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    There's a good chance Trump spends more time sitting on his ass than FDR did.
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    Boeing 737 crashes California stops the death penalty of 737 convicts 7 + 3 +7 = 17 The seventeenth letter of the alphabet? Q
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    It's a shame JJ will go back to two hours of fan service and head cannon after Rian righteously and awesomely fucked everyone's concept of Star Wars.
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    Why go after Republicans when there are potential allies you can alienate?
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    Can a mod please change the title of this thread to “RedSoxFan9’s Twitter Feed” for accuracy?
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    The ground rules for this thread will be ABSOLUTELY NO UNMARKED SPOILERS for the first week of the film's release.
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    Thanks so much @SFLUFAN !! and thanks to all those that have given and wished us well, so appreciated! We lost our son {Donnie} on Monday the April 8th after 4 & 1/2 months of fighting Brain Cancer. This is by far the single hardest thing I have ever endured in my life, followed by the lose of our Home in the Camp Fire in California! We are doing better, if there is a better! i have poped in here a few times but just couldn't find anything of interest, sure you all understand. So appreciated to those that helped us in our time of need! I love this site and love you guys! Looking forward to losing myself in some games sometime soon, even though I have 4-5 AAA titles now again, I just can't seem to get into any of them now. Only Fallout 4 has gotten any time from me and it's 20-45 minutes at a time! We now live in Medford, Oregon and the wife is looking hard to find a job though she is on disability from stress thus causing a heart scare. We will heal though I'm sure there is no time table. My other 3 kids are just crushed too, having them to cry with has been the most help obviously. See you all again soon, on better terms thanks so much . . . From; Glenn aka HardAct and the Sullivan Family
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    Look at the fainting spells "respectable" liberals had because she was a little mean to the war criminal Elliott Abrams in his hearing. Yeah, she "owns the libs" and it's goddamned beautiful.
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    I read the entire exchange, because I hate my life.
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    Half a page yelling about hair color that devolves to insults? Yep, it’s a D1P thread.
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    What are people "agreeing" on? That it's okay to drug and rob people if it's during an activity (a legal one, at that) the moral authority police (some users here) say is okay to drug and rob people during? Because it's "degenerate"? This is America - if it's agreed to, consensual, and legal between all the parties involved, let people have their drugs and orgies and whatever the fuck without the worry of being drugged or robbed. Freedom from the judgment of others that will call this or that activity "degenerate". Now, should stripping be outlawed? That's a trickier question (me: I don't think so - and let's make prostitution legal) but that's a different conversation than getting drugged and robbed because you were engaging in a legal but lewd and degenerate activity (for the record, there is nothing lewd or degenerate about nudity or sexuality, but again, that's a different topic). The default position is "no, it is not okay to drug and rob people" and then if there is an exception or caveat that makes it more okay to drug and rob someone than not to drug or rob someone that must be thoroughly explained and stripping is not under one of those exceptions. Some of you guys really need to re-think your moral position on some things. Counter-argument: If I was drugged and robbed in the back room of a strip club (from the aforementioned times in real life) when I had every expectation to just the legal activity we have agreed upon through a transaction: money for goods/services, and I found out that I had been drugged and robbed, not only would I feel violated, I would certainly want the ability for legal recourse, and I do (barring the statute of limitations). Better counter-argument: if a famous male stripper turned singer/whatever (say, Channing Tatum, who was once a stripper for a time) was found out to have drugged and robbed his female customers in the back rooms of male strip clubs, there would be serious outrage over it (and rightfully so). I see some people here aren't interested in being fair and objective.
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    Why are some people happy these men were drugged and robbed? That's kinda messed up.
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    Spoken like someone who has actually dug through a RedSoxFan post.
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    Looking for content in RedSoxFan posts is like digging the corn out of shit so you can eat it. I mean I guess you COULD.... but why would anyone bother?
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    I'm discussing it in this thread because people actually died in a church, so we have a good variable and a good control. The bombings are being covered in the media, but the breathless minute-to-minute reporting is not present. The Twitter livestreams, the barrage of interviews, takes on "heartbreaking" vigils, etc. - the international pledges of financial support from all quarters! - are not happening here. I'm not attacking the board (though, to be sure, this thread is receiving far fewer responses, and most revolve around how pissed we ought to be), but the media, generally. And no coworkers have come up to me, as they did last week, their eyes shrink-wrapped in tears to say, "It's so, so sad." My prevailing thought during the Notre Dame event was that we place value in the wrong things, and lay our bias alarmingly bare. The completely assymetrical coverage of THIS event in Sri Lanka demonstrates that I'm correct.
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    It's my standard operating procedure to threaten to fire any subordinate who doesn't use two spaces after a period.
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    No one on this Earth has ever needed to be punched right in the mouth as much Donald Trump does.
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    How about the cop that actually pulled the trigger, I'm sure that he's gonna be....oh, that's right - it was decided a while back that nothing will happen to him.
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    Honestly, if you ever find yourself agreeing with me, you should probably seek help immediately.
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    I’m getting an eye twitch every time I read “MSM media”...
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    Yo fuck X-Men / Avengers crossovers and fuck this merger.
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    Just saw this post made about the story: "Fuck Fuller House, Netflix should do a show with their actual real life personalities. A meth head, a religious whack job, a couple terrible comics, and a helicopter parent committing fraud to get her privileged fuck wit of a daughter into college all living together in hilarity. That’s a show I’d watch."
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