you no longer heal health damage (that will heal automatically over time provided you're not taking damage), but armor damage. It is imperative that you actually play this like a cover shooter for the opening sections of the game as you will have your armor torn up very quickly, leaving you exposed and in danger of quickly becoming incapacitated. You can no longer instantly repair damage (outside of specific, situational talents) and replacing your armor plates takes long enough that an aggressive ai can come and finish you off. Progression - I'll keep this simple. If you want to get to level 30 quickly and with minimal grinding, you're going to want to complete content in this order: Main Missions > Open World Events > Side Missions Main Missions will always give you the same amount of experience, one time, no matter what difficulty you play them on. There is no point in replaying them aside from an increased chance of high end loot for replaying them at higher difficulty levels. Open World Events don't really offer that much XP, so make what you gain from accolades and killing the scads of npcs you'll face during these events. Use the open world events to level up between main missions if you're either close to your next level or you're a little too low for the next Main Mission. Save your Side Missions for last. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Side Missions will always fill up 33% of your experience bar and as such, offer the greatest experience to effort rewards in the game. If you do nothing but side missions early on, you're going to exhaust this valuable resource way too quickly, making the road to tier 1 become a tiresome slog. Please note that while you might gain immense experience from Side Missions, do not do one if you're close to leveling up, the increased experience does not carry over to the next level. Do an Open World Event and work on your Accolades instead.
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    I am the reposter this board deserves, just not the one it needs right now. And it was reddit.
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    I agree the entire loot and gear systems need to be rethought. And even with the appearance of the javelin not being tied to gear, I still feel like having a few slots tied to the suit that could create unique appearances for drops could go a long way as well. The guns don’t necessarily need to be all that insane if they keep adding more and more gear and abilities as well. Borderlands had 1 ability per class, the Guns were that game. I enjoyed Borderlands a lot and the characters played very unique, but there wasn’t much craziness in their abilities. Anthem has done a good job with the Javelins and abilities, but need to keep them coming. Also have unique effects for the Legendary gear. If you use a Legendary seeker rocket have it set off a gjallahorn type effect or something compared to a regular seeker rocket. I still think a lot can and will be improved upon. The game really feels like it was forced out a year before the devs wanted.
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    Think of this way way: Rich parents can send their kids to the same college and benefit from the legacy system Rich kids don't have to work and study Rich kids can afford all the SAT prep and tutors they need Rich kids have more time for more AP classes and dual enrollment classes Rich kids can have their mommy pay $15,000 to change their SAT location so they get unlimited time But someone will look at you and think you unfairly benefit by your skin color.
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    I just watched the season premiere with the wife last night. It was still really good! Definitely a bit more conventional but still had plenty of style (though there are rumors this episode is basically a Fuller/Green joint since season 1 was originally meant to be 10 episodes and it was cut down to 8 - watching this episode shows it would have been a much better season 1 ender than the episode we got). We'll see, but I'm cautiously optimistic. New Media has been re-cast, and Easter might be out altogether, that's more vague. But I like where the storylines are heading and the show feels very much on the same track it was on from season 1.
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    I think there's an argument for the distinction. The issue that all super hero origin movies have is that you have to spend a not insignificant amount of time with the character pre-superhero while also providing their post-superhero persona enough time to embrace those powers and overcome whatever obstacle they're facing. Movies like Spider-Man and Black Panther never have to bother retreading that learning to be super phase. EvenThor, who starts the movie as a god, goes through his understanding power phase in his origin movie. It's a tried and true and often boring trope. Captain Marvel tried to get around this, but still wound up leaning into that same understanding their power trope. When a movie does manage that step entirely around the origin, just leaving the audience to understand that they've been super for a while; you end up with something closer to a sequel without the baggage of explaining their powers. All that said, I'm going with Black Panther as an origin since it still ends up leaning on that understanding power trope when he loses his strength and status. Spider-Man also tried really hard to skip that trope and ends up falling backwards into it by having Peter lose his cool Stark-made suit taking him down a notch. Guardians is really the only MCU movie that really managed to just toss origins out the window with no abandon.
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    Dude, who gives a fuck really? The Hulk is one of the strongest beings in comics and his powers come from a "man made source" as you put it. It's clear her powers are somewhat derived from Come on... for real. I get you have an issue with this character for some reason, but really? Her origin is CLASSIC comic book pop origin stuff. None of that shit makes sense.
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    They absolutely should do it. But make them super small so I can have a pet Camarasaurus
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    There was a great twitter thread (that I can't find now) that described how to fix the American post-secondary educational system: Make it like Canada. Key reasons as to why post=secondary is simpler and better in Canada: - Fewer schools per capita since they are almost all government-run. This reduces costs since the student numbers are higher at each school - Alumni donations play a much smaller role in funding since government subsidizes so much of the cost. This keeps the focus on education, making sports, frats, and alumni stuff far less important - Quality difference between schools is generally negligible for most programs - As a result of the above, where you went to school doesn't matter, and people don't talk about it. A degree from one university is generally held to be the same as from another - American schools focus a lot on the networking element (where you went to school matters a lot), whereas in Canada it's not - Frats aren't really a thing - Because private money matters less, education is more equitable - Many or most degrees in Canada are 5-year programs and include co-op terms (paid work terms spread throughout the program, typically two to three 3-or-4-month terms) - No SATs. Students are admitted based on high-school marks. tl;dr: eliminate private colleges and take private money out of schools. Use tax money to fund them instead, eliminating advantages for the rich, and the involvement and importance of things like sports and frats. Not sure if it's related, but Canada has the highest rate of post-secondary usage in the world, at 50%. Keep in mind that this includes both colleges and universities. In Canada there are many polytechnics and trade schools (also government-funded) where you can take classes to gain certification in a lot of things. Programs range from one to four years. Universities tend to offer 4-year or 5-year programs.
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    I'm European, I exclusively wear Adidas sandals with socks and track pants at home and that's unfortunately not a joke. Everywhere else = black jeans
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    The A.V. Club's Emily L. Stephens, who reviewed every episode of season 1 (and loved it), reviewed the season 2 premiere and gave it a B+, so that's also promising news to me.
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    Gonna have to disagree with the bolded part buddy... On the very first mission to rescue the woman's daughter, I found a locked box in a side room that required a "hyena key" an item I didn't have yet. I said to myself immediately, I have to remember to come back here once I get a key. I think the devs put stuff like that in there because they KNOW gamers will be replaying these missions and putting stuff like that in the levels increases the incentive to replay them. The tips on the order to take the missions is much appreciated though.
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    This seems like a good idea, but whereas I'm looking specifically for certain games (for now) it seems counter productive. Hopefully I can pick up the couple games I'm looking for, then sign up and find a few new ones that are fun
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    Maybe its the fact that I played Cave Story 3D before experiencing the other, but I like Cave Story the best on the 3DS.
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