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    It has a distinct 80's industrial safety video on VHS
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    Looks like a 1980s movie-villain corporate logo.
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    Chris Brown Chris Hardwick Bill Cosby Bill Clinton @Boyle5150
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    Yeah but this is the guy who turned down The Matrix for Wild Wild West.
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    This was my first thought, as well. Then again, making a reference to season 4 of a show in its 31st season kind of speaks to our oldiness, too
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    Because it's a Politico article that views EVERYTHING through the lens of politics, rather than the actual real world consequences. It's also an incredibly stupid point because ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in the average voting electorate either gives a damn about foreign policy or will remember this in 2020.
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    Obviously results may vary, but with 20-30 hours into the game I have only had 1 major issue with the game. My game completely crashed, but as soon as I booted the game back up I was able to drop back into the mission still in progress. For me me the biggest design problems with the game are... -too many loading screens. Load to the city, load to change gear, load to mission, load into cave/dungeon, load to respawn, load to be teleported to team up ahead. -very strict tether system. You can get a message you’re too far from mission and about to be teleported as soon as you load into the mission or what feels like 5 feet from the player most ahead. -having to wait indefinitely to get picked up by a team mate in respawn restrictive areas. You have to wait to either get picked up, the entire encounter is completed, or the entire team wipes. Overall, if you like the looter genre you may really like Anthem. But if you do not like games like Diablo, Destiny, or Division, then this one probably won’t win you over either. I love this game, and am really looking forward to seeing how it grows.
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    Alright @HardAct - you're now at the goal
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    Horizon: Zero Dawn- I rarely finish games these days and even less so open world games but I loved my entire play through of HZD. Hell even after I beat the game there was parts I would go back to and just play some of the combat against the toughest enemies!
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    Mad white men would crash the Internet
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    It is better than Apocalypse, worse than First Class and DOFP. Not the best note for the Fox films to end on, but I was prepared for muuuuch worse.
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    It looks like a logo for contact lenses.
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    The lab safety video you watched in your 10th grade chemistry class
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    I enjoyed what I played of Horizon. I put it down after 8 hours for no particular reason. There are just so many high quality open world games out there nowadays that it's hard to invest 50 hours into any one of them. That all said, I am making this post so @SaysWho? will admonish/encourage me to start playing it again because I know he will
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    I am lvl 24, just did the first strong hold for the first time. Got my first Epic drops. I have done everything on my board except a mission for Metthias. We got him the thing, which did a thing with funny results, now have to do another thing. Been playing exclusively as a Storm. Probably will play some of the other Javelins once I finish the story and am working on getting MW and Legendary items. I am amazed when I see Other storms finish a mission classified as “soldier” instead of artilary. I almost never use my guns. It’s faster for me to freeze enemies and hit them with a huge fireball. Maybe they’re trying to get kills for blueprints.
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    I got far in RDR2 and just got so damn burnt out by it. So during some post holiday sale I got HZD and loaded it up. Never looked back, I just love the game. Just the polar opposite of RDR2 which was perfect for what I was craving. Video gamey fun! Silly but fascinating story, colourful landscape, and super fun combat!
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    I feel the same way. It’s meh.
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    I'm still lvl 25 but got my first MW item in Tyrant Mine. Thunderbolt of Yvenia, a marksman rifle. Holy crap this thing shreds! Causes lighting bolt explosions on hit and just tears through shields. This completely changes my opinion of guns in this game.
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    every single Blue Dog idiot needs to be primaried
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    Some of y'all didn't read anything past the list of games. OP: Looks like you got the PSVR bundle. Astro Bot is the superior game, especially in the fun factor, but Moss is a really nice puzzle-adventure game. It's not complicated, you can play it more relaxed, it's got a really lovely look to it, and it'll run you around 4 - 5 hours. So going from Astro Bot to Moss won't feel like a letdown; you should enjoy it. With Horizon Zero Dawn, the more I played it, the more I loved it. It opens a bit slower because you're still overall in a smaller area when you finally get into the open world, but then the entire eastern part of the map opens, followed by the western side. There's a ton of stuff in the game that's very fun to do, especially the cauldrons. And once you learn how to control the robots, assembling your own little gang during a battle is aces. Doom is a lot of fun; I can't see why you wouldn't like it coming back to it. REmake is good. If you liked RE2make, you'll like this one, though RE2make is totally the better on. It was made around its controls, whereas the modern controls in REmake can make zombies really easy to run away from (but I can't play it with tank controls, damn it).
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    Cowboys saving MNF from Witten http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26104542/witten-return-cowboys-leaving-mnf-booth Obligatory
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    That's perfect! I'll be gone middle of the month but will be home in time for your wedding. I'm a little farther north than I used to be but I have an extra room for you, if you so desire. I hope you are a heavy sleeper...
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    It's sad that even when your team does win people will still be mad about something.
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    I'm actually going to be in Seattle for my cousin's wedding at the end of June.
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    Still waiting on your visit...
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    For some reason, I don't give a shit about Pokemon having high powered graphics. It doesn't need to, imo.
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    Theres a lot of shit they don't tell you in this game or isn't clear at all, like i just found out the gear symbol means it only works on that item, and the little javelin icon means it works on all your equipped stuff. Also +speed reduces cooldowns and doesn't actually increase your speed, lol.
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    This is the reason I gave up using mics on this game period. I've won plenty of times not using a mic. There have been some games where a mic would have helped, but don't really want to talk to the 15yr old who thinks he is an Apex god and starts raging when he gets himself killed.
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    @mo1518 @StephenO1683 @bladimir2k ITS TIME TO GO ROGUE!!
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    They are adding Chests at the end of Strongholds which will contain cosmetics to earn, I think on a seasonal basis? They talked about it on a Stream, you'll earn Keys doing Daily Tasks or something then at the end of each Stronghold there will be 4 chests to open, and if you or a member of you party has keys, you can open the chests. They also said if your team opens chests, you'll also that the reward from their chest. The system is still being worked on, but that is the basic idea. I also believe they'll be adding Challenges that reward different cosmetics are rewards as well, as they've always stated that. The 4 Titans Challenge rewarded a Vinyl. I think maybe with all the backlash regarding MTX's, they wanted to keep that stuff limited at launch until they get a handle on everything.
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    You've found all there is to find, buying the legion of dawn version of the game gives you some as well i think, but other than that i haven't found any other armor in the game.
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    The thing about a dick is it sticks out and it's ripe for the sucking. You don't have to be excited, it's just like a dick and there for sucking like a flower is there for picking.
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    So X3, but with worse actors.
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    Looking forward to choosing between IGN's shitty media player or youtube's 15 commercials.
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    De Niro actually is of Italian and Irish descent on his father's side.
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