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    Thank you all so very much for this absolutely wonderful bounty! You have absolutely no idea how much this means to me (and Inuk for his new toy and jerky treats!) This community is a very special place and you all are like...no, not like...you all ARE family to me (albeit a slightly dysfunctional one on occasion ) Thank you so very much...I'm actually crying tears of joy right now!
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    You should probably store those in the fridge instead of your bed!
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    The difference between your examples and Manafort is black and white.
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    Is great gamble a new apoc account?
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    Besides, we should be focusing on Hilary’s emails and her Benghazi crimes. -same guy
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    He was asked to sign bibles, which I think says as much about American evangelicals as it does Donald Trump.
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    Looks like the server-side part of the patch (client side update hasn't hit yet) seems to have dramatically increased good loot drops. People still unsure if it's intentional, but are already telling Bioware it's a thousand times better. And yes, people are seeing more legendaries, too. That's not a guarantee you will get even a single Masterwork, mind you; bad luck still happens. But folks are reporting lots of runs with no less than 3 MWs, and some with 10+.
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    If you're wondering what stage of capitalism we are at: I'm sitting in a Seoul theater about to watch Captain Marvel. One of the ads was for stylish masks you can wear when the air pollution is bad. So you will die choking on poisonous fumes, but at least you'll make a fashionable corpse.
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    Paddington 2 has a train set piece and it’s the best movie of last year.
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    You're just a dick who only likes the first song of every album the most.
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    Saw it this afternoon and really enjoyed it. It's not at the same level as Winter Soldier or Guardians, but I'd place it in the top half, and one of the better origin stories. Ben Mendelsohn was the highlight for me, but I look forward to seeing more of Carol Danvers in Endgame. There was a man sitting beside us who was a grump the whole movie and didn't laugh once. He got up and left as soon as it ended, and gave an audible groan at the "Protector's" moment at the end of the film. Even if you don't think this movie is great, I think it would be quite hard to argue that it's bad.
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    Better than Youtube Quality: Kenopsia by Illyria @GeneticBlueprint
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    Yu Suzuki needs to hurry up and finish this so he can work on Team America next.
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    What they lack in originality they make up for in shameless theft of ideas.
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    Seriously though when you do something like this you're not punishing the guest voice. You're letting the work of all the other voice actors and animators go down the memory hole and that's fucked up.
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    There’s more evidence to support that it helps back pain rather than anxiety so that makes sense. No harm in trying it. That’s good it’s helping with your pain.
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    That sequence had two trains, so it was at least twice as good as Captain Marvel.
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    I like it she reminds me of the Nightwish chick (two chicks ago).
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    So lazy they work harder than me!!
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    Higher read/write speed is better especially if you are playing games off the SD card.
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    This language specifically, is just crazy talk. Fuck the hate and rage you are replying with right now is seriously crazy. Dude, I love you man, but calm it down a little. Actually take a vacation when you’re on vacation. Turn off the Social media for a couple days. Connect with other humans and remember we are all just trying to figure this experiment out. “YOU WANTED BERNIE TO WIN AND YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO JOE ROGAN”. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!
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    You're the one losing it right now. You're one of the most extreme, pedantic dudes and wanted Bernie to win and want to listen to Rogan. You have no place to say someone else is crazy, especially since if you disagree with me ITT specifically, you're probably an extremist and a bit dim.
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    Fuck, after reading the last couple of pages, I want to listen to Joe Rogan and many other people some of you crazies won’t listen too. Holy shit, some of you have gone batshit insane. Like, holy fuck!
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    Dark Souls - never beat it Dark Souls 2 - never beat it Dark Souls 3 - never beat it Bloodborne - never beat it Nioh - never beat it Ashen - never beat it Sekiro - will never beat it
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    deep state collusion with Crooked and Ben Ghazi in the pizza basement
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    He understands and hes trolling you,the idea that twitter should be regulated so everyone gets to post is so moronic that it deserves the trolling.
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    They are the base model Honda Civic of movies. Well put together, reliable, consistent, but bland and boring.
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    Mine is correct. Your idea of free speech does not exist in America. You literally are for putting a megaphone in front of and enhancing the views of white supremacists, which goes well beyond the simple freedom to be racist. You have very little understanding of the fact that there's no freedom of tweeting. You also have contradictory views. If you don't believe in racism, believing in a system that's helped screw them and poor people in general contradicts itself. People like to point to civil rights leaders and only believe up to "be nice to black people" without realizing civil rights leaders called for legislation that the DSA would love.
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    This is the reason why "libertarianism" is an intellectually bankrupt political philosophy.
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    A few of those things are legitimately “I believe in this, but oppose the mechanisms of correcting the problem”.
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    The left has some crazies, sure, but the critical difference is the left's 'crazy' have zero political power compared to the right who've got their crazy in Congress and White House.
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    It holds considerable weight. Your equivalency is false because claiming twitter is important is irrelevant. You can be fired, you can be deplatformed, but you're free to hold that view that got you there. Just as they're free to tell you to fuck off lol. Like most self proclaimed moderates, you don't understand free speech, nor do you understand that your ideas helped fringe conspiracy theorists and dangerous people gain reaction. Your views are far right anyway, and I highly doubt you're a centrist Democrat unless centrists are conservative Republicans.
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    The bullshit over a "civil war" is just a rebranding of the right wing fantasy of the coming "race wars".
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    Solid. "Cold Summer" is still my favorite song of theirs though.
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    I was curious so I looked into what previous jobs they had in government): 18 were House Reps 17 were Governors (16 state, 1 territorial - Taft) 16 were Senators 14 were Vice President 8 were Secretaries 5 had no electoral public service experience (Taylor, Grant, Hoover, Eisenhower, Trump...though 4 had been appointed to key positions) Obviously there is overlap in that list. In terms of what they were doing in the year immediately before becoming President: 1 was doing nothing (Trump) 1 was in foreign service (Buchanan) 1 was in local government (Harrison) 1 was house rep (Garfield) 3 were in military (Taylor, Grant, Eisenhower) 3 were senator (Harding, Kennedy, Obama) 5 were cabinet members (Hoover, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Taft) 7 were governor (Hayes, Cleveland, McKinley, Wilson, F.D.Roosevelt, Clinton, G.W.Bush) 10 were out of office (Washington, Jackson, Polk, Pierce, Lincoln, Harrison, Cleveland, Nixon, Carter, Reagan) 13 were vice president (Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren, Tyler, Filmore, Johnson, Arthur, T.Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Johnson, Ford, H.W.Bush)
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    Also, not sure how I stumbled upon this band but I randomly started listening to it last week and I think this woman is a very good singer. @Triage
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